Half Immortal Chapter 120

Half Immortal Chapter 120: Puppet Castle (33)

This problem similar to the branch line in the maze may be violently solved for Qixing or the other shore flower. Because it will not copy the person with the highest body index or the person with the highest perception. It chooses Lin Zhen who is a little better at copying and is good at maze warfare. If Xue Wan were here, he could kill them one by one.

Yan Wei and Yan Mingguang can’t do this either.

If we regard this as a simple contest of force, use the natural confusion of the maze, and find a way to separate these “Lin Zhen” one by one, it may be the fastest and best way to crack the violence. But Yan Wei doesn’t want to waste time or take risks – who knows how many “Lin Zhen” there are? What if you kill one and a new one comes?

In that case, he might as well do the opposite.

When these puppets Lin Zhen started, they first targeted Yan Wei and Yan Mingguang. After that, the puppet Lin Zhen fought against the real Lin Zhen. This shows that these puppets actually have no special identification method. They just look at who does it to them, and who is the real Lin Zhen.

In this way, Lin Zhen can easily get in as long as he pretends to be looking for Yan Wei’s puppet. Shout a few times, do the same thing to find Yan Wei, and then lead those puppets away. It doesn’t even need any acting skills, because all the puppets look the same. Even if Lin Zhen guides the puppets every time, those puppets won’t have the idea of “someone has been making trouble”, because in their eyes, Lin Zhen may not be the same every time – although it is the same.

The only disadvantage of this is that Yan Wei, Yan Mingguang must be separated from Lin Zhen.

But this maze does not limit intercom props. As long as Yan Wei can find the route, there are also ways. He and Lin Zhen say that there is always no need to worry. On the contrary, as long as the black robed people’s parents and children do not appear in front of Lin Zhen or the maze has a special recognition mechanism, Lin Zhen is the safest one. Lin Zhen just needs to wait for Yan Wei to break the situation and guide the puppets to where they are not.

The rest is what Yan Wei and Yan Mingguang have to do.

Yan Mingguang squatted down and seemed to repeat the action of marking the intersection Yan Wei had done before.

Yan Wei took out the moon wheel and looked at Yan Mingguang with the white light of the moon wheel. From this angle, he could only see Yan Mingguang’s side face and vaguely see the man’s expression – not the same sigh of relief as him, nor the slight relaxation after tension, but the natural calm.

This man… Has more memories than him, and is always much more calm than he feels.

Yan Wei doesn’t really like this feeling. He doesn’t like others to know more than him, and doesn’t like others to look at him with a strategic attitude. But Yan Mingguang has always been like this. Although he is uncomfortable, he does not have much disgust. He is not even willing to say a question.

When Yan Mingguang made a mark and got up, he took back his eyes and said, “we must find the way. This four story small maze does not have as many things that can be used as the big maze around the periphery. It is too pure. It is impossible to really walk hard only by walking around.”

“Labyrinth terrain… What can a crow carry on its back?”

After being chased by the puppet for a while, Yan Wei thought for a moment and suddenly heard a slight sound of the book landing.

Yan Wei turned his head. Yan Mingguang bent down and picked up the topographic map and said, “it’s all right. Just now my hand slipped and the topographic map fell off.”

The man was photographing the soil on the topographic map. Yan Wei’s eyes stayed on the topographic map and flashed the route just now in his mind.

After entering the castle, you can see the evil puppets and evil puppets, the more real good puppets, the crows outside the castle and the crow terrain inside the castle, the repeated reality outside the inner dream, and the maze in the castle in the maze

These overlapping elements are all nested one layer at a time, false and true, inner and outer. This copy seems to have been swimming in this nesting and true and false.

“Did you think of anything?” Yan Mingguang, who had never been able to urge him at such a moment, said, “it has something to do with the topographic map?”

This person’s voice is always light, but it seems to be very relaxed. It doesn’t disturb Yan Wei’s thoughts, but makes him clear in his heart.

He raised his hand and took the clean topographic map from Yan Mingguang.

On the topographic map, the black line drawn by Lin Zhen outlines a crow surrounded by the outline of a circular coin. The crows seem to be spreading their wings, very similar to those outside the castle. His fingertips were on the outline of the crow, circling the outline bit by bit and drawing the whole outline falsely.

“There is a maze in the castle surrounded by the maze. The castle surrounded by crows is still a crow. The crows in the castle carry it on their backs…”

And a crow.

Yan Wei’s fingertip is on the crow’s head.

Recalling the route he had just run, he pointed his other hand on the outline of a crow that was consistent with the route they had just walked, and said: “Sure enough, there is the same way. Sure enough, it is impossible for us to crack it violently! The terrain of this maze is a reduced version of the castle terrain. It is a little crow on the back of the crow. Now we are in this position, and the target should be the head or the heart. But in terms of the heart, we have just been close to that place, and there is nothing different.”

