Half Immortal Chapter 114

Half Immortal Chapter 114: puppet Castle (27)

Hearing Yan Wei’s words, Lin Zhen, who was already a little bored, finally mentioned the nature. He was about to rush out with the long bow in his hand.

Yan Wei raised his hand, pressed his shoulder, pushed back and said, “you attack from a distance. You’re at the back with me. We’ll divide into two groups, because there are Yuhua’s group. Yu Feizhou and Yan Mingguang go to Xu Miaomiao to stir up the muddy water.”

Lin Zhen spread his hand.

The good puppet Yan Wei got up and said to his ID Yan Wei: “Let’s go with Yan Mingguang and me. If we separate temporarily, there will be too much fluctuation in the fight at that time, and the props of the dialogue may be affected. We must use the skills of perceptual burst to maintain everyone’s communication. It’s better for us to connect directly and communicate with the skills of perceptual burst. Xu Miaomiao is a little dangerous. I’ll go. You and Lin Zhen will solve it over Yu Hua.”

“Yu Hua is wary of me, but I believe you can use it.”

Yan Wei nodded, turned back and said to Yan Mingguang and Yu Feizhou, “you should know what to do?”

Yan Mingguang looked at him, and the two fish flying boats nodded at the same time. Yan Wei pulled Lin Zhen out of the way. Yan Mingguang and the fish flying boat did not hesitate. Yan Mingguang took the lead and went out, followed by Yan Wei, a good puppet. The two fish flying boats and Lin Zhen explained to be careful before they left.

Yan Wei’s perception spread out and felt the surrounding situation a little. At the same time, he used his perception skills to communicate with others and guide the route.

a moment.

“We can go out.” Yan Wei said, “Xue Wan’s people are now stopped by two other shore flower people. It is estimated that Xu Miaomiao has completely given up the two people. They can’t last long. Xu Miaomiao and several other other shore flower people are running to the second floor with people in black robes. Yan Mingguang and fish flying boat have followed, and Yu Hua’s people are also following.”

“When Xu Miaomiao and Xue Wan get away, I don’t believe that people in black robes won’t take the opportunity to make trouble, so we’ll just follow up now. You’ll attack Yan Mingguang next to me later. I don’t need to say more about what to do.”

Yan Wei said, raising his feet to go out, and Lin Zhen suddenly pulled him.

The man rolled his eyes: “you’d better say more.”

“Oh,” Yan Wei understood, “you don’t understand.”

Lin Zhen: ”

“Yu Hua will definitely start to rob people for a while. The unorganized people and Xu Miaomiao’s people now have the same idea. They want to hold the black robed man in their hands. When the copy is closed on the last day, they take the caught man and the black robed man to find a chance to rush to the stargazer. In this way, other people can have no points, and they can get the first with the least effort.”

“When they rob people, the black robed people should not miss this opportunity. At this time, Yan Mingguang will make a move and pretend that they are also the players who rob the black robed people – so that Xu Miaomiao won’t see that we want to help the black robed people, and you have to stop Yu Hua.”

Lin Chen smiled as like as two peas. “It was so simple. It was just those people who had been hiding behind their back.” I remember what your good puppet had said about their superiority. They were very similar. Simply, I don’t care what they look like.

Yan Wei raised his eyebrows.

That’s why he left the remaining flowers to Lin Zhen.

At this time, Yan Wei heard his voice in his mind. It was his good puppet.

[Yu Hua did it.]

Near a revolving staircase leading to the second floor, there was a great deal of fighting.

One of the people on the other shore was carrying a man in black robe. Xu Miaomiao’s long black staff was shining slightly, and the tip of the long staff was on the card suspended in the air. The other she was doing the same action and sneered: “you mobs really dare to think!”

Xu mimiao’s as like, stood six people as like as two peas!

It was a pair of twins and their good puppets in unorganized, and Yu Hua and her good puppets imitated the appearance of twins with their own skills.

These six people are as like as two peas, but they are not alike in strength.

Equinox flower game player just noticed that one as like as two peas were able to find a chance to get close to the black robe.

At the moment, the black light of Xu Miaomiao’s long staff flashed, and the two cards changed into a mechanical man!


As like as two peas, what is not in this copy is one of them. They are not the same game player. The other puppet is entirely the appearance of Xue night. Xu’s puppet art can not make the same puppet completely, but it can imitate to a certain extent.

Although Xue Wan’s puppet is not as good as Xue Wan himself, he also has some of Xue Wan’s strength. Although his movements are quite mechanical, he is full of strength every time he wields a knife. He even cut off an opponent’s arm in an instant!

In the scream, the good puppet Yan Wei hid in the dark and looked at the anxiety in front of him. He stared at the place where the black robed man was, waiting for the moment when the black robed man began to save himself. They had to make a move before that moment, pretending to be to rob the black robed man. As a result, they just met the appearance that the black robed man made a move and gave the black robed man a chance to escape. Only in this way could the black robed man leave and mislead Xu Miaomiao And Yu Hua.

