Half Immortal Chapter 13

Half Immortal Chapter 13: The Promenade Hotel (13)

The dim light magnified the sound in detail, and every grain of dust was clearly visible at this moment.

Yan Wei could clearly hear his sudden stagnant breathing. He looked at Yan Mingguang sitting by the bed in front, stabilized his body, stared straight, and finally saw the other party’s dark face – there was no face at all.

At the moment when he realized it, the cool feeling of being stared at in all directions in the daytime swept again and rushed straight to Yan Wei’s brain.

The things sitting by the bed were very sharp. Yan Wei could not hesitate for a moment. “Yan Mingguang” slowly raised his head. A bloody mouth suddenly appeared on his face with no facial features and smiled at him.

With Yan Mingguang’s voice, this thing floated and falsely whispered, “you found it…”

The more dangerous it is, the more calm Yan Wei is.

He could feel his heart beating fast and his blood seemed to flow more happily, but his brain was calmer and calmer at the moment.

His fingers moved and his eyes coagulated. Suddenly, he grabbed Yan Mingguang’s hand under the quilt, crossed the dirty thing, turned over and got out of bed and said, “Yan Mingguang, run!!!”

At the moment he grabbed his hand, the people on his side also turned over and got out of bed with him, moving quickly and quickly. The man’s hand is warm, but Yan Wei feels a little cold in the palm.

Beside the bed, Yan Mingguang, who had no face, didn’t move. He just turned his neck and looked at them in their direction. The only mouth on his face smiled bigger and his mouth was covered with blood.

Yan Wei grabbed Yan Mingguang and quickly ran to the door. Lightning flashed through his mind. I saw that I was about to run to the door


Yan Wei withdrew his posture of opening the door, turned back, released his hand holding Yan Mingguang, raised his foot and kicked the people behind him!

At the moment of shooting, Yan Wei obviously felt the improvement of physical quality brought by Lou’s feedback on his body index. During his hasty movements, the strength of his kick was much greater than that before entering the building.

Behind him, Yan Mingguang, who should have been very good, didn’t react immediately. In an instant, Yan Wei kicked him back and fell to the ground.

Yan Wei gasped heavily, so he stood by the door and looked into the house. With one hand in his pocket, he touched the small dagger he specially prepared during the day.

A few steps away on the ground, Yan Mingguang, who was pulled out of bed by him, lay on his back. The man held the floor to stand up and said, “Yan Wei, what are you doing?”

Yan Mingguang, sitting by the bed, slowly stood up and walked towards him with a grim smile. Yan Mingguang, who got up on the ground, also stood up. A cold voice sounded in the dark room: “go.”

Yan Wei took out his dagger, leaned against the door, bowed slightly, and was very vigilant. But his tight expression just now actually relaxed a little. His thin lips moved gently and drew a rusty and fierce smile.

“What are you going to do?” he looked at the two Yan Mingguang in front of him. “You are all fake.”

The thing sitting by his bed didn’t hide much from the beginning. At the moment he noticed something was wrong, he showed his bloody and dirty mouth and terrible face.

The person lying on his side was always very quiet – Yan Wei thought Yan Mingguang would wake up early at first, but just lay there and stood still. But just a moment after shaking his hand, he suddenly realized that something was wrong.

As like as two peas in Yan Mingguang as like as two peas, the temperature on his side is similar to that of a man. Even though men are game player, they can grasp the fingertips texture all the time, but only one thing is missing.

The man lying next to him is not Yan Mingguang!

There was no action at the moment. Yan Wei touched his black ring without trace and glanced at the pop-up information column. On the status bar of permanent skills, “immortal state” is still on.

He guessed right.

It’s not dawn at all. It’s not even midnight now.

Yan Wei holds the knife and hooks the corner of his mouth: “Don’t you take this illusion away? It’s a fake from the beginning. Whether it’s the people sitting by the bed or lying next to me, it’s an illusion. Just like the last time in the studio, it’s just used to confuse the public and disturb my thoughts, and let me rush into the painting by myself. There must be a picture I can’t see at the door, waiting for me to throw myself into the net.”

As like as two peas in the same illusion. If he was fooled and ran into the picture, it was really hard to survive. At twelve midnight, he could not even get in the picture, but once he could not find a way out, he would be unable to protect himself after twelve o’clock.

He said this in an orderly manner. The thing sitting by the bed stood there and smiled at him several times. The laughter was sharp and gloomy, like a rather high male voice.

At the next moment, the surrounding environment really changed. The originally gray sky outside suddenly darkened, and the sky returned to the dark night. Everything in the room swung gently, and stacked portrait lines emerged, revealing the original face of the room.


