Half Immortal Chapter 133

Half Immortal Chapter 133: “I don’t think it’s necessary.”

Yan Wei is in Yan Ming again? The palm of the light scratched.

His tone is neither heavy nor light. Does it deserve him? Seems to have? If there is no small? Action, not like? Start a teacher and ask for guilt, instead? Like? The little girl who was touched? The cat is losing its temper.

Yan Ming? Light here? Is it true? Can’t see it? Yes, no? Let Yan Wei’s action, Yan Wei scratched the finger in the palm of his hand. Before he left, the man suddenly? He held his hand and didn’t give him a chance to pull it out.

Yan Wei’s hand was by Yan Ming? The warm package in the palm of his hand, he blinked, his eyes floated and said, “you let go.”


Yan Ming? Light said, holding Yan Wei’s hand tighter.

Yan Wei: ”

“You let go first, I’m asking the teacher to apologize – Oh!”

be left over? Your words were all drowned in Yan Ming? Light in a sudden kiss.

This? The man firmly grasped his hand and bullied him with the softness of the sofa, pushing half of Yan Wei? All confined to the sofa. He didn’t? Kung Fu got up. The slightly wet warmth from his lips occupied Yan Wei’s whole mind and pulled him to the top of the cloud in an instant.

This? A touch with Fang? Yan Ming? It’s different when light comes in.

And here? His previous exploratory kisses are different from those of Yan Ming before entering the copy? It’s different when you kiss him around the corner of the eye?.

Until he regained his memory, those kisses were just? A little trial and error? Heart wing and wing? Strange? Land? Close. Fang? Yan Ming? When the light comes in, what’s that? Like a long lost greeting, quick and? Blazing.

But? Now, really non-stop? Close.

With familiarity and miss.

Their physical quality is higher than that of ordinary people. I don’t know how much, Yan Ming? The attack of light? Ming? More and more violent, Yan Wei still from the neck? Red to the ear, but it’s just? Took a breath. He was killed by Yan Ming? Light tightly? Hold it, the other hand is still hanging on Yan Ming? On his bare shoulder, his fingertips pressed slightly and kissed back.

He’s familiar with this? Everything about yourself.

Realize that you don’t need to keep it at all, and you can expect each other for every subtle action and closeness? But I still look forward to it.

What’s that? His subconscious closeness, without thinking? Conscious action. They were born together? Death lingered, swam through the dirty blood together, and also in a quiet moment, such as now? Like a kiss.

Yanwei didn’t? What do you think, next? Will consciousness cooperate with each other?.

A long time.

His reason slowly returned, his face red, and he was going to push Yan Ming away? Light, this? People have released him in advance. Yan Ming? What does light look like? Suddenly restrained? Stop? In general, all actions stagnate in an instant.

Yan Wei opened his eyes and looked at this? The man retreated a little, and couldn’t help kissing forward? The corners of his mouth.

He turned his eyes and whispered, “I’m looking for you, Mr. Yan.”

“Yes.” Yan Ming? Light looked still cold, but his tone was very serious, “I know I’m wrong.”

Yan Wei suddenly had nothing to say.

This? People deliberately admit their mistakes after kissing and eating clean.

He lowered his head slightly, raised his hand and touched the temperature of his cheek. He still warmed his face and said, “just admit my mistake? I’m making use of a topic. Don’t you see it?”

Yan Ming? Just look at him.

This? People have now taken back their hands, like? Fang? Just sit straight as if nothing had happened just now? happen?.

Yan Wei said, “when I used to make trouble with you, you always… How did you format it once, didn’t you? It made you more hypocritical by formatting your mouth and heart?”

“Why did you say you didn’t come near me? Because you didn’t want me who didn’t recover my memory, because you know I liked you. But now I recover my memory. You’re so boring. Who can I show you?”

Yan Ming? The light of the eyes sank.

“You need a good rest and recover your strength,” he said

Yan Wei opens his mouth and plans to raise the bar, but Yan Ming? In the light? A word immediately silenced him.

“Don’t mess with me.”

Yan Wei curled his mouth and said, “I’m really tired. I want to sleep for a while.”

Yan Ming? Light got up at once and did it without difficulty? He picked Yan Wei up, walked to the bedroom and calmly? Said that sentence I don’t know how many times: “I’ll accompany you.”

Next day? In the afternoon, at Yan Wei’s appointment, Lin Zhen came alone.

Yan Ming? Just go to the rest of the world in the building early in the morning? Fang?, Check the current situation of high-level players and various organizations. In such a big apartment, only? Yan Wei is alone in the living room.

The door of the apartment was wide open. Lin Zhen didn’t need to knock at all. He walked in directly and saw Yan Wei sitting on the ground with a pillow? On the carpet, I looked up at some copy records projected on the wall.

only? You can see at a glance, is that? For? A few? A classic high-level copy.

The window is open, the cool wind blows in, and the sun shines with it, but it doesn’t feel bright. The endless black stone tablet outside seems to have swallowed everything? Light.

Lin Zhen has seen this at Lin Qing’s house for a long time. I don’t know how many times? What kind of scene, right? An endless stone tablet. I’m not interested. Go to the tea table? I picked up a pile of snacks and took them in my hand. How many did I eat? He said, “little pet, I’ll ask you something.”

