Half Immortal Chapter 140

Half Immortal Chapter 140: Endless train (6) “why!”

Zhao Jingchen listened to the young man’s rambling words and looked at the other party standing there clean and tidy?, Suddenly feel those dirty things on yourself? leave behind? The traces of the became more and more fishy.

Without the blessing of body index, he? As big as ordinary people? Gasping for breath?, Rotten smell and air? Into Zhao Jingchen’s mouth? Cavity, constantly causing nausea, but physiological instinct makes him? Have to take oxygen desperately?. For a moment, Zhao Jingchen was excited by Yan Wei’s words? Upwelling, but unable to speak for a long time.

When Zhao Jingchen gradually slowed down, Yan Wei had stepped forward slowly from the rear of the carriage.

He? How long did it take to take these steps? For a minute. The ground is covered with a little blood stain and rotten meat that has rotted for a long time, he? Be careful at every step for fear of stepping on those dirty things? leave behind? Traces of.

Zhao Jingchen stood up gnashing his teeth and wiped the blood on his face. game player? You can’t kill each other. Yan Wei is standing on him? In front of him? There’s nothing I can do but stare hard.

He? Said, “yes, unfortunately, I didn’t die.”

Yan Wei said without hesitation, “why do you think I want you to die?”

Zhao Jingchen was stunned.

At the moment, he? I’ve wiped the dirt off my face a little, only? Some dark red adhering to the surface of the skin.

Zhao Jingchen usually cares most about his face. Is it made by ghosts at the moment? In this way, he directly damaged him in order to save his life? Legendary props, he? Eyes? Under the tail? Drooping eyes? God? Yin ruthlessly lowered his voice and said, “don’t say that until you fail? Don’t hide it. I also want you to die.”

Yan Wei muttered to himself, “you’re still useful.” it’s so simple that he died. There aren’t many clues. It’s better to keep the ghost without a target.

In this copy? Can’t use body data and perception, but? Is it high? Layer player? The legendary props can still be used. He? What we want is that Zhao Jingchen loses the help of props.

Now that the goal has been achieved?, He? He didn’t care what Zhao Jingchen thought at all. He just lowered his head slightly and looked at the traces on the ground carefully.

“Mystify! Who told you I set a trap?”

“Who do you think saw your sneaky behavior?” Yan Wei sneered. “Everyone is busy looking for something to leave? Who has time to stare at you? You are too deliberate.”

In the first bathroom? Something deliberately sent out Deliberately open lights and locked doors are deliberately showing the inside? Face someone, let him? Go? One.

Down? A hidden door is more deliberate.

In fact, Zhao Jingchen’s layout is not bad, but? It is precisely because of the perfect layout that Yan Wei feels this deliberate arrangement. After thinking about it again, Zhao Jingchen’s trap content can be inferred almost.

So he? There was no complete fight at that time? Open the door of the second bathroom, but call? Opened a little, moved in sideways, covered the two mirrors in two directions with a cloth in the dark, moved the mirrors out and put them in the position just now.

Footsteps came from the direction of the dining car. Yan Wei knows who he is without looking.

Zhao Jingchen saw Yan Ming? Light and Lin Qing come over, he? Moon awn player with? I’m not around. I’m obviously at a disadvantage now. He? Gave Yan Wei a cool look?, Just call? It’s considered to bypass Yan Wei and leave.

Yan Wei happened to look up and saw Zhao Jingchen’s facial features.

Those pale eyes seemed frozen, and in an instant they were frozen like snow and frost.

He? That clear and peaceful voice moistened a layer of low voice: “… Zhou Tian?”

Zhao Jingchen made a movement, and the delicate face with black and red blood showed a proud smile: “this face is good? See? It was specially brought out for me from the copy.”

With that, Zhao Jingchen bypassed the mess on the ground and quickly left the carriage. He? With Yan Ming? When the light passes by, Yan Ming? Just a look? He? My face.

Yan Wei squinted?, Looking at Zhao Jingchen’s back, he smiled and said to himself, “it’s no use for me to keep you.”

He? Your expression is clear? Not much change, like a peach Petal? Her eyes were slightly upward, and her eyes were shining with a faint light. But just now, such an eye? God? Okay? Like a lazy and loose cat, now, the amber eyes reflect Zhao Jingchen’s figure farther and farther away, eyes? With frost on the bottom, it feels like a cat full of vigilance and hostility.

Yan Ming? Light came to him? The side of the body. The man didn’t say anything, just raised his hand?, He patted Yanwei on the head.

He? When we first met, men’s hands? Even unarmed? Crushed the skull that had been chased, but now it was gently placed on the head of Yan Dang, but it was powerless, only the temperature.

Yan Wei’s eyes suddenly relaxed? Come on.

He? From the direction Zhao Jingchen left? Eyes, hands? Copy the pocket and feel the edge of the coin with your fingertips.

Zhao Jingchen died just now? Escape, there is no way to pay attention to the ghost. Yan Wei was just standing at the end of the car, behind the mirror?, With your own eyes? Watch the ghosts come out and shoot Zhao Jingchen?.

“I just saw a complete ghost, which is now broken into slag,” Yan Wei told Yan Ming? Light and Lin Qing said, “there are many blunt wounds on the body. It doesn’t seem that they were killed by a clean hand before death. Moreover, there are many rotten insects on the body, like something hidden…”

Lin Qing asked, “where is it wet? There are few insects on ghosts. Some are generally new.”

These days.

When Lin Qing finished, he squatted directly in front of the mess in front of Yan Wei? Come on.

