Half Immortal Chapter 127

Half Immortal Chapter 127: Puppet Castle (40)

The woman let out a hoarse shrill cry.

But she seemed to be really exhausted, shaking her body, and was killed like that? I Yanwei and good puppet Yanwei picked it up left and right?.

Yan Wei didn’t move at all? The slightest hesitation.

Yan Mingguang just stood beside Yan Wei and paid attention to the possible dangers around him. Fish flying boat and Lin Zhenmian? Lu is surprised. Are there any other players around? He even exclaimed.

Xu Miaomiao shouted: “Wait a minute?! what if it’s a trap -”

Before her voice fell, I Yan Wei and good puppet Yan Wei had thrown the frightened woman into the feed port of the meat grinder.

The meat grinder rolled up completely regardless of our enemy?, Between lightning, stone and fire, the woman’s cry suddenly ended, leaving only? Meat and blood scattered in the meat grinder. All this happened so fast that the players present even went under the star viewing platform? The man in black and the evil puppets? There was a pause?.

Yan Wei first heard the prompt sound of the building.

[congratulations on the player’s successful exchange of points. A total of 218 points have been obtained. The current “points” have been updated, the points of the player’s organization have been updated, and the ranking table has been updated.]

Yan Wei turned his head and looked at Yan Wei, a good puppet. Their eyes crossed and they understood everything without saying.

Just now, the fourth floor of the castle was very chaotic. After Yan Wei’s move, there was a sudden moment of silence and silence.

Lin Zhen opened the ranking table for the first time.

“Oh, the first Xuanniao, 436 points.”

Before the voice fell, Lin Zhen was still facing the front? Fang evil puppet’s bow and arrow turned in a direction and aimed at them? The nearest other shore flower player.

Xu Miaomiao raised her eyebrows.

Not far away, originally? Still helping Yanwei them? How to deal with the rest of the evil puppets? People also stopped. Yu Hua looked at Yan Wei and said, “since the situation has been broken, the truth of the copy is no longer important. Now you want to be the first, only?…”

Kill Yan Wei.

These people are just before? He Shangui Yanwei talked about the conditions and exchanged some interests with Xuanniao. Only then did he cooperate with Xuanniao temporarily. They? At that time, I also thought, did you catch Xue night and get the first place? Hope, why don’t you concentrate? Break the game and leave this road.

But now, Yan Wei seems to have broken the game and got a double that can’t be surpassed completely? 436 points of the total number of points. Nothing else needs to be controlled. Just grab one of the two Yanwei and you can get 218 points.

Than before? Not a penny? Are others more or less the same? One o’clock, they? As long as you get 218 points, you are bound to be the new first place.

They? Even if you throw Yan Wei into the meat grinder, is there? Half of the chance is to kill a good puppet. When the copy ends, Xuanniao can only be regarded as nothing. Even if he killed himself, Xuanniao can’t fight so many people for a dead person, can he?

It’s so tempting. Yu Hua thought so, and so did others. Lin Zhen and Yu Feizhou naturally thought of it. Only then did they aim their weapons at other players at the first time.

At this time, on Xu Miaomiao’s side, there are already? People secretly want to get close to Yan Wei. Yan Wei frowned. Yan Mingguang, who was on his side, was about to fight. Xu Miaomiao waved his long staff and commanded the puppet to stop the man.

Lin Zhenben? The bow and arrow towards the other shore flower was instantly retracted and whistled: “That’s good. Keep your word.”

Xu Miaomiao just smiled: “I said, I just don’t want the star to be the first. You have done it, so should my promise.”

The other shore flower directly makes other covetous people dare not make a move.

A black bird, others and other flowers on the other side, who has it? May seize the opportunity to catch Yan Wei. But if it’s the other shore flower and the black bird, what about the others? noodles? front? It’s just a plate of loose sand. Is there only one star? Several players are here and others follow Xue Wan. It’s impossible to catch up now? Yes.

As soon as the situation changed, Yu Hua’s people dared not move again.

Yan Wei just sighed?.

“Why do you think the game is broken? I haven’t heard any reward tips for completing the copy main line.”

He turned his eyes, looked at the black robed man standing not far away, and said, “do you want to stand here and wait for us? Kill each other? If that woman is really the ID of the black robed man, these evil puppets are still there, and your so-called good puppet is still there, is it illogical?”

The man in black moved?.

