Half Immortal Chapter 118

Half Immortal Chapter 118: Puppet Castle (31)

This sentence is very familiar.

Yan Wei thought a little, and the background introduction when he first entered the copy came out of his mind. At the beginning of this copy, Lou randomly threw the players into the jungle maze outside the castle, and told a story about the castle – or the source – with the usual ethereal prompt sound.

The first sentence is “he is a man of unknown birth”.

This sentence uses a very old text. Yan Wei can read this text automatically after they enter the copy, so they can read this sentence. Every word was written in blood on the wall gathered by branches and leaves in front of them. The blood seemed to be the blood of many years ago, black and brown. The faint but white light of the moon wheel shines on it, intertwined with the bloody horror, strange and strange.

Yan Wei felt as if a cool wind was blowing in the small maze.

“This man in black is really evil,” Lin Zhen stepped forward and raised his hand to touch it. “Do these strange things? This is his base camp -”

“Don’t touch it,” said Yan Wei.

Lin Zhen withdrew his hand and shrugged: “I’m not afraid of these.”

Yan Mingguang directly wound the whip tail around Yan Wei’s wrist and said, “the atmosphere here is strange. Let’s be careful.”

Yan Wei blinked and her eyes turned. In fact, he can feel Yan Mingguang’s attention all the time, but even if people notice this attention, it seems to be integrated into that action, and people can’t care too much. Yan Wei only felt itchy, as if he was scratched by something, but he couldn’t say why.

He scratched with a whip and didn’t speak. He recognized this way of “holding hands”.

As for Lin Zhen

Yan Wei stretched out his other hand and said, “put the other end of your bow towards me.”

Lin Zhen did as he said, holding one end of the long bow while Yan Wei dragged the other. Yan Wei stood in the middle, the whip in Yan Mingguang’s hand was wrapped around the wrist of his other hand, and the moon wheel was dragged in the palm of his hand.

In this way, the three of them hold each other’s weapons, which can not only ensure that no one will get lost in this dark maze, but also let them know that their teammates have shot for the first time, so as to inform each other of the danger.

They were going to go into the depths of the maze to find clues. Anyway, it doesn’t matter whether the black robed people know it or not. Lin Zhen didn’t lower his voice at all, and said carelessly, “it’s narrow and black. There are many branches. Can we cut down these trees directly?”

“…” Yan Wei was helpless. “You can’t cut down in the jungle maze. You can try here. Yan Mingguang and I will go first and pick you up when we come back.”

Lin Zhen: ”

They came to a fork in the road.

Yan Wei pulled Yan Mingguang’s arm and said, “ice, wait a minute, I’ll make a mark.”

He squatted down slowly, his hands moving, and could not see clearly in the dark – it seemed that he had drawn a mark on the ground.

Then Yan Wei got up and said, “go on. When you see the moves, the danger here is nothing more than cannibals, or puppets.”

The castle is on the fourth floor, the star viewing platform.

Xue Wan was holding a knife, and his clothes were the kind of mottled blood, which was obviously left when he just started. The player whose arm was pierced by Lin Zhen’s arrow is dressing up, and others check around the observatory. In front of Xue Wan, there were two people whose limbs were cut off – the players left by the other shore flower.

Not long after, someone came to Xue Wan: “there are no fewer players here. It seems that Xu Miaomiao’s Gang only took the black robed people. We have enough coins, but now the black robed people are gone, and these people can’t exchange points.”

“Xue Wan, do we still have to stay here at the observatory?”

Xue Wan thought for a while.

He said: “black robed man, coin and meat grinder are indispensable. We are still the first. The gap between Huadu on the other side and US has widened. It’s not us who should be anxious. But we don’t do anything…”

Xue Wan smiled, yawned lazily, and then said, “it’s too boring and passive. Half of the people stay here, half of the people catch everyone they can see, and all the coins they can grab.”

“Since coins, meat grinder and black robed people are indispensable, Xu Miaomiao can design black robed people, and we can steal coins.”

The second floor of the castle is the area where the other shore flowers live.

The two Xu Miaomiao roughly discussed the next things with the remaining players of the other shore flower, and finally decided to take a rest for the whole night. The night in the castle was not peaceful. This time, they suffered serious losses. They had to face the black robed people who didn’t know where to go and the Kai star with Xue night. It’s better to straighten it out.

Xu Miaomiao asked a member of the other shore flower to watch “Yan Wei” in her room. After discussing with others, she returned to her room.

As soon as I pushed the door, I saw Yan Wei sitting on the sofa with a glass of orange juice in his hand.

