Half Immortal Chapter 116

Half Immortal Chapter 116: puppet Castle (29)

The good puppet Yan Wei looked at Xu Miaomiao’s colorful face. On the surface, he looked disdainful, calm and nervous, but he thought about the next step in his heart. Xu Miaomiao was choked by him, and the flower on the other side was not low. She didn’t have much thought to deal with the good puppet Yanwei, but got up and said, “you’re so interesting.”

Then, Xu Miaomiao left here to stare at Yan Wei, and the other went out to find other players of the other shore flower.

Good puppet Yan Wei pretends to be exhausted. He leans on the sofa and closes his eyes. In fact, his heart turns a thousand times.

At this stage, he and Ben I can’t continue to deduce, because everything next is unknown.

He can only stabilize the situation as much as possible.

To put it bluntly, let Xu Miaomiao put all her energy on him as much as possible.

I, Yan Wei, should have followed the man in black. At this time, he must ignore other accidents, so he should try his best to ensure that other accidents do not happen. He said it was difficult and simple. He wants to delay Xu Miaomiao’s time as much as possible, in case Xu Miaomiao finds something wrong with the blocker and the topographic map when they are busy with the black robed people.

But he has a great advantage – he knows he is a good puppet.

He doesn’t care about life or death.

The copy of the building is never afraid of cautious players step by step, but those who have no scruples – only those who have no scruples dare to gamble.

So he can, as just now, in order to make Xu Miaomiao unstable, specially say some angry words and play this psychological game with Xu Miaomiao. He can also loose himself into danger in order to pit the flowers on the other side.

They don’t want to accumulate points with the player’s blood, but they don’t return kindness to completely give up the first important to them, delay the progress of Xu Miaomiao and Xue Wan, and find another way. This is the best way they can choose so far. Although the requirements for deduction and response are abnormal and harsh, both good puppet Yan Wei and ID Yan Wei are willing to take a risk.

Good puppet Yan Wei or ID Yan Wei has always defined himself as a selfish person with the supremacy of interests, and the position of sensibility in his heart is far less than that of reason. Before today, he did not expect that he would be the kind of person willing to sacrifice for the overall situation.

It seems that since he went upstairs, his definition of himself has always been selfish and concerned about the interests of the final result. This is not a long-term character, but once he thinks of something, he will have such a self repugnant but irresistible idea: he will choose the result that is best for himself, not for everyone.

This idea lasted until the moment when Xu Miaomiao practiced in front of him.

Shangui Yanwei suddenly realized that it seemed that every choice he made since their layout bit by bit in the past two days was completely contrary to the same cognition as this heart voice.

Ben and I should be able to realize it.

He smiled sarcastically.

Bad kindness.

Yan Wei followed and watched the black robed man stumble into a room surrounded by black glass.

The whole third floor is a variety of glass rooms, which are stacked with bloody and terrible props for making puppets, filled with a pungent smell of blood. Some glasses are transparent and some are black. In these staggered walkways, black and white are wrong, strange and treacherous.

The residual light of the sunset outside the window sprinkles in, refracts constantly in the glass, and emits fuzzy light and shadow, which makes it more secluded and abnormal.

The fish flying boat whispered, “are we still in? It’s getting dark.”

In the copy of the building, whether it is that kind of absurd and strange ghost or this kind of puppet whose authenticity is difficult to distinguish, most of them follow the law of those dirty things. Night is a weakening of sight and action for players, but it is a feast for them.

When the black robed man entered the room, none of them knew what was in it

But the black robed man, who had just driven a large number of evil puppets, could not even walk steadily, but had to pass through so many glass rooms and rooms to come here. It was obviously different from other glass rooms and rooms. They have set up the game for two days until now. If they leave now because of fear of danger, who knows if they will get nothing after delaying one night?

Yan Wei frowned slightly, but for a moment he stretched out again, and made a quick decision: “enter, but not all. My good puppet over Xu Miaomiao is there. I trust myself, the man in black… Yan Mingguang and I will go in again, and the remaining two will go to the star viewing platform.”

“Xue Wan is not stupid. He should react now. The star viewing platform is really important. No matter how we players fight, we have to go out at the end. The top layer is essential. Qi Xing will stick to the star viewing platform, so in order to prevent us from being stuck by Qi Xing in the future, we will leave two people to deal with them. Don’t fight directly. As long as I don’t finish here, we will continue to use various methods Methods interfere with and consume them, consume their skills, consume their props, and find out their ways. ”

The fish flying boat’s eyes lit up: “we don’t do it directly. We are flexible, but they are. They are fixed in one place, and we can consume them in various ways. A little consumption can’t be seen, but accumulation can weaken their strength and let them relax their vigilance.”

