Half Immortal Chapter 135

Half Immortal Chapter 135: Endless train (1)

Heavy rain.

The eaves at the edge of the platform slid down a long string of water droplets almost connected into a line. There was more rain, like what was above the roof? Something splashed down, forming a curtain of rain.

What’s on the outside of the platform? There are rusty tracks everywhere for years. Weeds wet by rain are everywhere on the tracks, and rocks are everywhere. The cold edges and corners even make people wonder whether the train will be scratched when it passes by. The outer side of the railway track is a wilderness with no edge. Only the winding railway track goes forward along the road, and then there is a heavy rain curtain. Where is it? Can’t you see it in the fog? Qingming.

The inner side of the platform is even more dilapidated, and the railings on the edge are intermittent. A little? Not small? The heart is easy to fall off the track.

Zhao Jingchen was this? The noise of “Hua La Hua” caused a headache.

He was wearing a pure black sweater, and the black hood covered most of his face, only the lower half of his face was exposed? outside. His light thin lips and delicate chin arc are enough to show the superiority of this face. Unfortunately, the upper half of his face is covered, and only the corners of his mouth can be seen slightly facing? Radian under.

Zhao Jingchen is very unhappy.

“What do you mean? Up to now? There is no prompt sound, so we are thrown to such a platform?” Zhao Jingchen’s thin and crisp voice is wrapped in anger. “That’s how you made the copy? Prepared? None of the materials I said? Right!”

Next to him, another moon came in? The high-level players trembled because of Zhao Jingchen’s few words and tried to say steadily, “I’ve seen all the recorded copies related to the carriage. I haven’t encountered such a problem.”

Zhao Jingchen: “this” copy “has no” prompt sound, and our “body data and perception have been cleared?”

The other side, one? A woman in cheongsam who looks about 30 years old? The man smiled: “Zhao Jingchen, are you really stupid or are you pretending to be stupid? This is obviously a” copy of all our body data has been sealed without giving a prompt tone “. We? Now? Are just ordinary people. You are eighty-nine floors old and still? You can’t see it here. It’s unnecessary.”

This? Woman? Behind him stood Xu Miaomiao.

Zhao Jingchen sneered, “maybe someone doesn’t understand.”

Woman? No one paid any attention to him.

Xu Miaomiao came forward slightly, right? Woman? The man whispered, “sister Ding, people don’t seem to be here.”

Each? Copy? All invitations will contain information about the same number of people. Do they? This? Copy? About a dozen invitations, copies? Information is a bloody carriage, which everyone knows.

But there are only eight? Obviously, about half of the people didn’t arrive.

Ding smiled and nodded. The snow-white skin against her gentle smile became softer and softer, which was incompatible with the desolation and gloom around. She said in a warm voice: “the setting of” copy “should create a feeling that passengers are waiting for the bus, so players who come in are arranged to appear one after another. Don’t worry, wait, enter the copy? After everyone’s data is erased, everyone is ordinary people, and even if others arrive, they have to walk here like us just now.”

Xu miaomben? I have a clear idea in my mind. At the moment, I just confirm it. After I get the answer, I just stand in the? Behind Ding Xiao, waiting without saying a word? Wait.

The others stopped talking.

The rain outside the eaves of the platform is beating people’s nerves all the time, and the body index and perception are completely cleared. What’s the work I haven’t seen for a long time? For one? The feeling of ordinary people makes Xu Miaomiao particularly nervous. Even though her psychological quality is not low, she is facing such a problem at the moment? Silence, etc? It’s hard to avoid feeling uneasy about the scene.

Xu Miaomiao respected and feared the 89th floor.

Copy on the 89th floor?, It has always been called a copy above 90 layers? Your ticket.

Copies above 90 floors?, And copies below the 90th floor?, The way to go upstairs is different.

Below the ninetieth floor, players? Can you break the game, go upstairs, gamble, etc? Way, from each? The difficulty of obtaining channels is different and the number of layers is different? Copy of? Invitation letter, will the corresponding copy be clearly written on the invitation letter? Number of layers, approximate number of people, copies? Theme – just like them? Now? Into this? Copy? Similarly, the invitation letter says 89 floors and also draws one? Bloody carriage.

But from the ninetieth floor, copy? The way you enter has changed.

Invitations above the ninetieth floor are the same. What’s on the invitation? Nothing, only a pure black.

Where do players need to be? Write them on the invitation? Your names, and them? The number of floors you want to break. Wait? When the number of players who want to enter the corresponding layer is about the same, what? Copy? Will open. In other words, the number of layers is the player himself? Yes, the invitation is only responsible for counting the number of people and opening the copy?.

And this one? Special invitation, only 89th floor copy? Completely? You can only get it through customs.

A copy after the 90th floor?, From existing copies? According to the records, the gap is not big. It’s almost the same. So some super high-level players will want to directly fill in the 99th floor to hit the top, while some super high-level players will choose themselves? Fill in the number of layers in order, from 90 to 91 and 92

As a result, many players need many such invitations.

So the copy on the 89th floor?, Except Ben? In addition to the contents and dangers that you can’t guess, every time you open it, there are a few new players like Xu Miaomiao. Most of them are senior veterans who go to the ninetieth floor and go down to the 89th floor to get the invitation.

For example, Zhao Jingchen of yuemang and Ding Xiao of flowers on the other bank.

