Half Immortal Chapter 14

Half Immortal Chapter 14: The Promenade Hotel (14)

At the same time, the prompt of the building sounded in Yan Wei’s mind.

[congratulations to the player who cracked the death trigger again and unlocked the studio password. Gain a reward: 1 perception point.]

Yan Wei felt that his perception of the surrounding environment seemed to be enhanced.

He blinked and said: “From the logic of reasoning, people always pile up the clues they find and come up with a logic that moves them. When it comes to clues, human thinking set is also everything before thinking back. Once the previous clues can infer a reasonable answer, most people will immerse themselves in a sense of achievement and subconsciously tell themselves that this must be true Yes, so as to convince myself that my choice is correct. You think I will do the same, but in fact… I did contact the clues, but I didn’t contact them before, but just now. ”

The code lock hung on the door handle has been opened and falsely put on it. The three rollers have not been touched from beginning to end, and stay quietly on the “000” sequence.

Yan Wei lightly took off the password lock, threw it on the ground at will, and opened the door of the studio without any harm.

“The previous clue is to influence my thinking set and mislead me to think in the impossible direction. The password is not 703 or 150, but 000 that initially appeared in front of me.”

The clue was directly told to the painter from the beginning.

——”As long as you scroll the password and the password you enter is wrong, I have no restrictions…”

It’s just a word game. As long as he scrolls the password, the password entered is wrong – in other words, he can be correct only if he doesn’t scroll the password. The initial password 000 without scrolling is the correct answer!

Outside the corridor, the warm yellow corridor light that was slightly on all day shone on his face. Half of his side face was placed under the dim light of the studio, and half of his side face reflected the warm yellow light. The light and darkness were intertwined, which set him warm but rustling.

But those eyes reflecting the strange and terrible picture in front of him were as bright as China, as if they were hiding thousands of stars. He was flustered and timid in front of other players the day before. At this moment, he looked at the painter alone.

Yan Wei raised his hand and pointed at the painter standing in the center of the studio: “man, didn’t you say you were going to kill me?”

The artist’s eyes were clearly hollowed out, but he seemed to see Yan Wei’s gesture, making a grinding sound of “Ho Ho”, and his hoarse voice was wrapped in blood: “you – you!!!”

Yan Wei shrugged, took back his pocket, stepped out of the studio and said, “bye.”

In the studio, the painter’s angry and gloomy voice floated into Yan Wei’s ears bit by bit: “if you don’t give me your eyes today, you will die tomorrow… You will die tomorrow…”

With this sound, Yan Wei seemed to hear some footsteps vaguely. The footsteps were very light, and people could not come out. The source of the sound was not like coming from the studio, but more like coming from this narrow corridor.

His ears moved and he listened attentively

“Click -”

“Click -”

The thin voice seemed to carry the temperature, and people’s back was cold.

Yan Wei quickened his pace. Although he still has about an hour of immortality at the moment, and the painter doesn’t seem to be going to shoot him again tonight, he’d better be careful. After midnight, he can’t be angry at will.

He walked and ran back to the 14th floor. Before he approached the door, he saw Yan Mingguang coming from the other side of the corridor.

The man’s whole body exudes a cool temperament. His pure black jacket is slightly damaged, and his originally very regular silver hair is also slightly loose. It is obvious that he has just experienced something. Yan Wei takes a closer look and confirms that the other party is wearing a black ring on his fingers, and there are no problems with other characteristics, so he asks, “Why are you outside?”

They walked towards room 5. Yan Mingguang said faintly, “wake up in the restaurant. The waiter wanted to kill me. I beat him.”

This time, it was Yan Wei’s turn to draw from the corners of his mouth.

The man took out a card from his pocket and said, “I grabbed the magnetic card.”

Yan Wei choked for nothing.

He knew Yan Mingguang must be very strong, but he really didn’t expect to be so strong.

They stopped in front of the door. Yan Wei said, “I also woke up to the studio, met the painter, and then I –”

His eyes fell on the door and his voice suddenly stopped. Yan Mingguang obviously noticed it and his eyes stayed on the door.

At the moment, there is a portrait of a woman without eyes on the door of room 5!

“I also said that I have the first selected debuff. It’s normal to be attacked by ghosts tonight. But you’re a buff ignored by ghosts and shouldn’t be stared at with me. Now it seems that this picture should be pasted on our door. And I’m sure there’s no one at the door when we go back to the house after dinner.”

