Half Immortal Chapter 128

Half Immortal Chapter 128: Puppet Castle (end)

Yan Wei was noncommittal.

He gave up the method of seeking stability instead of winning. Instead, he took risks to make the black robed man stronger and fearless. Perhaps in Xu Miaomiao’s eyes, is his choice true? It’s crazy. But he didn’t think it was crazy.

On the contrary, he is very calm at the moment.

What did he look at? The puppet attached to the black robed man who was nailed to death by Yan Mingguang and Lin Zhen again, thinking about the clues and possible guesses of the whole copy so far.

The next moment, again? It was an evil puppet who showed the smile of the man in black.

The situation suddenly took a sharp turn for the worse. The players had to form a circle on the star viewing platform to resist the evil puppets. Even if Yu Hua has played before? Yan Wei’s idea. Under Yan Wei’s sign, Yan Mingguang and others will still give a hand to Yu Hua and others.

After all, in the current situation, the result of qualifying has been determined, and going out alive has become a more important thing.

Good puppet Yan Wei was still standing in front. When Yan Mingguang turned and waved the whip, the evil puppet attached to the man in black suddenly rushed at good puppet Yan Wei, and his sharp fingertips only took good puppet Yan Wei’s heart. But the fingertip suddenly stopped at the moment when it was about to pierce the good puppet Yan Wei’s chest. Can it stop again? Can’t move forward by a penny.

In this moment, Yan Mingguang turned back and in the twinkling of an eye, the whip broke the evil puppet’s body.

The voice of the man in black immediately came from another evil puppet: “why? I can’t kill you?”

The good puppet Yan Wei said with a smile, “guess.”

Before the projection of the competitive copy.

All players who have watched this competitive copy from beginning to end know that unless there is something now? The whole organization is destroyed, otherwise, the ranking outcome of the competitive copy has been determined. But they basically didn’t leave the scene. Instead, they looked at it more carefully than before.

This time? The leader looked at Xue Wan, who was still fighting with evil puppets alone in another part of the castle, and sighed: “Xuanniao, this time? It’s crazy enough. We didn’t lose unjustly. This is the way to break the game? It’s really extreme…”

Another player was obviously unhappy that Yan Wei robbed them first. He sneered: “I don’t know if he played with fire * * *. In the end, he lost his life.”

“Although it’s a little ambitious to say so, I think…” the man shook his head, “People who can do this kind of thing should not play with fire * * *. It’s just that this technique is really extreme. He seems to be eager for success. Maybe he wants the benefits of this copy. I’ve only heard of the crazy way to play in the past. If it’s not the super-high floor, those people all said that the one who disappeared was likely to die on the top floor. I almost thought that the Yan Wei was brought out by the hand My apprentice. ”

“How can Xuanniao do this? All of them are extremely crazy. Their leader who should be dead is Lin Qing, his brother Lin Zhen is, and so is the newcomer Yan Wei.”

“It’s a pity that our head and Lin Qing have entered the copy. Otherwise, we can really come and see if this may be the disciple that Xuanniao took before he disappeared.”

“Impossible? The time is not right. The black bird has long disappeared.”


Under the approaching of the evil puppet, the players on the star viewing platform have shrunk one circle after another.

Xu Miaomiao was not good at fighting. After several rounds, she simply dodged behind Lin Zhen and Yu Feizhou. She stood in the innermost part with ID Yan Wei, frowning, as if thinking about something?.

“How are you thinking about breaking the game?” Yan Wei asked her, “why, don’t you believe me?”

Xu Miaomiao just said, “I only believe in myself. I just cooperate with you, not rely on you.”

“My little sister has some ideas.”

Yan Wei stopped talking to her.

Xu Miaomiao may have his own ideas, and he also has his own clue.

This puppet castle was built by a black robed man who is proficient in puppetry. It condenses his most exquisite skills and collects puppets he is proud of. The outside of the castle is surrounded by a labyrinth, and above the labyrinth hovers man eating crows. Only guests who safely arrive at the castle before midnight can enter the castle alive.

Black robed man – maybe her name is ace. She likes to play with human nature, hide in puppets, and make puppets of incoming guests.

She is not a normal “person”. She is keen on destruction and games.

So she made the rules of the game, that is, the rules of the competitive copy. While she was the referee, in order to achieve what she said was fair, she was also a participant in the game and had the points to catch the puppet. That’s how Yan Wei got the highest points.

But now, because they have broken the rules of the game, the black robed people feel that fairness has been broken, end the game ahead of time, and start without difference to all the players present.

