Half Immortal Chapter 121

Half Immortal Chapter 121: Puppet Castle (34)

Yan Wei and Yan Mingguang were silent at the same time.

The small castle in front seems to have several floors, but it must not be as big as the big castle. It has two floors. From the outside, there are only a few rooms, and the yellow lights in the windows flicker slowly, like faint candlelight. This is the interior of the castle. There is a high ceiling at the top. You can’t see the sky. This small castle is shrinking inside. Even if it is the only light here, it is still like a beast trapped in hell. It is terrible.

Yan Wei and Yan Mingguang didn’t move for the first time. They stood at the exit from the maze and looked at the small castle silently.

Don’t distract those puppets from Lin Zhen. It’s very quiet here.

Yan Wei looked at the small castle carefully. From the appearance, he didn’t seem to see anything. He raised his hand, nudged Yan Mingguang with his elbow and whispered, “ice, what’s in this castle?”

Yan Mingguang seemed stunned.

The man slowly replied, “I don’t know.”

It’s quite reasonable. Yan Wei didn’t expect Yan Mingguang to say anything, but smiled and said, “you don’t know? I think you know a lot. You know the terrain of the small maze is the same as the castle.”

Yan Mingguang suddenly turned his head and looked at him directly.

Before the man said anything, Lin Zhen whispered, “why didn’t I understand? Didn’t Yan Wei think of carrying a crow on his back?”

Yan Wei gave a “hum” and didn’t explain anything. Lin Zhen had separated from the two of them at that time. Naturally, he didn’t see the scene that Yan Mingguang “slipped” onto the topographic map and fell to the ground. He just said to Yan Mingguang, “I don’t really like others as a fool.”

The moon wheel has been temporarily collected into the black ring by Yan Wei. Under the faint candle light from the small castle, he can’t see Yan Mingguang’s expression, but can only vaguely see the cold and hard outline of the man. Like those memories he had without Yan Mingguang, they were vague and unclear.

He didn’t say much, and Yan Mingguang didn’t answer any more – they all knew what they meant.

Although the castle in front of us was gloomy, it was quiet and could not see any danger. They chased each other all the way to the core, but they seemed to have a moment of peace. There seems to be an abyss behind him. If he takes a wrong step, he will completely stay in this terrible copy of both players and NPCs. In fact, he should be nervous enough to break the game without distractions. But Yan Mingguang is around him. He can always think of those he has forgotten. He thinks he should be afraid, but he thinks he has actually been to more dangerous places. There is no reason to fold it in this copy.

But I’m still a little unhappy.

He said: “you can tell me, or you can directly say that you have long thought that the topographic map of the castle is the same as the map of the maze, but I don’t want this deliberate hint.”

Yan Mingguang said “um”.

At this moment, Yan Wei naturally won’t spend most of his time on things they’ve already talked about many times. He was thinking whether to go in directly or make some preparations just in case, and the small castle in front of him suddenly sounded like friction.

The old iron door stained with blood was slowly pushed open and made a “squeak” and “squeak” sound. A yellowish candle came out of it. Yan Wei, who had been in the dark for a long time, blinked for the first time and was turned away by the light stab.

The “squeak” sound lasted for a while. The door was completely opened. Yan Wei looked back and saw only a figure standing in the center.

The light and shadow scattered from the castle and pulled out a long shadow in front of the man. The man had a light on his back and couldn’t see his face clearly. He could only see from the outline of his body that he was a woman. Yan Wei can’t feel anything, danger, safety or even a person standing there from this woman.

She said, “come in and sit down.”

The voice is quite hoarse, with a little old.

Yan Wei and Yan Mingguang looked at each other.

The woman said, “ain has gone. Don’t worry about safety.”

Yan Wei frowned – ain? Do you mean… People in black?

The woman had turned and walked in, the long shadow swinging, quiet and treacherous.

[in this small castle hall, can you move back here in an instant?] Yan Wei asked Yan Mingguang.


Then go in

“Don’t you want to be number one?” the good puppet Yan Wei asked Xu Miaomiao.

At the moment, in front of him was the cake he had just asked for on the other side of the river. Yan Wei, a good puppet, took a fork and wiped it several times with wet wipes and paper towels. Then he ate it leisurely and waited for Xu Miaomiao’s answer.

Xu Miaomiao said, “the other shore flowers come in, not for the first.”

The good puppet Yanwei looked at him, but he didn’t stop eating the cake. A thousand layers as big as the palm of his hand were eaten by him in an instant. He also sighed: “you are so stingy.”

“If all your losses have been recovered, don’t get cheap and sell well.”

“Who told you to cooperate in such a violent way.”

Good puppet Yanwei ate the cake clean.

It seems that they don’t have the tit for tat and calculate each other like the previous two days. You come and I go very politely. In the world inside the building, you never know whether you are an enemy or a friend. Interest is the eternal thing. Good puppet Yanwei has his own plan, but the plan can also change with interests.

Just now, when he and Xu Miaomiao said the words of cooperation at the same time, they didn’t say anything else, but they knew it was a success.