Yan Wei frowned and then said, “ghosts can’t paste pictures on our door. I was just moved to the studio. The painter wanted to deceive me into the picture pasted on the studio door. If he can paste pictures on the door, there’s no need to take me to the studio.”

Yan Mingguang made a conclusion: “the player did it.”

“Among the players, who needs to do this except us? This kind of painting without eyes is only available in the studio. Players who do this can only take out this painting from the studio and secretly paste it after we go back to the house. It’s very late when we go back to the house…”

After dinner, sun Shi took the other three initial players to the studio to explore. He, Yan Mingguang and Gao Ming first went to Gao Ming’s room to discuss the clues. Yan Wei and Yan Mingguang returned to room 5 in the last few minutes when it was going to be completely dark. At that time, all the players on the 13th floor had returned. Only the door of room 4 on the 14th floor was half open and no one came back.

The last person who came out of the studio and returned to the room was the middle-aged man next door.

Last night, the long skirt woman died. Tonight, he only lives alone. His room has been attacked. It is also a more dangerous room with a lower number. This is to use them to prevent disasters

Yan Wei turned his head and looked at room 4 next door.

He didn’t say anything, but silently took off the portrait of a woman without eyes on the door and silently walked to the door of room 4. He squatted down, quietly and slowly… Stuffed the picture into the gap in the door.

Yan Mingguang just copied his pocket with one hand and stood upright in front of room 5. He looked at him coolly and saw that he had finished all this. The man’s eyes were slightly heavy. He seemed to have something to say, but he didn’t say anything.

The portrait without eyes was completely stuffed into the crack in the door of room 4.

Yan Wei got up and walked slowly back to Yan Mingguang. “I’m just a tooth for a tooth. Why? Do you think my personal setup has collapsed and is very cold-blooded? I’ve known many friends. Everyone’s evaluation of me is particularly sunny and positive, but in fact, they don’t really see me.”

He raised his eyes and looked at each other. His clear voice was a little cold at the moment: “Yan Mingguang, I’m not a good man, and I’ve never been a good man. I know you say I’m cold-blooded in your heart, but I’d rather be cold-blooded, and I don’t want to be a saint.”

He can even quickly adapt to this copy of ups and downs in blood and life and death.

He was born with such an anti bone. Once excavated, the deviant ways buried in his bones and blood will take root and sprout.

Yan Wei just raised his chin slightly and looked at Yan Mingguang, who was higher than himself. He didn’t care about Yan Mingguang’s impression of him. Good or bad, they just formed a temporary alliance to survive. Even if Yan Mingguang hated him, it didn’t hinder them from looking for clues.

Emotions are useless.

a moment.

Yan Mingguang opened the door and took the lead in walking back. In a low voice, “it’s also very good.”

The cold voice came towards Yan Wei with the warm light in the house. He raised his eyebrows and looked at the man’s back, “cut”, followed back to the room and closed the door.

The second half of the night was really quiet for Yan Wei and Yan Mingguang. Nothing else happened in their room, the painter didn’t appear again, the waiter beaten by Yan Mingguang didn’t appear, and the bloody hand groping in the dark last night seemed to disappear.

Not long after midnight, the middle-aged man screamed next door. But this time, Yan Wei and Yan Mingguang didn’t get up as quickly as last night, but lay quietly in bed and continued to try to rest after the scream passed.

The clock hanging on the wall moves forward bit by bit.

At dawn, when it was time for activities in the hotel, Yan Wei and Yan Mingguang got up. This is the last day. They only have more than ten hours left. Time is very urgent.

They were very clear about the middle-aged man last night. This time, they didn’t bother to explore the next room. They just took a look when they passed room 4.

In the room, only the cleaned blood remains on the ground, and the body of the middle-aged man has disappeared – it should be the same as the body of the long skirt woman, which was taken to the underground floor by the waiter. They didn’t stay much and went downstairs to the restaurant together.

But at the restaurant, Yan Wei was stunned.

He only saw Gao Ming and sun Shi.

His eyes moved and asked, “where are the others?”

Gao Ming’s face is rather bleak, and there is a dark blue under his eyes. Obviously, he didn’t sleep well last night. Hearing Yan Wei’s question, he rubbed his forehead and slowly replied, “they are all dead.”

Sun Shi’s expression is also very bad. He eats very slowly and his eyes are full of panic. Seeing that Yan Wei and the three of them were still alive, sun Shi looked at Yan Wei reluctantly and was indignant.

