Half Immortal Chapter 132

Half Immortal Chapter 132: Reunion after a long separation

Yan Wei has never been afraid.

He didn’t think of climbing the summit for the first time just now, just because of this? How many times did he know about the summit? My desire is not high.

Desire is not high, does not mean willing to be manipulated.

Floor randomly selects these players and forces them to enter the copy, day after day? In the building, the world climbs up the building with fear. Can they only be arranged without choice?

Did he understand that he was very happy when he first went upstairs? Unwilling mood?.

Players in the world inside the building are basically no different from string puppets in front of the building. Can a better one have one? Some free movement ability, can struggle in the face of life and death, can have a little more than other puppets? What’s worse can only be one? An insignificant tool that becomes a stepping stone for those who die in the copy. They have no freedom, no other choice.

And the so-called summit can leave, one? Zhidu is just a statement, and there has never been a real example.

Yan weishang? It was speculated that the so-called leaving after climbing the summit could not be realized at all. The last copy will try every means to let the people who want to leave stay completely – either stay or die.

Only this one? Only when they pass through the top-level copy can they really live. Not like now, wandering in life and death, living in order to live.

After he got back his memory, he knew how attached he was to climbing the top and getting Pandora’s box when he first climbed the stairs. That almost ran through his first ascent, which was the root driving force driving him to quickly and continuously enter the copy.

But when Yan Wei ascended from the first floor for the second time, he was missing? When I first went upstairs, I only felt that I had entered a world outside the building? It started after a black building? Can’t stop climbing the stairs.

In fact, he didn’t think much about challenging the authority of the building when he made these copies?.

Maybe it’s because Yan Mingguang was around him at the beginning, so that he didn’t have much floating sense of life and death in his subconscious mind. Maybe it’s also because of the first? The tragic defeat and the players who all died at the last level made him subconsciously unwilling to think of it.

Until the memory returned, he didn’t want to repeat it so paranoid? One? The goal of this time is to talk to Yan Mingguang for the first time.

But this one? At that moment, Yan Wei knew very well that he still had to do so.

For himself and for? He was not familiar with the forest situation caused by the use of the moon wheel? And Lin Zhen? Consequences.

Only Lin Zhen and Lin Qing? One? Can you make a wish to be completely in love with Lin after you rise to the top and exchange for Pandora? Points? Leave and leave again. Otherwise, if he succeeds?, Lin Qing? With him? When he leaves the world inside the building, Lin Zhen will die immediately because of dependency, or they fail. Lin Zhen also

So Lin Zhen must go to the top with them.

As for ending this? Cut… Yan Wei? But I don’t have any interest?. Up? One? When he went upstairs for the first time, he wanted to make everyone no longer trapped here. Most of them still had his own anti bone first. Maybe he is cold-blooded in his bones. Other people’s lives have nothing to do with him. He just wants to take care of the people and things in front of him.

That is to leave this Shura hell with himself and other people he cares about.

At the moment when Yan Wei came out of the copy of the puppet castle, he already had something in mind about what to do next? A vague shadow.

About Lin Zhen? Like a catalyst? What, let him have it completely? Make a decision.

The black ring in Yan Wei’s hand vibrated again.

He opens the information panel, and the private chat interface between Lin Zhen and him pops up again. The last few messages on the interface are “where are you, little pet? I have something to do with you”, followed by the location information he just sent.

The last one is a new message from Lin Zhen: “where are you, little pet? I want to find you.”

Maybe I didn’t find anyone just now and sent it back.

Yan Wei just doesn’t know how to tell Lin Zhen now. He can’t hang people all the time. He thought for a moment and replied, “I’ve just sent out a copy. I’m too tired. Let’s have a rest first. We’ll get together when Lin Qing comes out in two days.”

There seems to be a boring wait. Is he alone? Lin Zhen replied, “OK? Let’s sleep with you.” his words were as casual as usual, as if he didn’t notice anything at all.

