Half Immortal Chapter 136

Half Immortal Chapter 136: Endless train (2) empty.

The cold touch slipped from Yan Wei’s neck to Yan Wei’s cheek again.

The rain is wrapped in the cool wind all the way in? Send, but Yan Wei feels all over? It’s Sen’s cold feeling, same? Is the cold wind different?, The coolness stopped at his side, and he seemed to be standing in front of a cold corpse closet. It was clear that there was nothing in front of them, and the carriage with the door often open stayed quietly in front of them.

Others? What happened? dissimilarity? Reaction.

Same? Xu Miaomiao is the same as Yan Wei?, Are they more or less? Feel it? The invisible fear.

Yan Wei lifted it? Hands up, fingers moving, finally? Or put it down? What happened? Hands. Body data and perception? Can’t force? It’s better not to act rashly before using it directly.

The cold touch under him? Where Ba and his cheeks meet, all the way up, accompanied by low? Together with the temperature?, Seems to have? If he goes up, he finally stops at the corner of his eye?.

Yan Wei felt a damp sticky.

Yan Mingguang looks at him, down? Frowned and took it out in a moment? tissue. Lin Qing? His face sank and said, “Yan Wei, your face.”

Yan Wei raised her eyebrows, but she didn’t? Take out the mirror. He doesn’t seem to care about himself at all? What does your face look like now?, Just raise your hand and touch your fingertips? Tactile place, the same? Like? Feel it? Sticky. He took it to his eyes – it was bright red blood.


But Yan Wei’s obsession with cleanliness came up for a moment?, The smiling face froze in an instant. He couldn’t wait for Yan Mingguang to wipe it for him. He grabbed a paper towel and tried it on his cheek? How many times?. finally? It’s not enough. Yan Wei took out a wet towel to wipe it again? How many times?.

Yan Wei, this time? Delay? After a while, many other players have been carefully into the carriage? Let’s go. How much did they pay attention to it? Yan Wei, the “raw face”, this? Look at him?, Less? A little curious.

For example, Zhao Jingchen, who has seen Yan Wei’s performance on the 49th floor, what is in his heart? Although who has the right to Yan Wei? A bottom, but also the same? Like? No, Care more.

In their eyes?, More powerful? Potential, that’s just a player on the 49th floor, and there’s still a lot of potential on the 89th floor? probably? Drag down teammates. He might as well take a look at Yan Mingguang, who has been in the limelight recently, or is there already? How many times have you experienced and ruthless Lin Qing on the 89th floor?.

All? At this level?, There’s no nonsense, each? Have you looked at it with bad intentions? After a while, they went in one after another.

Wait until Yanwei is finished? Face, that’s all? Ding Xiao and Xu Miaomiao?.

Ding Xiao never? Move.

Xu Miaomiao was brought out by Ding Xiao. Ding Xiao didn’t move. Did she? But it didn’t move. She saw Ding Xiao staring at Yan Wei and others. She also said that she had just greeted Yan Wei and asked Ding Xiao to pay attention. She whispered, “sister Ding, you haven’t paid attention to the trend of the world in the building for a long time. Maybe you haven’t seen them. Yan Wei is the last Xuanniao player who cooperated with me more than half a year ago. No one can come in this time, thanks to them.”

Yan Wei didn’t seem to have any? Hearing Xu Miaomiao’s words, he followed others into the carriage.

Ding Xiao’s eyes turned, the corners of his mouth lifted, and his eyes like peach petals swung out and in the copy? Dark and treacherous, incompatible affinity.

She just said, “go in.”

Blowing on the platform? A gust of wind, clattering, and the railing outside the platform fell down again? A large area.

In the roaring thunder and thick rain?, Ding Xiao and Xu Miaomiao also stepped into the carriage. At the moment Xu Miaomiao stepped in, the door of the carriage suddenly slammed shut and isolated? The world inside and outside the train.

There is no one above the platform, the train makes a long whistle, and each carriage gets off? The wheels of the head began to roll slowly, rubbing the track covered with mottled rust. The rain fell from the bloodstained iron sheet, as if there were something wrong? Blood and water flowed on the train.

This carriage seems to be a dining car. On both sides of the narrow aisle? The rectangular table and the benches on both sides of the table are regularly placed. What’s the total? Six tables at the end of the carriage? A table, inside? There are some tableware and kitchenware at the head, such as a place to order and make simple food.

When I got on the train from the platform, although it was cloudy outside, it was obviously still daytime. But the lights inside the car are only? The dim yellow light, emitted from the hanging old bulb, only played a role? A little is better than nothing.

The train started too fast. Yan Wei and others had just entered the carriage before they could see the environment in the carriage. In this sudden acceleration? Shaken? once?.