This is what the original copy said about reducing the ghost limit!

Yan Wei is not in room 5 at all. He doesn’t know when he has been transferred to the studio on the top floor by ghosts. In front of him is another “Yan Mingguang” kicked away by him Yan Wei glanced at the closed door of the studio behind him and saw a picture on the door and a password lock on the door handle. Obviously, it was not possible to open the door by turning the door handle.

The faceless fake Yan Mingguang also slowly revealed his true face.

It was a man covered with blood. His eyes had been hollowed out in two places, revealing two big blood holes. At first glance, his very expensive suit was full of dry blood.

Even though his face was very ferocious, Yan Wei recognized the ghost’s identity from the man’s nose, mouth and facial contour.


On the first night, the middle-aged man said that the painter who ran out of the painting and stole the eyes of the long skirt woman.

The artist, who had a good self portrait before his death, was now covered with stolen goods and looked ferociously at him. His cool voice sounded: “since you don’t go, give me your eyes.”

Before the voice fell, in the echoing voice, several portraits of women without eyes moved, and one woman with empty eyes came out. Their feet were slightly off the ground and walked towards Yan Wei. Yan Wei could only see his own shadow under the quiet moonlight outside the studio window.

He didn’t move.

His hand holding the dagger was slightly tight, but he looked very calm and said, “if you could dig my eyes, would you wait until now?”

The steps of several blind girls stopped, and the painter’s terrible face trembled violently.

The ghost’s reaction verified Yan Wei’s guess. He relaxed a little and then said, “you have restrictions. You can’t kill me, so you have to cheat me in this way. On the first day we came to the hotel, you first focused on me?”

At that time, the waiter praised his appearance, which was basically equivalent to leaving a death trigger on him for the painter to dig his eyes at night. But he cracked the trigger directly at the scene at that time. The next day, Yan Wei and Yan Mingguang were very careful and didn’t touch any restrictions at all. If the painter wanted to kill him and want his eyes, he had to move him to the studio to lure him to trigger the restrictions.

Seeing that Yan Wei was not fooled at all, the artist with empty eyes roared angrily, and his voice became more low but terrible, like grinding a basin of blood.

“What if I have restrictions? Yes, I can’t kill you, and you can’t get out,” the painter smiled hastily. “You’re locked here and you’ll starve to death. Why don’t you give me your eyes… Give me… My paintings will look better with such beautiful eyes…”

Yan Wei turned his head, pulled down the picture pasted on the door and threw it on the ground. He glanced at the code lock on the door handle.

Having determined that the ghost would not attack him, he took the dagger back into his pocket and took a look at the code lock in his hands.

This is a code lock that can roll. The lock body is very thick. Obviously, it can’t be cut off by cold weapons. There are three rows of scrollable numbers on the lock. At the moment, all three numbers stay on “0”.

In other words, the password has three digits, each digit may be any number from zero to nine, and there is a small confirm button next to it. It should be that after the password scrolls correctly, you can press it to unlock the lock.

The painter smiled grimly: “of course, you can also try to open this lock, but you only have one chance… As long as you scroll the password, the entered password is wrong, I have no limit…”

“I can dig your eyes… Such good-looking eyes are the best I’ve ever seen. Oh, yes, the man with you has good-looking eyes. I want them all… I want them all!”

Yan Wei’s eyebrows moved slightly.

Only one chance?

In other words, if the hotel they are in now is a complete copy, he should have solved the last death problem, but also triggered the next branch line. He has only one chance to unlock the password lock in front of him. If he gets the right password and opens the lock, tonight’s crisis will be over. If he makes a mistake, the final limit of the copy to the ghost will completely disappear, and the painter in front of him will come up and empty his eyes.

In the studio, the man with empty eyes and dry blood is still whispering: “give me your eyes! Give me… I can draw the most perfect portrait… Eyes…”

Yan Wei glanced at the information panel. There was still an hour and four minutes left in the immortal state.

He silently held the password lock for about a minute, and then he smiled in such a strange environment.

This light smile interrupted the painter’s muttering. His face trembled suddenly and said sadly to Yan Weiyin, “what are you laughing at?”

“For a three digit password, each digit has the possibility of zero to nine — ten digits, that is, a thousand possibilities. It takes about three seconds for me to enter a password, and a thousand passwords take 50 minutes. In fact, I can try them one by one. Even if I’m wrong, you can’t kill me. But I think it’s stupid.

“You don’t seem to think I can input the correct password at all? Let me guess why you are so sure. This password lock is not only a restriction on me, but also on you. We are fair. But password is a kind of nonsense speculation. A thousand possible answers mean that there is only one in a thousand chance of guessing right at will. There is no difference between us Fairness is completely unbalanced, so this is definitely not a random number. ”

Under the moonlight, the painter’s bloody face, half buried in the haze, seemed to move and showed resentment towards him.

