Half Immortal Chapter 131

Half Immortal Chapter 131: “I’m afraid of ‘it’?”

When Yan Wei met Lin Zhen before, he didn’t have much hostility to Lin Zhen – even though his first meeting with Lin Zhen was not pleasant.

But he has always been interested in Lin Zhen? A tolerant attitude. This attitude is subconscious, but not subconsciously? Take Lin Zhen as? Become an enemy. Even if it was a copy of the Ankang ancient town they had spent together, he joked that Lin Zhenduo was too defensive.

So they will naturally team up for the next copy, and they have spent three copies together.

Now that the memory is back, Yan Wei understands why all this is happening.

——Because Lin Zhen was “separated” from Lin Qing himself.

In fact, Yan Wei still can’t think of many details and experiences of climbing the building for the first time.

Although he took back his memory, he didn’t know whether it was a wandering memory. It came out of his mind and went back to the copy of the building. Finally, it returned to his mind again. In addition, it took a long time. Many things happened in those years? He has only a vague impression of love, does he? What happened? He can’t remember clearly now.

Even the copy he first met with Yan Mingguang, he has forgotten many details.

But Yan Wei remembered Lin Zhen very clearly.

He seldom does anything uncertain? Qing, about Lin Zhen? Love is an accident. Is he and Lin Qing not? Take control of the accident.

When? At that time, he had not known Yan Mingguang. He was just after he got to know Lin Qing and just made a moon wheel.

Although he only had one copy with Lin Qing, the life outside the copy is often supported together. What are they doing with Xuanniao? There are no differences in love. Why can we share the same goal? Daohe is because Lin Qing, to some extent, is very similar to Yan Wei.

Lin Qing is not a person who talks a lot. At ordinary times, he even has some rigid silence, gloomy and dead. Standing with Yan Wei, they look completely different, but their temperament is the same.

Lin Qing, like him, is interested in achieving goals and objectives? Love is born with a crazy energy.

At the last moment of the puppet Castle copy, if? The person who has passed the copy has just met Lin Qing of the meeting with Yan Wei. Does he have? It’s probably the same as Yan Wei’s choice – in order to have? More clues, do not hesitate to let the NPC take one more step, let the player fall into passivity, so as to save his life.

Besides, what else does Lin Qing have? Some instability hidden in silence. Is that what he experienced as a child? Meaningless and destructive.

Rational madness may be the sharp weapon of the sword, but madness with destructive desire and playfulness can easily become a burden.

Lin Qing himself rejects his temperament very much.

When? I don’t know how, after their discussion, they decided to use the moon wheel to separate all these negative emotions and characters that Lin Qing didn’t want, and only keep them? The calm and silent side of Lin Qing.

Yan Wei is not sure, but with the increase of their layers, Lin Qing really urgently needs to overcome these unstable factors. And the moon wheel is a never? For the new legendary props that have appeared, all abilities need to be controlled by Yan Wei. Yan Wei also needs to be familiar with and explore the function of the moon wheel.

So before Yan Wei entered the copy where Yan Mingguang met, he spent five days in the building world, from raw to skilled, and finally completely cut out the negative emotions and characters that Lin Qing didn’t need.

“No…” Yan Wei, who has just finished the division with the moon wheel, looks pale and his forehead is full of cold sweat. “Lin Qing, your negative emotions and personality are too unstable.”

The moon wheel was suspended between them, and there was a thick black gas with unknown shape rolling on it.

Lin Qing suddenly calmed down a lot. Looking at these parts that should belong to his soul, he just frowned and asked Yan Wei, “can’t you break them up directly?”

Yan Wei shook his head: “I’m not sure. It’s the first time I’ve done anything to my soul. It’s good not to cut anything wrong for you. These emotions and characters… I suggest not to lose or break up, because I’m not sure if they will have any impact on you.”

Lin Qing raised his hand and slowly took over the regiment? The “soul” of essence.

His face was calm and joked, “I should have lightened a few grams.”

Yan Wei reluctantly spread his hand.

“What should we do?” Lin Qing asked him.

Yan Wei thought for a moment and said, “you’d better take it first. In case of any accidents or side effects, you have time to integrate it back in a crisis.”

The moon wheel is full of unknowns. Even though Yan Wei is brave, he won’t gamble with his friends.

This is the safest way.

Lin Qing naturally listens to him. He redeems a container that can hold everything in the mall of the world in the building, puts the soul in it, and takes it with him in the black ring.

Not after that? What happened, Yan Wei’s first attempt was obviously very successful. Lin Qing has changed since then. How to act? Although ruthless, there has never been senseless madness, and the climbing has always been very smooth.

In Yan Wei’s memory, after he entered the building, first? It was Lin Qing who got to know Lin Qing. In the copy they met, they had a tit for tat – what was the difference between the process of getting to know Lin Zhen the second time he went upstairs? Kind of. After that copy, they didn’t know each other and formed Xuanniao together. Then Yan Wei spelled out the moon wheel and used it to help Lin Qing separate the negative emotions and characters Lin Qing didn’t want.

Later, Yan Wei met strength? The unfathomable Yan Mingguang gradually made an appointment with Yan Mingguang. What happened after that? Love… Is the fragmentary fragments that appear before Yan Wei recovers his memory. His relationship with Yan Mingguang is getting closer and closer. In addition to being trusted comrades in arms, he gradually gives birth to different possession? Desire.

Yan Mingguang doesn’t seem to like making friends with others, and Yan Wei hasn’t? Introduce Lin Qing and Yan Mingguang.

When Yan Wei and Yan Mingguang were already attacking the top, Lin Qing told Yan Wei that there was something wrong with the small part of the soul divided by the regiment.

