Half Immortal Chapter 139

Half Immortal Chapter 139: Endless train (5) “it’s a pity.”

Is it getting louder and louder? A cry for help? In, Yan Mingguang just slowly? Finished one? A cigarette.

In order not to let Yan Wei see the reflection, he did it last night? Took off his glasses. The cold outline is completely absent at the moment? Doubt, the man stood there without talking, like a pine and cypress covered with snow in winter, nothing? Can’t get close.

Lin Qing? Seeing Yan Mingguang like this, I wanted to ask? Take all your words back.

But he’s long gone? Thread, just need? One? Instant? Calm down. Even if Yan Wei is in danger, he will never? Do it loud? Call for help.

He withdrew his steps.

It was about cloudy outside, even if? There was not much light in the day. In addition, the curtains of the whole carriage were pulled up, and the air in the carriage seemed to be dizzy.

The train is not stable. Does it stop every few seconds? meeting? Hair? Out of mechanical operation? The “clatter” and “clatter” of rust friction? Is the car shaking when it rings? forward. Yan Mingguang was standing in the corner, smoking in the same way? Straight is stable.

He’s one? Why do you smoke? next? Those scattered ashes, this one? Back without any? Initiatives.

Ash with? Yan Mingguang’s action fell to the ground? Come on, not long? Shit? In front of Yan Mingguang? Is there a bed on the top? A layer of very fine and scattered soot. Where is he standing? Fang? Where Cao Qun just smoked? Fang?, This one? Is there another layer of smoke next to it? A mess, falling in the ash? Three cigarette butts, obviously Cao Qun smoked everywhere? Throw it.

One of them? A cigarette end is still long?, At that time? Yan Wei walks in. Ding Xiao asks Cao Qun to put out his cigarette. What do you think? So this cigarette hasn’t finished at all.

A cry for help? Suddenly stopped.

Yan Mingguang at this time? Just finished the second cigarette. He looked down? Eye ground? The ash on the is not the one in front of him? Block.

Then he threw the third cigarette directly to the ground? Last, deeply? A look? Eye ground? The two pieces on the left traces of smoking. Then he turned and raised his feet and said, “go find Yan Wei.”

Zhao Jingchen is in the first car behind the dining car? In the bathroom.

He locked the door, turned on the light and stayed inside. The mirror in the bathroom was stolen last night? Players cover with cloth, but this one? In the room, on the washstand, it should have hung? The ground of the mirror? Fang? Empty? One? Object – has the mirror been? Zhao Jingchen took it down.

The toilet in the train is very crowded. Push the door instead? In, there are things on both sides. One? On the side is a squatting toilet whose edge has been stained with dirt that can’t be washed. The cover of the water pumping device stuck to the wall is broken? Half an hour later, the outline of the floating ball was faintly visible, as if the train shook again? Do you want all the water in it? Leak out.

Another? The side is an old-fashioned washstand, and even the faucet is a troublesome rotary switch.

The whole bathroom is filled with? Is it thicker than the smell of decay and rust outside, and there is a dirty smell all year round? Stick to the air.

Zhao Jingchen holding it? Nose, very unhappy? Wait inside?.

The mirror was? He took it off and hung it next? The bathroom is facing? The wall of the door.

If someone just opens the door and goes in, the light outside sprinkles into the originally dark bathroom, facing? The mirror of the door instantly reflected light, pushed the door and? Will the shadow enter? Look in the mirror.

Even if you push the door? The first person to enter? When? Inter hair? Now, go in and cover the mirror in front with something at hand, but at this time? Who will? Hair? Now, the washstand in the bathroom is covered with? The cloth quilt of the mirror? Lifted it down. He’s blocking the right side? The door? One, but also by? One? The other side? I can see it in a mirror.

Two sides? Bit, there’s always one? One can succeed.

Just? A human shadow? Out, so this trigger? Just

Zhao Jingchen suddenly felt that the smell of the bathroom was not so bad.

