Half Immortal Chapter 125

Half Immortal Chapter 125: Puppet Castle (38)

It was dark and silent around, only the footsteps in front of them and their breathing.

Or… It’s a gasp.

Yan Mingguang’s kiss was softer but more turbulent than Yan Wei’s imagination. The man’s lips were still a little cold after staying in the cold for a long time, but Yan Wei felt that the temperature of his whole body was ignited by such cold.

Subconsciously, he raised his hand and took the initiative to accept Yan Mingguang’s attack.

It’s intimacy engraved in the bones.

With his eyes closed, he seemed to have some miscellaneous pictures in his mind. Those pictures have nothing to do with the copy, but they are all his and Yan Mingguang’s. The picture is very vague and far away, like a hidden treasure pried out of a corner, but you can’t see the whole picture.

The memory of the last time he climbed the stairs was forcibly removed. It should have been sealed in the swallow coin mentioned by Yan Mingguang, but these scattered fragments remained in his mind for some reason and were often pulled out.

Yan Wei was in a trance for a while before he realized what they were doing.

He suddenly opened his eyes and looked at the enlarged face of the man in front of him. He was about to raise his hand, but the man in front of him opened his eyes more stunned than him.

Their lips were still close. Yan Mingguang collided with his eyes. The man was just stunned. At the first time, he loosened Yan Wei and took a step back.

Yan Mingguang looked at him, his eyes stopped on Yan Wei’s lips, and Yan Wei’s ears burned. But before long, the man looked away without waiting for his reaction. His eyes wandered around, but he didn’t see Yan Wei.

Under the cold lens, the always indifferent black pupils flashed several times.


He just teased him to vent his anger. It was clear that the man came up by himself. As a result, he didn’t say anything. He pushed away first and then retreated first. Instead, Yan Mingguang was annoyed first?

Yanwei subconsciously raised his hand and put the cold on the back of his hand against the warm on his cheek, which brought down the temperature. Yan Mingguang couldn’t see his face clearly in the dark, which became his best cover up.

He was clearly burning all over, but his voice was clear and calm under deliberate cover: “ice, let’s sleep.”

Yan Mingguang tilted his head and seemed to turn back to see him. Then the man nodded.

Yan Wei thought it funny: “then what are you doing? Mr. Yan Mingguang, you know what you just did. Take it out alone. If you don’t know, you think I’m bullying you? It’s –”

Clearly, Yan Mingguang is bullying him.

But Yan Mingguang couldn’t see his red cheeks, even if there was no one else in front of them, Yan Wei couldn’t say it.

He had to hum awkwardly and said, “obviously no one dares to bully you.”

A silence followed.

Yan Mingguang stood in front of Yan Wei and stared at him with his eyes down, but he didn’t speak, as if the impulsive action that seemed to burst out just now was not made by this person.

In front, Lin Zhen had watched the woman go to the bottom step.

Lin Zhen weighed the long bow in his hand, turned around, looked up at them and shouted, “is there no mistake, you two? Did you walk with your nose? It’s been such a long time for most of the day!? I’m in the end!”

The woman also looked over with her protruding and dilated eyes.

Yan Wei was worried that the woman would notice what they had found. He shouted, “take this beautiful lady out first. My hands were dirty when I ran through the maze just now. Wipe them.”

“?” Lin Zhen stood up. “There are so many things. Beautiful lady, come out with me first. Let the dead cleanliness linger. We’ll kill your lovely son later.”

“Beautiful lady”: “…”

When Lin Zhen and the woman walked out of the huge secret room, Yan Wei’s eyes drifted around for a while, and then he returned to Yan Mingguang again.

He said, “did we all get along like this before? Mr. Yan, were you so dishonest before?”

It is Yan Mingguang who always subconsciously makes some actions beyond restraint, and it is also Yan Mingguang who always shows hot eyes, but it is also Yan Mingguang who always refrains from taking a step forward every time.

If this person had done what he just did when he remembered the copy of the dead school building, I’m afraid they would have

Yan Wei shook his head and threw away the wrong pictures in his mind.

The man finally opened his mouth and a low voice came into his ear: “you don’t remember anything.”


“I wanted to wait for you to remember,” Yan Mingguang said. “You have no impression of what we have experienced. You just think we like each other because we have been together.”

Yan Wei pulled the corners of his mouth and smiled: “so you think I should remember first. It’s reasonable to have those past and present memories and do these things with you? I didn’t expect you to grind haw so much. I don’t care about that.”

Yan Mingguang just took his hand again and took him down the stairs one after another.

Just now, they deliberately lingered. At the moment, Yan Mingguang took him down quickly and dared to go out of the huge secret room after a while.

As soon as he got back to the tool room surrounded by black glass, Lin Zhen took a look at their hands and hissed, “little pet, you need someone to help you down the stairs?”

Yan Wei rolled his eyes.

The woman seemed to be in a hurry. When she saw Yan Wei, she took a step forward. Her hoarse voice moistened and hurried: “when we come out, ace will find out. After he finds out, he will be angry. You must kill him as soon as possible! You must kill him as soon as possible!”

Yan Wei just glanced at him.

