Half Immortal Chapter 115

Half Immortal Chapter 115: puppet Castle (28)

As soon as the voice fell, puppets with mechanical steps slowly appeared in the walkways in all directions.

Their faces were stiff and numb, but they had the faces of those players when they entered the replica on the first day. Some are only evil puppets left on the first day of the copy, while others were still active nearby a few hours ago, but now there are only evil puppets without thoughts – obviously, the ID has had an accident.

An evil puppet can’t threaten Xu Miaomiao and Yu Hua at all, but a dozen or even hundreds of evil puppets are enough to pose a great threat to them.

From the copy to the present, the black robed man has never moved. Even from Xue Wan’s threat to the competition just now, the black robed man has not moved at all. So that everyone relaxed their vigilance against the black robed man. Suddenly, they were unprepared.

Over the flowers, as like as two peas in six, the face suddenly changed, and two of them changed into the appearance of the remaining flowers.

The black robed people have shot and driven all the evil puppets around them. There are only a dozen of them here to fight against the evil puppets. The black robed people can’t grab it. Needless to say, they have to consume a lot, and the gain is not worth the loss.

After Yu Hua withdrew her skills, she shouted, “let’s go first!”

But as soon as she turned around, an arrow feather suddenly shot in front of her. Yu Hua took a step back in surprise. The road ahead was occupied by evil puppets. When she turned her head, she saw a young man in black sitting on the edge of the rotating ladder with his legs hanging down, holding the bow string in his hand, looking leisurely at everything in front of her. He looked calm and casual. He didn’t seem to be surrounded by evil puppets, but seemed to come to the theatre.

Lin Zhen smiled at Yu Hua and was about to get up and play with those good puppets. In his mind, there was a serious voice of ID Yan Wei: [stay!]

[…] Lin Zhen was helpless, [I haven’t had a good fight for a long time, okay!]

Ben Yan Wei is hiding at the top corner of the stairs, leaning against the wall, closing his eyes, spreading his perception and feeling the surrounding environment. The moon wheel shook in front of him, cutting open the airborne around him and surrounding him. The good puppet who rushed over couldn’t open the barrier for a moment. There were a lot of targets in front, so he didn’t stay. On the contrary, it made Yan Wei much easier.

He maintained the operation of the moon wheel, and his mind turned a thousand times in an instant.

His good puppet is now against Xu Miaomiao. You don’t have to think that you can’t fight, but the good puppet doesn’t intend to run. Yan Wei knows what he’s up to. Yan Mingguang and Yu Feizhou are fighting each other on the other side of the flower. For a while and a half, they can’t retreat, and there is a good puppet. He can rest assured. Yu Hua may turn around and come back to find the man in black robe after he leaves. Maybe he wants to see behind the man in black robe like him.

This hidden danger must be solved now.

Yan Wei said to Lin Zhen: [find a reason to stop these unorganized people first, let the evil puppets consume them, and let them have no mind to care about others these two days.]

Lin Zhen raised his eyebrows: [this is quite interesting.]

His hands were faster than words. He pulled his long bow and shot at the disorganized players without paying attention. He said, “don’t hurry to go. If you bring these things in, you want to leave us to solve the problem and walk away? It’s a pity not to play more for a while.”

His hands did not stop, one arrow after another. All the arrows went towards the key of Yu Hua and others, and he didn’t mean to leave his hand at all.

Players are bound by the rules of the building, unless it is a dead enemy. When they start, they always aim to hurt their opponents and dare not really kill them. Because once you die, what if your opponent really doesn’t stop? Even if you kill each other, you will be wiped out by the rules of the building.

This also leads to a psychological game when players fight. It is a balance that needs to be speculated and adjusted between the two sides. Whether one party has just made a real move or whether the other party dares not to hide needs the judgment of the forest farm.

Only Lin Zhen, a desperate madman, does not have this problem at all.

Therefore, unorganized people are doomed not to win this psychological game. Lin Zhen moves. They only dare to hide, hide and step back. The way ahead is blocked by evil puppets.

