Half Immortal Chapter 134

Half Immortal Chapter 134

Lin Qing made a move.

His face was still serious, his black eyes were deep, and his eyebrows? Slightly wrinkled, seemingly thinking about something, but there is no? How much? Yu’s mood.

In the expressionless face? At one point, Lin Qing is very similar to Yan Mingguang. They? Even? Almost? My pupil color, all? It’s pure black as if you can’t see the bottom. If you stare directly, people who can see it at a glance are afraid at the bottom of their heart.

But they? Two? But not at all? No.

Yan Mingguang’s indifference is cold and alienated, with a wrapped mood. No? Emotions, just can’t see emotions.

But Lin’s silence was really cold. It seems that he really can’t panic and tease, just? As Yan Mingguang’s direct words, Lin Qing just thought calmly, didn’t he? Something like anger.

Yan Mingguang knows this very well? Why.

All the emotions that will affect Lin Qing’s thinking? He was separated by Yan Wei, and later absorbed some other emotions and characters, and gradually became Lin Zhen who can think independently.

Isn’t Lin Qing absent? Emotions, he just won’t have? Volatile emotions.

Just as now, Lin Qing thought for a moment and said, “I’ve never seen you.”

Yan Mingguang knew what Lin Qing was implying. He said, “everything I said, you can ask Yan Wei for confirmation – that’s what he meant.”

After talking, he got up and walked towards the door, no more? what did you say?

Lin Qing said, “OK.”

Yan Mingguang stopped and listened to Lin Qing. “It will take some time for the next 89th floor. I can try to go down the floor and go in with Yan Wei again – I also have the experience of 89th floor several times.”

“Haven’t I seen you? I don’t know exactly what you and Yan Wei are like? I came to this step. But I also accompanied Yan Wei along the way. I know what he is. He doesn’t admit defeat, is unwilling, and doesn’t like to be controlled by anything and people. He is very awake, but also very emotional. He will be willing to pay what he cares most for others, including for all people and people He ended it himself.

“I know how attached he is to climbing the top and destroying the building. From the first floor to the 99th floor, all his energy is for this. His goal is broader than me. For me, my goal is very simple – without Yan Wei, I can’t go to the present. I can do anything for him.”

Yan Mingguang looked back at him and didn’t speak.

But Lin Qing can read his meaning – so?

“So if Yan Wei has decided, I don’t object, because what he decided has never been changed by anyone.”

Yan Mingguang’s eyes moved slightly. I don’t know where this sentence stabbed him. Compared with the previous coldness, he seemed slightly moved, his Adam’s apple rolled gently, and the corners of his mouth pulled slightly. He wanted to say something, but he was speechless in the end.

Lin Qing is looking at the light rain outside the window at the moment – he likes cloudy days very much.

He said, “so I’ll go in with you. It’s still possible for three people to get two invitations.”

Yan Mingguang was silent for a moment and suddenly said, “me too?”

When Yan Mingguang had left, Lin Qing thought for a moment before he reflected. Yan Mingguang had never been interested in his position and views. He had come to inform him from beginning to end. This sentence did not answer his thoughts, but only the sentence “I can do anything for him”.

Rain? A little loud.

There is no big difference between the world inside the building and the world outside the building. These days have entered the season of alternating winter and spring. Drizzle and heavy rain come in turn, and it has been cloudy for several consecutive days.

Yan Mingguang sat in front of the tea table, took a look at the time, and calculated how long it would take Yan Wei to recover.

How many sounds came from the open door? Knock?.

“Zhou Tian is dead.”

This is the first sentence when the fish flying boat came in.

He was dressed in a pure white short sleeved shirt and strictly forbidden black casual pants. He was as simple and clean as ordinary college students in the world outside the building. His trousers wrapped around his ankles, slightly wet, and the depth of the rain hit on his head was different.

The fish flying boat is holding a black umbrella that is still dripping. There should be everything in the world in the building, and the lines of the umbrella can be whatever he wants, but he took the black umbrella that players don’t want to see, and I don’t know if it’s for mourning.

He put his umbrella drenched with water against the wall at the door. Then he closed the door and came in.

Yan Mingguang nodded slightly and said, “Yan Wei will regret.”

Yu Feizhou sat opposite Yan Mingguang in front of the tea table. It was common to see Yan Mingguang’s cold and hard attitude. He smiled gently. His smile was very friendly and polite, but with some helpless regret.

This kind of smile is very suitable even at funerals, let alone underground.

He said: “many days ago, we were still in the copy. There was no conflict. We just died in the copy. I inquired about that copy. It has something to do with feelings. There are many illusory things. Zhou Tian was with us to avenge her dead lover. This kind of copy…”

It’s no accident that it will fold in.

It’s no different from other players who die all the time in the world inside the building.

Yan Mingguang was sitting in front of the fish flying boat. On the tea table, there were exquisite pure white tea sets, and the golden and shiny tea soup waved out a curl of heat. However, a moment later, Yan Mingguang handed a cup to the fish flying boat.

He had a cup in front of himself, but he didn’t move.

Yufeizhou really likes these things. He likes drinking tea and playing chess. He likes these quiet and plain things, but he didn’t expect Yan Mingguang to look like he doesn’t care about anything. In fact, he knows these details clearly.