He woke up early in the morning, but he didn’t go to the dining car first, and? Did you observe one outside your berth? Fan. One of the 16 players, including him? Some have used the bathroom since they got up. Is there one? Some are just simple washing. Simply wash and gargle, but among the players, Yan Wei drinks the most – he seems to have drunk the whole day? A bottle of mineral water.

Fang? After everyone has read the blackboard in the dining car, if anyone wants to? Come to the bathroom, the earliest? One should be Yanwei.

Zhao Jingchen deliberately moved the mirror of the bathroom to the next? One, right opposite? On the wall of the door, at the same time? Lifted the cover in the dark? The bathroom has a mirror cloth. Then he returned to the bathroom, turned on the light and locked the door, so that the people who came from the dining car to find the bathroom would naturally? Next? Room.

Just? To the next? Room, open the door

Then Zhao Jingchen’s goal has been achieved. He didn’t really want it? Yan Wei’s face tried his best to do so, and? Is it because he and Lin Qing? The hatred of those people existed before they entered the copy. There is a festival between moon awn and black bird. Copy 1? At the beginning, he must be on guard? Lin Qing? They, on the contrary, the three of Xuanniao are also one? Kind.

Death won’t oppress? There is a prompt tone because of the cracked side? The formula is fixed – the player must find a vice local? An item within the point range, which item generation? Watch? Stairs. And? In the process of searching, no? Li Tou or traceable death techniques? Suddenly appear and reap the player’s life.

What do players want? All I do is find out what symbolizes the ladder and… Live.

How to live? Just? It’s someone else who died, so you were killed? The probability of killing is small. All players who know that death oppresses Ben know that in this copy, secretly let other players trigger it? Death is a very common thing?.

The preferred target is the person who has formed an enemy.

What? In order to ensure the security of the replica, Zhao Jingchen must also solve this worry.

Naturally, the sooner we can solve it, the better.

Back off? Bu said, it doesn’t matter if the person is not Yan Wei. Come on? A dead man, he’s the first? Someone who gets information.

On hearing the next? Footsteps in a carriage? When?, Zhao Jingchen knew that the fish had taken the bait.

Sure enough, no one? meeting?, Yan Wei’s cry for help? Shit? It rang.

The cry for help? It’s a little stuffy. It’s obviously coming from the room. But Zhao Jingchen recognized that it was Yan Wei’s voice. Did the young man’s voice carry? One? GuZi Qinghe, now wrapped in panic, Zhao Jingchen felt very pleasant.

Lin Qing? Looks so protective? Yan Wei and Yan Mingguang, with cold eyes, seemed to be looking at the dead, but at this moment, didn’t they still appear?

That sound? The sound is getting louder and louder. In the end, he has done his best, just like the sound? A torn belt? Like.

——Suddenly stopped.

Players who have been immersed in the building for a long time are surprised by this? Stop the cry for help? Very familiar.

That is the struggle and failure after despair. Is it a symbol? An endless stagnation.

Zhao Jingchen smiled.

He raised his hand and unlocked the bathroom. He was going to the next bathroom? The bathroom reaped his fruit.

The doorknob opened and the dark daylight poured down the corridor. Zhao Jingchen looked up slightly and was about to turn around and go out. I don’t know what the handle of the bathroom facing outward? When? Tied a? A rope, with? Zhao Jingchen’s action, rope pulling, seems to be ahead? What was? The rope pulled off.

Two pieces like from the quilt? The white cloth torn off the sheet? Is this rope pulling on the ground? Floating down.

Zhao Jingchen? Where did the cloth float down? Looking forward, the action suddenly stopped.

On the narrow aisle of the train, facing? The train sheet on the toilet door should have been? The ground firmly covered by the curtains? Fang?, But stick? One? A rather dirty mirror. Under the mirror? Yes? Are the traces of perennial water splashes splashed on the washstand? Yes.

Is this a? There are two organs.