Yan Wei’s eyes smile deeper.

The blood all over his body flowed rapidly with the accelerated heartbeat. The alert did not make him nervous, but put him in excitement. He was not afraid of such a game of life and death, but seemed to release his anti bone nature and let him immerse himself in it.

Holding the code lock in one hand, he looked at the ghost in the terrible copy and then said: “Since it can’t be a random number, there are rules or clues, which are usually hidden in the information I already know. On the first day, we didn’t have any clues about the numbers. On the second day, I saw some dates in the archives, July 3, ten years ago. Another possibility is that the guest’s room number is from room 1 to room 5, and the studio has no label, but if you want to give it If it is labeled, it should be room zero on the 15th floor. Then according to the clues I found, the password should be 703 or 150. ”

The young man’s fingertips were placed on the button to confirm the password, and it seemed that he had prepared the rolling password lock. His clear voice echoed in the wide studio. Under the cool moonlight, Yan Wei and the painter raised the corners of his mouth at the same time.

Yan Wei’s eyes moved gently, and her light brown eyes were imbued with confidence.

The painter’s bloody mouth moved, revealing a terrible cold smile.

“You’re happy now because you think I’m going to lose 703 or 150. I’m dead, right? You want to see me press it? Don’t worry, I’ll press it, but I have to do something before I leave.”

Yan Wei smiled and put down the code lock in the face of the gloomy and terrible ghosts in the room. He even put away his little dagger for self-defense, took the pocket of his windbreaker in one hand and walked forward towards the painter.

The painter seemed to grind his teeth and made a hoarse and harsh voice: “ha ha ha! You dare not try, but you came to die?”

Yan Wei gave him a white eye.

He has always doubted why the painter lost his eyes and died. Everything has a reason. Their copy is obviously a story of a resentful ghost. How likely is it that there is no reason for the ghost of all the portraits of the controller? Yan Wei doesn’t think it is possible.

Now the immortal state is not over, and the painter is in front of him again, which is a good opportunity for him to find clues.

So he went directly to the painter, endured his extremely picky cleanliness, stretched out his hand and grabbed the painter’s hand full of dry blood with disgust on his face.

He had already come into direct contact with ghosts. Naturally, ghosts would not have the restriction that they could not kill him. The painter smiled heavily and moved his fingers violently, trying to reach out to his eyes.

——Nothing happened.

Yan Wei’s eyebrows and eyes were almost squeezed together by the strong desire for cleanliness, but he insisted and looked at the painter all over.

The painter tore and cried, “why aren’t you dead!! if you touch me, I can kill you! I can kill you!!!”

“Don’t try, man. Fatal injuries don’t work. It seems that you can only dig your eyes? Every time you dig your eyes, you will dig your brain and empty people’s brain. This fatal injury is useless,” he said. After reading his hand, his eyes moved up, carefully looked at the painter’s empty eyes and said, “look again, just for a while. I can’t beat you tomorrow. I have to see it clearly today.”

Painter: ”

Yan Wei carefully observed it up and down in the quiet sound of the ghost.

The painter’s hands are already very dry, but it can be seen that although the painter’s hands were powerful before his death, they are not thin. The edges of the two empty eyes are very irregular. They don’t seem to be hollowed out by sharp tools, but they seem to be… Hollowed out by people’s hands. There are some brains involved in the eyes. The way of taking out the eyes is cruel and direct, which can be seen from the painter If there was no other bleeding place, he should have dug his eyes and died.

“By the way, man, did you dig your own eyes?”

The painter did not answer him, but repeated: “I want to empty your eyes… Decorate my perfect painting with your eyes… I want to empty your eyes…”

Yan Wei: “……” he was so angry.

After reading everything that should be seen, there was no clue worth staying here. He wrote down all the details of what he had just learned, walked back to the door again and took up the code lock.

“703 or 150?” he said.

When Yan Wei put his fingertips on the confirmation button of the password lock, the painter “Jie Jie” laughed: “open… Open… You’re wrong, your eyes are mine, mine, mine…”

Yan Wei gave a low smile.

His laughter echoed in the spacious studio. In such a gloomy and treacherous place, his mocking laughter was even colder than the painter’s voice.

The next moment, Yan Wei, who said 703 and 150, did not move the scroll bar of three numbers, but directly pressed the confirm button without hesitation!!

The painter’s ferocious smile solidified in an instant.

The number still remained at 000, but the password lock “clicked” and opened in this way.


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