There were seven players last night. Now only Yan Wei, Yan Mingguang, Gao Ming and sun Shi appear in the restaurant. So, last night, the remaining three initial players were all dead.

Yan Wei knows the death of a middle-aged man, but what happened to the other two? They were on the 14th floor and couldn’t hear anything on the 13th floor. They really didn’t expect that there was an accident in room 2 and room 3 last night – after all, Yan Wei and Yan Mingguang were the targets of ghosts last night. In this way, didn’t the ghosts attack all the players’ rooms last night?

Yan Wei didn’t care about sun Shi. He quickly ate breakfast and asked, “what’s the death like?”

Gao Ming said: “I’m afraid the description is not clear. Finish it quickly. You’d better have a look by yourself.”

Yan Mingguang’s eyes flashed a trace of doubt. Yan Wei directly asked, “see for yourself?”

“Yes, the player who lives with me and the player who lives with sun Shi have not been disposed of.”

Yan Wei made a move.

His eyes narrowed and his mind was full of thoughts.

Is it because the waiter hasn’t had time to clean up? Or does the waiter not have a second magnetic card? That’s not right. The middle-aged man’s body was taken away.

He thought. The waiter came over with the dining car and put down the food without expression, just like the previous two days. But this time, he opened his mouth and seemed to be muttering something.

When sun Shi was there, Yan Wei lowered his voice and asked Yan Mingguang, “what is he talking about?”

“Repeat a sentence,” Yan Mingguang said faintly. “- ‘he will kill you all’.”

Is this saying that they will all be killed by ghosts today?

Yan Wei didn’t hesitate. He hinted in his eyes that Gao Ming and Yan Mingguang ate breakfast quickly.

The copy said that midnight tonight was the deadline, but in fact, once it was night, it was a ghost paradise, and they had only about ten hours left. Now time is too tight. Three people died at the same time last night. Today they are bound to be in greater danger.

All three understood the key and got up directly after a few mouthfuls.

Sun Shi, who had been looking bad, suddenly shouted to them, “Gao Ming! Yan Mingguang!”

He didn’t call Yan Wei’s name at all – in sun Shi’s eyes, Yan Wei was just a good-looking waste who saved his life by relying on Yan Mingguang and Gao Ming.

He clenched his teeth. His face was white and flustered, and some angry red came up. His tone was very bad and he said, “there are only four of us left now. We can’t pass the customs today, and we all have to die. I have a very key clue, but I need help, so I can be faster. If you are willing to help me, I can forget the past and tell you the clue.”

Yan Wei raised his eyebrows.

Gao Ming looked at Sun Shi with disgust, then came up to Yan Wei and whispered, “I listen to you.”

Yan Wei just smiled.

His slim figure was lined by a crisp windbreaker, and his scarf added a bit of warm temperament to him. That pair of eyes as bright as stars seems to be flashing with endless brilliance, which compares the portraits of women decorated with great splendor around.

He smiled so kindly, but Gao Ming and Yan Mingguang understood the indifference under this smile.

None of them paid attention to sun Shi and walked directly back and forth towards the elevator.

Sun Shi waited for a long time, but he only saw the three people walking away from each other. He was so angry that he threw his chopsticks on the table, waved his hands, affected the dishes and chopsticks on the table, and made the sound of porcelain collision.

Sun Shi clenched his teeth and said happily, “then don’t blame me. I don’t care whether you live or die! Anyway, I can go to the studio and mend those eyes!”

At that end, Yan Wei and others entered the elevator and went straight to the 13th floor where the bodies of the other two players were located.

“Come to my room first… I didn’t wash in my room today because my roommate… Died in the bathroom.” Gao Ming led Yan Wei and Yan Mingguang into the room and took them to the bathroom of the room.

In the bathroom full of blood smell, the body of the initial player collapsed in front of the washstand and sat down by the wall, stiff and bleeding all over the floor. His eyes were also hollowed out, and the things that dug his eyes seemed very cruel. From the empty eyes, the part of the man’s mind had been completely stirred and disgusting.

Yan Wei glanced carefully. Without saying a word, he turned and went to sun Shi’s room.

In the room, another player who died by hollowing out his eyes also died in the bathroom. His eyes were empty and blood spread all over the floor. There were only a few blood fingerprints on the wall. There were no clues next to his bed. There was only an empty bedside table and dressing table. The mirror brought by the dressing table reflected his death, which made the scene more terrible.


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