At this time, the evil puppets in all directions have been completely surrounded. Yu Hua and they must fight out if they want to go now.

But Yu Hua was made by Lin Zhen’s behavior, and even lost her angry temper. She just turned around and looked at Lin Zhen angrily, gritted her teeth and said, “this madman!”

Lin Zhen reached his goal and whistled, “I like this name.”

He jumped directly from above and jumped into the pile of evil puppets.

The man in black just stood silently in the chaos.

On the other side, the players of the other shore flower are not as embarrassed as Yu Hua and others, but they should not only deal with these evil puppets, but also deal with Yan Mingguang and fish flying boats.

Xu Miaomiao waved the long staff in his hand. Yan Wei, a good puppet who could not support, was swept away by a sudden force. The whole person lifted back and slammed his back against the wall. He groaned and frowned. Before he could get up, the tip of Xu Miaomiao’s long black staff touched his heart and pressed him to the ground.

Yan Mingguang looked as like as two peas in the confusion, and the power of his hand was more powerful. Although it was not Yan Wei, it was also a man who was exactly the same as Yan.

It’s just that Yan Weihe, a good puppet, is commanding everyone’s ID with his perception. Yan Weihe has said in advance that they want to act like they can’t save people. As like as two peas in the hands, he could not go to the other side, but the puppets in front of him were split up.

A Xu Miaomiao blocked the evil puppets around him, and a Xu Miaomiao squatted down slowly with a long stick according to Yan Wei, smiled and said, “let me catch you.”

Yan Wei, a good puppet, was pale and looked rather frustrated. He seemed to say in a panic, “you can’t kill me without people in black robes on the stargazing platform.” his amber eyes flashed faintly worried and nervous at the moment, as if he had just accidentally fallen into Xu Miaomiao’s hands.

Xu Miaomiao’s head tilted: “I don’t want to kill you. It’s so rude. If I don’t play with those who can pit me, how can I afford my losses?”

As soon as her voice fell, a player on the other bank suddenly shouted, “Miao Miao! The man in black has run away!”

They looked over a pile of evil puppets and saw that the man in black had disappeared into the corridor under the cover of the evil puppets.

Yu Hua gritted her teeth: “Damn it!” this time, they lost their wife and broke their soldiers. They didn’t get anything. They were choked by evil puppets and Lin Zhen.

Yan Mingguang and others looked at each other. Lin Zhen took the lead and said, “don’t worry about him. There are more and more evil puppets. Let’s go first! Anyway, he won’t die for a while and a half.”

I, Yan Wei, curled my lips in the dark – Lin Zhen’s acting skills this time are much better than last time. I don’t know if he has spoken a new voice and acted as he is.

After Lin Zhen finished, Yan Mingguang made a move and enabled the short-range instantaneous movement skill. He immediately took Lin Zhen and two fish flying boats to the ID Yan Wei hidden in the corner.

Ben Yan Wei opened the barrier of the moon wheel and let them in. The evil puppets around seemed to feel the increase of targets here and began to approach this side consciously. Yan Wei quickly said, “my perception is still following the black robed man. We are following him now. There are no players with Yan Mingguang in Xu Miaomiao’s and Yu Hua’s team. They are not as fast as we are. They can’t keep up with the black robed man. Let’s hurry.”

Lin Zhen chuckled, “what else do you say? Let’s go.”

The black robed man left. Yan Mingguang and others didn’t know whether they used any skills or props to run first. There was nothing at the scene except evil puppets. Among the evil puppets crowded the aisle, Yu Hua and others didn’t have Lin Zhen’s obstruction. They didn’t have any nostalgia at all. They rushed out in the direction of the least evil puppet.

Xu Miaomiao made a quick decision and pointed to the good puppet Yan Wei: “take him away and we will withdraw.”

Yan Wei and others followed the man in black.