From the beginning to the end, the three elements of “black robed man, coin and meat grinder”, which players have always considered indispensable, are all guises. Coins are not necessary, and meat grinder can’t kill black robed man, but these are all the tricks of black robed man. At first, she stayed on the stargazing platform and easily obtained every point, and then pretended to be the mother of black robed man and “induced” Yan Wei and others threw her into the meat grinder to get her out of her dying body.

Now she just wants to kill all the players and make them her collection. But Yan Wei needs to keep the first place of Xuanniao, end all this and exchange the puppet to break the game and leave.

Yan Mingguang mentioned to him before that the puppet to be exchanged at the end of the copy is his own good puppet. The exchange is not to find the black robed man to complete, but to trade with the building after the copy is finished. From the castle where true and false are intertwined inside and outside from the beginning to the step that the black robed man can never die, it is obviously a way to break the situation.

Either? Kill all the evil puppets, or? Kill the soul of the immortal black robed man.

Killing all the evil puppets may not work, let alone whether the evil puppets accumulated in recent days will drag them to death. Even if they really kill the evil puppets, the black robed people will not necessarily die. The words of the black robed people may not be credible. What if this is a cover? What if the black robed people continue to cling to the good puppets after the evil puppets die? What can they do, but they can’t kill them Yourself?

Then there is only one way left – kill the man in black.

But a man in black can’t be killed.

No, there must be some way——

There was a loud noise in front. Yan Wei’s thoughts were interrupted. He raised his eyes and saw that Lin Zhen, who was originally in front, was suddenly surrounded by Yan Mingguang’s whip and thrown around him.

Yan Mingguang’s voice was calm: “he was seriously injured and almost caught by the puppet. I threw him in first.”

Lin Zhen was thrown in by Yan Mingguang, and Yu Feizhou hurriedly chased him. Originally, the piece in charge of Lin Zhen and Yu Feizhou became a gap, and five or six puppets rushed in in in an instant.

Xu Miaomiao was thinking. Seeing the puppets rushing, he had to pick up the long stick again to stop the puppets.

She said angrily, “are you reliable or not?”

Yan Wei, a good puppet, turned back, took the moon wheel and cooperated with Xu Miaomiao, shouting, “thank you!”

Xu Miaomiao: ”

Ben Yanwei picked up Lin Zhen beside him and asked him to lean against the edge of the meat grinder to see Lin Zhen’s injury.

Lin Zhen’s face completely lost its color. Just now he seemed to vomit a big mouthful of blood, and there was blood foam on his lips. It was clear that he couldn’t see any injury, but he seemed to have suffered something? Like a serious injury, he leaned weakly all over.

Yan Wei frowned: “what’s the matter with you? Why are you suddenly hurt so badly?”

Although he was thinking just now, he also stared around with his perception. Lin Zhen clearly had not been approached by the evil puppet from beginning to end. The injury came so suddenly that Yan Mingguang threw people in the next moment.

Lin Zhen took a breath and seemed to slow down. When he came, he weakly scolded a dirty word and said: “… How did you fall off the chain again? It’s me.”

The two fish flying boats squatted down on the side of him and Yan Wei, picked up the dagger and said in the same voice, “I’ll help you transfer it first.”

He raised the dagger with a sudden movement.

Yan Wei also found something wrong.

——Lin Zhen is not hurt. How can the fish flying boat be transferred?

The situation around them became worse at this moment. Several people were missing from their side at once. Even though there was a little support from Miao Miao and good puppet Yan Wei, the gap was opened, and most of the star viewing platform was filled with puppets in an instant.

The black robed man was among the evil puppets, and his hoarse laughter resounded under the glass dome of the observatory.

“I can’t think of it!” Xu Miaomiao said, “Yan Wei, if you can’t think of it, I’ll kill you first!”

Good puppet Yan Wei said, “trust me.”

In front of the meat grinder in the center, Lin Zhen slowly raised his hand, grabbed the wrist of a fish flying boat on his side and opened his dagger. He also smiled and said slowly: “… Don’t try. You can’t transfer my wound. You can’t find the wound. The wound is not on me at all. My brother was injured in the copy.”

Yan Wei and Yu Feizhou were stunned at the same time. Yan Mingguang, who was on the side, glanced at Lin Zhen without surprise, then took back his eyes and continued to fight with the evil puppets.

Yan Wei noticed Yan Mingguang’s insignificant pause in his panic – did Yan Mingguang have reserved for this moment, so he found Lin Zhen’s problem in time?

In front of him, Lin Zhen then said, “my brother transferred the injury to me. In fact, our two skills are not exactly the same. I can borrow his ability, he can…”

Borrow Lin Zhen’s life.

Yan Weiming knew that Lin Qing might be a friend who had been fighting side by side since he first climbed the stairs. At this moment, he couldn’t help getting angry.