Maybe Lin Qing has been around for a long time. This incomplete soul has been contaminated with miscellaneous things. Didn’t it originally? Things, including curiosity, kindness, desire and other essential things, seem to become a single… Person.

At that time, Yan Wei had reached the most critical juncture.

His rebellion is naturally engraved in his bones, and he rejects this sense of being manipulated by other things from beginning to end? Sleep. As soon as he entered the building, Yan Wei’s goal was to destroy the building, and he had been moving forward. He only needed the last copy to exchange it for Pandora’s box to end all this.

What he wants is not to end everything and leave alone, but to end everything and take everything with him? People leave.

The last copy is particularly critical.

He was? Maybe something has been felt. He can’t remember this specific detail. He just remembers that he was very nervous at that time and planned what happened after every day? Love, and keep the backhands he has now secretly.

So when Lin Qing told him that the split soul had become a complete person, Yan Wei had no extra energy to deal with it.

He just told Lin Qing that he wanted to enter the last copy. Is it very important? There may be an accident, but did he? Give yourself a way back, most likely won’t die. If Lin Qing meets him at that time, don’t tell him everything before, let the situation develop naturally.

Then he went upstairs for the second time and met Lin Zhen.

Now it seems that Lin Zhen can only be the incomplete soul of that independent adult.

Although Lin Qing and Lin Zhen have mutual skills, they obviously focus on Lin Qing. In fact, Lin Zhen doesn’t? Too much autonomy. Moreover, when they were chatting, Lin Zhen mentioned “childhood” and “past” several times, which were completely consistent with Lin Qing’s memory.

Lin Qing and Lin Zhen were just Lin Qing alone before the split. They have only one memory. Naturally, they can’t have it? Memory of a brother or something. Only after he divided the soul, did the two people begin to deviate? The “brother” suddenly recognized in the copy spoken by Lin Zhen.

I think the reason why he had a relationship with Lin Zhen when he was on the lower floor is that he can’t go down so many buildings at once. Lin Qing deliberately released this soul and asked Lin Zhen to climb from the first floor with the identity of Lin Qing’s brother, so as to meet Yan Wei and provide help to Yan Wei.

It is also convenient for Lin Qing to have one more life when he strikes the top.

Just like the last of the puppet castle, Lin Qing transferred his injury to Lin Zhen and escaped a danger of death.

The missing memory and the experience of climbing the stairs for the second time are pieced together, although there are? Something has been forgotten, have you? Some details are vague, but Yan Wei already knows the origin of Lin Zhen.

He put down his goblet and got up slowly, but he still didn’t? Move.

Lin Zhen knocked at the door several times and became impatient – what was on him? With Lin Qing’s restless mood, he has been impatient. He knocked on the door again and shouted, “little pet, you can’t be asleep!!!”

Lin Zhen whispered again, “it’s strange that Yan Wei sent me this location… Can’t it be wrong?”

Yan Wei suddenly regretted that he had sent it to Lin Zhen so soon? His address.

He didn’t move and took a look at Yan Mingguang in the house.

Yan Mingguang is looking at the direction of the door. His eyes are frozen on the closed door. His mind is floating. He seems to be thinking about something. He should always know the origin of Lin Zhen. When he copied the puppet castle, Yan Mingguang was not surprised by all the abnormalities of Lin Zhen. Even in the end, he thought that Lin Zhen might be seriously injured because of Lin Qing and had long been concerned about it.

The man must have compassion again.

When Yan Mingguang dealt with the enemy, he was ten times more cruel than Lin Qing. But for innocent people or? It’s his own. Yan Mingguang thinks more than Yan Wei.

Yan Wei wanted to ask the other party’s opinion, but look at Yan Mingguang. He opened his mouth and finally didn’t speak. Instead, he sat down slowly.

Lin Zhen shouted at the door and sent several messages to Yan Wei with a black ring.

No Yan Wei? Reaction.

After a while, Lin Zhen left.

The surroundings returned to silence again. Yan Wei restrained his eyes and meditated for a moment. He raised his glass and took a sip of wine. Suddenly he said, “I have recovered my memory. I still need to receive the data. After receiving it, I can go straight to the 99th floor.”

The consciousness born out of the building has been tit for tat with him for the second time. Yan Wei is in the light, and that consciousness is in the dark. The more copies Yan Wei enters, the more opportunities he has to start.

Have you had so much experience, memory and data strength in the past? In this case, the best choice is to attack the ninety-nine layer replica with Yan Mingguang at the fastest speed without giving too many opportunities to the consciousness? Qi gets Pandora’s box and realizes Yan Wei’s goal of destroying the building again.

I’m afraid Lin Qing thought so, so he hurried into this batch of copies on the 89th floor and prepared the invitation letter on the 99th floor for Yan Wei in advance.

Yan Wei sighed.

Yan Mingguang looked at him.

“Lin Qing and I didn’t know what to do when we were together. I should be responsible to the end. You can leave here after the 99th floor, or exchange what you want. Lin Zhen can also exchange what you want after the 99th floor. I don’t want only the three of us to go in. I want to take him and the fish flying boat to the top floor.”

But even if Lin Qing comes out this time, Xuanniao won’t get more than three invitations at most.

They need five invitations to go to the top floor.

Yan Wei needs two more letters.

Yan Wei raised his hand, curled up his fingers, pointed his fingertips on the table and slowly wrote out two numbers.


“When Lin Qing comes out, let’s go to the 89th floor again. I want to get at least two invitations to the 99th floor.”

Yan Mingguang reminded: “if you enter one more high-level copy, you will create one more opportunity for ‘it’ to destroy you.”

Yan Wei raised his eyebrow: “I’m afraid of ‘it’?”


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