He said, “what are you doing in such a hurry? Wouldn’t it be better if he was angry? It’s not easy for me to find the man in black in such a big castle. He’s angry. We’ll wait for him to clean up on the stargazing platform. We’re right.”

Yan Mingguang has already taken the lead to walk towards the star viewing platform. Yan Wei asks Lin Zhen to stare behind and directly follow Yan Mingguang. The woman has to keep up with him bitterly.

“The fish flying boat just told me with props,” Lin Zhen said in the rear, “He met with your good puppet, and Xu Miaomiao was with him. Your good puppet cooperated with Xu Miaomiao. Yu Feizhou said that since it was your good puppet’s decision, there should be no problem. Xu Miaomiao used puppetry to make another fake Xue night, which caused some trouble. Now Xue night has left the Star viewing platform to find another Xue night.”

Yan Wei immediately understood: “are they provoking two Xue nights? Xu Miaomiao’s puppet art can be put away. Xue night will always look for it if he can’t find it. If he can find it, he will be the real other one. Xue night’s temper is bound to fight and won’t come back in an hour and a half.”

“That’s what fish flying boat said. He also said that half of the people in Qixing went to search for coins, and Xue Wan took two people away. Now there is only one person left on the Observatory… They are really arrogant.”

Yan Wei thought for a moment.

This woman is not a good puppet. It is certain that she is lying to them, but the truth and falsehood should be mixed together.

There is a great possibility that she is a man in black, or she is hostile to another man in black. The ace in her mouth must exist, otherwise this woman doesn’t have to do this.

She wants to use the player’s hand to kill the black robed man AIS in her mouth, so if she is a black robed man, the black robed man who will come in anger should be a good puppet of the black robed man, but there may be some differences or conflicts between the ID and the good puppet. If she is not a black robed man, she may indeed be the mother of the black robed man, and she really wants to kill the black robed man, but she is not a puppet The puppet is more likely to be another master of the castle.

And she doesn’t want to die.

Since she lied to them, it shows that she is malicious. Doing what the woman said will only harm herself. If she doesn’t do it

What else can we do?

Now they have obtained far more information and clues than all players in this copy, but Yan Wei thought about this step and suddenly found their weakest point.

They don’t know what is right and what is wrong.

Yan Wei doesn’t even have a judgment standard or method.

He looked back at the woman.

Half of the woman’s face was covered with dry blood, and her lower body was also full of blood. Every step she took, a blood mark was pulled out on the ground by her bloody skirt. Her pace was very anxious. It seemed that she was really as she said. She was afraid that ACE would be killed in anger, that these players would move too slowly to succeed, and that no one would know the secret of breaking the game if she died.

The skirt dragged to the ground

Yan Wei made a sudden move. He looked at the intercom props in his ears and said, “fish flying boat?”

“Huh? Yan Wei, are you out?”

“Come out, are you with my good puppets and Xu Miaomiao?”

“Yes, we are hiding next to the stargazing platform. There is only one star opener on the stargazing platform, and the others are players caught and tied up by them. Your good puppet said that he detected that the unorganized group of people are also snooping around and may be looking for a chance to turn things over. But we didn’t do anything. It’s not difficult to deal with a star opener, but he will definitely inform Xue Wan if we move.”

Yan Wei raised his eyebrows: “so many players are watching the star platform? For us… It’s a good thing.”

“Good? Why -”

Fish flying boat uttered a meal, replaced by a familiar and clear voice: “Yan Wei.”

It’s his good puppet.

According to Yan Mingguang, this is also the coin carrying his strength and memory.

Yan Wei spoke to his good puppet without explaining too much: “Take them with you. Now rush into the viewing platform and throw out the player who was caught by the star. Rescue other players caught by the star, find out the remaining flowers hidden in the dark, and discuss cooperation with them. I don’t need them to help me break the game. I’ll go with the key NPC, and the black robed man will come after me. We’ll fight the black robed man head-on. It will be very chaotic later.”

“I just need them to help us stop Kai Xing’s people and don’t let Xue Wan interfere with us. As for the interests of cooperation, I can decide whatever Xuanniao can give.”

The other side just said, “OK.”

Yan Wei took back his thoughts and saw that Lin Zhen was still there leisurely. He said, “can you be serious? We should pay attention to the surrounding area on the way to the star viewing platform. People in black may appear at any time. Don’t get hurt at that time. We have to transfer the wound to you by fish flying boat.”

Lin Zhen didn’t take it seriously: “I know.”

Yan Wei wants to say something again. Before he opens his mouth, he suddenly stops.

He seemed to hear footsteps coming from all directions.

At this moment, his perception suddenly dispersed and extended in the corridor.

Yan Mingguang and Lin Zhen’s faces Suddenly sank.

——It was the sound of regular and mechanical footsteps surging from the walkways.

Yan Mingguang took Yan Wei’s hand and said, “run!”

“Ah? No?”

“Go to the stargazer!!”

Lin Zhen glanced at Yan Mingguang and Yan Wei, who had already run away in front of him, and at the old woman beside him. Many evil puppets had already appeared in the corridor behind him.

Lin Zhen studied Yan Mingguang’s posture, grabbed the woman’s hand and ran forward, shouting, “then I’ll run too!!!”


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