This stall? Not to mention Yan Wei, who is obsessed with cleanliness, Zhao Jingchen just now retreated from this disgusting trace. But Lin Qing has no feelings of disgust, disgust and withdrawal, and treats such things that others can’t avoid?, He? Didn’t even frown?, Raise your hand? Right here? Inside? A piece of broken cloth was fished out.

“….” Yan Wei moved his steps and left Lin Qing’s hand? A little farther away, he said, “this is that thing? The clothes on his body are all blood. I can’t see the style clearly.”

Lin Qing doesn’t care at all. She gropes with her fingertips? This piece of clothing, which is not as big as a palm, said, “the cloth is very thick and has good water absorption, so it is soaked with blood.”

He? Next? The conclusion was: “it’s linen.”

Lin Qing threw the cloth aside and fished it on the ground, okay? A few.

A moment, he? Said, “it’s all linen.”

Yan Wei and Yan Ming? Just look at each other?. This time? First? Yan Ming? Light: “workers.”

Workers on the train.

Linen is a kind of cloth. If it is all used to make clothes, it will probably not be comfortable. If the whole body up and down? It’s all this cloth. If it’s on this old train, it’s more like a conductor or worker in uniform.

That’s where the information stops.

here? Gas? The smell was too bad, and there was nothing else. The three looked at each other?, Finally decided to go back first? To him? Our berth.

As for the mess all over the ground… The existence of the steward wants to clean up the train.

Back? When they arrived at car 11, the three entered the sleeper room one after another. Yan Ming? Guang and Yan Wei sat on one side. Lin qingsuo closed the door and sat on the other side.

“Although death oppresses Ben, many things have no source or no reason. Unlike other copies, there is a complete story of antecedents and consequences that can be deduced logically. However, we need to find an object symbolizing the ladder, which is definitely on the train. Moreover, we have two purposes, one is to find the ladder, the other is to live. Whether it is for the sake of going straight It is necessary to know what the object is, or to find out more death laws and conditions, and to know the types of ghosts and possible causes of death. ”

“Two possibilities,” Yan Wei raised his hand?, Than a “1” hand? “The ghosts on this train are all conductor or workers on the train,” Shi said

He? Hold out your other hand? He pointed to a “2” and then said, “the second possibility is that both workers and passengers have it.”

Lin Qing thought for a moment: “it seems to have nothing to do with the bed number on the dining car blackboard, and why you were selected.”

“Yes, No.”


“These things seem to have nothing to do with each other because all the 16 of us, except the first one, missed the most important information.”

Yan Ming? He just took a bottle from the small table? Are you ready in advance? Mineral water. He? Took a drink?, After waiting for a moment, he handed it to Yan Wei and said, “no problem.”

Is this him? We did not know how many times when we first went upstairs.

Yan Wei’s memory was suddenly aroused by this action. He? And Yan Ming? Light once had a less heated quarrel over this matter – he? Think Yan Ming? It’s too dangerous just like this. Ming? Ming? He? Can you have one day of immortal time to try, can you completely let him? To try these potentially dangerous things, eat and drink water?, To annoy NPC?, It’s always him? I won’t die that day.

But? Yan Ming? Light feels that some dangers will delay the arrival, he? There will also be an immortal day, so I always take the initiative to make these attempts.

He? For the first time, we had differences. Yan Wei lost his temper in the copy?.

After? Come to him? Okay? Like giving in and letting Yan Ming go? Light blocking him? In front of the. Thanks to him? We have always been very cautious. It seems that nothing has happened because of such small details.

Yan Wei suddenly doesn’t understand himself at that time. Such a dangerous thing, he? Why did you give in? Yan Ming? How did you convince him? Yeah?

Okay? I don’t seem to remember.

Although the memory back? Yes, but? Occasionally think of these small details, tiny memories seem to be erased by time, he? Okay? I can’t remember much.

The mineral water bottle with the bottle cap unscrewed has been handed to him? In front of, Yan Wei naturally took it and took a few drinks?, Wash your throat? The smell of rust.

Lin Qing took a look? The mouth of the bottle that was drunk by two people?: “……”

“What’s the matter? Are you thirsty, too?”

Seems to be afraid of Yanwei’s direct hand? The mineral water bottle in the is general. Yan Wei’s voice hasn’t fallen yet. Yan Ming? Light stool? He took a new bottle of mineral water and threw it directly into Lin Qing’s arms?.

Lin Qing: ”

Yan Wei looks at Yan Ming? Guang: “I think you saw something in the dining car just now?”

Yan Ming? He nodded imperceptibly: “I tried. I wanted to smoke the traces of soot on the ground. Cao Qun stayed for more than 20 minutes.”

But? Is that him? When we arrived at the dining car, it was only twenty minutes before dawn. It’s not dawn. How high is it? Layer player? Will not go out of the rest place when there is no accident.

In other words, Cao Qun arrived at the dining car at dawn.

Lin Qing’s solemn eyes turned and said, “Cao Qun was the first person to reach the dining carriage.”

“What bed is Cao Qun?”

“I saw it on the way, 1101.” Yan Ming? Just say.

Yan Wei raised his hand?, Fight? He snapped his fingers: “the first person to be stared at is not me, but Cao Qun.”

The copy of the gambling building on the 89th floor is in front of the live projection.

This type of copy projection, even the seats are in the deepest place of the gambling area, ordinary players? I won’t come at all. High? Layer player? Not many people will come to see him? Most of them don’t participate in the gambling building. They will choose to wait for the copy to end and watch the complete record directly on the endless stone tablet.

Compared with dozens of layers, it is always full of players before projection? The sound of discussion, here? How many players are standing?, Very quiet.

Lin Zhen rubbed his forehead. Is his voice in this quiet situation? Outstanding: “why!”


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