Half Immortal Chapter 123

Half Immortal Chapter 123: Puppet Castle (36)

The black robed man’s mother obviously didn’t expect Yan Wei’s reaction at all. Her withered face was stunned for a long time before she said, “ace won’t care whether I exist or not. He used puppetry to keep me just because he didn’t have family affection. His mother was strange to him, so he wanted to try, but he hated me as well.”

“He hates me who sent him to this world.”

“I’ve been hiding in this maze for a long time… I don’t dare to see him. If I see him, he will destroy me. No one will know the way to end all this. So I’ve been hiding and waiting for smart guests to come in. I knew you came in from the beginning, but ace was still resting here at that time, and I didn’t dare to appear.”

“I didn’t dare to appear here until he left.”

Yan Wei didn’t seem to care about the past related to the castle and the people in black robes. Without thinking about it, he immediately said: “Then how can I believe you? What you said is just your empty words. I can abide by the rules of the game, complete the game, and finally leave. Ace won’t fight those who abide by his rules and complete the game, will he?”

He raised his hand, hit Yan Mingguang’s arm with his elbow and said, “Mr. Yan, what are you doing? Just carry people away.”

He naturally knows that even if there are any intrigues and tricks, lies can not be unrestrained. Even if these words are false, they must be based on some truth. He can’t go wrong on this road. What he needs to pay attention to is how not to fall into a trap.

What if the meat grinder can’t kill the black robed man? What if the black robed man dies, but this method can’t let them leave the castle, but also annoy other puppets in the castle?

They always have a way back.

No matter how bad it is, you can take a step back, follow the rules and take the most common way to end this copy. At most, you have to fight with Xue wan to get points.

What’s more, when they go out, what if they can’t find the mother of the man in black again? The woman can’t put it here anyway.

Yan Mingguang naturally understood this truth, followed his words, did not procrastinate at all, and directly exchanged a long rope from the mall on the information panel.

The woman suddenly shouted, “I can go out with you!”

Yan Wei and Yan Mingguang made a move.

“You can’t threaten ace with me. If he sees me, he will only want to destroy me with you. But it’s good. In this way, he will come because of anger. But you… You must kill him first, not let him destroy me first.”


“You don’t want to believe me, and I’m not sure you can kill ace – if you fail,” the woman’s voice is hoarse as old wood rubbing, like the murmur of hell. “I also want to survive and continue to wait for guests who can destroy all this. You must protect me. I can’t die until ace dies.”

This requirement seems reasonable.

Yan Wei blinked. Her amber eyes were clear, but she couldn’t see any thoughts.

He nodded: “OK. But we just promised you. It’s just a verbal promise. We’ve been breaking here for so long. It’s all verbal promises. What’s the use? We might as well tie you up so that we can protect you.”

He looked indifferent. He also pulled one end of the rope from Yan Mingguang’s hand and weighed it in his hand.

The woman’s withered face was distorted at last, and it was sticky and terrible under the cover of dry blood. She said: “Ace is dead, the castle just stops running. To leave alive, you must exchange gold coins for puppets, and open the castle door with the exchanged puppets. To exchange puppets, you only need to throw all the gold coins into the meat grinder and choose the puppets you want to exchange. Ace is not needed. As long as ACE is dead and I’m still alive, I’ll tell you which puppet is correct!”

When the words fell, Yan Wei hooked the corners of his mouth and smiled silently.

He didn’t say anything, just turned around, bypassed the blood path dragged out by the woman, and said, “let’s go, let’s go to the star viewing platform.”

Yan Mingguang didn’t move. He looked at the woman, obviously letting the woman walk among them.

The old woman came to understand. She looked at Yan Wei’s back and sighed: “it turned out that your partner was intentional.”

Deliberately pretending not to care, deliberately leading to her hidden cards.

Anyone who is familiar with Yan Wei’s style can feel Yan Wei’s plan just now, and Yan Mingguang is no exception.

He was speechless. Until the woman stepped away and her lower body full of blood pulled out a ferocious blood path again, he gathered his eyes, held the whip and walked out slowly.

Yan Wei stopped when he came to the outside of the small castle.

He stared at the place where they had just walked out of the maze – it had become a stereotyped maze wall, covered by branches and leaves, and there was no sign of any way, while an entrance suddenly appeared on the other side.

The woman’s hoarse voice came from the rear: “this is ace’s design. He is cautious by nature. In order not to let the guests know his secret, once the door of the small castle is opened, the small maze will completely change the pattern, and the incoming guests can’t go out again. I don’t know the maze after changing the pattern. You need to think of your own way.”

Yan Wei heard a trace of schadenfreude from the woman’s words.

He sneered: “if you didn’t say it just now, you’re not afraid we can’t get out? Then you can hide in the maze and leave us to ace?”

“Guest, if you don’t even have the ability to go out, how can you kill ace?”

Yan Wei glanced at her coolly.

He stepped forward, took out the long prepared control switch and said, “unfortunately, we can go out without doing anything.”

He pressed the switch in his hand.

At the entrance and exit of the maze, the things Lin Zhen put in the corner at first moved.

