Half Immortal Chapter 130

Half Immortal Chapter 130: “some things always have to face.”

At first, Yan Wei really thought Yan Mingguang was fooling himself.

Most of the copies in the building are mainly ghosts. Some NPC in the building have ghosts, and some monsters who don’t know what they are. Ghosts often mix into players. Yan Wei will keep the same in his heart for people who look suspicious and are out of tune with the players.

The copy has just started one day. Everything is unknown. Yan Wei did not act rashly.

He watched the man turn and walk away slowly in the deep corridor. A faint light on one side? The faint light pulled out the long shadow of the man.

It’s hard for Yan Wei not to pay attention.

If this is a disguised ghost in the copy, it’s too maverick.

Yan Wei therefore kept an eye.

The copy of this layer is a copy of the death rule that seals up the players’ data strength. All players live together and have to figure out the death rule to live until the ladder appears. How many in the copy? Days later, most players became familiar. Yan Wei paid special attention to this man in the idea that the silver haired man might be a disguised ghost, and even always took action with each other intentionally or unintentionally for observation.

On the third day of the copy, the player in the same room with Yan Wei accidentally triggered the death rule. Yan Wei lost his roommate and moved to the man’s room that night – because this person is alone, but the copy requires that the number of people in their room must be even.

He can only hold the idea of gambling and secretly observe each other’s every move.

Unexpectedly, this man did not give him any sense of danger, but was more reliable than other powerful players in the copy. Although he is always duplicity, saying one thing and doing another, he is also full of kindness to Yan Wei.

Even in the danger of death in the middle of the night, the man did not hesitate to run with him.

Yan Wei was not immortal that day. He ran all the way with the man. The ghosts in the rear had disappeared. They were hidden in the small storage room of the building, so close that they could hear it clearly.

“You? Save people in this copy?” Yan Wei gasped, under his heart? It’s funny, “these people don’t die casually during the day. You can save them by stopping them. You? Mind your own business during the day and always help others. You still run with me at night?”

The man didn’t speak.

The man looked at the ground and held Yan Wei’s hand. It seemed that he forgot to loosen it. He has a good look? Light, can’t see any emotion.

In the daytime, the man stood by like this. Except Yan Wei, others didn’t dare to approach. But now, he just pulled Yan Wei in the narrow storage room, and the temperature on his skin was fresh and hot.

This man can’t be a ghost.

It seems alienated, but it’s actually too kind.

——Is an object of trust and friendship.

Yan Wei raised his hand and patted each other on the shoulder in the cramped storage room.

He said: “now can you tell me who you are? If our organization has not been enmity, we can help each other in this copy.”

The man shook his head. “I’m not organized.”

He said, “what’s your name?”

This time, the other party looked at him.

“Just shout.”

“Yan Wei thought it funny,” you don’t care so much? ”


The man paused?, How many more words? Sentence: “I don’t care about the name, and I don’t remember the name. What you shout is what you shout.”

“Don’t you really have a name?”

“Is a name a must?”

Yan Wei was speechless for a moment. This is not a question that normal people can ask, but he can’t deny it. In the world inside the building, life and death are very casual, and the name really doesn’t matter.

He joked, “really? No? No, I’ll just take one for you.”


Really grumpy? OK.

Yan Wei thought. Fortunately, the man looked like a living hell. These players didn’t dare to approach and let him pick up a leak.

He seemed to think about it?. What is the specific emotion? Yan Wei actually doesn’t remember much. Even now he has recovered his memory, but is he in his thirties? The memory of the layer is also quite long for him now. He can only think of some fragments of these pictures, not nothing? Remember in detail.

Anyway, he was serious? Thought for a while?.

“You? Know what you’ve made me feel these two days?” he said.

There was no light in the narrow storage room, only the corridor light slightly revealed from the crack of the door slightly drew the outline of each other. They are close enough to feel the breath, the temperature and the approaching body of each other. This situation is beyond Yan Wei’s usual distance from others and has broken his guard.

“What?” the other party asked him cooperatively.

“Well… If you don’t know anyone, you should kindly help? It’s like a place where there is light everywhere,” he said. “The light is as bright as day.”

“Why don’t you call me Yan?”

The black ring vibrated slightly twice.

Yan Wei pointed and the information panel popped up. He stared at the name of the sender for a full minute, and then sighed.

It’s the news from Lin Zhen who has just issued a copy – ask him where he lives now.

He had just sent the location information when there was a knock outside the door. Lin Zhen has just received the news. Lin Qing should still be in the copy. Naturally, it can’t be Lin Zhen or Lin Qing.

Completely close to nothing here? In the central area of the longest monument, the apartments assigned to each player are terrible, and the surrounding rooms are empty. Does each player live very well? Far away. Even if there is a direct train in the world inside the building, it has to change several times from the inside to the outside? Once, it takes a lot of time.

However, high-level players generally don’t go outside.

At this level, they basically don’t pay attention to other things except impacting the top-level copy. Even the gambling building, unless it is a gambling building with a super high-level copy, others can’t attract the interest of super high-level players at all.

In Yan Wei’s memory, there is no one in the most central area.