He opened the door, the rope pulled the rags, pulled down the cloth that had covered the mirror, and directly exposed the mirror.

Zhao Jingchen is very familiar with this mirror – it is clear that he took it off the bathroom and pasted it on the next floor? A bathroom mirror.

He suddenly? When you open your eyes, the pupil shrinks, but one in ten thousand? Second hour? Between, then? I saw my reflection in the mirror.

Where is he wearing it? The figure of the hat pocket swings slightly? Next, next? A pale face appeared on the mirror. This face is pale and has no? Blood color, eyes are completely dark, swarthy, as if containing a? Cut dirty.

Thick black blood was left from the head of the ghost face. Is it facing? Zhao Jingchen opened his bloody mouth and measured the earth yin? A smile? Down.

Zhao Jingchen didn’t have time to think about it at all. The crisis consciousness exercised in the copy over the years? Let him tear off his sweater and throw it on the mirror.

——What happened to the trap he set? Question!!!

The square of the bathroom? Xiang must not go. Did he put his clothes on? Throw it, turn your head towards it? The side of the dining car? Towards? Go.

Next? At that moment, Zhao Jingchen’s steps stopped completely.

Not only on the side wall of the aisle? One? A mirror hanging in the middle of the aisle? One? A mirror!!

Fang? The two pieces of cloth he pulled off were not all covered? The mirror opposite the bathroom, at the same time? Still covered? Hanging in the middle of the road? noodles. The man who left the trap didn’t intend to use the first? A mirror hurt him, and? Did you predict that he would? Selected party? Xiang, left the second mirror in this side in advance? To.

And? Standing before that mirror? One? Black hair? It completely covers the face and is so thin that it seems that there is only a skeleton.

The thing had floated in front of him.

It seems that some chilly chill has frozen Zhao Jingchen. He can’t move all over and his muscles are tight?, Coolness goes into the bone marrow.

Is this thing lifting? The hands with corpse spots have blue and white skin and sharp nails.

Its hands encircled Zhao Jingchen’s neck, a? A little? Point, one? A little? Point to the ground? Tighten.

I don’t know where the cool wind from floats in the closed train aisle. Is its hair? By? Blowing up a little, revealing half a length? A face full of rotten insects. Those slender? The gray and black worm slowly wriggled on its face?, emission? A disgusting stench.

With? The dirty thing’s hands tightened, and Zhao Jingchen blushed.

The canthus of his eyes were about to crack, the veins on his forehead burst, and the new accurate face that had only been obtained for half a year had been distorted.

Suddenly?, Zhao Jingchen suspended behind him? A stone statue only the size of a palm, with a light around it? A golden and white light.

Where is that thing? Any movement seems to be? The pause key was pressed. When the light is in full bloom, does this thing emit a light? Sound? The piercing scream is like the twisting of sharp fingernails rubbing on metal sheets.

“Bang -”

The stone statue is broken. Is it hanging? The mirror was broken into dust like glass slag, and this thing suddenly? Deep fried, thick black blood with slender? Do you still have hair? Rotten flesh and blood? Spread out with you, disgusting? Mixed together? From then on, it dripped down and soaked Zhao Jingchen’s whole body. With? His hair? They all have a rotten sticky feeling.

But Zhao Jingchen did? Between? The dirt in the air, he fell to the ground?, Cover it? Neck, big mouth? Panting? Gas.

The sticky and dirty black blood slipped from his head, flowed through his eyes and covered his sight slightly.

Zhao Jingchen looked up. In the dirty black blood mixed vision, he saw the front? Where are the two cars connected? Fang?, be dressed in? The young man in the windbreaker leaned against the wall with a relaxed posture. His windbreaker is still flat and clean, and his scarf is just loose? Put it around your neck, but you don’t know? Meticulous.

Yan Wei is slightly low? Head, playing? The two swallow coins in his hand said casually, “what a powerful life-saving prop – ah, isn’t this stone statue? It’s your legendary prop? It seems to be broken. It’s a pity.”


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