It was a cage completely covered with black cloth. At the core of the maze, Yan Wei pressed the switch in his hand. Outside the maze, the cage trembled, and the door of the cage opened instantly.

A crow flew out of the castle – it was the crow wandering outside the castle!!!

At the same time, Yan Mingguang raised his hand and pulled down the gauze bandaging the wound on his right arm. At this moment, the bloody smell emitted. The crow flew in place for a while, the dark eyes turned in a direction, its wings fluttered, smelled the bloody smell from a distance in the maze, and plunged into the maze!

On its feet, a bag with a hole pierced was tied. The bag was full of white powder.

With the crow’s dumb cry, the white powder scattered slightly from the hole, leaving a trace of crow flying on the ground of the maze.

This is what Yan Wei asked Lin Zhen to do before entering the maze. At that time, it was almost dark. The crows outside did not attack people at night. As long as there was no smell of blood, the crows would not be crazy.

Although the castle gate can’t get out, there is glass on each floor of the castle. The whole piece can’t be broken. It’s OK to drill a small hole slightly. Lin Zhen is already good at archery. He breaks the glass, uses a bow and arrow to catch a crow in, and then blocks the glass to ensure that other crows can’t get in. Then, just tie a bag of white powder on the crow’s legs and throw it into a small cage first.

At that time, if Yan Wei gets lost in the maze and can’t get out, he just needs to open the cage and attract crows with bloody smell. The powder traces left on the way of crows are the way out.

This is the back hand he left to prevent himself from getting lost in the maze. Unexpectedly, he used it now.

The labyrinth was not as big as the jungle labyrinth outside. Soon, the crow attracted by the smell of blood flew to Yan Wei. The bag on the crow’s feet was half shriveled, and behind him was a road sprinkled with white powder. It came with the smell of blood and rushed in front of Yan Mingguang in an instant.

Yan Mingguang’s expression moved slightly, his eyes didn’t blink, raised a dagger and flew out.

A sad crow’s cry sounded. In the midst of lightning, stone and fire, the dagger had penetrated the crow’s heart and nailed the crow to the branch.

Women are speechless.

Yan Wei looked back at her, shrugged and said, “let’s disappoint you. We don’t have to make any effort. Please go out with us, whether it’s threatening the black robed man or provoking the black robed man. If you don’t follow us, I’d rather kill you first and then deal with the black robed man.”

He didn’t expect the woman’s reaction, but looked at Yan Mingguang, turned and walked in front, and walked out along the road sprinkled with white powder on the ground.

He looked at the intercom props close to his ears: “Lin Zhen, let’s leave now and pay attention to the road with white powder on the ground.”

There was a “wheezing” archery at the other end, which was regarded as the answer Lin Zhen already knew.

With the white powder as the mark, Yan Wei and Yan Mingguang walked very smoothly this time. I don’t know if it’s because Yan Mingguang was staring at the rear. The woman was also very calm and had no complications.

Soon they came out of the maze.

Before long, Lin Zhen also came out.

Compared with Yan Wei and Yan Mingguang who were almost intact, this guy’s clothes had several openings. The original black clothes seemed to become darker, like soaked with a lot of blood. Lin Zhen’s hair was also quite messy, and there were even traces of blood splashing on his cheeks.

Yan Wei frowned. Before he could speak, Lin Zhen said with a smile: “I’m leaving now. It’s a pity not to fight with those silly forks who use my face and ability. Don’t look like fools. I’m measured. I ran away when I played well. They were all slightly injured. Moreover, when I shot, I led them to a very inner place. At least 500 meters away, I wiped off the white powder. Hey, it took a long time for those silly forks to come out, Can’t stop us. ”

Yan Wei glanced and saw that Lin Zhen really had nothing to do, so he didn’t say much.

The woman said, “come on, ace has a certain feeling here. He will find out everything just now.”

Yan Wei just said, “Lin Zhen, you go first, you follow, and Yan Mingguang looks at her.”

Lin Zhen turned his bow and whistled down the stairs without saying a word. The woman was stared at by Yan Mingguang and begged Yan Wei and others, so she had to walk between Yan Mingguang and Lin Zhen according to Yan Wei’s arrangement.

Yan Wei saw the three people walk down the stairs one after another, but he didn’t raise his feet immediately.

He looked back at the dark maze behind him, and then at the long steep stairs in front of him. It was empty and silent, and there was nothing else except the three of them and the terrible woman.

Out of the maze, the ground under his feet was smooth and made of the same material as the other ground in the castle.

A material… Is also a place where lights can be displayed.

He took out the switches that controlled the blocker in his windbreaker pocket with both hands. The blocker was placed in every corner of the castle. As long as one was turned on, the corresponding circuit would be shielded. All of them were turned on, leaving only Yan Wei’s feet. Then he could use perception instead of current to connect to the only unshielded circuit at his feet and read the three circuits around him The number of puppets within 100 meters.

He lowered his head, turned on the blockers everywhere else, and his perception condensed into a wave, briefly replacing the power supply and connected under the floor under his feet.

The next moment, at his feet, a number lit up.



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