Half Immortal Chapter 126

Half Immortal Chapter 126: Puppet Castle (39)

Regardless of this woman? Are people really black robed? Just from these evil puppets pouring in from all directions, we can see that the people hiding in the dark have started to fight?. They’re about to fight the biggest danger in this copy. Is that where they’re going? The last step.

Now? Already? here we are? The most critical time? Can you break the game and get the first competitive copy? After the observatory.

Yan Mingguang dragged Yan Wei to the stargazing platform. All the clues since entering the copy flashed in his mind, sorting out these chaotic thoughts.

Such as? Fruit this woman? People are the black robed people they chased into the maze before, so now the people who are angry and drive the puppet may be another black robed person – like players, there are two black robed people, ID and puppet. The woman with them? Man is one of them, and the other is angry.

If you think from this point of view, female? People always emphasize that they can’t die. It’s more likely that they are ID.

A copy of the building, though? Strange and changeable, but it is impossible to really have an NPC or a problem unrelated to the main line out of thin air. In other words, based on the information given, there are only two kinds of NPCs in this copy? Situation: the ID and good puppet of the black robed man, or the mother of the black robed man and the black robed man.

Either way? Situation, both sides? Right? Yes, one side wants the other to die.

Such as? Fruit girl? Who took it off? If the black robed man is angry in the dark, he is the good puppet of the black robed man.

Such as? Fruit girl? Man is the mother of ace in black, so the man in black is angry in the dark. He and his mother are hostile to each other?.

Since two people? Is it hostility? Yes, so now, on the surface, they are actually helping? Angry with one side? The other party. just as? This woman? People say they broke in? Secret little? Maze, into? Mo ru? Deep little? Castle, still safe? Leave unharmed? What happened?, Is the man in black in the dark angry?, Want them all? Die here.

At this point, Yan Wei has been completely opened? What happened? Another way to break the game, but also completely come to? Dead end.

Who really belongs to whose family? Who said it was true and who said it was false?

He has no clue.

Go around and come back in the end? This copy is the most open? The core origin of the beginning — true and false.

Suddenly ahead? Several expressionless good puppets rushed out.

Yan Mingguang kept walking, dragging Yan Wei with one hand and throwing out the whip with the other. He swept away the good puppets in front without any effort?. Behind him, Lin Zhen pulled the woman? People run for a while and release? Stop your hand?, Shoot several arrows behind you and grab the girl again? People’s hands run forward.

They were already on the third floor. Did they run down this time? Come on, although there are puppets surging around, is there Yan Mingguang in front? After the road, Lin Zhen took care of the aftermath. It wasn’t long before he arrived? Under the stargazer?.

Is there a mess on the stargazer? Get up.

There is a good puppet Yan Wei. Without Yan Wei, it has completely changed here? A sample.

Yu Hua and those players caught by Qixing have fought with Qixing’s people now? A regiment, Xue Wan doesn’t know where he is? Where, I’m afraid I still don’t know where I’m fighting with another him. Who are these stars? Have you been hit? Outside the viewing platform, Xu Miaomiao stood in the center, as if using puppetry to control the situation with good puppet Yan Wei.

Yan Mingguang pulled Yan Wei, and Yan Wei, a good puppet, tried to separate those players? A way.

Yan Wei hurried away with Yan Mingguang? up

Behind him, Lin Zhen also dragged the woman? People go up. It’s not so much a drag as a drag? Said it was dragging. The woman? People seem to be more and more afraid, all over? Trembling and flustered, Lin Zhen dragged himself to the stargazer. Her? The skirt dragged out on the ground? A messy bloodstain spread all the way to her? At your feet?, Like her? There is endless blood.

Those evil puppets resisted by players are crazy? Generally upwelling.

Yan Wei’s perception spread?, You can feel the siege of evil puppets. Even though some players here destroyed it directly? Some evil puppets, but the whole castle is still? There are many hidden players scattered. Now all the evil puppets? Crazy? Generally, except? The star viewing platform can take care of each other. Those scattered players can’t support it at all.

The number of evil puppets soared at this moment.

This castle is completely crazy at this moment? Get up.

Yan Wei though? It was clear that other people’s life and death had nothing to do with himself, but he looked back and suddenly? Stopped on the stairs to the observatory? once?.

Without thinking, he said, “I don’t know how to break the game yet. Is it possible for us to concentrate the players first?”

Lin Zhen already? Dragging that girl? When people approached, Yan Wei laughed at himself as soon as he spoke? Laugh.

of course? It’s impossible. He was stupid just now? To ask this? Question. Can he take care of himself now? Good—— Others are finished? Just a competitive copy, right? As far as he is concerned, only when he gets the first moon wheel fragment can he survive? Go.

