Half Immortal Chapter 137

Half Immortal Chapter 137: Endless train (3) he seems to have frightened the ghost.

The style of the train is very old, and there are only? A wall lamp above the sliding door, throwing pale? Light.

Yan Wei stood in front of the small table by the window?, Turn your back? The window, in front of you? Yes? The sleeper sliding door that had been locked for a long time, and the light emitted by the wall lamp on the sliding door shines directly into him? In his eyes, shine on him? My eyes hurt.

Are there only small walkways on both sides of the sleeper? One person has a little more width, but one step can reach the door. There is nothing in such a short distance?. In front of you? Just? Door.

Lin Qing is sitting on the lower berth on the left and looking over at the bedding. He? Sit on the edge, feet on the ground, the bed pulled out a slightly inclined shadow, covering Lin Qing below his knees. Looking in from Lin Qing’s legs, the gap between the bed and the car floor is full of? It’s dark. I can’t see it clearly.

On the other side, Yan Mingguang just climbed onto the upper berth for inspection.

The lower berth on the right is empty and white? The sheets are laid flat on the bed board, and the sleeper is at the front? The place where the head rests against Yan Wei is neatly stacked? Your bedding and pillow, in pale? There was a dead and clean light under the.

Yan Mingguang first discovered Yan Wei’s mistake? Jin, stick your head out of the upper bunk and look at? Yan Wei: “something?”

Yan Weiben is going to look up at you? yes? Fang, but as soon as his eyes changed, Yu Guangzhong swept to both sides of his shoulders. The blue and white? And? The bloody hand at the fingertip came from him again? Above the shoulders on both sides, as if deliberately magnifying him? Fear in general, slowly moving forward bit by bit? Stretch. The chill spread on both sides of Yan Wei’s neck, and the surroundings were still calm and abnormal.

He? No, Looking back, the grimace and smile I just saw on the window came out of my mind.

No, Perception, he? Don’t know what’s going on behind you? what. This long lost sense of unknown magnifies the inherent fear of human beings? Hold the window, he? There was a faint coolness on my back, as if there was something behind me? What was staring at him?.

Yan Wei’s action is light. This time? Turn around.

He? A hook in the corner of the mouth, silently smiled, unexpectedly raised his hand towards one shoulder? Go and try to catch one of the ghost hands.

The source of the ghost hand is obviously not? Think of it? The man was so bold that he stopped for a while and then suddenly retracted.

Yan Wei: “…” he? Okay? It’s like scaring a ghost.

It’s a mistake. Otherwise, you might be able to pull it out to find some rules of death.

The ghost hand has disappeared, and the lower bunks on both sides are still full of darkness covered by shadow, from the back? The creepy still climbed up Yan Wei’s spine bit by bit. Since I didn’t catch it once, isn’t it now? What’s good? opportunity.

Yan Wei said, “Lin Qing.”


“Close the curtains, now.”

The voice didn’t fall. It was still there? Lin Qing, who was searching the lower berth, didn’t ask either. He jumped up in the narrow sleeper room, and leaned over and drew the old curtains in less than a minute.

At the moment when the curtain completely covered the window, Yan Wei looked back – naturally? I can’t see the dark smile and grimace.

“Boom -”

Again? A burst of thunder, the rain outside is getting louder and louder, and the thunder from time to time is the same? In front of the train? The roar of entering occasionally? They hit the human eardrum heavily.

Yan Wei didn’t at all? Relax, and? Yes? Immediately pulled the neatly folded quilt and tore off the white edge of the quilt? Color bed sheet, winding the broken cloth on the iron ladder used to climb the upper berth.

Yan Mingguang? Ask again, he? With one hand on the edge of the upper berth, he directly turned over and jumped to the ground. Without saying a word, he tore off a piece of cloth? Lin Qing wrapped the iron ladder on the other side.

When these similar places were all wrapped with opaque cloth, Yan Wei felt the cold all over him, which was a little lighter.

He? Took a few deep breaths and sat down for a while? On some messy bunks.

The curtain was tightly closed, and the window behind the curtain and the night view outside the window were completely invisible. At the end of the lower berth on both sides, the iron frame used to climb the upper berth has been firmly wrapped by the cloth, and even the small railings at the edge of the upper berth have been completely covered. The broken cloth is pale? The lights are getting older and older.

Yan Wei raised his eyes and took a look at Lin Qing.

Lin Qing nodded solemnly, opened the lock of the sliding door, opened the door and went out.

Yan Mingguang stood in the center and looked around. He? What is the tall figure in this small carriage? A little wronged, standing in the middle, covering most of the light, it seems that this narrow place is oppressed? Gloomy.

