Half Immortal Chapter 119

Half Immortal Chapter 119: Puppet Castle (32)

Yan Wei holds up the moon wheel and wants to move, but Yan Mingguang beside him is faster. The whip swept quickly in the air for a few times, and even easily swept the black arrow feathers flying everywhere on the ground.

Yan Wei holds up the moon wheel and wants to move, but Yan Mingguang beside him is faster. The whip swept quickly in the air for a few times, and even easily swept the black arrow feathers flying everywhere on the ground.

On the other side of the labyrinth Road, two Lin Zhen have been fighting together, and each fork has different Lin Zhen. Some of the them didn’t do it, but just stood aside and watched with the their hands around their chests, while others approached directly under cover of the arrow rain.

For a moment, Lin Zhen in the rear had several more opponents – all of them himself.

Yan Mingguang fought with Lin Zhen in front. It was easier than Lin Zhen, but it was not easy. Lin Zhen was good at attacking from a distance. Some of these “Lin Zhen” fought close. Some hid on this circuitous road and pulled their bows from a distance. Even Yan Mingguang could only protect Yan Wei conservatively. Lin Zhen was even more embarrassed. Several times he was hit by his most familiar arrow and pierced his sleeve. Kan Kan was not hurt.

These “Lin Zhen” who are obviously puppets do not share the same source of ID consciousness as good puppets, nor are they mechanically numb to low attack power like evil puppets. As like as two peas, he has no doubt that they are just like a little bit of a man.

The combination of good and evil puppets.

Yan Wei understood in an instant.

The danger of this labyrinth is that more than one self may appear at any time. Black robed people are very confident here. They don’t think any players can go in because these replica things won’t give players the chance to find their way slowly.

They can’t fight here.

Yan Mingguang obviously understood the difficulties. He beat back the “Lin Zhen” around him, took Yan Wei’s hand and ran to the one with the least “Lin Zhen”.

Yan Wei shouted, “Lin Zhen! Keep up!!!”

Lin Zhen was still disappointed: “don’t you fight?”

“Then you may be turned into a hedgehog by yourself!!!”

As soon as Lin Zhen’s hand moves, he runs with Yan Wei.

But he was strong, and this pursuit was his strength. Yan Mingguang and Lin Zhen ran with Yan Wei while fighting. The “Lin Zhen” behind or on their side still couldn’t get away.

Lin Zhen shouted, “I’ll try!”

Before the voice fell, he blinked, his eyes moved, and his dark red eyes changed into deep black. His expression, which was indifferent even in danger, became serious at this moment. His hand pulled the bow slightly and shot ten arrows in a row under the action of the sudden increase of body index.

He didn’t use this skill when he killed his good puppet.

But none of the ten arrow feathers hit!

In the rear, the nearest “Lin Zhen” actually used the same skills. The arrow feather directly fell down in mid air without deviation.

Lin Zhen himself didn’t expect to be like this. He was slightly stunned.

Yan Wei gasped, “that won’t work! Yan Mingguang, do you still have the number of times for your first skill?”

Yan Mingguang paused slightly – needless to say, he understood Yan Wei’s meaning. But instead of using his skills immediately, he said to Yan Wei, “lend me the moon wheel.”

Yan Wei passed it without thinking.

The man pulled him behind him, holding a whip in one hand and a moon wheel in the other, without moving, allowing an arrow feather aimed at him to come quickly.

The tip of the arrow came to his eyebrow in an instant. Yan Mingguang’s eyes sank at the moment of the boundary of life and death.

The skill of living to death was triggered passively. He raised his hand and whipped. Under the action of doubling his body index, all the “Lin Zhen” not far away were swept to the ground by him. For a moment, he didn’t get hurt.

When these puppets fell to the ground, the moon wheel in Yan Mingguang’s hand floated, and the moon wheel was driven by him to divide the space in front of him. The invisible transparent barrier quickly opened, briefly separating Yan Wei and the “Lin Zhen” followed behind him. The next moment, the three suddenly disappeared in place.

Yan Mingguang blinked at Yan Wei’s eyes. When he stood firm again, there were finally no things around him. Not far away, there was a sound of branches and leaves groping. Yan Mingguang couldn’t take him too far from Lin Zhen. Those things could be found at any time.

Yan Wei gasped for breath and said with perceptual force: [… How can you use the moon wheel?]

Yan Mingguang made a move.

You taught me before

This “before” refers naturally to meeting again before the copy of the corridor hotel. Although they have never said it directly, it is already a tacit secret.

Although Lin Zhen is usually not serious, he is still clear-minded at this moment. Without Yan Wei saying anything, he had shot an arrow and nailed it into the branches at the height of the maze wall. On tiptoe, the whole person stood on the top lightly, and half of his body was introduced into the branches and leaves. He was already dressed in black and seemed to disappear out of thin air on the dark maze road.

Yan Wei put away the moon wheel and slowed down his breathing. He and Yan Mingguang still held hands and leaned against the branches and leaves, slowing down their breathing and trying not to make any sound that attracted the puppet.

The air in the maze was cold and cool, but Yan Mingguang was warm.

The man always looks pale and cold on the surface, but if he gets close, he can always absorb the hot temperature. It’s like Yan Mingguang never cares about anything, but he is the one with the most goodwill.