But in the puppet castle, Lin Zhen’s anomalies are so obvious. Finally, Lin Qing? Is it really happening to hurt Lin Zhen?, No matter how slow Lin Zhen is, he can’t be unconscious. And before that, Lin Zhen mentioned Lin Qing?, Once in a while? What’s wrong? Don’t say you’re aware of it at this moment?, I’m afraid Lin Zhen already knew it.

But he assembled? Lin Qing? Those characters and feelings you don’t want? Thread – it doesn’t matter, don’t care, even if you know?, It’s just such carelessness, as if this is not his life experience? Kind.

I don’t know whether it’s lucky or unfortunate.

Yan Wei’s eyes closed? Information panel.

“I want to exchange the magic box to end this process because I want us to leave safely. I also want to take an adventure on the 89th floor and get two invitations for Lin Zhen and Yu Feizhou… Do I want a little more?” he smiled? One? Sound.

Yan Mingguang did not know when he had sat beside him. Even if this person is sitting on a soft sofa?, The back is also straight, and the whole body is as light as pine and snow, which is a familiar feeling of Yan Wei.

Yan Mingguang’s character of being motionless wherever he goes is an inaccessible indifference to strangers. If you are in front of such a close person as Yan Wei, you can really rely on and rest assured.

The man’s dark eyes reflected Yan Wei’s figure. What did he see? With Yan Wei, he slowly said, “I’ll accompany you.”

Yan Mingguang and Yan Wei have said this many times. Yan Wei can’t count how many times.

He unconsciously leaned against Yan Mingguang and smelled the faint and refreshing taste of Yan Mingguang. It’s like the soap smell of clothes. It’s a little pure, isn’t it? The smell of silk impurities in the air.

Yan Wei raised his eyes and happened to grow a little shallow along Yan Mingguang? Layer of stubble up?, Then you saw it? The man’s eyes – are looking down at him.

Yan Wei’s mind? One? Move, no reason, my cheeks are a little hot.

Yan Mingguang is a man who falls on his aesthetic point everywhere.

Yan Wei sees human nature thoroughly, so he has no expectations for human nature. One? Zhidu felt that he would never fall in love in his life – before meeting Yan Mingguang. He also imagined what it would be like if someone would make him move.

That’s Yan Mingguang.

Yan Mingguang’s appearance condition and character seem to be the type I that Yan Wei occasionally imagined? What, are they what he wants to see most in his subconscious mind? To your character and quality. It’s the pure kindness he doesn’t have, and it’s also the cold and hard alienation he doesn’t have, which is what he doesn’t want.

And this one? The second close reunion made him especially precious and important.

Yan Wei thought, just want to touch one? Touch this man. But just one? Raise your hand. What’s his finger? Curled up, went back in silence and closed his cuffs.

… this man is a hypocrite!

When he didn’t recover his memory, he wanted to tease? Tease Yan Mingguang. Now I remember, where dare you tease?

He took it back? Hand, Yan Mingguang found it? His movement suddenly took his retracted hand.

The fingertips with temperature ran across Yan Wei’s palm, and Yan Wei felt a slight itch.

In my memory, Yan Mingguang is like this, which will only make people blush next. But this time, the man just grabbed his hand, still sat there straight and let him lean slightly. In a low voice, “do you want to receive the data?”

Yan Wei nodded: “in order to prevent the building from clearing my data, I directly made this coin into a legendary prop that the building can’t actively destroy, and then stuffed the memory, my data and other props into it. Memory can be directly obtained and integrated, but it may take more than half a year for me to completely recover the data.”

Although he stayed? The backhand, but the backhand was so hidden that he had to dig for a long time.

At the moment before he felt that the building was going to format them, he took the first time he got upstairs? All the cuts are hidden in coins, while Yan Mingguang’s memory and strength are separated and hidden in the swallow necklace. The swallow necklace is only one that can be exchanged freely in the mall? A decoration, not even a prop?, That’s why you’re formatting a? Completely avoid cutting data, props and memory.