The last time he went upstairs, he usually met Yan Mingguang in addition to Lin Qing? See you? Face, how many with other players? Almost all entered the copy before they hit the face-to-face. He also knows several players at the top of other organizations, and even has friends or enemies who have played copies together. See you? How many people should be left who have passed him? One is still there, but now it will be clear who he lives here

There should be only two.

Everyone else died in the last copy.

Yan Wei sighed silently.

He looked back, turned, walked through the wide living room and came all the way to the door. He didn’t watch the cat’s eye in front of the door or ask who the visitor was. When he arrived at the door, he opened the door directly.

Yan Mingguang stood at the door.

Perhaps the puppet castle was beaten too badly before the end of the copy, and the scene was full of disgusting smell of blood, or because Yan Mingguang’s clothes were torn by the puppet at that time. Obviously, the man came here after changing his clothes.

Yan Mingguang wears casual jeans with slender legs. Yan Wei glanced up. The man, wearing pure black short sleeves, stood by the door with his pocket in one hand and leaned slightly against the wall. He was still wearing his silver framed glasses, and his cold black eyes were covered by more than half of the slight cold.

Yan Wei shook his hand on the doorknob.

Even for the second time, he was always with Yan Mingguang. But now the missing memory is embedded back, and Yan Wei thinks of the danger of their last copy.

In order to let them die, another Yan Mingguang appeared in the copy – almost confusing the false with the true, really? Yan Wei couldn’t recognize it, and even nearly died because he recognized the wrong person at the beginning.

Later, the copy became more and more dangerous. Yan Wei was too busy. Other high-level players in the copy died one after another, and finally… Only the two of them were alive.

Before Yan Wei entered the copy, he had expected that his trip would be difficult. He is different from other players. His purpose is to get Pandora’s box, wish everything to end, let the building destroy itself under the mechanism of Pandora’s box, and let the copy of the world in the building no longer appear.

This obviously angered the possible consciousness born out of the building.

So he and Yan Mingguang both left behind.

In fact, they were successful in the end, but Yan Wei’s memory was limited to this. Next, he entered the Corridor Hotel on the first floor – it seems that in order to prevent him from exchanging Pandora’s box, Lou found a way to format him and Yan Mingguang at that time. But he and Yan Mingguang had left behind for a long time. Now they have all recovered their memories and taken back the sealed data.

Yan Wei raised his eyes and looked at Yan Mingguang without action.

Yan Mingguang seemed to raise his hand, but the range of action was not large. Finally, he put it down? Come on.

After a while, Yan Wei blinked quickly, smiled, turned aside and said, “come in.”

Yan Mingguang raised his feet.

The man made a sudden step as he passed him. Yan Wei only felt Yan Mingguang suddenly close to him. In a mess, the man’s kiss had fallen.

But it didn’t go deep. Warm just stayed on his lips for a moment. Yan Mingguang grabbed his arm and tried to make Yan Wei feel some slight pain, but the falling kiss was a little more.

Like their current state, Mingming has been close at hand, but it seems that they have met again after a long separation.

Later, Yan Mingguang released him and paused. Then he entered the house.

Yan Wei chuckled, closed the door and said, “the last time I sent out a copy, when I had a party in my room, you came the latest because you came from the center?”

Before entering the copy of the puppet castle, Yan Wei organized a party and called Lin Zhen and others. Yan Mingguang was the last one. Although Yan Wei noticed at that time, he didn’t ask. Now I want to come, isn’t it that Yan Mingguang recovered his memory and data earlier than him and has been assigned to the residence of the world’s top players in the building, so it took too long?

Yan Mingguang nodded.

Yan Wei skillfully took out a bottle of red wine from the refrigerator, opened it slowly, poured the wine and said, “it’s the second time. Unfortunately, there was no response when formatting at that time, otherwise I would drag you? Correct your name information?”

Yan Mingguang turned to look at him. The corners of his mouth, which had no radian all the year round, were slightly aroused, and slowly said, “the same.”

“It just reads the same. I still regret it. Why didn’t I tell you clearly when I named it? How did I write the word ‘Yan’?”

In other words, Yan Wei just wanted to tease Yan Mingguang and use this topic he often mentioned before to start their dialogue of “reunion after a long separation”. Said he remembered, always felt a little hypocritical, didn’t say anything, and he felt he was missing something.

He sat down opposite Yan Mingguang in front of the bar with a glass of wine?.

Before he could speak, there was another knock at the door.

Lin Qing didn’t come out in the copy. Yan Mingguang sat opposite him. The only person who came could be Lin Zhen.

But Yan Wei didn’t get up to open the door without hesitation, as when Yan Mingguang came just now. His hand holding the wine glass trembled slightly, his eyes narrowed, nothing? He sat there quietly without moving for a moment.

He doesn’t know how to face Lin Zhen.

“Some things always have to be faced,” Yan Mingguang said. “He should also be aware of this copy.”

“But I don’t know what to say.”

Yan Wei raised his hand and took a sip. The strong aroma of wine came to his nose, making people want to take another sip. But he slowly put down his goblet and hesitated: “some things are clearly aware of reason and logic, and there is no way to face them objectively.”

“I don’t know what I should tell him. He’s really just an accessory.”

An accessory of all the negative personality and emotional combinations that he separated from Lin Qing with the moon wheel.


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