Like that? It is said that the mysterious bird forest will come in this time.

She was thinking of Lin Qing’s name. In front of her, there was a sound of footsteps at the intersection of the platform. Lin Qing was walking in the street? Front.

But Xu Miaomiao’s point is not? Ben? To Lin Qing who may appear, but in? The two behind Lin Qing? People. these two items. She knows people.

She raised her eyebrows and said, “Why are you here?”

Yan Mingguang didn’t speak. Lin Qing always looked serious. Where is Yan Wei standing? Behind them, wearing a gray blue windbreaker and a loose gray scarf, they were as simple and low-key as before. But his contradictory clever and clever facial features can’t be ignored, even if he’s just hidden? Yan Mingguang and Lin Qing? Behind the people who are not easy to provoke at first sight, including Xu Miaomiao? Inside, the eyes of all other players focused on Yan Wei for the first time.

Yan Wei didn’t seem to feel those glances. The corners of his mouth were slightly raised. Where are you? Yan Mingguang tilted his head behind him and looked at him? Xu Miaomiao said with a smile, “little sister, long time no see.”

Xu Miaomiao: ”

Yan Wei seemed happy to see Xu Miaomiao speechless and smiled a few times. Then he looked away and looked at him? the other one? People – that’s Ding Xiao beside Xu Miaomiao.

Ding Xiao is also looking at Yan Wei.

Her gentle smile froze in? He looked shocked on his face. She seemed to open her mouth. In the end, she didn’t speak. She just nodded to Yan Wei.

Yan Wei smiled back and didn’t speak. He walked quickly to Lin Qing and Yan Mingguang. Where are you? Stand on one side of the platform.

How many others? Players are here one after another? Looking at them?, But Lin qingben? It’s the old face Kong. Yan Mingguang has been flying all the way with Lin Qing and fish for half a year, even if it’s completely? No copy? The top players recorded are also somewhat impressed. Only Yan Wei looks very young and doesn’t have any hostility. He seems to have been brought to the 89th floor by Lin Qing.

They? What is the configuration of the three? Are you too? After a strange place, but after a while, there was only the sound of rain.

Yan Wei looked at the track outside the platform and thought about now? Hearing the situation and the significance of the bloody carriage, Lin Qing whispered to him, “what happened just now?”


“Ding Xiao.”

“Oh,” Yan Wei’s eyebrows and eyes slightly bent, “nothing? It’s an old friend.” he paused and added in a low voice, “the old friend for the first time.”

Lin Qing understood and stopped asking.

Not long ago, how many more? People. These? Who was there just now? After standing on the platform, suddenly sounded not far away? The sound of whistle from far and near, mixed with the sound of rain, was harsh and noisy.

Yan Wei’s heart is cold – it seems that the people are all here, the car is coming, copy? Here we go.

He gave a silent sneer.

Just entered this? Copy?, They? Three people found out, this? Copy? No? The cue tone guides them? All body index and perception are erased, and only skills and props can be used.

All the way to the platform, the three people already know what this is about? What — when? However, it is to restrain Yan Mingguang and Yan Wei who already have top-level data.

So afraid of his success?

Unfortunately, the rule of the building is iron law. Even if the data is suppressed, half of his immortality and the moon wheel are still there?.

Just don’t know this? No? Copy of prompt? What can you play? No pattern.

Yan Wei glanced around and found that other people’s reactions were similar – what kind of all? Naturally tight. What does he feel like? Where’s the gloomy thing? Floating around here, even the wisps of cool wind blowing into his neck through the gap of his scarf seem to be mixed with something? What a dirty thing.

The back is cold.

Not far away, one? The invisible train has pulled into the platform. The train is old and dirty, and there are many mottled old blood stains on the iron sheet, which can’t even be washed by the pouring rain.

Finally, where did the train stop? What happened to them? In front of you.

The door of the car in front suddenly opened bit by bit.

The door seemed to be opened by the wind, “squeaky” and “squeaky”, and slowly opened with the sound of rusty friction bit by bit, but there was no sign behind the door? Figure.

There was a thunder in the sky. Where was it? Under the gloomy sky, the front was illuminated in a moment.

Lei Guangzhong, Yan Wei looks inside the carriage and sees one? Where does the figure sit? Inside the car. that? The figure’s neck is half broken and his head is all? Leaning on the other half’s unbroken neck, his face is facing them?, Pale face and prominent eyes.

The thunder flashed by, and the car was calm again. What? You can’t see anyone. The car door is full? But it opened.

Xu Miaomiao suddenly “ah” and staggered forward a few steps. Where are you? Ding Xiao pulled down and stood firm.

Ding smiled gently and said, “what’s the matter?”

Xu Miaomiao frowned: “… Someone pushed me.”

But just now, it’s clear that behind her is now? Is holding her Ding Xiao.

At the same time, Yan Wei’s eyes lit up.

One? The cold touch slipped across his chin, instantly slipped into his neck, and pulled his scarf slightly. The cold and rough touch was like the fingers of a dead man.

“They are urging us to get on the bus,” Lin Qing said in a deep voice. “There is no hint, no blessing of body index and perception, invisible dirt… This is death’s oppression.”

Death oppresses Ben?, No need for violent cracking, no problems in force, only everywhere? The death of.


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