Half Immortal Chapter 138

Half Immortal Chapter 138: Endless train (4) “coward.”

Last night was surprisingly calm.

The heavy rain outside didn’t know how long it had been raining, and the wet air conditioner penetrated into the train. It was mixed with the cold and gloomy that the whole train had brought. Even in the quilt, it made people cold.

Without the blessing of body data, how cold is Yan Wei? Very. I wanted to exchange an electric heater. After thinking about it, everything inside the copy is still unclear. No one knows how many small things will come out suddenly? can’t? It was also the fatal key. He finally gave up.

The sleeper in the train was crowded and narrow, and Yan Wei curled up under the quilt?, The ceiling of the carriage was pressed close at hand, but it was less than a meter away from the bed board. The sound of rain continued, and the whole train kept making mechanical noise. Was it noisy? It’s annoying. How oppressive is the sleeper? Like a coffin with an open mouth, the echo amplifies these sounds.

The whole train smelled of old rust.

Yan Wei closed his eyes and was approaching the cold?, Hearing and smell are constantly amplified, and I can’t sleep after turning over several times. He simply gave up sleeping and felt his surroundings warily.

At about midnight, there were some small sounds from the lower bunk. With a dull sound, someone turned over and got in? What happened to his quilt? Inside. Yan Wei’s vigilance and vigilance were not aroused, but? Subconsciously.

Yan Mingguang’s refreshing soap fragrance instantly covered the unpleasant rust smell attached to the air, and the temperature on men dispelled the cold. Yan Wei almost shrank in Yan Mingguang’s arms, two? Surrounded by people, is it clear? More crowded, but the pressure adhered to the bones dissipated completely.

Yan Wei just took the whole body on guard and slept for a few hours?.

When you wake up? Wait, Lin Qing is standing in the sleeper room? Yang, on the small aisle without much size, raised his head and held his hands? He took a bottle of mineral water and handed it to Yan Wei?.

Yan Mingguang still holds Yan Wei.

He seems to be used to the present? These two? The way people stick together?, Without changing his face, he said, “I’ve tried the water. No problem. Logically, it should be all right. After all, it’s impossible for people to survive without drinking water or eating for a few days.”

“OK.” Yan Mingguang took the mineral water calmly.

Yan Wei: ”

At this time?, The window is already bright, and the light of the day is projected through the curtains? In, in the dark? With a slight light. There was no sound of rain. It seemed that the rain had stopped in the middle of the night.

Everything in the train was calm.

Only in the air? The strong smell of rust and corruption lingers, pouring in all the time? People’s nasal cavity, together with Yan Wei’s mouth, seemed as if they had just been filled with blood.

Yan Wei and Yan Mingguang and Lin Qing quickly washed up and were carefully reviewing their carriages again. A chaotic sound came from the dining car outside a few carriages.

Yan Wei hurried to the carriage where they got on, and saw? The blackboard, which was still blank yesterday, was written with four numbers “1109”.

All the windows of the dining car have been covered. How many other players? Standing not far away? Measure.

Ding Xiao changed her cheongsam today. She sat in the last chair? He leaned lazily on the.

Near her is the corner of the car, where there is a male player? game player?, Cao Qun, with smoke in his fingers, is the smoke rising? Rise and float? Come on, cover Ding Xiao’s white face. In an atmosphere of silence?, Ding Xiao still kept that gentle smile, and the corners of his mouth were slightly aroused.

Only Xu Miaomiao is standing in front of the blackboard?, His face is dignified.

Yan Wei just walked in? In this carriage, Ding smiled and just let it go? Cao Qun was smoking. At the moment, he suddenly looked cold and said, “the cigarette is pinched.”

Cao Qun didn’t want to cause trouble. He angrily put out the spark on the cigarette end with his fingers.

The smell of smoke dissipated and Yan Wei went to the blackboard?.

There are traces of white chalk all over the blackboard. Obviously, it has been used for a long time, leaving a lot of powder that can’t be wiped off. In the mottled traces, the four numbers “1109” are written quite capaciously on the blackboard, front? The three figures were quite correct, and the last one began to be a little crooked. The chalk is on the small shelf under the blackboard? In fact, judging from the traces of use, it was written with this chalk.

Yan Wei quietly turned his eyes and was playing? Count? Measuring the fingertips of those who arrived first, Yan Mingguang whispered in his ear, “there is no trace.”

So? This number comes from the player? Possible? Sex is very low.

“Is it your bed?” Xu Miaomiao said. “My bed is 1105. You are next door to us.”

Yan Wei raised his eyebrow: “what do I feel? I don’t feel it.”

Not only did they not, but their carriage was very quiet.

How many other players? Already? Two? Talking in a low voice is mostly about the present? So far. Zhao Jingchen also got up. Did he see it? The numbers on the blackboard reacted and smiled sarcastically: “didn’t you drag Lin Qing very much yesterday? I want to see how you protect him.”

Before Lin Qing answered, Yan Mingguang gave him a cold look and took a step towards Zhao Jingchen.

As soon as he raised his foot, Zhao Jingchen took a few steps back and said to another person in yuemang, “we’ll go to the back carriages during the day.”

