Half Immortal Chapter 122

Half Immortal Chapter 122: Puppet Castle (35)

Yan Wei listened to this rather old woman’s explanation word by word. He seemed to be absorbed, but in fact his eyes were looking at where he could reach.

Compared with the first floor hall of the big castle, the small castle hidden in the four floor maze is much more primitive. Many of the furniture in the hall showed signs of aging, and some even rusted and rotten in some places. Although old, it is very clean here.

Except for the blood path dragged out by the woman from the door to the seat just now, other places are so clean that Yan Wei can’t find much trouble.

After she said what she had just said, she raised her hand and motioned Yan Wei to sit down in the seat in front of her.

“I’m his mother,” she said. “I can talk to you slowly about ace.”

Yan Mingguang didn’t move. He just glanced at Yan Wei and said nothing.

Yan Wei felt funny. The man just reminded him of the clue by suggestive method. He just scolded him. Now he seems to do nothing and don’t say anything. He gives all the initiative to him and let him think and decide. On the surface, Yan Wei always felt that it was a bit like silent flattery.

In this moment of silent flattery.

He’s so angry and funny.

He looked at the woman’s wrinkled face with dry blood, and just said, “sorry, we’re in a hurry and don’t want to talk slowly.”

Yan Mingguang: ”

Lin Zhen at the other end of the intercom props said in a very light voice, “Wow, little pet, you are worthy of your personality.”

The woman didn’t seem to think of Yan Wei’s answer. She choked for a minute or two. Then she said in her hoarse old voice: “you must kill ace.”

Yan Wei’s eyebrows: “Why? Although our current situation is very dangerous and we may be killed by puppets in this castle at any time, the reason why you appear here and tell us this is your purpose – you need us. I don’t care whether it’s your conspiracy or your sincere purpose. We are not friends. Since you have a purpose, you have a request from me, that’s why Please tell us the cause and effect quickly. I don’t want to waste time asking why one after another. ”

The woman gave him a deep look.

Her protruding eyes could not see any emotion. It was clearly facing Yan Wei, and her pupils were still very lax.

This should have been a dead man long ago, thought Yan Wei.

After a while, the woman said, “I didn’t expect ace to welcome a guest like you this time. No wonder you can come here so soon.”

Yan Wei let go.

The woman went on: “Ace is my son, the one who always wears black robes. This small castle is my first home. After he was born, he created the big castle and moved the small castle into the maze. He is more and more addicted to puppetry. The whole castle is his puppet. If people in the town break into here, they will be made into soulless puppets by him, you These guests are also the prey he drove in. He likes to see you kill each other, then destroy those puppets with souls and leave those rigid evil puppets. He learned some worldly customs from those guests, knew friendship, love and family affection, and he began to want his mother, so he… ”

Yan Wei’s eyes moved and said, “are you a puppet?”

“He made my body into a puppet. I was the first conscious puppet he made.”

Yan Wei made a move.

He squinted, as if looking at the woman, as if looking at the furnishings on the first floor of the castle behind her. For a moment, he didn’t open his mouth. The whole small castle was quiet, only their voices, and even the woman in front of him had no movement.

For a moment, he said, “are you a good puppet he made?”

“Yes. I am his mother, but strictly speaking, his mother is dead, and I am also a good puppet made by him.”

“Then you want us to kill him?”

“Because only by killing him can we end all this and prevent the remaining people from dying in vain.” the woman looked lax, but the whole person trembled, which was enough to see that she was very excited. “He was born in this jungle, and the castle was the support of his ability, but it was also the cage that imprisoned him.”

Yan Wei understood.

This is the meaning of the outline of the castle.

An ominous crow is trapped in the round coin, and a little crow is on the back of the crow. Everything is trapped in this place. Ace in black has the ability to control puppets. He can create the most numb evil puppets and the most real good puppets, but he… Can’t leave here.

“Kill him and it’s all over.”

“His manipulation of human nature, his exquisite puppetry, his heart without any kindness, and this bloody castle will disappear.”

Yan Wei asked, “how do you know that the meat grinder can kill him? He can control all the evil puppets in the castle. It’s not so easy to kill?”

Women seem to know everything: “because of puppetry.”

As like as two peas, he can give good puppet soul, but it must be based on a corresponding reference – that is, the corresponding ego of a puppet. He can not create a puppet without a single source, but can also create a good puppet like him at any time. Even if he dies, he can create a good puppet with his soul. Such good puppets are different from you. They can exist independently. Be the next ace and live. That’s the way he always exists. ”

“Only by instantly destroying everything about him with a meat grinder will he not be given the time and method to make good puppets.”

Yan Wei sneered, “aren’t you his mother? Would he want him to die so pitifully?”

