Half Immortal Chapter 141

Half Immortal Chapter 141: Endless train (7) “because I can’t see it.”

“Cao Qun’s hands and feet.”

“How do you know? It’s annoying. The projection of the gambling building on the 89th floor has set player permissions. We can only see the vicinity of the perspective that has opened the permissions to us,” Lin Zhen put his hands around his chest and looked impatient. “Only my brothers have opened the perspective to us, but we can’t see Cao Qun.”

The fish flying boat shook its head helplessly.

“No, but we can see the traces of the blackboard and the smoke on the floor of the carriage. Do you remember what the small blackboard in the dining carriage is like?” he asked? He said, “there are many traces of white powder on the small blackboard, and the blackboard eraser has also been used. Obviously, it has been written on the blackboard before.”

“It’s normal. The blackboard was like this on the first day. The train is so old. The blackboard has been used many times.”

“It’s not normal,” Yan Wei said.

Lin Qing straightens it out immediately? Good thought: “because the numbers are at the top of the small blackboard. The first two of these four numbers are written casually, and the last two begin to be distorted and crowded. The bottom is very empty, and the blackboard eraser has traces of use.”

The last two numbers are crowded in order to squeeze out more space. Don’t write? Information about.

Under the blackboard? Information, originally? Write it on the blackboard with the bed number, but this? A message was erased, leaving only the bed number.

Three people each other? Took a look, this? A conclusion? have a tacit understanding.

“But the emptiness under the blackboard is not enough to support this idea, unless someone has a strong motivation to clean the blackboard and cut off the information of other players. In this copy, there is no apparent competition between players, and even cooperation will be wiser than competition. No matter who gets the clue, it can help everyone else live. There is only one thing that is more important than this.”

“That’s erasing the information. Maybe he can live longer.”

Yan Wei tilted the water bottle slightly, put his fingertips at the mouth of the bottle and caught a few drops of water that leaked slightly.

He? Raise your hand and slide your fingertips over the white cloth covered with the table. After a while, four numbers like water marks – 1101 appear on the cloth.

“As we said before, the numbers on the blackboard have two most likely functions, one is the death list and the other is a warning. The possibility of” others “is small because it is meaningless. The possibility of the death list is greater than the warning. This is an eighty-nine layer copy, not a nine layer copy. The possibility of NPC helping players is basically zero.”

The information erased from the blackboard is easy to associate.

“The death list,” Yan Mingguang said in a low voice, “the blackboard should not only tell the players about the bed, but also tell the players that the bed written out is the target of ghosts and monsters tonight.”

Yan Wei shrugged: “Cao Qun should have felt something at night, so he went to the dining car at dawn the next morning. He was the first person to arrive. However, he saw that his bed was written on the small blackboard, and most of them said that the player of this bed would die tonight.”

He? Say, the light in the eyes is more and more? The colder it gets, “he wants to try to rewrite the bed number on the blackboard to make the ghosts move their targets. But he will have this idea, and other people will have it. If he changes another person’s bed number and is changed back by another person, it will be useless.”

So there is probably a paragraph on the blackboard that tells the player this? Is it death? The death list was erased by Cao Qun. This? What kind? It takes a lot of effort for players to only see the numbers and guess what the numbers are. They don’t dare to act rashly at all.

Yan Wei moved his finger and drew an arc on the upper right side of the last “1” of “1101”, and “1” became “9”.

Cao Qun dares to erase the prompt, but dares not to erase the numbers, and only dares to change the numbers.

“1” can only be changed to a number containing a vertical line in the stroke, and the options are only “4”, “7” and “9”. 1104 beds are in the same room as 1101. 1105 to 1108 are the sleeping rooms of Ding Xiao and Xu Miaomiao. There is a half chance that no one will sleep in 1107. However, from 1109 to 1112, there are three people: Yan Wei, Yan Mingguang and Lin Qing. Only 1109 has the highest probability of sleeping, and is farthest from Cao Qun.

