Half Immortal Chapter 117

Half Immortal Chapter 117: Puppet Castle (30)

Yan Wei looked at the upward ladder in front of him.

Instead of going in for the first time, he thought of two possibilities.

First, the black robed man consumed too much just now and was eager to go back to this secret place to hide. He thought that no player could find it anyway, so he was not in a hurry to close the secret door.

Second, the man in black was smarter than he expected. He expected that someone behind him might design all this and catch up, so he deliberately kept the half open door. Black robed people are not afraid of players’ discovery, because there may be a danger of death waiting for the coming players on this ladder.



They mistakenly saved several days of time searching for the hidden four floors. The black robed people also planned to leave the people who could find here directly.

Since the black robed people may have expected this, Yan Wei was not careful at all. He put away the skills of sensing and burst, and said, “I want to go in.”

He looked the same, his eyes were slightly heavy, “It’s worth trying. If we give up here, we’ll come in next time. We’ll either think about the layout again to lure people in black robes to open the door by themselves, or spend time to solve the problem of opening the door, but both options take time and also have great risks. Up to now, we still have zero points. The time cost paid in these two days is to find another way, but if we give up now…”

Yan Wei always has an estimate of his ability.

Even if he can deduce and guess, it must be based on grasp, and there is a certain probability. He is not a God, and it is impossible to achieve this success.

He said: “if we give up now, we will abandon our useless conscience – join in scoring. Because I am not very sure that I can continue to break the game first when I leave now.”

At this time, Lin Zhen hardly said a truth: “but there are risks in scoring. What we want is not the first few, but the first – let me think about it. How do I think we have to kill Xu Miaomiao’s whole team or Xue Quan’s team? The unorganized group is not enough…”

“So I want to go in. In fact, the risk of going in is similar to the risk of leaving now, but the income -”

Yan Mingguang said calmly, “very high.”

This means that all three people want to go in.

Yan Wei still let Lin Zhen walk at the back, so as to attack far away at any time and prevent sudden danger behind. Yan Mingguang walked forward and backward close to Yan Wei. They tried to lower their feet and walked carefully into the door.

Behind the door is the ladder.

There were no lights inside. Looking at the end of the stairs, there was only darkness. It seemed as if there was no road ahead, and as if there was boundless darkness ahead.

Holding the moon wheel in one hand, Yan Wei followed Yan Mingguang up the stairs, thinking about the terrain of the castle.

The castle is round. Inside the circle, the outermost one outlines a pattern. These routes from the first floor to the fourth floor are stacked together. From top to bottom, there is a crow waiting to spread its wings. The orientation of the secret four floor space separated from the stargazer seems to be the back of the crow.

What’s the back?

And whatever the back is, the back… The back

“Ice,” Yan Wei said, “this is the back of a crow. Whether it’s a man or a crow, the back is a blind area. The blind area represents -”

Yan Mingguang clearly understood: “weakness.”

Lin Zhen in the back: “what do you mean? Here represents weakness?”

“It may represent or exist.” Yan Wei raised his feet to the next step, frowning slightly. “I always think the terrain of the castle is a symbol or something. We can’t use the castle or do anything through the castle. The only role the terrain can play is to let us obtain information.”

“The crow can be said to be the symbol of the castle owner, and the coin is the prop we need to consume to destroy the puppet. All this has symbolic significance. So the crow’s back, blind area… Symbolic weakness?”

Or can it be said that it is the way to deal with Crows – that is, the castle owner?

Yan Wei thought and focused on thinking about the terrain. He took a step forward but didn’t step on the steps. The steps in the castle were higher than ordinary steps. They were oppressive and dense. Each step needed to be deliberately big to step up. Yan Wei was distracted and suddenly his feet were empty.

He didn’t react for a moment and suddenly slipped behind in the dark.

“– be careful!”

Yan Mingguang reached out and grabbed Yan Wei before his voice fell.

The man seemed to be too anxious for a moment just now, and the pulling force was too strong. He not only pulled Yan Wei back, but also directly dragged Yan Wei to a step. Under the action of inertia, Yan Wei hit Yan Mingguang and was stunned slightly. Then he quickly took the moon wheel and took a step back.

“I didn’t notice,” he said.


Lin Zhen urged at the back: “don’t you go? I don’t think this ladder is high. It’s a little dark in front. You shouldn’t be afraid of the dark.”

Yan Wei: “go.”

It’s no use thinking about this now. I’d better go to the hidden place on the fourth floor and have a look first. He focuses on the surroundings, and his perception spreads out, but he feels that the front is winding, and his perception can’t go deep at all. This feeling is a little familiar, but the light ahead is too dark to see clearly, and Yan Wei can’t tell for a moment and a half.

The expected danger has not yet come.

Is the man in black really too anxious to close the door?

