Half Immortal Chapter 124

Half Immortal Chapter 124: Puppet Castle (37)

Yan Wei stared at the number at his feet for a long time.

For the first time, he flashed a thought of “it was so”, but at the next moment, he felt inexplicably strange.

It’s too easy to think of. In the whole maze, except for the puppets who copied Lin Zhen, this woman was the only person they saw. The black robed man who came forward had no trace from beginning to end, and the woman took the initiative to show up, which was very suspicious.

Yan Wei just felt that even if Lin Zhen came to the small castle instead of him and Yan Mingguang, Lin Zhen would flash for a moment – is this woman a man in black. Even if it is not the black robed man, it is impossible that every sentence is true. The difficulty of this copy becomes too low after entering the maze.

Before entering the small maze, it can be said that it is a contest between people’s hearts and strength. After entering the small maze, you can directly get the breaking method? That’s strange.

They haven’t seen what the black robed man looks like. This woman must be the black robed man who just came in to have a rest after consuming too much. The half true and half false words just said are just to set a trap for them. But this guess is a little too direct. The woman may have deceived them just as a puppet. It still needs to guess what her identity is.

But anyway, it was inevitable that the woman had a problem, so Yan Wei looked at the number of puppets around.

… but Yan Wei still feels weird – isn’t it a little simple?

But in any case, when they go out, the hidden worries will erupt together with the stars outside, the other shore flower, the woman and the man in black. At that time, I’m afraid it’s time to gamble.

On the ground, at his feet, the dark red “0” was slightly lit, symbolizing what the meaning was very clear. This action really consumes his perception. He slowly retracts his perception, and the “0” at his feet disappears instantly. Yan Mingguang and others have gone half way in front of him.

Yan Mingguang turned back and looked up at him, as if urging him.

Yan Wei said, “I’ll come down now.”

Yan Mingguang didn’t wait for him to move, but just looked back to make sure that there was nothing wrong with the woman, so he turned back and stepped up the steps to Yan Wei.

The steps were too high. Yan Wei just stood on the next step. Yan Mingguang had come to him and surpassed him on the next step.

“It’s hard to go here,” the man said faintly. “I’ll hold you.”

What he said was too smooth. It was clearly a sentence that made Yan Wei’s heart beat faster for a moment, but it seemed that it was just an ordinary action.

Lin Zhen is looking at the woman in front. There will be no problem for a while and a half. Lin Zhen seems to be more interested in working with this dangerous NPC. Walking on the front steps, he doesn’t care about Yan Mingguang and Yan Wei at all.

Yan Wei looks down at Yan Mingguang.

The man raised his hand to him, spread his palm slightly, and exerted a slight force on his wrist, which could vaguely see the power under the cover of his sleeves. But if only from the appearance, it is gentle and calm, exuding a sense of closeness that people want to rely on.

But in the eyes of others, the man’s pure black eyes under the lens are just cold. Only Yan Wei feels this closeness. It is the subconscious trust and intimacy after life and death. Although he doesn’t remember, some memories are engraved in his body.

Just like now, he just took a look. Before he could keep up with the thoughts in his mind, he raised his hand and the palm of his hand fitted with Yan Mingguang’s palm.

The body agreed to Yan Mingguang’s request faster than thought.

Yan Mingguang’s hand seemed to tighten in an instant. He wrapped Yan Wei’s hand hard, but loosened it at the next moment.

Yan Wei took advantage of Yan Mingguang’s strength, took each other’s men to a step and said, “Yan Mingguang.”

Yan Mingguang made a move.

He continued: “Lin Zhen told me in private that he said you were quiet and hard to understand. He even made him dare not talk to you. I think you understand very well. I just hinted that I was found and don’t do anything for me now. Can’t you be honest? Just tell me where you know. Let’s crack where you don’t know. Don’t be like coaxing Like a child, accompany me to break the game. ”

Yan Mingguang looked at him. He looked straight at Yan Wei’s face from beginning to end, whether in danger or in this moment of tranquility.

Yan Wei took a step forward and came close to Yan Mingguang. They pulled down close at this step. Yan Wei lowered his eyes a little and saw Yan Mingguang’s chin. Looking up a little, it was Yan Mingguang’s lips.

… he has a good eye.

From the memory clip of their kissing in the water, he and Yan Mingguang… Must have done everything. What kind of body is wrapped under this man’s gentle and indifferent appearance? He must have seen it, but he forgot.

Yan Wei blinked subconsciously. Through the darkness in the secret room ladder, Yan Mingguang couldn’t find what he was looking at anyway, so he put his eyes on the corner of Yan Mingguang’s mouth.

“Is it necessary?” he whispered, almost all the heat on Yan Mingguang’s chin. “We used to have a relationship, didn’t we know it? I like to be honest.”

“You should know me better than them. I’ve always been a person with a high desire for control. I don’t like anyone to control me. Lin Qing believes in me. Yu Feizhou and Lin Zhen rely on me, but you treat me like a child. If you can’t make a problem, give me some formulas to solve it.”

Yan Mingguang’s Adam’s apple rolled a few times.

The man lowered his eyes and looked at him. For the first time, his words were very aggressive: “so I’m different from them.”

“Promising, Mr. Yan, didn’t you hide and pretend to be friends with me before?” Yan Wei picked up his eyebrow, raised his hand, and angrily pressed his fingertips gently on Yan Mingguang’s Adam’s apple. “I thought you would always’ tacitly ‘accompany me to the top and show it again.”

Yan Mingguang grabbed his hand.