This? I’m afraid only fish flying boats will consider the virgin question. Is it really boring and meaningless?.

“Although I have recovered my memory and data,” Yan Mingguang seems to be ten years old? Seriously? Yan Wei answered this question very seriously, “but the copy of the building has restrictions on the player, which will ensure that the player will not have overwhelming data on the corresponding floor, and my body index will be suppressed by debuff. Are you trying your best to protect you?”

Did Yan Wei see it? He glanced: “go up first.”

Just now, when they talked, Lin Zhen already? Half dragging the woman? Someone pulled it? On the stargazer.

When Yan Wei and Yan Mingguang came up? Wait, yufeizhou is checking Lin Zhen’s injury. The woman? The whole person? Lying down? On the ground, trembling all over, such as? The dead man’s face revealed a stiff panic.

Her? Trembling, he repeated: “ace is coming? Ace is coming? You must kill him!! otherwise?… otherwise? He will kill all of us…”

Under the stargazing platform?, On the aisle outside the steps, crazy puppets? Slowly out? A way.

The man in black still? Wearing his cover? The black robes all over him walked slowly out of the puppet group. The dumb and gloomy voice said from far to near, “visitor, you don’t obey my rules, you will become my collection forever.”

Before the words fall, the puppet becomes more crazy? Some.

Two Xu Miaomiao, each holding a long black staff, control puppetry to block the evil puppets coming back from the front, she? At the same time? Look at Xiang Yanwei, one open? He said, “have you found a way to break the game?”

Another said, “these puppets are crazy. But your handwriting can’t break the game. I’ll kill you first. Calm down their anger. People in black should be happy too.”

Yan Wei sighed: “little sister, why are you so cruel?”

Good puppet Yan Wei? Are you used to it? Xu Miaomiao turned his face over and over. He bypassed Xu Miaomiao and was interested in this woman? Squat in front of people?, Have you looked carefully? What about this woman? People, then get up, right? Yan Wei and Yan Mingguang, who stepped forward, said, “is this what you just said on the road – the mother of the man in black?”

Yan Wei nodded: “she said that only by killing ace can all this end.”

Good puppet Yan blinked? Blink: “but what she said may not be right. What he said may not be right, but we must make a choice.”

Yan Wei’s eyes lit up.

He seemed to look straight at the woman? People, the focus in their eyes seems to condense on the meat grinder in front. At this moment he thought? There are many things, some are the interweaving and collision of clues, and some are things other than this copy.

Since this copy? So targeted? He, in such an urgent time? Under the room?, I’m afraid it’s hard for him to get other clues?.

So the problem has actually become simpler? Get up.

He wants to bet. Gambling is killing? Under the stargazer? Is ace, the man in black, getting closer and closer, or the opposite? Yes, kill? This “black robed man’s mother” who pretends to be a puppet, or… All? Kill you??

Even if he did? Choice, can you kill it? It’s the same thing.

Mess? On a group of stargazers, the only fully glass covered zenith in the whole castle was completely revealed? The weather outside. Under the night?, The full moon hangs high, Cheng? A piece of crows hovered in the sky, blocking some moonlight and sprinkling through the glass dome? Scattered shadows.

In front of the meat grinder, female? The man was moving back, a drop in the bucket to avoid the black robed man’s approach, trembling and shouting, “you? Kill him soon? Let’s end all this…”

I’m in danger and good puppet Yan is in danger at the same time? Did you watch it? At a glance, right? Square.

Yan Mingguang said, “it’s only a matter of time before the black robed people come up because of our current number and strength.”

This copy is originally time? The later the time, the stronger the black robed man’s ability. Yan Mingguang? So, the situation will not be worse or better.

Yan Wei said, “if I bet, double anti logic, kill? This man in black is right. Can you do it?”

Yan Mingguang: “I can rush up now and carry the man in black and throw him into the meat grinder.”



Yan Wei raised his eyebrows: “yes? Ah, I was thinking just now. If I did this, you seem to be able to do it alone.”

Yan Wei, a good puppet, said with a smile, “alone.”

Lin Zhen pulled his bow and shot an arrow. He didn’t have a good way: “are you starting to play charades again?!”

Xu Miaomiao’s eyes lit up: “yes, alone.”


But they all? I’ve been to the observatory. Either you have personally exchanged points with the captured good puppet, or you have observed other players exchanging points.

The meat grinder is very large and the feed inlet is relatively high. It is used as a puppet of “feed” – or is it mistaken for? Puppet players – it’s really heavy. It’s really not easy to throw a normal human body in.

But when everyone comes to exchange points and gold coins? Wait, what did the man in black do?

He didn’t ask the player to throw the prey directly into the meat grinder, but came forward personally, carried the prey with the player and threw the prey in.