“He is no longer my child,” said the woman, whose voice echoed in the castle, and her hoarse voice was pathetic, “For a long time, for a long time… Guests don’t know how many batches have come. Some people try to kill him, or time will take him away, but there will always be good puppets made by him to replace him. Before the good puppet dies, a new good puppet will be made to replace the old good puppet… My child is dead and has long died!!!”

On the second floor of the castle, several players are being chased by evil puppets and run away in confusion.

When they ran to the front, they suddenly found two people in front of them, and the evil puppet in the rear was suddenly divided into two parts in the hand of a sudden person.

The corpses of evil puppets without blood were scattered all over the ground. These people looked in horror at the rising star players who appeared before and after them – they were more terrible than the evil puppets who chased the players. If they were chased by evil puppets, they would at most die happily. If they were chased by players, they would be thrown into a meat grinder to shred thousands of corpses.

They trembled, but one of the Kai stars came forward, the tip of the knife was facing them and said, “hand over all your coins – remember, it’s all. If I search and find any of you, I’ll send you to the meat grinder.”

The men hurried out coins.

They naturally know the importance of coins and Kai star, which is to keep the first place of Kai star by preventing others from scoring, but for them now, it is obviously the most important to save their lives.

Without saying a word, they handed over all the coins. The people of Qixing kept their word, took the coins, wrote down their organization, and let them go.

The man who had just raised his knife weighed the coin in his hand and said, “what’s the difference, old three?”

“Not much. There aren’t many people alive now. There are only a few hard bones left. We robbed the coins of Yu Hua’s group. Tut, the other shore flower can really hide, coward.”

“Go find Xu Miaomiao first. They’re not right -”

The man’s voice gave a sudden sound.

He looked surprised, raised his fingers to the distant aisle and whispered, “look!”

The others looked in the direction he pointed.

A young man in a windbreaker was embarrassed. There were many holes in his windbreaker, some of which were stained with blood, and his body seemed to have several knife wounds. Someone was chasing after him, but he seemed exhausted. He stumbled and fell to the ground, looking at the approaching people with fear and fear.

They knew this man and had a conflict with them on the Observatory before. And the people close to him

The person who started the star recognized it at a glance – it was Xue Wan.

The young man who fell to the ground may not have noticed them in fear, but Xue Wan can see them when he goes further.

“Something’s wrong,” the third said in a low voice, “we haven’t seen another Xue night. This should be, but we don’t know whether it’s a good puppet or ID. Xue night’s character, he himself said, we can’t make peace when we meet another him. Let’s withdraw first, don’t let him see us, and then tell Xue night that another he appeared.”

The others obviously agreed with this. They didn’t procrastinate at all. They nodded and turned back to the stargazer on the fourth floor.

When they disappeared, the good puppet Yan Wei, who was still moving in panic, stopped immediately and smiled slightly undetectable at the direction they left.

In front of him, Xue Wan with a knife also stopped.

The “Xue night” was expressionless and his movements were very mechanical. Only when he maintained the same posture just now can he confuse the false with the true from a distance.

Xu Miaomiao came out from behind the puppet and said discontentedly, “it’s really uncomfortable for you to destroy me as a puppet and ask me to make another one in such a short time.”

Yan Wei, a good puppet, stood up slowly, left his stolen goods and said, “don’t tell me you don’t know how useful this move is? No one can beat Xue Wan, but infighting and suspicion can.”

“So you’re asking us to catch the man in black, your son ace, and throw him into the meat grinder to end all this?” Yan Wei asked.

The woman nodded: “yes. Ace came back just now. It seems to consume a lot, but he left after he recovered, otherwise I can’t receive you in. This is just his secret resting place. He should go back to his favorite stargazing platform. You may need to try to catch him.”

Yan Wei chuckled: “I think you need to understand one thing – I’m not a savior. I’m interested in ending all this…”

He gave a speech.

Yan Mingguang glanced at him.

Yan Wei suddenly felt like he was lying, but he continued: “I’m not interested in ending all this. I’m just a guest who wants to leave. You’re the one who desperately wants me to do things. Why should I believe you? You’ve said everything since I came in. You told me everything. What you say is what. What if I can’t kill ace? If we’re not his opponents, we’ll eventually turn against him But what about the fat delivered to the door? ”

The woman was stunned.

Yan Wei raised his eyebrow: “of course, from my current speculation, I think what you said is reasonable – Coins trap crows, crows symbolize all the evil ends, and the evil ends dissipate when crows die. But it’s too risky to do so. How can I ensure that I can live even if I fail?”

“Ah, let’s do this. Since ace has changed one after another, but you are still there, he should still be paranoid about his mother’s existence? That’s easy to do. We’ll tie you up. If something happens, we’ll take you as a chip.”

The woman was completely stunned.

Yan Wei smiled, put his hand on Yan Mingguang’s shoulder and said, “teacher Yan, what do you think?”

Before Yan Mingguang said anything, Lin Zhen at the other end of the walkie talkie couldn’t help shouting softly: “win blood, lose no loss!”


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