The black hat pocket fell down?, The withered old face covered with dried blood like rotten wood appeared in everyone’s face? front?. Her eyes are prominent and lax, but she seems to be looking at Yan Wei’s direction. She took it off herself? Hat Dou smiled faintly at Yan Wei?, The dried blood on his face wrinkled slightly with his smile.

It’s as like as two peas in the other woman.

But looking at her, she is clearly not a puppet who will lose consciousness after the death of ID.

“Wow, it’s fun,” Lin Zhen exclaimed, “so the little pet you just threw in is actually a good puppet of the man in black?”

Yan Wei raised his eyebrows, took his pocket in one hand, felt his swallow coins slightly with his fingertips, and thought in his mind? There are thousands of threads. At the same time, he said to Yan Mingguang with his skills: [don’t look at me, I’m immortal today, and my good puppet will be a little higher to attract attention. You find a chance to fight this man in black.]

Yan Mingguang glanced at him, didn’t he? Speak, but already clenched the whip in his hand.

On the other side, Shangui Yanwei stood by the meat grinder and slowly said: “No, it’s not a good puppet. What was thrown into the meat grinder just now is the ID of the man in black. This is her good puppet in front of us.”

Xu Miaomiao began not to understand: “then why…?”

If the ID dies, will the good puppet become? The evil puppet of consciousness, and manipulate all? The black robed man of the evil puppet loses consciousness. All this should end.

But in front of you? Everything except the quilt just now? More women and black birds thrown into the meat grinder in an instant? Points, nothing? Any? Change.

Yan Wei said in a deep voice: “Because she didn’t die. She lied to us. The meat grinder can’t kill her. As long as she has a little consciousness, she can attach her soul to any puppet. What died in the meat grinder just now is the body of the man in black. At that moment, her soul has changed into a body and came under the stargazer? – that is, we are now in front of this, which was originally a puppet On the man in black. ”

It’s a fictional lie from beginning to end. It can’t deceive people, only? Half true and half false words can confuse people.

From them? When I met the woman at the gate of the small castle, what the real man in Black said was mixed with the truth.

She said that as long as the black robed man does not die, the consciousness of the black robed man can enter any place? On the puppets she controls, only? The meat grinder can stop all this. The meat grinder can’t stop all this, but the consciousness of the black robed man can indeed enter other puppets.

As long as the puppet is there, she won’t die.

In the dead silence, the woman in black walked slowly? Up the stairs, the high stairs make a “squeak” sound again and again.

The evil puppets around seem to be under her control?, Not for a while? Action. Those players obviously don’t? Expecting things to go down all the way?, Just now, he was still dealing with the man in black, and almost started because Yan Wei scored. Now another man in black is standing here. They? noodles? noodles? Look at each other, no? Do it now.

Good puppet Yan Wei and ID Yan Wei simply communicated a few words with their perception, and then they roughly understood everything that ID Yan Wei encountered.

At all? When players step back and hide on both sides, not only does he not? Run away and face the man in black? Up in front of the stargazer with the man in black? Meet.

Unexpectedly, no one in black? Do it.

She said, “don’t you panic?”

“Panic,” good puppet Yan Wei nodded, “I’m thinking about what to do.”

A hoarse and gloomy voice sounded, “don’t you wonder what happened?”

“I’m not curious, because I guessed.”

In the rear, Ben Yan Wei held his swallow coin tightly, and one clue and conjecture flashed in his mind, thinking? In thousands of threads, is everything in his face? front? Build slowly and repeat.

Black robed face? front?, Good puppet Yan Wei shrugged and said, “you set up a game to force us from the beginning? Do it to you? We can guess that the person in the small maze is you who took off your black robe. How can you not know this? You made up your mind from the beginning. You know? We? Will guess that you are a man in black robe.”

Xu Miaomiao gave a look and gritted his teeth and said: “So? That’s it.”

Fish flying boat sighs: “This time, we are slightly better than others?”

Lin Zhen: “you understand again!???”

Good puppet Yan Wei’s eyes reveal dignity, but he is under such high pressure?, Smiled and said: “… did you start the design when you found out that we were following you?”

At that time, Yan Wei planned a battle between Snipes and mussels, which let Xu Miaomiao, Xue Wan and Yu Hua have their own? The loss also makes the black robed people consume a lot in order to get rid of it. Then Yan Wei followed the man in black? At the secret door on the third floor, I saw the semi open secret door.