Lin Qing sneered, “coward.”

In front of the blackboard?, Xu Miaomiao frowned, rather tangled. While Yan Wei was thinking, Xu Miaomiao stared at the number for a while?, Whispered to Yan Wei: “The most likely reason for this number is that it was left by the steward or a ghost in the dark. No matter who it is, it’s not a good sign. Would you like to talk to Lin Qing and ask him to join hands with sister Ding? When sister Ding arrived at the top? It was earlier than Lin Qing. If she was willing to help you, she would at least give you more guarantee. I mentioned it yesterday, but it’s a pity that sister Ding ignored me…”

Yan Wei looked very strange.

“Although sister Ding has a good temper, she has a hard ear and is not easy to talk. But she likes good-looking people,” Xu Miaomiao glanced at Yan Wei’s face, “you can beg her for it.”

Yan Wei: ”

He said, “No.”

“Little brother, why are you so stubborn?”

“Little sister, if something happens, remember? Come to us for help.”

Xu Miaomiao was speechless again.

Yan Wei has turned around.

There were many breakfasts on the bar, which should have been put by the steward. Yan Wei didn’t get them. Instead, he chose an empty table to sit down. Yan Mingguang sat next to him, and Lin Qing sat down with him.

Lin Qing asked him, “do you want to ask the steward?”

Yan Wei shook his head: “if he left it, he wouldn’t tell us. If he didn’t leave it, he couldn’t give us useful information. If it was the information point that would have told us, the steward should stay when he comes to put breakfast. Tell us when we all come.”

This obviously requires them to guess for themselves – even for their lives.

“What does this number mean? It may be a lot. It may be a meaningful number, but it just coincides with my bed number. It may also be a death list, which refers to my bed number, which is used to refer to the sleeper passengers. But…”

When they get on the bus, there is no specific ticket. Even when they get on the bus, the steward gives them a door card that can be used in every berth. At night, when they go to bed completely, the bed is fixed.

Last night, Yan Wei was not the only one sleeping in the 1109 bed.

Yan Wei glanced at Yan Mingguang.

Yan Mingguang shook his head with a slight frown: “I don’t feel it either.”

Yan Wei: “it’s strange. When being watched by ghosts, we can still feel a little bit watched in the dark. I don’t have a great sense of crisis, only a little hairy, but this has been since I got on the bus.”

Lin Qing said: “it’s also possible? It means that you can’t sleep in this bed tonight. It’s a warning.”

“Then why? Not the first night?” Yan Wei retorted. “It’s unreasonable. If you have a fixed bed every night, it’s taboo. You shouldn’t be spared the first night.”

Yan Wei still remembers the beheaded ghost who flashed through the thunder yesterday, the dark face he saw on the glass window, and the pale ghost hand stretched out from under the sleeper in the carriage

What’s the dirt in this carriage? Have patience to play with the dirt of prey.

“Don’t worry,” Yan Mingguang said suddenly. “I also slept last night.”

“Then I should be more worried.”


“There’s still time. First calm down and look for information. We must not have noticed the problem. In the evening, we two change a berth and stay through 12 o’clock. What’s the danger? I can get on top.” Yan Wei got up. “I’ll go to the bathroom first.”

The toilet is in the middle of every two cars?.

Yan Wei walked past the dining car and went to the passenger compartment, but he heard something coming from inside. The door was lit and locked. It seemed that which player was using it.

He glanced at the door and went to the next bathroom?.

The door handle of the toilet is the same as that on the sliding door of the sleeper room. It is a frosted metal surface, which will not reflect people. At least it looks safe.

The bathroom was dark, and the door was not closed, but slightly hidden, as if to tell anyone who came to the bathroom that there was no one here.

Yan Wei just raised his hand to hold the door handle and paused.

Before long, only Yan Mingguang and Lin Qing were left on the dining carriage.

This carriage is the one where they got on. I didn’t know it had been seen several times yesterday. There were only tableware and kitchenware. The only thing that attracted attention was the small blackboard with Yan Wei’s bed number written on it. The dining tables on both sides of the road were very clean and really couldn’t find anything.

The train is still very big. Other players? Naturally, when they hurry, they go to other carriages to have a look.

Lin Qing and Yan Mingguang didn’t leave.

Lin Qing is standing in front of the small blackboard, staring at the small blackboard eraser on the lower shelf.

The numbers are written in chalk. The blackboard eraser can erase them easily. Players? Can you? Can you? Can you write on this small blackboard?

If he erases this figure, will any impact on 1109 beds still exist?

Lin Qing thought, a great cry for help suddenly came from outside the rear carriages.

——It’s Yan Wei’s voice.

He turned around and dared to go, but his shoulder was suddenly pressed by great strength.

Yan Mingguang firmly pressed Lin Qing, his eyes were slightly restrained, and said calmly: “your understanding of his way of doing things only comes from a copy.”

That copy is even tit for tat.

Lin Qing was stunned.

The cry for help was louder and more urgent.

Yan Mingguang went to the corner where Cao Qun smoked just now, lit a cigarette, the smoke dispersed, and he stood upright without movement.


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