They entered the copy earlier than Lin Qing. Can Lin Qing not imagine that they are also at a critical moment? The black robed man and the evil puppet are on their side. If Yan Mingguang doesn’t react so quickly, Lin Zhen may be torn up by the evil puppet in an instant under this unexpected serious injury.

Lin Qing is already a player in the 80th floor. Don’t you know?

Even though Lin Qing may be in a more critical situation, Yan Wei is still angry at this kind of behavior that “simply regards Lin Zhen as” a spare life “.

Lin Zhen didn’t care. He just looked at the stunned fish flying boat, raised his hand, wiped the blood foam from his mouth, and said softly, “what are you stunned? I thought you knew… After all… After all, my brother asked you to take care of me to ensure my safety when he needed it, so that I wouldn’t die without me.”

“So have you figured out how to deal with this ghost?”

This is Yan Wei.

Yan Wei shook his head: “there’s a little clue. I almost caught it just now.”

Lin Zhen took a mouthful of the medicine sent by the fish flying boat and held his hands to get up: “think about it quickly. I’ll go with the fish flying boat for a while.”

The fish flying boat immediately pressed him: “you stay here with Yan Wei. I’ll go.”

“Don’t…” Lin Zhen coughed and hurriedly said, “don’t, what will the little pet do? I’m still… Lying here. Isn’t that too embarrassing? Gee, my contribution to this copy is… Cough… Isn’t it just breaking the glass and catching a stupid crow?”

Yan Wei gave a sudden look, and his eyes flashed. He blinked in amazement, muttered to himself in a small voice and whispered: “… Catch crows?”

The fish flying boat’s eyes were entirely on Lin Zhen. He frowned: “but you’re really not suitable for shooting.”

Around, the evil puppet is getting closer and closer. Several players with poor strength can’t support it. They are caught by the puppet and break their heart in an instant. The good puppet corresponding to the ID of death? At that moment, he became a bad puppet.

There were more and more evil puppets, getting closer and closer, and the laughter of black robed people was more and more rampant.

Yan Wei slowly looked up at the glass dome overhead.

Puppets of good and evil, castles and castles, truth and falsehood.

Everything here has a corresponding side.

A castle stands in the maze. There is a small maze hidden in the castle. What’s in the small maze? Hiding a small castle; The castle is a coin. Inside the coin is the terrain with crow pattern. Players in the terrain hold coins with crows painted on them; Each player has a corresponding puppet of good and evil, interwoven between true and false, and hidden between real and illusory dreams

These all correspond one by one, positive and negative, and appear in pairs.


Yan Wei stood up slowly and looked up at the glass dome.

The stars and moon are high in the night sky, and crows hover over the castle and maze from time to time? This is the only dome covered by a large piece of glass. Moonlight, flying over? The crow blocked the scattered light and shadow and sprinkled a large scattered long shadow. The chaotic fighting sound and the laughter of the black robed man were vaguely mixed with the crow’s cry outside the dome, which was dumb and weak.

Yan Mingguang and the good puppet Yan Wei looked out of the dome at the same time.

Yan Wei slowly opened his mouth and said together with Yan Mingguang and the good puppet Yan Wei, “crow.”

Everything is one-to-one, positive and negative, in pairs.

Except crows.

There are no crows in the small maze in the castle. Or no more in the castle? No crow appeared.

At the moment, Yan Mingguang took several steps forward without Yan Wei. He picked up Lin Zhen’s long bow on his side and said, “borrow it.”

Lin Zhen didn’t forget to say: “… You understand again.”

At the next moment, Yan Mingguang pulled all the bowstrings, and ten long arrows appeared on the long bow. At the moment he let go, the long arrow went in all directions towards the dome and shot through the dome in an instant!

The rampant laughter of the man in black stopped immediately.

The glass is broken, and I Yanwei and good puppet Yanwei hold the moon wheel at the same time. The moon wheel emits a faint bright white light, which cuts a separate space on the side of those players who are injured or have blood on their bodies, isolating the bloody smell from them.

With a large piece of glass spilled, the crow hovering on the dome suddenly turned its direction, spread its wings and flew into the star viewing platform in an instant!

Swarms of crows poured down from the broken glass dome like black water and hit it? Those barriers erected by Yan Wei, bypassed by the black trend? All players go in the same direction.

——That is the direction of the evil puppet attached to the black robed man.

Her hoarse and gloomy voice sent out a heart cracking roar: “how do you know! How do you – ah ah!!!”

That was the same scream of players who died in the jungle maze when crows ate on the first night of the copy.