Then it’s just the head.

The terrain is all right. The function of this topographic map is here!

With the map, they rushed to their head from the shortest path. Lin Zhen fished in troubled waters among the puppets to prevent them from meeting the puppets. The maze was no different from an ordinary road.

“Let’s go to the head,” Yan Wei whispered the props and said to Lin Zhen at the other end, “I’ll give you an overview of our route later. You drew this map. Do you still have an impression?”

There was a sharp sound of archery at the end of the intercom props.

“OK, then Yan Mingguang and I are leaving.”

Xu Miaomiao sits down in front of Yan Wei.

At the moment that the player of the other shore flower saw Xu Miaomiao, the head fooled by “Yan Wei” finally turned normally. He immediately realized what he had done. For fear of Xu Miaomiao’s anger, he hurried out of Xu Miaomiao’s room and finally closed the door.

Xu Miaomiao was attracted by Yan Wei’s actions and was too lazy to argue with his teammates. He just stood at the door and walked slowly to “Yan Wei” and sat down.

She seemed to smile angrily. Then she seemed to smile, and she was really happy. She just put her face on her hands and looked at the good puppet Yan Wei carefully, just like when she “caught” the good puppet Yan Wei before.

Yan Wei, a good puppet, raised her eyebrows slightly and said nothing.

Xu Miaomiao said, “teach me how to untie the rope, too?”

“Are you speculating about my purpose and behavior pattern?” Shangui Yanwei said without thinking. “Our way of thinking is very similar. We first summarize a person’s behavior pattern, and then start the derivation process from the purpose, so as to deduce the next strategy.”

She still smiled, but her eyes suddenly filled the darkness and said, “I suddenly want to try to kill you.”

“I’m not afraid of death, because I’m a good puppet.”

“Then I’ll just try. Anyway, nothing can happen, because I’m also a good puppet.”

“Then let me kill you. Anyway, we are all good puppets.”

That said, neither of them did it.

The good puppet Yan Wei thought in her heart and naturally understood that Xu Miaomiao would not really do it. First, Xu Miaomiao didn’t believe what he said, and what he said was nonsense. Second, Xu Miaomiao was confident that she could deduce his ideas. She was proud, but wanted to get the greatest value from him.

There may be many problems that need to be combined with hands-on and deduction. On his side, it is simply a psychological game.

“Have you reached cooperation with you?” Xu Miaomiao asked suddenly.

Good puppet Yan Wei: “yes, I said, I am a good puppet.”

“Do you think I’ll believe it?”

“What’s the meaning of asking me?”


The good puppet Yan Wei shrugged his shoulders. He also asked, “what are you going to do now? Xue Wan occupied the star viewing platform, and Yu Hua stabbed you to lose the man in black. You’ve been tossing around these two days, like nothing.”

“Didn’t I catch you?” Xu Miaomiao smiled. “Do you think I’ll tell you our plan?”

“Won’t you? What are you doing now?”

This time, Xu Miaomiao was silent for a moment.

Good puppet Yanwei didn’t expect the answer at all. Xu Miaomiao thought he was trying to get out of the dilemma, but he actually just wanted to delay time. He didn’t care what Xu Miaomiao was thinking or what the other side planned to take the next step. It didn’t matter what Xu Miaomiao’s answer was. He just wanted Xu Miaomiao to pay more attention to him.

He said, “maybe you can tell me what you’re going to do with Xue Wan?”

Xu Miaomiao glanced at him.

“Xuanniao has actually been out of heat in qualifying twice in a row,” she said suddenly. “But I’ve been to the top level – although it’s not a formal means. There are not many players at the top level. Although the replica is large, the number of people is not as large as ours. I only stayed in it for a few days, and I basically met it. It happened that I heard them talk about it several times.”

Good puppet Yan Wei was surprised, but he didn’t care much. “Maybe he was talking about me.”

Xu Miaomiao finally couldn’t help it and rolled his eyes at him.

“I was very surprised at that time, because Xuanniao was a dark horse organization that had been up in the impression of players in the world inside the building, but it was up for a short time. After their leader disappeared, they basically kept a low profile, and the competitive copy didn’t show any outstanding performance. But it seems that Xuanniao… Is terrible in the eyes of those players at the top.”

“They are very secretive about the master of Xuanniao.”

Good puppet Yan Wei blinked and didn’t speak.

“So in fact, my impression of Xuanniao is different from others.”

The next moment, they spoke almost at the same time.

Good puppet Yan Wei: “do you know that there is no style to catch people and talk about cooperation?”

Xu Miaomiao: “my next plan is to cooperate with Xuanniao.”

Fourth floor.

Yan Wei stopped and looked up slightly at the “crow head” in front of him.

——It’s a reduced version of a small castle.


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