[ice,] he said to Yan Mingguang, [Xu Miaomiao’s puppet skills are powerful and changeable. In fact, she is not very good at fighting. On the contrary, she is the other two people from the other bank. I will stare at the people in black robe. As long as I say to fight, the four of us will pretend to want to rob the people in black robe and rush out. Yu Hua and twins don’t care. My ID and Lin Zhen will solve it. We just have to stop the people from the other bank 。】

Yu Feizhou asked: [I think it’s almost done. Who shall we assign? Yan Wei, you stay here to communicate with another Yan Wei. The other shore flower is now four people and two puppets created by Xu Miaomiao’s puppetry. We will share one person and two with Yan Mingguang.]

Good puppet Yan Wei stared at the front and saw that the man in black seemed to move. In the huge movement, there were some mechanical but subtle footsteps around in addition to the voices of those players who avoided.

He silently hooked the corners of his mouth.

——The evil puppets who can be driven by the people in black are coming.

However, these people have become a group and are unaware of this subtle movement.

He is a good puppet of the fish flying boat through his perception, and Yan Mingguang said: [no, I’ll go out with you. We use staggered strategies to deal with them. Yan Mingguang deals with the two Xu Miaomiao puppets and directly destroys her puppets as fast as possible. After that, Xu Miaomiao’s puppetry will be weakened for a period of time and will be powerful for us. Fish flying boat deals with the three strong puppets on the other side, and two Xu Miaomiao are both strong ……】

Give it to me

One of the fish flying boats was shocked: “are you crazy? Yan Wei, you’re not Xu Miaomiao’s opponent. What if she catches you? Later, flowers and disorganized people on the other bank will be there, and there will be puppets driven by black robed people and black robed people. Yan Mingguang and I may not be safe to ensure your safety.”

[why make sure? I’m a good puppet, not an ID. even if I’m thrown into the meat grinder, the most we lose is one less person who can help. What I want is to let Xu Miaomiao catch me, because as long as the ID’s plan succeeds, the black robed man runs away, the other shore flower, Kai star and unorganized people lose all three, and Xu Miaomiao draws water with nothing, Will start thinking about the mysteries in the map and the blockers she thought she had successfully hidden.]

Good puppet Yanwei is orderly, [it’s still some time before the game enters the late stage. We can’t let Xu Miaomiao find that all the blockers have been changed so quickly. You don’t have to save me later. After the black robed man left, he ran away as if he gave up me and continued to break the game with me. I let Xu Miaomiao catch it. On the contrary, if Xu Miaomiao catches me, he won’t be able to change my points, And let me interfere with them.]

Yan Mingguang frowned slightly and seemed to want to say something. Finally, he just said: [be careful, Yan Wei will worry.]

What he said is naturally the Yan danger of the ID.

He was standing as like as two peas in the face of danger. But he still used “Yan Wei” to call the real Yan danger, instead of saying “another dangerous swallow” like a fish flying boat. As if in this man’s eyes, the good puppet Yan danger is not from Yan to danger, but a stranger who joined the ant in this copy.

When Yan Mingguang remembered the first day of the copy, Yan Mingguang stabbed his dagger without hesitation, and Yan Mingguang only looked at his ID Yan Wei when he shared a room with ID Yan Wei just now.

This man

It’s a completely undisguised distinction.

Good puppet Yanwei is not unhappy or sad. He even has a strange novelty. This is a kind of… The negligence in front of him shows his concern for “him”. He feels the neglect and attention at the same time.

Even a little happy.

But his mood is relaxed. Because he is not a real existence, he doesn’t need to consider the ambiguous things with Yan Mingguang. He can even watch a good play and see how the ID handles it.

[don’t worry,] he said, and began to change his name with Yan Mingguang. [Yan Wei won’t worry about me, I know myself, and he knows what I will do. He shouldn’t come out later, so Xu Miaomiao won’t know that the two of me cooperate. He just thinks that catching me will weaken Xuanniao’s deduction ability -]

He turned his tone and suddenly said: [start, the black robed man moved!]

Yan Mingguang shook his whip, and the tail of the whip was in front of the puppet Xue Wan made by Xu Miaomiao. The fish flying boat immediately rushed to the people who were left on the other shore.

Meanwhile, as like as two peas of arrow flew off the other side, they stopped the six people who were exactly the same.

Good puppet Yan Wei did not hesitate. The moon wheel in his hand was suspended and appeared in front of Xu Miaomiao with Yan Mingguang’s skills.

The incomplete moon wheel sent out a bright and gentle white light and collided with the black light sent out by Xu Miaomiao’s long black staff. The good puppet Yan Wei immediately turned pale and retreated. Xu Miaomiao saw him and said angrily with a smile: “long time no see.”

As soon as her voice fell, everyone’s action was a meal.

It was the louder and louder footsteps, mechanical and regular, coming from all directions and echoing from the walkways everywhere.

The player carrying the black robed man suddenly screamed and fell to the ground. The black robed man stood steadily on the ground, his hat pocket hung down and covered the whole face of the black robed man.

The dumb and low voice was wrapped in a strange and treacherous breath: “… It’s my turn.”


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