Yan Wei took back his eyes from the projection, quite? Surprise. He thought? Lin Zhen will ask about the fact that he didn’t find anyone yesterday, but he didn’t expect to say a word.

He said, “it was an accident. Lin Qing and I didn’t expect it at the beginning.”

Lin Zhen made a movement, sneered, shrugged and put down? Snacks, said: “then I have no problem, let’s go.”

Yan Wei looked at him as if he really didn’t care. When Lin Zhen came to the door, he shouted, “next? I may need to rest for half a year. Yan Ming? Guang will accompany you over the copy. When Lin Qing comes out, you can ask him a lot of things. He should tell you now.”

Lin Zhen didn’t go back? Wave your hand: “OK.”

Soon he disappeared in Yan Wei’s sight.

Yan Wei looked at the open apartment door. For a long time, he sighed, took back his eyes, and continued to look at his formatted apartment? Over time? Super high level copy records.

Look, look, face? Copy record before? Xian has reached a relatively safe stage, but he can’t help holding the remote control in his hand.

In fact, after he took back his memory, brush this? These duplicate records are of little use, isn’t it? He has long been familiar with these things. Most of the lower level replicas have? A certain routine and life? He has long known that the copy of the high-level is treacherous and unpredictable. No matter how much experience, it’s useless because? Every copy? Brand new.

Why are you looking at this? More, just? For? He covered up his uneasiness.

Yan Wei has existed since the copy of the puppet castle? Vaguely uneasy and slightly anxious, Yan Ming? No light, four? Only? When he was alone, he dared to release a little.

This? This uneasiness stems from the top-level copy before formatting.

What’s that? The only time he kept? Blunder. The rules and crises in the copy were expected, but? Another Yan Ming arranged by the building? Just let him go for a few days? Second hesitation and danger?.

A copy of the puppet castle, which is the building? Got him here? A little, will arrange so many illusory and realistic dislocation to mislead him.

Yan Wei wakes up every day, except floating in the sea of blood? The bodies of high-level players, and? Ghosts hidden in the dark still need to distinguish Yan Ming? The truth of light. Now think back?, He even had memories of that time? Some confusion, yes? I can’t remember the details at all, can I? These experiences are vague, as if they were? Dizzy painting, only know its appearance, but can’t see it clearly.

True or false brings him more interference than the danger of the copy, so that Yan Wei doesn’t have it at all? How to concentrate on breaking the game, resulting in the death of players in the copy one after another, and finally only? Two of them. The hope of destroying the building is all on Yan Wei. At that time, he was even so stressed that he was mentally abnormal, so? Completely admit your mistake, Yan Ming? Light, when the game was about to break, was attacked by the fake Yan Ming? Light leads.

But what should he end up with? It’s broken.

Was it formatted when you wanted to exchange the magic box after the break?

Yan Wei thought of this? In, the memory began to be mixed again. Did he have? Some headaches? He pressed his temples and frowned.

Really? This? Is it so hard?

Before reaching the top, he didn’t think he would fail. The building is very powerful and the copy is very dangerous. Doesn’t he? Belittle his opponent, but he is the same? I also looked down on the consciousness born out of the building.

That thing is not at all? A real building can only swing in the rules of the building? Already. “It” doesn’t even dare to compete with him directly. It will only hide in the dark and do those sinister schemes. The one who is narrow-minded and timid Greedy and full of evil thoughts, Yan Wei doesn’t even want to put this? What kind of thing is called? opponent.

But he actually lost to this man in the contest to reach the top? Just one thing.

Even now, Yan Wei has? Some don’t believe that he can stay except for success? Back hand, others? The law loses completely.

Do it again?

The mistake is not? If you know, you can stop doing it. On the contrary, once a person makes a mistake, he will be right about it? What are the first mistakes? What are the psychological expectations and impact on the results? Deeper fear. He’s not afraid of this? A sense, but he was afraid of repeating it.

But this? Once, Lou already knew him and Yan Ming? If the hindhands of light fail again, they will either die directly or format again – but can’t stay? Anything can only be completely? format.

That’s no different from dying?.

Yan Wei’s eyes are slightly lax. Is there anything in her eyes? Focus, distracted? Thinking about this? Something complicated and complicated? Simple things.

For a long time, he muttered to himself, “you can’t fail again.”

Five days later, Lin Qing came out of the copy on the 89th floor, together with a Xuanniao player he brought in. What are they? I got two invitations at once.

As Yan Wei thought, what does Xuanniao have now? With three invitations that can hit the top floor, Yan Wei and Yan Ming? Light and Lin Qing just went in. But if you have to bring another person, you need to go in again? A copy of the 89th floor.

This? At that time, Yan Wei had completely cut off contact with anyone and began to concentrate on it? Receive the stripped data.

Who told Lin Qing Yan Wei’s future plans? Yan Ming? Light.

Where is the black bird? Fang? Yeah? In a tall building in the central area, the pure black endless stone tablet is not far away, revealing a silent forest.

Lin Qing looked out of the window and asked Yan Ming who was sitting in the house? Just say, “I don’t think it’s necessary.”

What does he mean? Yan Wei is going to the 89th floor again.

“It’s too dangerous for Yan Wei. He managed to get to the present and pay the price of so much time and life again. He should go directly to the top floor. I’ve prepared the invitation.”

Yan Ming? A lift of the eyelids, just? He said, “I’m not here to discuss with you. I’m here to help Yanwei inform you.”


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