Half Immortal Chapter 12

Half Immortal Chapter 12: The Promenade Hotel (12)

The punk style young man’s name is Jiang Xiu, and the young man following him is his brother Jiang Ping.

The place where Jiang Xiu is located is empty. All the players who bet on this copy consciously bypass them, but cast awe from time to time.

Because the dust will settle before the end of some copies, we can see the end. If someone makes a bet at the moment before the end, he can make a profit without losing. In order to maintain the so-called balance principle, a time limit will be given when the replica opens the live broadcast of the gambling building, and only within this time limit can bets be made. Once the time limit is over, the betting is up. Players who have already bet can only wait for the copy to end to view the results. Players who have not bet can no longer bet and can only watch the projection.

Maybe it’s because other initial players don’t have a gambling building interface. The live view has always stayed on Sun Shi’s side without switching. When sun Shi finished exploring the exhibition with three initial players, the time limit for betting was coming.

In the building here, players began to bet, and Jiang Xiu also took out some points and threw them into the betting pool.

“The diary is not old, and there are not many traces of fading in the handwriting. Although this is normal, they ignored the time of these paintings in the painting exhibition – the earliest paintings were ten years ago. The diary must have been old for at least ten years. This diary has a problem. It is generally difficult to find clues in low-level copies. Sun Shi was limited by experience and vision, and didn’t expect that there would be clues at all Problem. ”

Jiang Xiu sneered: “now it seems that low-level players are low-level players. They don’t know their stupidity.”

“They can’t pass a copy beyond the difficulty.”

After listening to Jiang Xiu’s judgment, one minute before the end of the bet, Jiang Ping nodded, threw the points into the bet pool without hesitation, and chose “breakthrough failure”.

In the betting pool of the copy, the number of bets on “failure to break through” has increased rapidly.

The sky will dim.

As always, the corridor was lit with a warm yellow light that was not very bright, and the portraits were quietly hung on both sides. They spent the whole day safely. The tranquility sets off the whole hotel more and more strange, like a dormant beast.

The man was half leaning on a mirror, and his silver hair was colder under the light of the corridor. He took the pocket of his jacket in one hand and raised it in the other. His bony hand gently held the cigarette.

Dense smoke rose beside his indifferent face, and Mars slowly spread to the cigarette end, which was neatly extinguished by Yan Mingguang.

He dropped his eyes and picked up the swallow necklace hanging around his neck. Dark black eyes move.

He did nothing, just looked at it for a while, then stuffed the necklace into his collar and turned back to the room.

Yan Wei sits in front of his desk and Gao Ming stands watching. All the clues they had in the past two days were scattered on the table. The painter’s portrait was spread out there, and the man’s smile in the portrait was bright and a little gloomy.

As soon as Yan Mingguang entered the door, Yan Wei’s clear voice rang.

As soon as the young man raised his hand and caught the coin he had just tossed, he smiled and said, “I’ve figured it out. I don’t believe it’s only so simple.”

Gao Ming was stunned: “not digging holes to fill in the picture?”

“It’s digging holes to fill in the painting,” Yan Wei said, “but the ladder clue… I don’t think it’s in the painting and may not be related to the painting.”


“The player who lives next door said that when his wife died, the painter climbed out of the painting and killed people. The painter – it should have been a ghost and his eyes were dug out. The most obvious problem – he died, too. Who killed him? Who dug his eyes?”

The clock was set at five fifty, and it was about time to have dinner.

After thinking for a moment, Gao Ming hesitated and said: “It’s not impossible. Didn’t you find this self portrait in the studio? So, in fact, there were two complete paintings in the studio at the beginning. One was the female doctor of the first victim, and the other was the painter himself. After he dug out the eyes of the female doctor, he completed the portrait of the female doctor, and then he might be crazy? He dug out his own eyes, so he was self-conscious The portrait is also complete, but he died because he dug his own eyes. It makes sense. ”

Yan Wei’s eyebrows moved slightly, and his eyes looked at him vaguely.

Gao Ming pushed his old black framed glasses and scratched his head. “Why are you looking at me like this? If I’m wrong, don’t despise me.”

“…” Yan Wei smiled helplessly. “Since he could kill the female doctor, why did he do it himself the second time? He still has so many unfinished paintings. Isn’t it good to go outside to find the target alive? He is just too strict about the perfection of the painting eyes, resulting in psychological obstacles, not mental problems. Moreover, there are many doubts…”

Dinner time is coming. All three get up and go downstairs. Yan Wei explains his ideas while walking.