Zhao Jingchen didn’t stand firm. He stumbled and nearly rushed to a table.

As soon as he calmed down, when he hurried? Step back and stay away from this table – what was it just now? have Everybody? I saw it?, When the thunder flashed by, a neck on the table broke? Half the dirt.

Yan Mingguang steadily pulled Yan Wei and silently looked at everything in front of him.

A dozen people standing in a car? Head, it looks very crowded. Plus the dim light, their body data returned to? Like ordinary people? Son, this? At a glance, you can’t see most people’s faces at all.

It’s dark.

Very quiet.

In other words, the sound of the train running is clearly on the side of their ears, and so are the voices of more than a dozen of them? Up and down, but it seemed quiet and empty around. The light bulbs connected in series at the top of the car shook frighteningly.

Yan Wei’s heart? The ominous premonition is getting heavier and heavier.

Death oppression is a rare special type of copy. This kind of copy, the body index and perception that players are proud of in the building world? Lidu? No, Any use, copy? The form of ghosts is not necessarily, but ghosts are absolutely dangerous for players – players don’t have them? Too much resistance? power.

This kind of copy, the player just has? skill? Ordinary people with props? Instead, the limit is Ghosts – Ghosts need conditions to kill.

What are the conditions?

They have nothing? Know?.

Other institutions? have The same is true of death and oppression? Yes, at the beginning of the copy, was the player there? Any hint? Under the circumstances?, Have no idea when death will come? Any expectations.

Fastest to have? The only way to get a clue? One is death, and the harvest begins. As long as there is? When people die, it means the arrival of information. What? In the presence of? have High level players, including Yan Wei, are? No, Any superfluous action. Everyone? No? Be the one who opens the way.

Not long ago, in the connected carriage in front?, A man in a white chef’s suit seemed to push a cart slowly closer.

The crowd kept silent.

When they got close, they finally saw through the dark light? I don’t know in this car? Tao is not the only person of man.

Is this a look? Very common? A young man, he wore a white chef’s uniform and a cook’s hat neatly. What was his face like? The wrinkles brought by years, but the facial features are very common, don’t you? Anything to do with that dirt? Off the breath. So ordinary that if you didn’t see it in such a place, there wouldn’t be any? People spend more time looking.

In this? When the man walked into the car, he stopped?, From? Gu Zi? Put it in the trolley? Take out your things and say, “passengers, please come and take your dinner. You can eat it in the dining car or take it back to your compartment. The bread in the lunch box includes tableware. If you need more, you can take it from the bar. These are the door cards of your compartment. If you don’t have a number, you can live in the empty compartment.”

Yan Wei looked along the man’s movements. Sixteen lunch boxes were placed on the table nearest to the steward. What about each box? It’s packed in a plastic bag. You can really carry it away. And the steward? The door cards are put in each plastic bag?, Think? It means to take it with the food.

Flight attendant, put it down? After? He said, “I live in the next carriage. If you have any questions, you can come to me at any time.”

That said?, But not? Anyone who makes a noise – is it? Have you been there? How many copies of the road?, No more? People will do the stupid thing of pulling suspicious NPCs to ask questions at the beginning.

The steward seemed to be really just a steward in charge of arranging these trivial things. He put these things away, turned around and pushed the dining car to the carriage where he came.

The dark yellow light flickered down?, Pulling out? The figure of a man in the year is getting longer and longer until the middle? The man disappeared in the car in front?.

Are you still getting off the train? It was raining, and the clatter was mixed with the mechanical sound of the train.

Yan Wei, how many times? once? The number of lunch boxes is still sixteen.

When he was on the platform, he counted the number of people on the bus before he got on the bus, which was also 16. And now in the car? Although I can’t see my face clearly, there are 16 people, which is the same as the number of lunch boxes.

Dungeons often play the trick of ghosts mixing with players, so? To everyone? Particularly sensitive to the number of people. At present, the number does not seem to be? What’s the problem?

In silence?, Ding Xiao came forward first and took it with him? Two lunch boxes, one for you? Xu Miaomiao said, “I just looked at the signs at the front and rear of the carriage. The front and rear of the dining car are passenger compartments. As long as there is a door card, you should be able to choose to check in. The problem is whether this random lunch box is available or not. It’s entirely up to luck. I’ll pick it up with seconds and settle down. Please.”

The number of high-level is small, so it won’t be like the low-level? Chaos. If not after? Noodles? If it is necessary or has become enemies, the high-level players are polite at least at the beginning.