Therefore, Cao Qun’s choice to change to 1109 is inevitable.

Lin Qing’s solemn expression was a little murderous. He? He said, “he’s very smart. After the change, he specially smokes there, because you show an obvious cleanliness habit before you get on the bus. Anyway, as long as you come, even if Ding Xiao doesn’t speak, one of the three of us will go up and ask him to choke off his cigarette.”

So he? When they began to observe everyone’s fingertips, they couldn’t find any traces of white dust, because the traces on Cao Qun’s hands were covered with soot.

Cao Qun changed his bed number to Yan Wei’s bed number and wiped it off to inform the player of this? Is it death? Dead list information, even with? Traces of soot? Cover him? Traces of dust on your hands.

Yan Wei put down the mineral water bottle and his fingertips were frozen by the temperature of the cold water. He? Hands overlapping, fingers touching each other? He rubbed it, wrapped the palm of one hand around the other, and the temperature of the palm covered the back of the hand.

He? I’m afraid of the cold, isn’t it? The whole train is always covered with wet cold air, which is cold to people’s bones.

Yan Mingguang’s hand covered it?, Completely take him? A cold package. Yan Wei moved and subconsciously fell on Yan Mingguang.

Lin Qing sneered: “is he looking for death?”

Yan Wei’s ears moved slightly – it rained outside.

This? In the first copy, it is in the rainy season. Yesterday, there was a heavy rain. It stopped for a while and began to rain again?.

Lin Qing likes cloudy days. No matter inside or outside the copy, if he hears the sound of rain, he will always look at it. He? Subconsciously turned his head, but he only saw the curtain and came out of the curtain yarn? The dim, low light of the day.

He? He stretched out his hand and wanted to open the curtain for a moment. Not only look at the rainy days, but also see where they are outside.

In the narrow sleeper room, Lin Qing’s hand easily touched the pull rope of the window curtain. He? Did you pause or take it back?.

When people are reflected, ghosts will come out even during the day?.

The train has made a running sound of “clang” and “clang”, staggering forward. Don’t you know? Where will you drive.

——Does it have a destination?

Yan Wei shook his feet, but a few times he bumped into Lin Qing’s legs. He? Want to stretch, raised his hand and touched the upper bed board.

Car after car seems to be connected one after another? The big coffin can’t see outside and can’t leave inside. In the air? The smell of rust? How’s it going? Lingering, narrow space seems to crush people alive?.

Yan Wei carefully avoided bumping into Yan Mingguang and Lin Qing, got up slowly and said, “it’s almost lunch time. Before lunch, I want to go to the front first.”

Lin Qing asked, “is the dining car in front?”

“Yes. We still don’t know the whole picture of this train. Can we go to the front during the day or go there?”

“Isn’t it? Just passing by the dining car like this?” Lin Zhen glanced.

The fish flying boat didn’t understand: “Yan Wei, they have to go ahead and see. Of course, they have to pass by.”

“I mean, didn’t they all speculate? Did Cao Qun change the information on the small blackboard? Did he change it back? Ah, if ghosts kill people according to the content on the blackboard, isn’t Yan Wei dangerous tonight?”

The fish flying boat thinks his voice is all right? A little dumb, but he cleared his throat and said, “it’s useless. The ghost must be staring at 1101 tonight.”

“This? Not necessarily. We’ve had so much, and there are many? Ghosts deliberately guide players to kill each other. Maybe they like this kind of situation that players constantly modify the infighting on the blackboard.”

“Other copies will, but these copies won’t. because this is the oppressive copy of death and death, the core of the copy is the inevitable shadow of death and death, which follows behind.”

Said the fish flying boat, frowning slightly and showing a worried face.

“What it wants to give players is that they can’t get rid of the oppression of death. If players change the blackboard, they can change the death list. Players are indeed involved, but the method of death has changed. Ghosts not only have no right to kill, but also become a tool for players to kill. Their purpose has not been achieved – they are the people who control the life and death of players.”