Yan Wei always felt that his heart was hairy. The deep and strange feeling attached to every inch of his skin was creepy. He held his pocket in one hand, rubbed his swallow coins with his fingertips, and couldn’t help clutching his hands. In the cold air, the hand that wasn’t put in the windbreaker pocket came more obvious warmth. Yan Wei subconsciously moved his hand and rubbed the warmth with his fingers, which was reflected What’s that?

When Yan Mingguang pulled him back just now, he didn’t let go.

And he didn’t feel anything, so he held hands with this man and walked up one after another.

The steps had come to an end. Yan Mingguang made a slight pause, still holding Yan Wei in one hand and holding the whip in the other hand, and walked up vigilantly. After ensuring nothing, Yan Mingguang turned sideways and pulled Yan Wei’s hand up from the next step.

Yan Wei’s eyes flickered and whispered, “thank you.”

Then he pulled his hand back, took his pocket with both hands, stood firm and began to look at his eyes.

At the last moment, Lin Zhen also came up and saw Yan Mingguang pulling Yan Wei. He didn’t think too much. When he came to the last floor, he also extended his hand to Yan Mingguang.

Yan Mingguang just looked at him, stopped and turned around. There was a smell of no strangers around him.

“Stranger”: ”

Lin Zhen withdrew his hand in confusion and had to step forward on the fourth floor.

Yan Wei has already moved forward a few steps. Yan Mingguang keeps a close eye on Yan Wei. Yan Wei has just moved forward here, and Yan Mingguang follows him closely.

“Here…” Yan Wei raised his hand and falsely pointed to the dark ahead. “My perception can’t get through, like a wall, but occasionally there will be perception that can penetrate a little, detour back, and it’s like a road. This feeling…”

Lin Zhen came in full of hands-on expectations. Up to now, in addition to dead silence, he yawned a little bored and said, “twists and turns? Isn’t this a maze? The copy can kill me on the first day.”

Yan Wei’s eyes lit up: “yes, it’s the maze. I thought too much just now and was still thinking about what trap it was. It’s not so complicated. This familiar perception can’t be extended, but it’s tortuous, just like the jungle maze when we came in!”

This is another entrance.

As like as two peas moved forward, Yan touched a wall that touched the leaves. It was the same wall as the jungle maze.

Without waiting for Yan Wei to say, Yan Mingguang came forward and cut his arm without hesitation. The blood dripped in the dark and onto the wall in front of him. Yan Wei held the moon wheel there and looked carefully, but he saw that after the blood dripped, the branches and leaves just shook slightly, and the blood flowed on the leaves without any signs of corrosion.

Their blood can make way in the jungle maze outside, but it can’t corrode the small maze hidden on the fourth floor of the castle.

“Maze… It’s another maze. There’s a maze on the crow’s back. What’s hidden in this small maze?”

Yan Wei moved his eyebrows and said, “no wonder the black robed man didn’t lose too much time to close the secret door, nor did he deliberately keep the secret door to attract the people who followed him, but he had no fear. The secret door is only the first obstacle. Even if someone comes in, there is also this maze, which is a deeper guarantee, so he doesn’t have to care too much about the secret door.”

There is no trap, nor is it an oversight.

It’s just that there’s a reduced version of the jungle maze, and it’s no big deal if someone comes.

Yan Wei tried to take a step forward and walked into the only intersection he could walk. Unexpectedly, he felt the same feeling as when he was in the jungle maze – he couldn’t exert his perception and didn’t know what the road ahead would be like.

At the moment he stepped in, the prompt sound of the building sounded in Yan Wei’s mind.

[congratulations on the player’s progress in promoting the main line of the replica, discovering the jungle maze in the castle and promoting the progress of breaking the replica. Get a reward:…]

Followed by a lot of data rewards.

Yan Wei obviously felt the sudden increase in his body index and perception. Obviously, this progress is not an ordinary progress. This bonus even directly improved their team strength.

“Go in?” Yan Mingguang asked him.

Yan Wei nodded, but said, “go in, but before you go in, Lin Zhen will do one thing first.”

Lin Zhen was stunned: “me?”

“Yes, you.”

About ten minutes later, Lin Zhen falsely closed the secret door from the side of the ladder and stepped up the ladder with his things. Then he put his things in front of the maze and said to Yan Wei, “it’s done.”

Yan Wei nodded.

Yan Mingguang didn’t say much. He took the lead in walking towards the entrance of the dark jungle maze. He seemed to stretch out his hand to Yan Wei, but took it back before he could reach Yan Wei’s hand.

Such a move was difficult to detect in the dark. Yan Wei didn’t find it, but followed Yan Mingguang in.

As soon as he stepped into the maze, he didn’t take a few steps. Before reaching the first fork, Yan Wei saw the words written by the dark blood on the maze wall in front of him by the light of the moon wheel in his hand.

“What’s that?” Lin Zhen asked.

Yan Wei’s eyes coagulated, stared at the front and read it word by word: “he is a man of unknown birth.”


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