Xu Miaomiao followed Ding Xiao?, Whispered: “sister Ding, do we want to act with Xuanniao? Don’t you care about Lin Qing and Xuanniao? I think Zhao Jingchen seems to have a bad intention. Lin Qing brought two” newcomers “who came to the 89th floor replica for the first time. Maybe they have more understanding than strength. Yan Wei has dealt with me. If we can give him personal information this time, we won’t lose.”

“Not yet,” Ding smiled, shook his head and kept walking, “we… May have to rely on them.”

Ding Xiao led Xu Miaomiao away? After that?, The rest of the people also came forward and casually picked up the lunch box to find the carriage where they lived. So did Yan Wei and others?.

Only? Zhao Jingchen, when Yan Wei turned around with a lunch box, he hooked it? He turned his mouth and said softly, “your face is very beautiful. It’s better than those girls I’ve used. If you die, remember to protect your face.”

Yan Wei paused and turned to Zhao Jingchen. He couldn’t see the upper half of Zhao Jingchen’s face. He just swept it? A glance at the man’s bottom? Half a face, inexplicably? Some familiarity.

probably? In the copy record? Have you seen it? Not when he first went upstairs? Zhao Jingchen.

Yan Mingguang seems to have heard it, too? They looked back coldly at their movements? Zhao Jingchen took Yan Wei’s hand and walked away.

Zhao Jingchen was suddenly looked at like this, next? Consciousness was frozen by Yan Mingguang’s eyes. And followed? Lin Qing? He also said coldly, “keep your mouth clean, or I’ll let you die as dirty as your mouth.”

Zhao Jingchen gritted his teeth: “you really protect him, but I like to destroy this kind of little newcomer.”

Lin Qing? It seems that I don’t care about him. Are you still with Yan Mingguang? Yan Wei back together? Head to the carriage.

The train is still running in the wilderness. The rain outside the window is very thick, mixed with cold fog, covering the window? A layer of water curtain, people can’t see the situation outside? Shape. But there doesn’t seem to be any outside? What’s beautiful? It’s all in the wilderness with all kinds of rocks and weeds.

How many sections have Yan Mingguang and Yan Wei gone through? The car selected by the player comes to an Airbus car and opens? Sliding door gone? Go in. How many cars are there? It’s a sleeper, isn’t it? Yes? Two beds, and? Up and down? There are four beds in total. Medium? What else is there near the window? A small table with nothing above it.

From the furnishings, is it different from ordinary train sleeper? What’s the difference.

“Have you seen it?” Lin Qing? Behind you? Come in, “there are three such rooms in each car. The bathroom is public and one in each car. The sleeper is the same. They are searching. There is no difference. Personally, I don’t think there is any difference by searching alone.”

That’s luck.

“Here we go,” said Yan Wei. “Since we have to wait for danger, it’s easy to be smart if we choose carefully. Instead, we’ll be smart. Let’s choose a bed at random. If there’s anything different before twelve o’clock, if we exchange with me, I won’t die today. I’m in danger.”

Yan Mingguang said, “watch out for injuries.”

“Don’t worry.”

Although players will not be stupid to the point at the beginning? Yes, but they also have each other? guard against. All three? After you come in?, Lin Qing? Pull it up? The door was locked without hesitation?.

It’s getting dark?.

Their lunch boxes were also wrapped in plastic bags and placed on the small table. Yan Wei stood in front of the small table and looked out of the window through the water droplets flowing on the window. The interweaving point of day and night, only? A little light, weeds and gravel? Can’t see clearly?. The light inside the car has been brighter than outside, and is it reflected from the window? Yan Weizi? Your own face.

The inclined water flow from the window? Up and down? Slide down the direction of the wind and past the reflection of Yan Wei’s face.

“Boom -”

Yan Wei stared at it? For a while, vaguely? Seeing the endless body, I can’t seem to see the head and tail of the train. No, Perception? With the help of force, you can’t see the outside situation at all? Shape. He had to give up and planned to come again tomorrow.

Yan Wei was about to turn around, but his eyes recovered from the window suddenly stopped at? On the window.

On the dripping glass, where Yan Wei’s face was reflected, a blurred white face slowly emerged. His face was pale and bloodless, and there were decaying corpse spots on his cheeks. His eyes were wide open without blinking, didn’t they? Any white eyes.

All black eyes looked at Yan Wei, didn’t they? Bloody lips pulled? once?, With the noise of the train moving forward, it slowly opened? A smile.

Before Yan Wei reacted, a chill came from his waist.

He bowed his head.

A blue and white hand with blood on his fingertips was on both sides of his waist? After? Square out. Next? Fang, sprinkle the beds on both sides? In the shadow of?, Left rear? Fang slowly stretched out the same? Like? A pale hand is about to catch Yan Wei’s ankle.

He turned sharply – nothing.


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