Half Immortal Chapter 129

Half Immortal Chapter 129: “no name.”

The black stairs seemed endless, but Yan Wei just took a few steps and saw the dark castle, the broken glass dome and the city in front of him? All the crows disappeared, leaving only darkness.

In his memory now, he has stepped on the stairs for the fourth time. This feeling is not strange?.

But in the past, various settlement prompt sounds that would appear as soon as you stepped on the ladder did not ring quickly this time, and there was silence around. It was as if he had been procrastinating. When Yan Wei fully adapted to the invisible darkness in front of him, the ethereal and gloomy prompt sound sounded from all directions.

[congratulations on the player’s success in passing the competitive replica puppet castle.]

The sound stopped again.

After a few days of high pressure, it was not easy for everything to end and calm down a little. Yan Wei’s tense nerves completely slowed down at this moment. He called? Yawned and said casually, “why don’t you talk? Isn’t it very uncomfortable?”

There was a dead silence.

Yan Wei chuckled: “are you the building itself or the consciousness born out of the building full of evil thoughts? I guess you are just born out of the building, so you can’t change the rules of the copy and the world inside the building. You don’t want to give me a reward and have to give it now.”

It was still a dead silence.

Even if it’s dark around? Sound, it seems that nothing has changed?, Yan Wei seems to feel a sense of nothingness? The anger of words.

Instead, he felt a little funny: “you forced me in with this copy and released the bait. Now you didn’t hook me. Naturally, the bait will be taken away by me.”

“The building has maintained the operation of the gambling building for so long. Don’t you know how to write the four words’ willing to gamble and admit defeat ‘?”

a moment.

In front of Yan Wei? As before, the data panel of the settlement floated up, and the ethereal and gloomy voice without any emotion came into Yan Wei’s ear again: [congratulations to the player for cracking the main line of the puppet Castle plot. The main line completes “100%, the organization buff bonus” 14%, and the branch line completes “degree bonus”…. the total completion rate is “164%, and the points and data will be superimposed with the same coefficient.]

Then there is a series of summaries. The copy of the puppet Castle includes competition and breaking. There are many more things that need to be rewarded and settled than other copies. What Yan Wei heard was nothing? Talk, not at all? After listening to the data for a long time, the prompt tone paused.

[congratulations, the player’s Organization ranks first in the competitive replica. The player’s organization will receive the corresponding replica bonus resource, and the player with the highest score in the organization will receive additional rewards.]

[it is determined that your score is the highest in the organization, and you will receive the following additional rewards: Legend road? With a moon wheel fragment.]

In the darkness, a mass of light white light suddenly appeared. The light slowly floated in front of Yan Wei, the faint light? Under the, a piece of white debris appeared.

Yan Wei gently crossed the black ring with his fingertips and took out the incomplete moon wheel.

There was no need for him to do anything, and the fragments of the last moon wheel trembled, the same? The incomplete moon rings suddenly spell together.

At the next moment, the white light was in full bloom, and more usage methods and related memories of the moon wheel appeared in Yan Wei’s mind, accompanied by some fuzzy fragments.

[game breaking reward: players can exchange the gold coins obtained from the points in the competition for puppets of corresponding value. The exchanged puppets will open the gate of the castle and completely end the copy of the puppet castle. Please note that if the puppet chooses the wrong one, all the current rewards will be cleared and the copy will be counted as failure.]

[the following is a list of puppets that players can redeem.]

Yan Wei saw his own good puppet in the list at the first glance. His good puppet is located at the bottom of the list. If he hadn’t been looking for it with his purpose, I’m afraid he wouldn’t have turned there at all – the building can only be used so useless? In the same way.

He raised his hand and clicked on the list of his good puppets.

He finally got double the total points in the competitive copy. According to the rules, the number of gold coins he got was ten times that of the points, a total of more than 5000 gold coins. The most expensive here is their corresponding good puppet. The maximum is only 2000 gold coins. Yan Wei has more than enough gold coins.

It was quiet again for a moment.

Then, a simple appearance? Hua’s coin slowly fell in front of Yan Wei.

Is it the same? Other metal coins are no different, but their luster is rather dim, and their edges are smooth. It is obvious that they have been carried around for some time and are not new. One side of it is a simple “V”, and the other side is an icon of a swallow spreading its wings to fly.

Same? Yan Qian often plays as like as two peas in the hand.

But at the moment, the coin was lying quietly in Yan Wei’s pocket.

This one… Is another coin he “lost”.

He raised his hand, carefully spread out his palm and held the coin in his hand.

[settlement completed.]

From the prompt sound, on the Yanwei information panel, many data that had been blessed by this copy rose crazily again at this moment. His eyes whirled around, accompanied by the change from the coin? With the surging pictures in the? Impact on Yan Wei. Yan Wei can feel that he has been completely transmitted out of the copy, but his brain is hit by a huge amount of information in an instant, and he has no time to take into account the surrounding situation.

He frowned, his eyes closed, and gave a rather uncomfortable grunt.

The closed eyes seemed to feel the changes of the surrounding environment. For a moment, Yan Wei raised his hand and covered his eyes. In my mind, I seem to be surrounded by pictures and memories surging from all directions, like trying to put? His brain exploded, and he was dizzy and wanted to vomit for a moment.

