Half Immortal Chapter 113

Half Immortal Chapter 113: Puppet Castle (26)

Fish flying boat has no self-consciousness of saying sarcastic words.

When he finished, in the expression of others who had nothing to say, he added: “… It seems that he was really beaten to death.”

People: ”

Even Lin Zhen was stung by the words of the fish flying boat, and his eyes smoked.

The fighting outside began to get louder – the people from the other shore arrived. This time, there is no need to spread out with perception to explore. Yan Wei, Yan Mingguang and others can directly hear the movement of bumping outside in this room.

Originally, it was impossible for the other shore flower to beat Qi Star. However, one of Qi Star’s people was seriously injured by Lin Zhen just now. At the moment, it is almost the same as losing one. In addition, others have been consumed by Yan Mingguang, Yu Feizhou and Lin Zhen more or less. At the moment, it is not at the peak. At first, Xu Miaomiao gradually retreated, but after the others on the other side of the flower arrived, the two sides were enemies for a short time.

Lin Zhen said impatiently, “we have to wait for them to decide the outcome.”

Yan Wei smiled: “You don’t have to wait until they finish the fight. It only needs a little imbalance, and Yu Hua’s group will fight. Besides, do you really think that the black robed man is a dead thing? Yan Mingguang tied up quickly just now, everything happened quickly, and it’s too late for the black robed man to save himself. Now time has been delayed, and the master of the dignified puppet castle will really rob them?”

“Black robed people can do it? How can he do it…” Lin Zhen touched his chin, thought for a moment, and simply gave up. “It’s better to fight, don’t come to anything else.”

The good puppet Yan Wei didn’t find himself a good puppet at all. He was flustered and confused. He leisurely pulled a chair and sat down, took out a wet paper towel, and kept the trivial problem in the same line with Yan Wei. The outside was turned upside down. Here he took out a bag of wet paper towels and slowly wiped the dirt on his hands.

Lin Zhen sat down as like as two peas. He said, “your pet is exactly the same as you. Even this kind of trouble is the same.”

Yan Mingguang glanced at Lin Zhen with a deep look and didn’t speak.

Yan Wei didn’t bother to talk to him.

Lin Zhen asked again, “you look like you know everything. Just say it when you guess. I have to guess for myself.”

Good puppet Yan Wei suddenly said on the other side, “it’s like you can guess.”

Lin Zhen: “… Why do your good puppets always like to antagonize me like you?”

Yan Wei tossed the swallow coin in his hand and said, “because that’s me.”

He opened his hand, and the swallow coin fell into his palm accurately, and the upward side showed the pattern of the swallow spreading its wings. But this is actually meaningless. Yan Wei doesn’t have any questions that need to be answered by random numbers.

He said, “you’ve forgotten what the man in black does? You’ve forgotten what’s on the third floor of the castle.”

Fish flying boat: “three layers are tools for making puppets.”

“Yes, puppet. His performance is so weak that everyone, even me just now, suddenly forget that he is the master of the castle. The good puppet is true and self. After creation, it will no longer be controlled unless the ID dies. But what about the evil puppet?”

Yan Wei raised his eyebrows: “don’t forget, the game has been started for some time. At the beginning, there were few evil puppets, and the black robed man may be weak at the beginning, but now… Do you think he can’t control more and more evil puppets in the castle?”

“It should be possible,” Yan Mingguang said, “but there is a price.”

Yan Wei also knows this. If you can control it at will, even if there are few evil puppets at first, the black robed man can use it at will. Since he wants to destroy all good puppets in the castle – or all conscious people, why does he use this game rule, even in the copy, to give the temptation to buy a puppet with the exchanged gold coins to drive him to play Family kill each other to help him achieve his goal?

Black robed people certainly don’t have the ability to be unscrupulous, and most of them have to pay a certain price. Similar to Yan Wei’s perception burst skills, this kind of thing that needs to be controlled by perception consumes most of the controller’s energy, and it takes a long time to rest and adjust before it can be used again after each large use.

Yan Wei speculates that the black robed people are almost the same. Therefore, the black robed people will not attack casually, but if they are really in a hurry, the black robed people can’t be an easy NPC to deal with.

At first, when Xue Wan was at the stargazing platform, the black robed man didn’t do anything because no matter what, in fact, the players were helping the black robed man achieve his goal. But now, what the players do is that the black robed man can’t continue to destroy the puppets. It’s contrary to the purpose of the black robed man. The black robed man can’t wait to die.

“So for a while… After Xu Miaomiao and Xue Wan confront each other for a while, the other shore flower will definitely not be able to fight the Kai star head-on. At that time, the other shore flower will fall into the disadvantage. Based on my understanding of Xu Miaomiao’s behavior style these two days, she will choose to pay a certain price to avoid the war, take the man in black, or even sacrifice one or two teammates to hold Xue Wan. She has a brain, and she can do it. But she can After success, although the other shore flower took the black robed man, it also consumed seriously. The remaining flower hidden in the dark will not give up this opportunity. ”

Yan Wei half closed his eyes, and a step-by-step deduction of what happened later appeared in front of him, muttering to himself: Each one has its own merits, but as like as two peas, they are four identical men. In this respect, they have their own strengths. In addition, the equinox flower has already been wasted, and the flowers can be better. But at that time,…

Yan Mingguang said, “at that time, people in black robes would fight.”