A large number of crows poured down, and the black trend mixed with the intertwined dumb cry with the tearing scream, torturing people’s eardrums.

however? In a moment, the evil puppet’s flesh and blood was torn clean, and there was a spread of blood on the ground.

But this time?, But never again? No other evil puppet made the voice of the man in black. Instead, it was the prompt sound of the building.

[congratulations to players for solving the final puzzle of the puppet castle and ending the root cause of the tragedy of the puppet castle. They will receive the following rewards:…]

It didn’t take long to make a sharp turn, but now it’s back? Lu Zhuan, the copy ends in the trend of black crow. Everyone was stunned, and Xu Miaomiao was dumbfounded.

Lin Zhen was helped up by the fish flying boat, with a pale face. He didn’t forget to joke: “the little sister of the little pet, we are very reliable.”

“Being eaten by a crow is complete death… How did you think of it?”

In front of him, the black crows ate up the people in black robes. All the evil puppets lost control and stood there blankly, allowing the black crows to nibble at them. Some crows hit the barrier cut by the moon wheel. Yan Wei turned white and said in a deep voice, “why? Only the star viewing platform is full of glass? This game is fair.”

The game starts when players enter the jungle maze. Crows are also the executors of the game. Crows are fair to all game participants. They will eat players, and naturally they will eat black robed people.

But breaking the glass, if the crow didn’t do it to the black robed man, it would be worse for them who were already tangled with the evil puppet. To break the glass, you must have a ten percent chance.

The crow must be the key to breaking the game.

To break the situation that true and false are intertwined and good and evil are nested inside and outside, we can only find out the only thing we don’t want to be right. In this copy, all the images, only the crow, do not reappear. They only linger on the periphery of the castle, and the black robed people in the castle can’t touch them at all.

Why? To completely isolate the crow?

Crows will gnaw at injured players. Wouldn’t it be more chaotic and bloody to put them in?

When the crow caught by Lin Zhen appeared in the small maze, the woman was speechless on the spot, not because Yan Wei was the first to stay, but because of the sudden emergence of the crow. The game is fair. Players are afraid of crows and black robed people. She can even enter the meat grinder at will. She can’t kill. What? Are not afraid, but only afraid of crows, there can only be one reason.

The crow restrained her immortality.

The answer was told to them as early as the copy began.

——”He is a man of unknown birth.”

——”His mother gave birth to him in the wilderness, because she lost too much blood, she was unconscious in the jungle maze. The blood stained the land, the surrounding vegetation corroded, and his mother died of flesh and blood swallowed by crows. But he cried on the grass for three days, crows cried for him, and the jungle withered for him.”

Born unknown, the black robed man has no mother at all. This story is just a broken image, symbolizing the black robed man who calls himself “ace mother”.

The way to break the situation is to “be swallowed by pieces of crows and die of flesh and blood”.

Can’t you see one in front of you? The black stairs at the bottom spread down from the starry night, through the broken glass dome and extended to the players.

All players hurried up the ladder.

Seeing a figure disappear on the black long step, Yan Wei turns to look at Yan Mingguang.

He said, “when I go up, everything will be different.”

“I’m waiting for you in the building.”

Yan Wei thought about the memory for so long, but suddenly he didn’t want to go forward. He said, “did I go upstairs before, like now?”

“As like as two peas.”

“What was my purpose before?”

“Go up and you’ll know.”

“But I want to hear from you. Now my goal is to go upstairs. When I think of the past, I don’t seem to have much purpose. Is it because my goal failed?”

Yan Mingguang paused in the moonlight.

“You want to destroy the order of the building and make it no longer exist.”

But the building is still in good condition, maintaining the operation of all this.

Yan Wei said, “it seems that I failed.”

There was no one around them. In the thick smell of blood, the moonlight sprinkled, and the black crow lingered around, hitting Yan Wei and Yan Mingguang. It was dark and magnificent, as if it were pressed in the hearts of the people.

Yan Wei walked up to Yan Mingguang and raised his chin gently.

His lips just touched Yan Mingguang’s chin. The man seemed to freeze. The next moment he lost control, he suddenly pulled his shoulder and pulled him into his arms.

This time the kiss was fierce and rapid.

Yan Wei just feels the warmth of this man and hasn’t reacted yet? Come on, Yan Mingguang restrained himself and let him go. He stepped back and said, “go up.”

Yanwei subconsciously raised his hand, gently touched the slightly moist corners of his mouth with his fingertips, and his ear tips suddenly turned red.

He blushed and said with a smile, “OK, I’ll go up and see in my memory if you were such a hypocrite when you were in bed, Mr. Yan.”

He turned around and, with Yan Mingguang’s eyes, without hesitation stepped on the invisible? Black long step at the bottom.


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