Maybe it’s because the evil puppets in the area of the castle were driven to the place just now by the people in black robes. Other players should run clean. The road is very clean. The light was faint, and the footsteps of the black robed man became heavier and heavier. Yan Wei and others followed behind secretly, but they were not found by the black robed man.

[it seems that he was really worn out just now. Now he is walking more and more slowly. He doesn’t feel anything about our tracking.]

The fish flying boat said, “this is the ladder to the third floor.”

Yan Wei raised his eyebrow: [he didn’t go back to the stargazer on the fourth floor. He really didn’t dare or want to.]

Fish flying boat nodded: [your guess should be correct. Now the man in black robe needs to go back to his trusted place to rest and recover. When there are more evil puppets in the castle, he will go back to the viewing platform to regain control from Xue Wan. The secret place trusted by the man in black robe… Maybe it has something to do with Yan Wei’s secret that the castle is like a crow coin, or the secret of the man in black robe making puppets.]

What exactly is unknown before you see it, but you can’t get nothing.

Yan Wei first played a psychological game with Xu Miaomiao and successfully concealed Haiti. He buried a blocker in the whole castle so that they could read the figures of the puppets around them. Then he used Xu Miaomiao to open a path in front of the castle and saw the prototype of crow coins from the castle terrain. Then, Yan Wei, a good puppet, lured Xu Miaomiao and others to the stargazing platform and brought those unorganized people, ID Yan The dangerous water leads to the East, which makes Xue Wan and other people lose both sides with the flower on the other side.

The success of this ring-to-ring layout has brought us to this step.

Yan Wei followed the black robed man to the third floor, but he didn’t relax. They seem to be a lot ahead, but there are still many unknown things – what are the secrets of the black robed man and the way to break the game?

Since he chose not to participate in this massacre, it must be much more difficult for him to break the game than Xu Miaomiao and Xue Wan.

At the moment, the black robed man was getting weaker and weaker. It seemed that the consumption of the puppet was counterattack at this moment. The black robed man staggered a few steps and stumbled into a room covered with black glass.

In a guest room on the second floor.

The door of the room has been closed by the other shore flower player who has just gone out. Xu Miaomiao sits on the sofa, and a lazy man leans against the wall with his hands around his chest. In front of him is a good puppet Yan Wei with his hands tied behind him.

Sitting on the sofa, Xu Miaomiao suddenly pulled the other end of the rope, and Shangui Yanwei was dragged onto the sofa. At this moment, his messy windbreaker was rolled up and his collar was drooping, which made his pale face even more embarrassed.

Xu Miaomiao seemed very satisfied with this. He stepped forward, looked at Yan Wei carefully and said, “why don’t you talk? Aren’t you afraid I’ll kill you?”

Good puppet Yan Wei raised his eyes. His thick eyelashes trembled and tangled gently. His natural peach blossom eyes made him obedient and friendly no matter what expression he made. He was clearly talking hard, but his expression didn’t have any attack, “you don’t have the courage.”

Xu Miaomiao looked at his expression and felt that she had taken control of the whole situation. She smiled and said, “why not? It’s not necessarily a death. You may be a player or a good puppet. I killed you directly, and there is a 50% probability that it will not be erased by the rules – this is actually a gamble with a high winning rate in the copies of our experience layer after layer.”

Yan Wei, a good puppet, moved his eyebrows and even lifted up the corners of his mouth and smiled: “Hey, little sister, do you count? I have half the possibility of being a good puppet and you have half the possibility of being a good puppet. Now you kill me, and the probability of being erased by the rules is 25%, which is worth trying.”

“Don’t you try?”

Xu Miaomiao made a movement, and his eyes slowly stopped on Yan Wei’s face.

She said, “little brother, you’re afraid I’ll do it to you. Is this teasing me?”

The good puppet Yanwei said without hesitation, “which eye of yours can see that I am teasing you?”

Xu Miaomiao was stunned.

Good puppet Yan Wei then said, “I like men. I’m more likely to tease people in black than you.”

Xu Miaomiao: “


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