Many “Lin Zhen” nearby are looking for them. On the other side, there is Lin Zhen who is ready to start at any time. Yan Wei and Yan Mingguang hide in the branches and leaves of the maze wall as far as possible, motionless, and there is no sound except the faint breath. At this moment, Yan Wei suddenly lost his mind.

Yufeizhou chose to take the more difficult way to break the game without objection because yufeizhou was kind in nature and didn’t want to kill any player indirectly. Lin Zhen doesn’t care, but prefers the challenge of rising difficulty. Yan Mingguang doesn’t have to say. And he didn’t hesitate to take the side edge of the sword. It’s really not because he thinks… Yan Mingguang doesn’t want to kill players?

That was the goodness that he was pressed in the deepest part of his heart and even wanted to veto, but it was also the idea that he thought Yan Mingguang would be happy.

Yan Wei was a little flustered suddenly. The consciousness of his subordinates grasped by Yan Mingguang moved, and his fingertips gently scratched the back of Yan Mingguang’s hand. The man seemed to freeze for a moment. His other hand suddenly pressed his fingers and wrapped Yan Wei’s hand with overlapping hands.

Yan Wei stopped moving.

He listened to the sound of archery and miscellaneous footsteps nearby, and felt the cold in the maze and the overlap of the temperature on Yan Mingguang. In this increasingly dangerous situation, his reason quickly returned.

They can’t drag on like this without doing anything.

There are too many “Lin Zhen” around. No matter how powerful they are, they can’t fight with dozens of “Lin Zhen” all the time. What’s more, they will be tired, injured and need to eat and rest, but these are probably puppet fake Lin Zhen. It seems that they won’t. Even if they do, there are too many of them.

And just now Lin Zhen even used the skill of calling Lin Qing’s ability, but the puppet opposite can still break down the move in the same way. Lin Zhen’s good puppet died so fast that he didn’t get to this step at all. Yan Wei subconsciously tacitly accepted that Lin Zhen’s use of this skill may be higher than the puppet, but he didn’t expect that the skill can be completely copied.

——This really makes more sense. His good puppets can use the skills of perceptual burst and half immortality. It’s unreasonable that Lin Zhen can’t.

At first, perhaps what Yan Mingguang said, Lin Zhen’s potential and explosive power because of his connection with Lin Qing can not be copied by puppets. But this advantage is insignificant in the face of dozens of fake Lin Zhen.

This maze should not be able to duplicate so many people at the same time, otherwise he and Yan Mingguang’s puppets would have come out long ago. Lin Zhen can be copied, mostly because Lin Zhen is relatively easy to copy, and his ability has an absolute advantage in this maze.

But only fake Lin Zhen is also tricky.

Originally, even without these fake Lin Zhen, it would have been a problem for them to enter the core of the maze. At the moment, they are easy to be chased by fake Lin Zhen when they walk casually. In this way, they may not be able to walk through the maze when the copy is over. Since the structure of the jungle labyrinth is that the castle is in the center, there should be something at the core of the labyrinth or at the other exit – people in black don’t sleep and rest against the tree, do they?

The “born unknown” at the entrance has implied that there are clues through the copy. If he wants to find it, he must go deep into the maze.

If he wants to go deep into the maze, he must get rid of these annoying flies at the least cost.


Wherever you go, it’s easy to meet. If you hide, you’ll be found sooner or later. These replication puppets, which seem to be the combination of good and evil puppets, do not take an ordinary route at all. They do not mix into players like other good puppets. Good puppets and players can’t tell who is who. These puppets just copied Lin Zhen’s memory, character and ability. When they saw them, they started to turn this problem into a contest of pure force.

A purely military contest usually requires a higher level of force to crack it violently.

But they can’t do it at all. Even if Yan Mingguang set out to live to death, he copied Yan Mingguang’s data for three minutes with a “false real” card. It’s not enough to deal with these puppets.

Yan Wei really has a headache.

It’s better for these puppets to pretend to be Lin Zhen and blend into their team to let him distinguish. It’s his strong point to distinguish——

Yan Wei gave a look, and an idea suddenly came out.

I have a way


Since they don’t mix with us, it’s better to…]

On a fork in the maze.

A puppet Lin Zhen whistled and walked around looking for someone. He kept moving in his hand and shot several arrows at the front at will. Those arrows fell empty. He didn’t care and went on. Anyway, he didn’t expect to find someone at once.

He chuckled and said, “not here.”

In other places, as like as two peas, the voice of Lin Zhen’s voice is always heard.

Suddenly, another voice belonging to Lin Zhen sounded: “this way! My arrow was knocked off!”

The other puppet Lin Zhen heard the sound and ran in the direction pointed by Lin Zhen without hesitation. In the best of spirits, as like as two peas in the forest, he looked at the other same Lin Zhen, and then his dark red eyes were deep but still full of enthusiasm.

When the surrounding “Lin Zhen” ran over there, Lin Zhen ran quickly to catch up.

After everyone’s Lin Zhen went far to the fork, Yan Wei and Yan Mingguang, who were hidden in the branches and leaves, jumped to the ground one after another.

Yan Wei left the mud in his hands and said with a smile, “if they don’t come to integrate into us, we’ll just integrate into them.”


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