If we follow the idea of digging eyes to fill in the painting and finally bind ourselves, the logic of the studio and digging eyes can be successfully filled in, but many details cannot be embedded in this logic.

There are death trigger conditions for ghost killing. The long skirt woman who died the first night has beautiful eyes. After Yan Wei escaped the trigger that day, the long skirt woman may also trigger the death condition without cracking it. What’s the matter with the doll they threw into the trash can? If the doll is in their room, it may be him and Yan Mingguang who are digging their eyes. The doll is also dead But what happened in their room was very different from room 4.

The same is digging eyes. The long skirt woman died of the painter who climbed out of the painting, but their room is full of blood fingerprints in room 4, and there is not even any movement to open the door.

Most importantly, painters climb out of paintings.

There are no pictures in their room.

The situation of Yan Wei and Yan Mingguang last night can not be embedded in the current logic!

When the elevator reached the first floor, several people got out of the elevator and walked towards the restaurant.

Gao Ming would make some comments at the beginning, but now it’s all Yan Wei who listens to what he says. He slaps on the forehead: “Fortunately, I’ve mixed up with you two. I guess even if all the old players who came down from the building may be planted in this copy. My previous copies are not so difficult. If I go alone, I may be completely misled. Hey… What do we do now?”

“It’s too late now. It’s going to be dark soon. Tomorrow is the last day. Let’s see if we can get the magnetic card and go to room 1 underground.” Yan Wei walked on the corridor. The feeling of something cool on his back staring at him reappeared. Yan Wei frowned without trace and continued, “But it is estimated that we will encounter something tonight…”

When they came to the restaurant, they just met sun Shi and others who came back from the painting exhibition.

Sun Shi and the remaining three initial players obviously stayed in the exhibition for a day. Except sun Shi, several other players even broke their clothes in some places and were panting. Obviously, when they met in the exhibition, Kan Kan came back.

But the group were not discouraged at all. Sun Shi was full of joy. As soon as he sat down, he began to wolf down.

Seeing Yan Wei and others, sun Shi sneered and sat there motionless. He just said, “have you wasted a day in the hotel? We found important clues in the painting exhibition, and we can find the ladder tomorrow. We might as well discuss it. You can help me tomorrow, and we’ll go out together. As for this…”

He pointed to Yan Wei, “forget this backward waste.”

Sun Shi also had plans in mind.

After the copy ends, Lou will settle the rewards and evaluate the player level, and select the best player from the surviving players. The best player will have more or less additional benefits. He has a clue to break the game, so naturally he doesn’t want to miss this benefit. If Yan Mingguang and others are willing to listen to him, it’s best.

But the three people in front of him didn’t buy Sun Shi at all.

Yan Wei didn’t lift his head. He just lowered his eyes and smiled silently. He turned a blind eye and cut the steak in his hand. He didn’t bother to pay attention to him.

Yan Mingguang glanced coldly at Sun Shi, looked indifferent and said nothing.

Gao Ming originally wanted to talk to sun Shi. Seeing that the two men ignored sun Shi, he knew that they were a temporary three person team. He was a sidekick. He didn’t dare to speak, so he buried his head and began to eat.

Sun Shi stared at them for a while, and his face became more and more ugly. He looked at Yan Wei with pity and didn’t do anything. He just sneered: “it’s OK. Then don’t blame me for finding the ladder and leaving first.”

The copy of the building is not a ladder. Even if everyone succeeds in breaking through the level. If someone finds the ladder clue and leaves first, others don’t find it elsewhere, and all bosses are angered, the remaining players may not have life to come to the place where the ladder appears.

According to the experience of previous copies, sun Shi is sure that he guessed the key to breaking the game. Later, they will go to the studio door to confirm the approximate workload. Tomorrow, they will get up and fill the eyes of those portraits one by one, and this terrible copy will be over.

As for Yan Wei and others, if they don’t know what’s good or bad, there’s no need to bring them, so as not to affect his evaluation of the best player.

Floor stipulates that players can’t kill each other, but there are many ways to let a person die.

Sun Shi looked at the three people as if they were dead. He hurried slowly and quickly finished his meal. He said he wanted to go to the studio and left with three initial players, including middle-aged men.

There are only three people left in the restaurant.