There were a few crisp cries of birds in my ears. There seemed to be a wind in front of me, which brought a slight cool touch to my cheeks from time to time.

When she got used to the light, Yan Wei opened her eyes. There was still a blankness and emptiness in her eyes that didn’t have time to receive so much information.

Is he in a better position? All the apartments in the front? In a house ten times larger, the large French window of the apartment is in front of you. How about the French window? Half opened, the high wind blew in from the window, bringing some slight coolness.

Yan Wei looked out of the window and made a sudden move.

——The long black monument towering into the clouds is close at hand.

Is that a record of all classic copies and the record of players with the best player code? Stone tablet.

The world inside the building is centered on endless stone tablets and unfolds outward. From the outside to the inside, the player’s strength ranges from low to high. The higher the number of layers, the residence will gradually move inward with the increase of the number of layers, closer and closer to the endless stone tablet. There will be fewer and fewer people there, or even no one at all.

Yan Wei raised his hand and looked forward through his fingertips, as if his hand had touched the stone tablet. The long monument extending to the clouds is dark, the same? The white clouds are intertwined, dark and bright.

be close by.

He narrowed his eyes slightly and looked out of the window. He could even see the stone tablet under the clouds? Last, the player code written in blood red.

Among the top several, the code of one is extremely short and… Familiar.


The time sealed in the coin was embedded in Yan Wei’s mind, and finally put together a complete memory.

When Yan Wei first climbed the stairs, although he didn’t climb fiercely now, compared with other players, he was really not soft and even a little crazy.

He thought that he created Xuanniao and got the moon wheel at the top, but he didn’t expect that they were actually very early. Less than three months after Yan Wei entered the building, he had passed the thirty seventh floor, and he still assembled the moon wheel in the copy of the thirty seventh floor.

The moon wheel was made up of five pieces at the beginning.

Yan Wei always thought that this was the last time he went upstairs. Like other high-level players, he got the legendary way at the high-level? With rewards, but didn’t expect that the moon wheel was a legendary way he made himself at the bottom from the beginning to the end? Tools.

These five pieces were originally other legends? A fragment of a. Although there is unlikely to be a powerful way at the bottom? Yes, but some fragments left after the fragmentation and reconstruction of this high-level replica will still appear occasionally, but these fragments are only legendary? A small piece of, although a little useful, the effect? But not much. For the bottom players, it’s even an ordinary Tao? Tools.

When Yan Wei first ascended the stairs to more than 30 floors, he obtained a total of five such fragments.

When? When he had a whim, he fused the five fragments together, and unexpectedly made a new legend on the 37th floor? Tools. Therefore, the ability of the moon wheel is to split and integrate, and all concrete and abstract things can be split or integrated. The functions such as splitting space he used in these two copies are only the tip of the iceberg of the moon wheel.

The ability of the moon wheel is brought into full play, and even the human soul can be separated.

Because of the birth of the moon wheel?, Yan Wei, who climbed the stairs for the first time, instantly raised his strength. He easily won the best copy of the copy he met with Lin Qing. He also got to know Lin Qing and formed a black bird with Lin Qing on the 30th and 40th floors.

Getting to know Yan Mingguang is the thing after spelling out the moon wheel.

He and Lin Qing met in that copy and set up the Xuanniao together? Later, because Yan Wei’s climbing speed was too fast, no one could keep up with the whole Xuanniao. When Yan Wei subsequently enters the replica, he is basically alone, or he can find a higher-level player to form a temporary team.

When he went upstairs alone on more than 40 floors, the undead skill he obtained for the first time was completely upgraded to the highest proportion – half? One.

Yan Wei used half for the first time? If he didn’t die, he couldn’t kill him by ghosts. He looked at the ghosts at midnight when everyone was hiding. result? After midnight, seeing that the ghost was completely annoyed by him, he quickly turned and ran away.

He had also left his back hand, but it was useless. He saw that there seemed to be a man with glasses and silver hair ahead, lighting a cigarette in the treacherous night, leaning slightly against the wall, looking indifferent, as if he didn’t care about the proximity of him and the ghosts behind him.

——Who is this? Could it be some hidden NPCs and ghosts?

Yan Wei, with a tentative idea, changed his look, put away his back hand, ran quickly to the man, bumped his head into the man’s arms, and shouted in panic: “Help!!”

The man frowned and said calmly, “don’t save.”

The skull that Yan Wei chased after him had rushed to his eyes.

With the answer of “no rescue”, a crisp broken sound remembered that the creepy feeling behind Yan Wei suddenly disappeared.

When he looked back, the ground was already covered with pale broken bones, and the man’s hand was still in mid air, holding a crushing position. From the slightly raised green veins on the man’s arm, we can see how much strength the man used quietly.

“… not save?”


Yan Wei looked at the man without a trace. Before he said anything more, the man wiped his lens, didn’t he? Turn around and leave.

Yan Wei shouted: “Who are you?”

The man turned back and calmly showed a few lines of incomprehension. Maybe it was why he asked such a meaningless question.

Yan Wei asked, “what’s your name?”

This man is very quiet.

“No name.”

Yan Wei: “… Can you be more serious about fooling?”


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