——Is that the man in black left on purpose? of

Including them? Go? The words about “born unknown” when entering the maze were written by the people in black to remind them? The black robed man was “born unknown”, didn’t he? Mother.

The purpose of black robed people from the beginning is to induce them? Kill the man in black!

What if the people in black show up directly to them? Do it, they? Not necessarily against people in black, because they? Also players, they? Similarly, you will not casually start on the NPC that controls the rules of the game in the copy. But what if the people in black let them? Do it, they? It’s not stupid. It’s impossible to do what people in black want.

So the black robed man designed this lie of “ace’s mother”, always emphasizing that “ace’s mother” can’t die, so that Yan threatened them? Driven by various suspicious clues?, It is deduced that “ace’s mother” is the man in black. The man in black doesn’t want to die, so killing the man in black with a meat grinder can break the game.

This is not gambling positive and negative logic at all, but deliberately letting Yan endanger them? Think they? Got the answer, so that the woman – that is, the real man in black – under? Hands.

What the black robed man wants is for the player to kill herself.

And she has succeeded.

Four weeks, originally? Has it calmed down? Come on? The evil puppet suddenly moved?, The whole castle seems to be alive, constantly coming? Mechanical footsteps!

Black robed man standing in the face of good puppet Yan? front? No, Move, but the evil puppets around are already crazy?.

Yan Wei, a good puppet, said word by word: “Let me guess why you let us kill you. Your puppet skill is not omnipotent, right? For example, before you mobilized the evil puppets of the whole castle, you not only consumed a lot, but probably hurt the root? We saw you bleeding constantly because you were really injured and could not recover in a short time, so you wanted to change a sound body, that is You’re using this. ”

“But you also have restrictions. In fact, you can’t change it casually. You can only change it if the body you use is killed by the meat grinder. Otherwise, you can come back and forth freely among these puppets. You have to borrow our hands to kill you. It seems that suicide is also impossible. Someone must kill you.”

The good puppet Yan Wei pretended to be suddenly enlightened: “I see. If you want to change a sound body, you must be killed by others, so you designed all this and let us do it to you.”

“You are the most interesting guest I have met,” she smiled darkly. “After you die, I will make you a puppet worthy of you. But if you miss something and are killed by others, I can not only change my body, but also become… Stronger.”

A dagger suddenly came from Yan Mingguang’s hand at this moment?, In the blink of an eye, it pierced into the eyebrows of the man in black!

inhale? In the sound, the body of the black robed man was in the face of the good puppet Yan? front? fall?. But not far away, an original? The puppet as like as two peas in a mechanical device showed a smile like the black robe. The same husky voice had a smile: “if I can’t die, you can kill me, and I can enter a puppet’s body.”

“Unless you can kill all your puppets, I won’t die.”

“Guests, you could have taken gold coins and exchanged them for my precious puppet. Why should you challenge my rules again and again? Again and again?”

“Then don’t leave.”

Next? For a moment, countless evil puppets went crazy from all directions? Surge.

They? It seems to be more powerful than the last moment. It broke through one side in an instant?.

Xu Miaomiao hurriedly commanded her own puppet to block that side? Another Xu Miaomiao waved his long staff and blocked an evil puppet with his bare hands, but he was inertia? Under the action of force? He jerked back a few steps.

Is she quite angry? Angry way: “When you were going to throw this ghost into the meat grinder just now, I told you to think twice! Why are you so smart and eager for success just now?”

Ben and I look at Yan Wei? Out of control of the scene, just calmly said: “I’ve thought twice.”


“We? Don’t have any clues. Killing anyone is a gamble. Killing together is also a gamble. Why not gamble one time? When I got to the star viewing platform, I guessed that she wanted us to throw her into the meat grinder. In that case, why didn’t she get her wish?”

No, Clues, then create clues.

No way?, Then let the man in black go first? a step.

By? Moving is also moving. As long as there is? Action, that means clues, generation? It shows the possibility of breaking the game. Yan Wei wants the first point and also wants the reward of breaking the game. Since they? No, If the clue can be returned, let the man in black get what he wants and let the man in black go first? Next, let the black robed people become stronger and let the black robed people treat them? Do it!

Situation? Breaking means new clues.

Xu Miaomiao was stunned.

Her eyes flashed slightly, and she gnashed her teeth and said: “I always thought that Xue Wan’s desperate person was a difficult madman. I just learned today that you, who are usually rational and stable, are crazy. You are the real madman!”


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