Yan Wei nodded.

Knowing that there was not much time, he glanced at the fish flying boat and Lin Zhen, and said without hesitation: “when the fish flying boat goes to the star viewing platform, your strengths and skills are suitable for fighting this time-consuming war. Don’t come face to face with them. You can harass them and run away in a while, and then come again. You can also cooperate with them. Lin Zhen and we go in.”

Lin Zhen immediately protested: “why do fish fly to the boat for fighting and let me go for breaking the game?”

“Because you went, you directly hit Xue Wan and them.”


Yan Wei waved, “let’s go in.”

It’s completely dark.

The castle, which had no power supply, went into darkness again. Only the moonlight scattered outside the window lit up slightly, crows crowed around, the footsteps of evil puppet machinery echoed in the walkway of the castle, and some crazy screams sounded from time to time.

True and false dreams are much more serious than the previous night. Even if today’s players who have lost any points because of the disappearance of the black robed man, some players still die in the false and true that they can’t distinguish, and the corresponding good puppet has become a bad puppet.

This is the role of those multi-level dreams.

Even if players don’t kill each other, they will take people’s lives everywhere.

There are more and more evil puppets.

Yan Mingguang stood in front of Yan Wei, and Lin Zhen followed behind. Yan Wei wrapped the light of the moon wheel in a windbreaker and divided a small barrier to surround the three of them.

Before coming in, Yan Wei prepared for the worst – that is, as soon as he entered the door, he saw the black robed man or some unknown danger, so he had to do it. It’s dangerous, but it’s worth trying.

But after coming in, there was darkness and silence.

But Yan Wei has a creepy and strange feeling.

[no, I can’t see anything clearly,] he grabbed Yan Mingguang, stopped Lin Zhen behind him, and motioned them to stop. [my perception encountered many obstacles in front, and I felt that the front… Was not a smooth road.]

Otherwise, take out the flashlight and have a look. The worst thing is to fight

Yan Wei thought for a moment and said, “the light of the flashlight is too strong. Let me take out the moon wheel.”

He took the moon wheel out of his windbreaker, put it in his palm and held it in front of him. The bright and indifferent white light slightly shines on the situation ahead, and the three people’s actions are a meal.

A wall is as like as two peas and a wall, which is like a door hidden in this glass room. Players on the forties floor are not fuel-efficient lights. It is impossible not to venture into every corner of the castle. The door here should be difficult to open or only people in black can open it.

The door was half open, and it was obvious that the man in black had no time to close it in a hurry.

They picked up a bargain by mistake this time.

Yan Wei suddenly had a guess.

This game… Seven days altogether, right

Yan Mingguang: [HMM.]

[but in fact, from the current drive, it doesn’t take seven days. Everyone’s score can be completely opened and there will be cannibalism between high ranked players. This copy will be faster and faster. Why are you given seven days?]

Lin Zhen scratched his head. Yan Mingguang said calmly: [we may have hit each other by mistake.]

Yan Wei nodded.

Three days is enough to rank the results. What’s the extra time for?

It’s broken.

The secret door in the glass room has not been found by any players in the past two days. It is obviously a difficult thing to find. Even if found, I’m afraid there are great twists and turns to open this door.

This should be a very time-consuming level, and may even consume two or three days for players to find here. But Yan Wei found this place so easily — no, it can’t be easy — by mistake.

Yan Wei looked at Yan Mingguang with a faint light. Then Yan Mingguang walked in front and approached the half open door with Yan Wei.

Yan Mingguang raised his hand. There was no movement at all. He slowly opened the door.

Just now, the door was half open. Yan Wei could only peep slightly. There seemed to be a spacious space inside. This time, he opened it completely. As soon as he looked forward, his eyes suddenly stopped.

——It turned out to be a huge ladder.

But this is already the third floor.

According to the terrain they got during their tour in the castle, the first floor of the castle is the largest, the second floor is as large as the third floor, but the area of the fourth floor is particularly small, only the observation platform with meat grinder. When they were in the jungle maze, crows were everywhere, and the outer walls of the castle were black, so they couldn’t see the architectural structure clearly. After entering, Yan Wei figured out the terrain and always thought that the castle was a trapezoid from bottom to top, and the more up, the smaller the area.

But this is the third floor. There is an upward ladder in this glass room. This is not the one where the star viewing platform is located

Yan Wei’s eyes brightened, and his amber eyes looked like bright stars under the pale light of the moon.

He whispered, “we’ve caught the big one this time… It turns out that there’s not only the star viewing platform on the fourth floor.”


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