The fish flying boat smacked his tongue: “no, Yan Wei, have you thought of this step since last night?”

“Of course not,” said Shangui Yanwei. “I just thought of it now. Doesn’t it mean that the plan has changed? The original plan was to make a profit, but the variable of black robed man was omitted at that time, so I changed the plan.”

Yan Wei is not really a person who can do nothing. He is just predicting and responding flexibly as much as possible.

He shook his palm, wrapped the swallow coin in his palm and said with a smile, “the plan has changed. We won’t rob the black robed man with Yu Hua Xu Miaomiao. Let’s help the black robed man leave, and then follow him to see what the secret of the black robed man who can be a puppet is.”

Lin Zhen didn’t understand: “won’t he go directly back to the star viewing platform and continue to wait for players to destroy the puppets?”

“No, if he really controls the evil puppet later, it will consume a lot of money. Now several players have thought of attacking him. He won’t go back at this time. Maybe he is intercepted by other players on the way. He will find a suitable place to rest and hide. He won’t go back again until he is sure, and the evil puppet in the castle is also very dangerous at this time More, he can also directly attack the people who occupy the observatory. ”

“And where will the black robed man choose to hide? He knows the castle best. The chosen place must not be simple and hidden. I think he may know some clues related to the black robed man, which is useful for the final break.”

Yan Wei and the good puppet Yan Wei got up at the same time and prepared to listen to the news. Instead, they helped the black robed man at the last moment. But at the moment they got up, they moved one after another, first looked at each other, and then looked at Lin Zhen at the same time.

Lin Zhen is yawning in boredom. Suddenly, he is stared at by two Yanwei. He moves suddenly.


Two Yan Wei said at the same time, “how do you know who is the good puppet and who is the ID?”

Just now, because they had distinguished the ID from the good puppet in front of the fish flying boat, the intercom prop between them and Lin Zhen was also on. Yan Wei’s subconscious mind tacitly accepted everyone in order to know who is the ID and who is the good puppet. So when Lin Zhen came in and easily distinguished them, Yan Wei naturally felt that Lin Zhen knew.

But the talkas like as two peas can not pass the picture, and the voice lines of the two Yan dangerous are the same.

Even if Lin Zhen knew in the walkie talkie that they had distinguished the ID and the good puppet, he didn’t know where the ID’s Yan Wei and the good puppet’s Yan Wei stood at that time. It’s reasonable that he shouldn’t distinguish it as soon as he entered the door.

Lin Zhen seemed to have just reflected this. He frowned, and his dark red pupils flashed a puzzled look: “I just… See it at a glance? Is it difficult to recognize it?”

Fish flying boat said honestly, “it’s hard.”

Yan Wei frowned.

Lin Zhen’s character is always very straight. It’s impossible to lie about such things. Since Lin Zhen said so, he should really rely on his feelings. This kind of judgment that doesn’t provide any basis at all

I Yan Wei and good puppet Yan Wei turned to Yan Mingguang at the same time.

Yan Mingguang was holding a cigarette by the window. There were crows circling outside. When he couldn’t open the window, he didn’t light a cigarette. He just stayed there with a cigarette and didn’t speak. Feeling Yan Wei’s exploratory eyes, he seemed to dodge, but he couldn’t see other emotions.

Yan Wei raised his eyebrows.

Yan Mingguang can instantly distinguish the real him, and so can Lin Zhen.

Without covering up, he simply said, “it’s really strange. I can’t tell it by myself , You two can recognize me by feeling at a glance? ”

Two fish flying boats hurriedly said, “we can’t!”

“… don’t worry, I know,” Ben and I Yan Wei can’t cry or laugh. There’s less hesitation, but I still say, “Hey, ice, don’t you have anything to add? You also rely on your feelings?”

Yan Mingguang nodded, “well, I feel.”

The man can’t say anything.

“Go, go, feel,” Yan Wei, a good puppet, glanced away, but said it was a little funny. At this tense moment, he joked, “Lin Zhen knows I’m a good Puppet by feeling, and you know I’m a good Puppet by feeling. Then Lin Zhen and his good puppet beat people to death as soon as they met. I hope you can cut him down when you see your good puppet at the first sight.”

Yan Mingguang gently turned the cigarette’s hand, gave a slight meal, bent his slender and powerful fingers, and his eyes flashed for a moment.


A loud noise.

Yan Wei’s attention completely led away the sound.

He turned his head and looked in the direction of the door. After listening to the sound, he smiled and said, “Xu Miaomiao has shown her cards. Now she has run away with the man in black.”

“Come on, let’s go out and help the black robed man.”


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