What was it? The smooth table with some dim light points reflected slightly also lost its luster because of Yan Mingguang’s cover.

He? His complexion remained unchanged. After looking around, he tore off a piece of cloth from the quilt again and completely covered the table. Then, the man took off the lens rarely seen, put it away, and slowly sat next to Yan Wei.

“It should be safe now,” said Yan Wei, looking sideways at her? Yan Mingguang, who was wearing glasses, said, “you used to take off your glasses. We all had to turn off the lights… Well, I’m not used to ‘broad daylight’ now.”

Yan Mingguang: ”

Yan Wei? I’m watching.

What does Yan Mingguang’s face look like? From a sharp sketch, clear and wide. The eyebrows are like thick ink, the eyes and tail are narrower than Yan Wei’s, the bridge of the nose is stagnant, and the lips are thin, isn’t it? The face covered by glasses is much colder than usual.

Before? Yan Wei once asked Yan Mingguang not to wear glasses directly, but what if this person? Without that kind of politeness, really? It’s so cold that others shrink back. Yan Wei? Let it go.

Yan Wei suddenly thought of him? The first time I saw Yan Mingguang, Yan Mingguang wore glasses.

Yes? Yan Wei likes the kind of seemingly gentle type.

“Why haven’t I asked you before?” in order to ease the tension just now, he? Said, “it’s not? I can’t see clearly. Why wear glasses?”

“You like it.”

“…” Yan Wei couldn’t laugh or cry, “don’t talk about love seriously.”

Yan Mingguang stopped talking.

When the friction sound of the sliding door sounded, Lin Qing immediately closed the door and locked it, saying, “other people are the same. I found a reason to go to several other sleeping rooms where people live. All their reflective things are covered like us. One of them has not been found yet. Other people don’t open the door. Maybe they are afraid that I am a ghost fake.”

Yan Wei and Yan Mingguang together? Sit on both sides, very close. Lin Qing saw him? In this way, the footsteps were slightly sluggish, but they didn’t say anything. They came to the table that had been covered with cloth? Stop.

He? Take out the paper and pen, yes? The picture was drawn without disorder. Is the technique of writing the same as the stroke? Before Lin Zhen? The puppet castle as like as two peas in the map, is it? They come from one person, and this action is the same.

Yan Wei glanced at Lin Qing? Draw the current distribution of players.

He? Take this time to be with Yan Mingguang again? I checked the narrow berth that two people could easily bump into.

He? My eyes then stopped at the door lock.

So is the door lock? Made of metal, just? That one? The polished metal is not smooth, is it? That kind of frosted surface. Yan Wei came forward directly with his immortal confidence? Look, I can’t see anything at all? Reflection of point contour.

He? I stared at the door lock and waited for a while. Nothing happened? happen.

So it looks like only? The kind of reflector that reflects people? The goods are dangerous.

Glass that reflects people, iron that reflects light? Tasteful, smooth to slightly reflect some human figures on the desktop

That’s not hard to guess, others? Obviously, people also encountered more or less strange scenes, and guessed this.

You can’t look at this kind of thing. As long as you can reflect the face, there will be such a situation just now. He? When I looked out of the window just now, naturally, I inevitably looked out through the window. The glass reflected him? The figure of led to such an illusion.

Glass alone can’t tell everything, but combined with him? Before getting on the bus? Experience on the platform, it is not difficult to think of reflection or? Something like a mirror? Question. On the platform, players are more or less urged to get on the bus by those dirty things, and? yes? The one Yan Wei started, didn’t do anything, just? It left blood on Yan Wei’s face.

Do normal people know they have on their face? What’s the first reaction to the traces of dirt? what?

——Erased in panic.

Will there be experienced players in the building? What first reaction?

——Looking in the mirror? No, Information, and then erase it.

Yan Wei’s intuition was wrong at that time?. The difficulty of death is that many dangers are just? Some small details in daily life, or? Yes? A trivial action, subconscious reaction, etc. So he? Alert, no? Follow this first reaction and bear it, okay? Qixin, without looking at what his face had become, wiped off the blood directly.

The man on the platform dodged, but he didn’t return after entering the carriage? Yes? Yes – after all, every sleeper? window.

Not hard to imagine, if not? Yan Wei is not afraid of death today, or? He? Didn’t respond in time just now, or? Lin Qing and Yan Mingguang? According to him? The reaction immediately speculated the situation, so? No, Cover up these things and just hide. I’m afraid the first round of death has already appeared.