——No wonder people like Yan Wei are also attracted.

He said, “thank you.”

Yan Mingguang said, “have you finished reading?”

“Well, I’ve read all the messages you sent me, and I know what happened to Yan Wei.” before Yu Feizhou came, I carefully read the messages sent by Yan Mingguang, and now I don’t have much to ask, “I knew about Lin Qing and Lin Zhen before I knew Lin Zhen.”

Yan Mingguang had expected it for a long time. His looks and movements had not changed much.

“Or shouldn’t it be like this?” said the fish flying boat, shaking his head?, “I knew Lin Qing first. After joining Xuanniao as a seed player, I was selected by Lin Qing because of my ability. My skill is equivalent to transferring wounds. To some extent, it’s a bit like Lin Qing can use Lin Zhen to replace wounds. So Lin Qing asked me if I could partner with Lin Zhen. Xuanniao can give me all the resources to grow. All I have to do is to ensure that Lin Zhen doesn’t hurt Something happened. ”

In this way, there is a one-way chain between the three.

“Lin Zhen has always felt that he likes to pick his brother when he is in a bad mood or when he is drunk. I said he doesn’t remember him at all. But he and Lin Qing… Don’t care very much.”

Because Yan Wei uses the moon wheel to divide the emotions that belong to one person, leaving calmness to Lin Qing and impatience and indifference to Lin Zhen, both of them don’t care about this important event. In Lin Qing’s eyes, Lin Zhen is just a soul he doesn’t want. Living is a person and dying is a life. In Lin Zhen’s eyes, he only likes the stimulation and challenge of life and death It doesn’t matter whether you live or die.

This has also led to the fact that now everyone has a number in mind, but these two people are the least concerned.

Yu Feizhou sighed: “but it’s really wonderful. Lin Zhen doesn’t matter up to now. He really doesn’t matter. But if I think about it, I’m the one who was split and discarded. I’ll be sad. Is the pure division really so powerful? Lin Zhen has never been unhappy?”

Yan Mingguang was speechless.

“I don’t think so much. I just take care of Lin Zhen as a brother. He is actually very childish“

Yan Mingguang suddenly remembered the copy of the dead school building. Lin Zhen was kidnapped, and the fish flying boat did not hesitate to replace Lin Zhen’s injury.

He said, “well.”

“So next, you’re going to take Lin Zhen with you? Copy, rush to the top?”

Yan Mingguang said, “and you.”

“Me? I really don’t need to. If you take one more person, there will be more danger. Zhou Tian and Gao Ming can’t keep up. Don’t you? Have you taken it?”

“Different?” Yan Mingguang said calmly. “He won’t have too much compassion for people, but if he can, he will be willing to stretch out his hand. Zhou Tian is too different from Gao Ming, but you and Lin Zhen can keep up.”

Fish flying boat was no longer polite: “please. What do you need me and Lin Zhen to do?”


Yu Feizhou drank tea, his face was gentle and patient.

He thought about what he and Lin Zhen could help. He was preparing to make a proposal, but Yan Mingguang said, “give him more confidence.”

The fish flying boat was stunned: “… Is Yan Wei?”

“He wants to end all this – we need to make him firm.”

For the next time, Yan Wei kept cutting off contact.

Many people from Xuanniao came to inquire about Yan Wei, but they just regarded Yan Wei as a seed player newly cultivated by Xuanniao, and didn’t think of Yan Wei and “V” Relationship. Yan Wei was crazy when he first went upstairs. In fact, not many players he had seen several times along the way. Most of them have died in the replica over the years, especially the super high-level players Yan Wei met last time, who have the strength to climb the top, have all died at the top.

No one knows the real situation of Yan Wei, and Lin Qing has always been regarded as “V” or missing. Xuanniao continues to keep the previous low profile, and even the provocations of the moon and the moon are ignored.

Everything runs as usual.

Yan Mingguang took Lin Zhen and Yu Feizhou into the copy for a moment.

The replica has suppressed the data of high-level players, but Yan Mingguang has been formatted, and the number of layers written on the information is not high. There is a loophole. He is quite comfortable in the replica. In addition, the building is the same as Yan Wei’s guess. The difficulty is very relaxed for the replicas of the three of them. They have been climbing the stairs in a hurry, which is the most important thing Hurt.

It’s really unobstructed all the way down.

When Yan Wei opened the information panel for communication, it had been more than half a year?.

He stretched out, opened the door and went out. He saw Yan Mingguang standing by the window smoking.

Yan Wei stood in front of the door, smiled and said, “is the 89th floor going to open this time? You can just go in.”

“Lin Qing wants to be together.”

“Guess,” Yan Wei shrugged, “just the three of us. Lin Zhen and Yu Feizhou can’t go. My copy is no longer safe.”

Yan Mingguang choked off the smoke. I wonder if he didn’t want Yan Wei to smell any smoke. The man stood by the window and blew the wind for a while. Then he walked over. He handed an invitation letter and a pen to Yan Wei and said, “Lin Qing prepared it for you.”

Invitation letter on the 89th floor.

Yan Wei raised his eyelids without thinking. Without hesitation, he signed his name on the invitation.

When signing his name, he glanced at a blood colored pattern in the upper right corner of the pure black invitation.

It’s a bloody carriage.


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