Cao Qun wasted his efforts from the beginning.

Ghosts want a sense of struggle that players can’t get rid of. How can they let players change and die? Dead object?

Yan Wei him? You don’t use it at all? Modify the bed number on the small blackboard, because Cao Qun’s plan will not succeed. Even if “1109” is written on the blackboard, the target of the ghost is “1101”.

Fish flying boat is not worried about this? one o’clock.


He? Think of just now, Yan Wei him? They walked out of the sleeper room one after another, and Lin Qingtou didn’t return to the moment when he pulled the sliding door.

Between the right lower bed board and the floor, under the dark shadow, a blue and white ghost hand stretched out first. Then a completely pale face came out?.

The thing’s all black pupils faced the sliding door, and its blue and purple mouth opened, revealing a stiff and frightening smile.

“Bang -”

The sliding door is completely closed, and the three of Yan Wei who go out can’t see this? The last picture.

Narrow train walkways? Unable to stand side by side, Yan Mingguang walked at the front, Yan Wei and Lin Qing followed behind and walked towards the carriage further ahead.

After the carriage where the steward lives, there seems to be a lot of traffic ahead? It’s a hard seat car.

Rows of seats are regularly arranged in the aisle? Both sides, no seat numbers, all? As like as two peas. Yan Wei walked out of the two carriages and gave birth to a little trance. He almost forgot this? Is that him? Where did you come from? Several hard seat carriages.

Lin Qing handed the three door cards to Yan Wei: “will you take them or me? Or will everyone take one?”

“Take it,” Yan Wei pushed back. “This door card can be opened at the beginning. But after we choose the sleeper, everyone’s bed number is on the door card, so we can’t open other people’s sleeper rooms.”

“Do you think someone might rob you?”

“It’s not possible, but someone will want to rob, even us. Since the death list is a kind of death law, the bed is not safe. If the person selected tonight is really 1109, what will we do?”

Lin Qing will be here? Three door cards in? He took the inside pocket of his clothes and said, “I’ll help you grab the door card of another sleeper.”

Then don’t? Human nature is the same.

Dead? Death cannot be changed. The only way to struggle is to change your bed.

“If someone comes to rob me, I may not be able to keep it. After all, I can’t beat most people. Everyone takes a card, which actually increases the probability that the door card will be robbed. It’s better to put it on you alone. In this way, if someone comes to rob me, the probability of winning is only one-third, and I may not be able to get good from you.”

Lin Qing nodded.

Yan Wei’s footsteps — Yan Mingguang’s speed in front slowed down?.

He? He tilted his head and saw Ding Xiao and Xu Miaomiao coming from the front?. This? Both? He looked serious as if he were meditating.

They also saw Yan Wei and others.

Yan Wei doesn’t use it at all? Ask, you know? What did they do – with him? Our ideas are similar. Ding Xiao should be the same. When he saw Yan Wei, he showed a clear look.

He? How are you two? Walk in front of me?, On the second floor behind the dining car? Four cars? Yang stopped?.

“Yan Wei? You…” Xu Miaomiao paused, showing hesitation. She glanced at Ding Xiao, not sure if Ding Xiao wanted to say.

Instead, Ding Xiao cut to the chase: “Are you going to see what’s going on ahead? No, I’m going.”

When she spoke, even though Yan Mingguang was in front, she still looked at Yan Wei behind Yan Mingguang.

Yan Wei and Ding Xiao look at each other? He blinked and said, “why?”

“Because I can’t see it.”

Yan Wei’s heart? Suddenly there was a bad feeling. This? A hunch has been looming, with this? Cramped and crowded space, entangled with the kind of physical because you can’t leave? Despair sprang up on the.

Ding Xiao’s next sentence hit? What happened to Yan Wei? That little unknown foreboding.

“I can’t go to the end. No matter how far I go, I can’t see the front of the car.”


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