Yan Wei’s words didn’t stop: “you remember more than me, and your strength should recover more than me. Only Lou can do it, but we should have done some backhand?”

He earned, his fingertips slid down and slowly stopped on the swallow necklace that Yan Mingguang had been wearing.

“I found this necklace in the mall of the world in the building. It’s very common and cheap. You can change it with a few invitations. The only use is to open it and put some small things in it – notes and so on. This is your back hand. When you die, you rely on the familiarity of the back hand and the copy to get your memory back.”

“So now this copy, for us, is life and death wandering. For you, is it like an adult watching children stagger? Your good puppet hasn’t moved yet. Have you killed him?”

Yan Wei pressed the swallow pendant heavily.

The man took a sudden breath under his fingertips, suddenly raised his hand and pressed his shoulder, pushed him to the railing at the edge of the ladder, imprisoned Yan Wei in this square inch, and looked at him straight.

He repeated what he had said: “you’ve always been smart.”

“Lin Zhen is coming down the stairs. We have to go out. After going out, it should be the last moment of breaking the game. I just want to make my heart a little bottom before that.”

“What else do you know about this copy?” Yan Wei said, but the movement of his hand didn’t stop. His fingertips moved away from the pendant again, climbing up Yan Mingguang’s neck bit by bit and gently, groping for the outline of Yan Mingguang.

When he thought that Yan Mingguang remembered more than him, he was a little angry. When he was angry, he wanted to use this way to tease and vent his anger – after all, this person only dared to wait for him to “fall asleep”.

Yan Mingguang took a deep breath and whispered, “that woman has a problem.”

“I already know that.”

“The first person who breaks the game needs to choose a puppet to take away, and use the puppet to open the gate of the castle before he can see the stairs.”

“Do you know which puppet to change?” Yan Wei’s hand has stopped on Yan Mingguang’s side face. His fingertips are cold, and Yan Mingguang’s face is not hot, but he doesn’t want to take it away and has no fear.

Yan Mingguang won’t do anything anyway.

The other party nodded and said: “HMM. the building is a collection of people’s emotions and all good and evil. It can create replicas and maintain the world in the building, but it can’t create countless non repetitive replicas at the same time. Therefore, in fact, all replicas lower than the 90th floor are formed after the replicas on the 90th floor are decomposed and broken, or reconstructed from props or even corpses of high-level players. This is super High level players know that it is an open secret. ”

Yan Wei understood in an instant.

Just like the copy of the death school building, it should be a high-level copy they have been to. After cracking, the remaining energy recondenses. In that copy, he may break the moon wheel at the moment of life and death, and the moon wheel integrates these remaining energy to form everything of the death school building.

The original copy of the dead school building is mostly the copy he kissed with Yan Mingguang in the hot water. Although he narrowly escaped death and lost a legendary prop, he finally broke the game.

“Why did you suddenly mention this? Is this copy also…?”

After asking Yan Wei, he knew the answer.

Yan Mingguang can mention this only if this copy is formed according to the same principle. Moreover, the first prize of this copy is the last moon wheel fragment. How can it have nothing to do with high-level copies or high-level players?

Yan Mingguang answered in a steady and low voice: “this copy is made of your swallow coin and the last fragment of the moon wheel.”

This answer was rarely beyond Yan Wei’s expectation.

Coin… The coin he lost??

“My back hand is a swallow necklace. I left some instructions in it,” Yan Mingguang said, “Your back hand is this coin and the last moon wheel fragment. This should have been a subsequent copy on the top floor. Lou didn’t want you to live, but it threw it on the 49th floor to lead you in. This copy is very dangerous to you, but if you pass the customs, Lou can’t go back on the rules, so he can only reward you with coins and moon wheel fragments.

“The moon wheel fragment is the first item reward. The coin is the puppet you need to exchange after breaking the game – your good puppet. If you kill your good puppet, he will turn into a coin, or if you exchange after breaking the game, he will also turn into a coin. All your memory and strength are hidden in the coin. The coins and crows of the whole castle are the images of swallow coins. The moon wheel represents division, so …”

Yan Mingguang didn’t finish, but Yan Wei understood.

Therefore, the castle is a cage composed of true and false puppets and illusory reality. Coins are difficulties, crows are ominous, and puppets are intertwined with true and false.

So when Yan Mingguang first saw his good puppet, he was so merciless, but he didn’t do it again after he reached an agreement and cooperation with the good puppet.

“That’s why you’re willing to tell me this? Because after the break, I should know this.”

Yan Wei understood that the man was not frank and lenient just now, but thought that he would recover his strength and memory after breaking the game. Now it’s not much different from him.

He chuckled angrily. His fingertips gently crossed Yan Mingguang’s cheek and said in retaliation: “OK, it’s powerful enough. I arranged it to death. It’s so powerful. We used to have such a good relationship. I have to pay you before the war.”

Yan Mingguang seemed stunned.

Yan Wei had already stepped forward. The dragonfly kissed the man on the corner of his mouth and immediately retreated.

——Anyway, the man would sneak around kissing him around the corners of his eyes. He might see Yan Mingguang at a loss.

He blushed and said with a smile, “when I broke my dream two days ago, didn’t you ask me what I was doing? I’ll answer you now and kiss you, Mr. Yan -”

Yan Wei’s voice snapped.

In front of him, the man suddenly pressed his shoulder, pushed him to the railing behind him, and his heavy breath suddenly drew close.

The next moment, the lips he had just kissed gently suddenly pasted on his lips, cold and hot.

Yan Wei seemed to hear a “boom” in his mind.


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