The player who should have looked at his other shore flower sat opposite Yanwei, his hands being tied by a rope. The man also earned in confusion. He frowned and thought for a while and said, “strange, I can’t untie it myself? How did you untie the rope yourself? He said let me try, but I tried, but I couldn’t.”

Xu Miaomiao: ”

The sofa is facing the door. Outside the door is a dark corridor. Inside the door is Yan Wei sitting on the sofa. Two Xu Miaomiao, one left and one right, stood at the door and didn’t go in for a moment.

Yan Wei, a good puppet, glanced at Xu Miaomiao and still looked very calm. He explored his origin, untied the rope in the other shore flower player’s hand, spread his hand and said, “I’ll teach you again.”

He still wore this and that windbreaker, which had been stained with dust and some damage in the fight just now, but his eyes were clear, his cheeks were clean, and his clothes seemed as clean as dust.

He just looked at the player on the other bank. Without saying anything, he tied the rope to the hand of good puppet Yan Wei.

After binding, Shangui Yanwei’s wrist and fingers seemed to move, but for a moment, the rope was completely scattered because the knot was loosened and slipped from his wrist. He sighed, “do you see clearly this time?”

The player of the other shore flower nodded.

Two Xu Miaomiao: ”

Good puppet Yan Wei looked up at the door again. The corners of his mouth raised and said hello to Xu Miaomiao: “what are you doing standing at the door? The aisle is so cold. Aren’t you tired? Come on, come in and sit down.”

Xu Miaomiao: “?”

Whose room is this?

Yan Wei and they walked through several intersections all the way.

The maze is located on the fourth floor of the castle, but it is in a closed space, similar to the maze in a huge room. The trees of the labyrinth wall almost reach the roof and can’t see the distance at all. Even if they are illuminated by lights, they just see the road in front of them.

It is a huge room, but the cold wind is always blowing. It seems that there is an occasional sound of leaves rubbing around

It’s like something’s moving against the labyrinth wall.

Yan Wei stopped.

Lin Zhen: “did you hear that, too?”

“Compared with hearing,” he bent his head sideways, his eyes fell on a place on the ground, and the moon wheel lowered slightly, illuminating the mark he had left before, “we’re back.”

Lin Zhen didn’t care: “this is not a maze. It’s normal to go around it. We can’t go the way we did last time this time.”

Yan Mingguang did not speak, but shook his head slightly.

Yan Wei glanced at Lin Zhen and said, “then why didn’t we mark the first day when we entered the jungle maze and don’t repeat it? There are several good branches. If there are dozens, the possibility increases exponentially.”

If they mark the way they have traveled, once a road begins to make mistakes, they must push back all the routes, and ensure that they will not repeat and remember correctly. It’s not impossible, but this is the most violent and direct way. The worst consequence is to go through all the roads, and some roads will be repeated. If there are any dangers in this maze, it means that they may have to run through all the dangers.

“But it’s different from the jungle maze. You can directly see the direction of the target on the top of the mountain. Our blood can’t open the way,” Lin Zhen said. “How do you go? What if this man in black is as boring as me and makes a maze to play here?”

“You know you’re boring.”

Lin Zhen: ”

Yan Wei looked at the mark at his feet and flashed all the pictures from the moment he entered the copy to the present. “He is a man of unknown birth”, a puppet of good and evil with the same functions as the players, the true and false realities that intrude into the player’s spiritual world at night, the crows and mazes outside the castle, the crow terrain and the four story maze inside the castle

He suddenly felt that an idea flashed through his mind, but he couldn’t catch it for a moment and a half.

There was a sudden sound of leaves rubbing nearby.

Yan Wei’s hand holding Lin Zhen’s long bow was pulled. The long bow left his hand, and there was a rapid wind behind him. Yan Wei only felt a gust of wind passing by his ear, and the long black arrow shot forward.

A figure suddenly dodged in front!

At the same time as like as two peas, the arrow came from the front and headed toward the Yan Yan with obvious body index. Yan Mingguang reacted without any pause, dragged Yan Wei back, loosened Yan Wei’s wrist with the tail of the whip, and waved forward in the rustling sound.

Under the inertia force, Yan Wei’s back suddenly hit the maze wall formed by branches and leaves, and the figure in front was thrown by Yan Mingguang’s whip and stopped on the maze wall opposite Yan Wei.

The moon wheel sent out a faint light to illuminate the man’s appearance.

The man was dressed in black, with short hair and handsome facial features, but with a little flirtatious. Yan Wei’s eyes were dark red.

That’s Lin Zhen’s face.

Yan Wei was stunned. “The danger of this maze is to copy us to deal with us!”

The “Lin Zhen” in front of Yan Wei smiled and said, “no, it’s not a little pet.”

The sound of arrow feathers breaking into the air came from all directions.


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