Xu Miaomiao was serious this time. He said without any temptation: “did Lin Qing tell you before Xuanniao came in?”

“He didn’t tell me anything because he thought I knew everything.” Shangui Yanwei still told the truth.

Xu Miaomiao chuckled, “don’t hide like this?”

Yan Wei put down his fork and spread his hand: “then we won’t cooperate.”

“…” Xu Miaomiao said, “there is a fixed number of copies above the ninetieth floor, basically between 10 and 20. This number needs to be fought for. Only when an eighty-nine floor copy reaches 187% of the reward and feedback completion, can we get an invitation.”

“The 89th floor has nothing to do with us.”

“But qualifying determines the bonus of each organization. Why don’t you know anything?”

“I just came up from the 19th floor copy and went directly to the 49th floor. Do you expect me to understand?”

Xu Miaomiao was slightly surprised: “I regret cooperating now. Is it still time to kill you?”

“My little sister talks about fighting and killing every day.”

“Because the little brother is too threatening.”

“Therefore, the ranking of competitive replica affects the replica bonus obtained by each organization. The player of the first organization will get the most reward and replica completion bonus when successfully clearing the replica. Only the replica bonus obtained by the first organization can make the people of the organization reach 187% in the replica on the 89th floor Cheng Du? The other shore flower doesn’t want Kai star to get this place. “The good puppet Yan Wei said the answer thoroughly,” has the copy on the 89th floor been opened? ”

Xu Miaomiao was not surprised that he guessed the whole process: “Yes, your second leader of Xuanniao should also go in. But the super high-level copy takes a long time. How can we end these days? It must be faster than them. That is to say, the end of our ranking will affect the progress bonus they get from their immortal fights. The invitation letter thrown out this time has been sent twice. I don’t know it’s 90 Several floors, but Xuanniao took one, and the other shore flower took one. At present, there is no Qixing. Our other shore flower masters have a great holiday with Qixing. If we let them in, it would be like an enemy to our masters. ”

This is almost fatal in the high-level copy of walking on thin ice.

The good puppet Yanwei nodded, which recognized this reason.

He said, “Xuanniao must get the first place.”

“I can be third, as long as you can make Qi Star second. But if you don’t have the ability to be first, I’ll swallow you and get the first.”

“So confident in us?”

“You can replace all the blockers I tried hard to hide on the first day.”

The good puppet Yan Wei raised his eyebrows: “wrong, I underestimated you.”

“So do you have a way to beat Xue Wan?”

“Yes, I really need your cooperation.” good puppet Yan Wei finally looked serious, “I and I have reached a cooperation. Yan Wei can definitely get the scoring method, but the meat grinder is very important. Xue Wan can also understand that there are only three elements of this copy at this time: the meat grinder, coins and good puppets. The good puppets are the most difficult to control. The meat grinder is too big to move, so he will rob everyone’s coins and block other people’s scoring methods. But in fact You don’t need coins to change points. The meat grinder is the key. As long as the other shore flower can let Qi Star leave the observatory, Xuanniao can get the highest score with the meat grinder. ”

Xu Miaomiao finally showed a surprised expression.

She even stammered for a moment: “don’t need coins? Why did you… Why did you make this judgment? No, your idea must be based. How did you know you didn’t need coins?”

There was really no sign. Shangui Yanwei even said such a thing for the first time.

He said: “Because the castle itself is a huge coin. It is a symbol, representing the puppets imprisoned in puppetry, capturing and trapping. The puppets in the castle are already trapped in coins and can be thrown into the meat grinder without additional coins. This is really just a speculation without any substantive verification, but if you look at the opposite, you It will be found that there is an irrefutable premise to this conclusion – the purpose of the black robed man is to catch the puppet. If the coin is really necessary, why should he give the coin to the player? He directly takes the coin and waits for the player to take it out when he comes to the viewing platform with the puppet to exchange it? ”

If you never need coins to think backwards and think about the motives of black robed people, you will find this thinking blind spot.

It’s just that everyone is thinking from the point that black robed people give players coins, and won’t question the motivation of this move from the root.

Xu Miaomiao was stunned for a long time.

Then she said slowly, “fortunately, I didn’t kill you.”

Otherwise, the person who eventually died should be her.

Yan Mingguang walked in front, naturally took Yan Wei’s hand and walked into the gate of the small castle with Yan Wei.

When everyone went in, Yan Wei finally saw the woman under the flickering candle light in the hall.

Her face was as pale as a dead man, her lips were bloodless, her hair was soaked in blood, and dried up into disgusting wisps. Half of her face was condensed with dried blood. Her lower body was dripping with blood. She couldn’t see clearly outside. Now when she went inside, she found that there was a blood mark on the ground where the woman had just passed, It’s like pushing and dragging clothes soaked in blood.

She said, “you are the first person to be here.”

“Don’t tell me about your history, there are many guests like you every year… They all fail. Because they are always blindly killing other guests. They are deeply involved in the game designed by ain, but no one does it – kill ain.”


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