No one can come in? Fuel efficient lamp, he? We can find it, and others can find it, so Yan Wei asked Lin Qing to verify it. Yan Wei has only encountered similar things twice, which is not enough to support the idea that reflective things will attract ghosts. But how much? If others do this, it means something else? People have encountered similar things. If there are enough examples, the conjecture tends to be correct.

The danger is? Information.

Since most people do this, will it reflect or? What can reflect can’t be seen, mostly? Right, next he? As soon as you notice something reflective, you just avoid it?.

Lin Qing painted well? Yes.

Yan Wei and Yan Mingguang crowded on the other side, and the three surrounded the table? Sit down and stare at the crude distribution map.

Lin Qing said: “The dining car is nothing different now. The car in front of the dining car is lit. It should be driven by the steward. He said he lives there. There is nothing in the aisle of the passenger compartment from the dining lane, except a small blackboard at the end of the dining car. It looks like a place for writing menus, but it is still blank now. Behind the dining car is the passenger compartment. I don’t look back too much But these five or six cars are all passenger cars. Each car has three bedrooms, each with four beds, and the upper berth and the lower berth are opposite?.

“We live in the third car behind the dining car. There are 16 people in total, and there are seven rooms. There are people from the second car to the fourth car. There are no people in the first car behind the dining car? Everyone should be worried about the dirty thing that appeared in the dining car when we got on the bus. We started to live in the second car, but the second and fourth cars are not full. We live in the third car In the last room of the festival, this carriage is full. The first room is occupied by two people, and the second room, that is, in front of us, is “Ding Xiao…”

Lin Qing paused and said, “Ding Xiao and I have a good relationship, but we don’t know each other. It’s just that the other shore flower and Xuanniao have had several friendly cooperation. I didn’t know before. Now I want to come because of Yan Wei.”

Yan Wei smiled and admitted, but didn’t say anything specific.

“And behind us, the first room in the next carriage is?…”

“Zhao Jingchen?” said Yan Wei. “He is hostile to me.”

In the copy, there are only two kinds of people living on both sides. One is an acquaintance who needs mutual care, and the other is an enemy who is eager to find a chance to start.

Sure enough, Lin Qing nodded and said, “at present, there is no big movement in the three carriages and seven berths where people live.”

Yan Mingguang said calmly, “not so fast.”

It’s not a low-level copy. Someone won’t die so soon?.

Yan Wei roughly wrote down the distribution of players drawn by Lin Qing, thought for a moment and said: “You must pay attention to the number of players, and there is any space that is locked with the door lock, such as sleeper room and toilet. The biggest problem with the running train copy is that it is closed so that passengers can’t leave here. It’s easy to have a secret room and confuse the number of passengers that shouldn’t have changed.”

Lin Qing nodded and drew a distribution for Yan Mingguang and Yan Wei. The three took out the lunch box from the plastic bag.

Because they found that all the “convertible food” in the mall turned gray and could not be selected.

This often happens, which means that players have to find food on their own in the copy?.

Inside the lunch box was “fresh and hot Steak” with cutlery such as knives and forks. Yan Wei stared at it carefully for a while. The frosted texture of the tableware and door lock was a little like, and there was no human image reflected. However, Yan Wei finally “didn’t move the steak, but” put the lunch box aside and fold it “?.

“There’s no problem, but don’t eat first. Our physical strength won’t be a problem if we’re hungry all day. Don’t act rashly first.”

Naturally, Lin Qing has no objection to Yan Wei’s judgment. Yan Mingguang nodded and said, “you sleep in the upper bunk, I sleep in your lower bunk, and Lin Qing sleeps in the upper bunk on your opposite side.”

So Yan Wei is protected by Yan Mingguang and Lin Qing.

Yan Wei also knew that he was the least able to fight among the three. Did he refute? He cleaned up and took the lead in climbing up the upper bunk.

The night was completely covered in the pouring rain.

In the roar of the car, the players all stayed quietly in the berth they chose. Several carriages were obviously full of 16 people, but they were dead.

At nine o’clock sharp, the old train, like other trains, came to the time to turn off the lights. The lights that were not bright flickered for a while, and the group fell into silence.

At the last second when the lights went out, Yan Wei, who was lying on the upper bunk, tucked in the quilt corner and glanced at the bed number plate attached to the head of the bed.


“Boom -”


Yan Wei, Yan Mingguang and Lin Qing came to the dining carriage and, like Xu Miaomiao, stopped in front of the small blackboard at the end of the carriage?.

There’s nothing on the little blackboard? Only four correct numbers are written.



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