The reason why they are divided into two ways is that Yan Wei is not 100% sure.

What if? Can the consciousness born out of the building really break through the rules of the building and destroy the legendary props? And? What if? This swallow necklace is also followed by one? Is it formatted? And?

The two of them choose different paths, even if there is one? Methods failed?, At least you can save another one.

Fortunately, they all succeeded?.

Yan Mingguang’s strength was not sealed up so dead, and his recovery was much faster than Yan Wei. Yan Wei is more hidden, but it also recovers more slowly.

He thought? What did you ask for? Next, he said: “I need to stay here quietly to recover my strength. The next round of eighty-nine layer replica will take at least half a year. That’s just right. You…”

“I’ll take Lin Zhen and Yu Feizhou to the first 90 floors within half a year.”

Yan Wei smiled? Laugh.

Yan Mingguang never needs him to speak too clearly. He can always know what he wants to do.

Can he take a risk without fear of death? Last time? Back to the old way of climbing the building – climbing the top and destroying the building. Anyway, these things? He has to do it.

But Lin Zhen and Yu Feizhou now have only 49 floors, which is also a problem. Lin Zhen and Yu Feizhou are real players who climb the stairs for the first time. Without his sudden strength and experience, one? Go to the top floor at once. No matter how powerful Yan Wei is, he can’t protect them.

He just needs one? After a period of time to fully recover his strength, Yan Mingguang can make use of the fact that the number of existing layers on their data panel is 49? Point, take Lin Zhen and fish to the boat? high-level.

“Your next copy should be very easy, ‘it’ is very smart. Do I want to destroy it? ‘it’, ‘it’ should be aimed at me and use my desire to force me to the most difficult and dangerous place.” Yan Wei’s words seemed to be cold with frost and snow when he mentioned it, “So ‘it’ just wants to kill me. I want to restore normal life with you. I also want to make Lin Zhen an independent person. This is my only goal now?, ‘it’ doesn’t dare to let you have an accident.”

The first time he went upstairs, he was crazy and stubborn. He wanted to take the overall situation into account and end the whole process.

This also led to the fact that the original consciousness born out of the building could not find his weakness, because his purpose was too pure and direct. Therefore, he was allowed to reach the top floor. At the top floor, “it” found a loophole, gave them a reason to disturb the order, and formatted their data and memory.

But he is not a great man after all.

This time, his purpose is actually selfish – which adds to his constraints.

Therefore, “it” will not let Yan Mingguang and Lin Zhen have an accident. After all, if Lin Zhen has an accident, Yan Wei may change his mind to go to the 89th floor first. “It” will not let them have an accident, but may also help Lin Zhen and them climb the stairs and let Lin Zhen and them reach the top level early, so as to promote Yan Wei into the replica.

While Yan Wei hasn’t brought anyone into the new copy, it’s better to use this to make Lin Zhenyu’s flying boat reach the top level safely.

There is no need to say these things. Yan Mingguang can think of them naturally, just waiting for Yan Wei to arrange. This person is always like this. Mingming has a lot of things. Yan Wei can think of them, and Yan Mingguang can think of them, but Yan Mingguang always gives the decision-making power to Yan Wei.


Yan Wei scratched his fingertips on Yan Mingguang’s palm for a few times. Sure enough, he felt the stiffness of the people around him for a moment. He said, “now these outsiders’ affairs? Are we finished? Teacher Yan, our own affairs? Should we talk about them well?”

“Before I entered the copy, I told the Xuanniao people not to worry about me. But we were different from others. We were together until the last moment… Did I tell you? Who remembers first? One must tell another person that one can’t let the building succeed. How are you? Do you remember the first two copies? I’m just like a fool , I thought I was teasing you. In fact, I was doing something we used to do. I was still nervous there. ”

Yan Wei was so angry that he smiled. Then he said, “the veteran of the love field looked at his object like a lengtouqing who has never been in love. Did you have a good time? Huh?”

“Did you recognize you wrong when you secretly took revenge on me?”


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