Gao Ming then whispered, “don’t we really ask? Looking at Sun Shi, he seems to have found an important clue.”

“First of all, I don’t think there is any important clue in the painting exhibition. Sun Shi thinks it is important, but it doesn’t mean that the clue must be important. They are likely to be misled.” Yan Wei leaned back on his seat. “Second, why do you ask? What will he do sooner or later? Just see what he did?”

“Then if he is wrong…”

The young man took out the coin in his pocket, raised his hand and tossed it again smartly. His tone was very casual: “someone just tried and made a mistake.”

Gao Ming was stunned.

He looked at Yan Wei, opened his mouth, but couldn’t say anything. From the beginning of entering this copy, he thought Yan Wei was a good-looking but gentle person. Even though he was a stranger at that time, Gao Ming always felt very comfortable talking to Yan Wei, so Gao Ming was willing to help Yan Wei more.

Later, even if he knew that Yan Wei’s previous character was pretended, Gao Ming still regarded Yan Wei as a sunny and moist youth.

But now, the young man who always smiles gently and flexibly tosses coins carelessly, gently and skillfully says the words “trial and error”, and takes human life as a tool for inference.

He seems to have lost his sight again and again.

Yan Wei… He can’t see through.

Gaoming suddenly, Yan Wei also finished his dinner.

The young man stood up slowly, patted Gao Ming and Yan Mingguang on the shoulder with a white and bony hand, and said seriously: “Come on, let’s go back to the room and have a rest. We can’t move until there’s no accident at night. I feel like I’m being watched, but today the ghost limit is reduced, and there’s no accident during the day. I doubt I’m not the only one being watched. According to the experience last night, smart, if you notice anything moving in the room, don’t open your eyes and don’t move!”

Gao Ming nodded quickly.

Yan Wei glanced at Yan Mingguang again.

It is false to say that there is no pressure. As soon as he walks outside the room, he always feels that the portraits around him are looking at him, and those motionless eyes seem to stick dead eyes to him.

The unknown danger is the most frightening. Without a waiter this time, he can only rule out everything he knows that may attract ghosts to reduce the possibility of death trigger.

However, he also has a certain confidence – that is, the immortal state that has not expired, and Yan Mingguang, whose strength is unfathomable.

Yan Wei waited for a moment. The man on his side moved his eyes and said, “if something happens at night, call me.”

That night, Yan Wei and Yan Mingguang first went to Gaoming’s room together. They sorted out the clues again and returned to room 5 before it was completely dark.

After returning to the room, as the day before, he threw out all the things that might trigger death in the room. After repeatedly confirming that there were no portraits hidden in the dark, he began to rest.

Yan Wei thought that he could not sleep for a long time tonight, just like last night. He always had the problem of recognizing bed and had almost strict requirements for living conditions. It was too difficult to fall asleep completely in this dreamland.

But he closed his eyes and didn’t wait for anything to happen. Instead, he fell asleep.

He seems to have had many strange dreams. There are many people in the dream, and he seems to have seen Yan Mingguang. But these don’t seem to be beautiful dreams. He plunges into the dream and is pulled out by the bloody scene in the dream. He doesn’t sleep well.

When I opened my eyes again, it seemed that the horizon was already bright.

The gray sky shone slightly into the room through the gap of the curtain. He opened his eyes in a trance and heard Yan Mingguang’s cold voice calling himself. The voice was very low and slightly floating.

Yan Wei rubbed his eyes: “good morning. Just the two of us, don’t lower your voice. It’s scary.”

The man nodded.

The man sat by the bed on his side and looked at him. Yan Wei couldn’t see Yan Mingguang’s expression in the dim light. Such a weak sky light poured in obliquely, burying most of each other’s faces in the shadow.

Yan Wei feels a little cold for no reason.

“It’s time to get up. It’s dawn.”

Yan Wei wanted to say “light a ghost” to him. However, it was cloudy last night and it rained at night. It was normal that it was not bright today. They had only the last day, so they really should get up early.

He turned around, was about to lift the quilt, got up and got out of bed, and his slight movement suddenly stopped.

Yan Wei’s breath stagnated. Looking at the person sitting by his bed and looking down at him, he only felt that his blood was frozen.

Under the quilt, he touched a warm hand on his side. His fingers were slender, his palms were slightly sweaty, and the touch of his fingertips was slightly thick. It was the texture left by holding weapons for a long time.

That’s Yan Mingguang’s hand sleeping on his side!


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