Players have to work harder to carry it. People in black robes help throw it together. Naturally? Don’t think much.

But from the perspective of the man in black?

The player is just a tool in his game. Why bother to help? Standing in the back, watching the game of human nature go on in an orderly manner?, Isn’t it better? Throw the prey into the meat grinder, which can be completed by a single player? Why do people in black dress like this every time? Will come forward to help?

Yan Wei bent down slowly and looked at the woman? The man said, “just now I thought, Yan Mingguang, you can do this alone, and I suddenly had a guess – a guess about why the black robed man is so kind to help the player throw prey.”

“Just now, I was also thinking that only US and the black robed man entered the hidden maze. This’ ace’s mother ‘appeared out of thin air, but will she come out with us? It is probably the black robed man who took off the black robe, and the one who is close now is actually a good puppet of the black robed man who has? Differences with the black robed man.”

“Then it seems to make sense to string things together. The black robed man created” good and evil puppets “and” good puppets “that are no different from the ID, so he made” corresponding good puppets “for everyone who came to the castle, including himself. But it is precisely because his puppetry is too exquisite that the good puppets he makes are no different from himself and like him Playing with human nature is also full of the desire to destroy everything in the world, including himself. ”

“So his ID and the good puppet had a” difference “, who was right? No one could help. But an accident happened? Under my design, Ben AIS used” a lot of power to drive the puppet in advance, consumed a lot, and hid in the “small” maze, that is, in front of us… “He raised his hand and pointed to the woman trembling on the ground? Man, “the woman in front of me.”

“She could only be a man in black robe. She deliberately soaked her lower body with blood and dragged a blood mark wherever she walked, which made us feel that she was not a man in black robe, because the man in black robe had no trace of walking. But she was smart. When we entered the small castle, the small castle was very clean, and there was no trace of blood dragged. This can only explain one point That’s why she and we actually entered the little castle together. She was not the so-called ‘ace mother’ who had been in the little castle, but the man in black who we chased in. ”

“She could have been hiding until her body recovered. But her good puppet seemed to find her loss and wanted to destroy her. After all, her good puppet wanted to destroy everything like her. Even if the good puppet would die, she was willing to destroy the self. They were born to stand against each other. But the ID didn’t want to die, so she thought of a way to appear in front of us , she made up such a story that she wanted us to help her and kill her. ”

The good puppet Yan Wei’s eyebrows and eyes were slightly curved: “under the stargazing platform? That person is just ace’s good puppet. The one in front of us is the real black robed man. And why does she? Every time she destroys prey with a meat grinder, she will help players throw it in together. That’s because the rules of the game stipulate?”

Only those who throw their prey into the meat grinder can get the score of destroying the prey, or all the scores of the prey.

This copy has never been? No, the man in black is not a contestant.

Their ranking table is only the ranking table of players, which does not mean that all contestants are on the ranking table.

This is a game of human nature played by the man in black. He makes all the guests who come to the castle happy? Fall into human nature and true and false, and immerse yourself in this game.

From the first day they came to the castle, the man in Black said? The truest rule.

——”The guests and my children are fair.”

——”After all, games are fun when everyone is fair.”

The game is fair, isn’t it? Everyone? It’s fair.

Black robed people are not only the defenders of the rules of the game, but also the participants of the game. They participate in the competition like players and enjoy scoring like players. He’s like the players, like? If he throws his prey into the meat grinder, he can also get points.

And the rules of the game actually have one that everyone knows? There is no loophole found, that is, players who throw prey into the meat grinder can get right? Points should be, but the rules do not stipulate that at most several contestants can throw together at a time. A person threw it, so this person got it? The score of prey, such as? What if two people throw it together? Will two people score together?

One open? At first, no one thought about this problem, because every time people in black dress? Destroy prey with players, resulting in? What happened? One? The illusion that the black robed people must destroy the prey together, players naturally? Not at the same time? How about a few more people together.

But if? If the black robed man is also a contestant

Every time, he destroys the prey with the player, and the player gets it? Points, did the man in black get it… Effortlessly? The same score?

Yan Wei, the good puppet, chuckled: “this woman is the black robed man who has been staying at the stargazing platform to destroy prey. The black robed man is also a participant – this woman is also a participant in the whole puppet Castle game. She has participated in every puppet destruction.”

In this castle, the person who scored the highest score may not be Xue Wan.

Bend down and pull up with my own Yan Wei, one left and one right? This woman? Man, take this woman? The man yanked at the meat grinder.

Two Yanwei at the same time? Open? Mouth: “you? Don’t want to die, because you? Are dead? All this is the real end. Why don’t you? Let me try, throw you in, will all this end, and will I get the game so far -”

“Total points.”


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