Half Immortal Chapter 142

Half Immortal Chapter 142: Endless train (8) “you are still alive.”

The train is shaking.

Yan Wei stood on the aisle that only one person could walk through, holding the back of the seat beside him with one hand and pressing his fingertips slightly. The furnishings of the whole train are old-fashioned. The operations of each row are connected. The back of the chair is covered with a layer of dark green cloth. It feels like fiber cloth. If you rub it, your fingertips can burst into fire.

Yan Wei felt the real touch in his hand and bypassed Ding Xiaohe? Xu Miaomiao’s figure looked up. Row after row of seats are placed orderly, becoming smaller and smaller with the distance of sight.

The next car is no different from this one. Looking through the connection of the car, the seats are shrinking, and then the connection between the next car and the next car.

Like a kaleidoscope full of rust and dark green coarse cloth, layer after layer of visual overlap and concentration.

All five of them looked more or less at the carriage ahead.

The train doesn’t know where to go. Even the carriage has no end. It’s like the sound of rain outside. It doesn’t end. I don’t know where the dirty things are hidden in the carriage. Maybe I’ll sit in my seat and watch them, waiting for the slow death penalty. Except Xu Miaomiao, all the people present have been to the copy of the 89 layers at least once, but they also feel soaked in the bone marrow at this moment? It’s creepy.

No one questioned what Ding Xiao said, because it was unnecessary.

Yan Wei takes back his eyes and puts them in his windbreaker pocket? My hand rubbed slightly. He seems to be getting used to it? It’s wet and cold.

He held out his hand, patted Yan Mingguang, came forward slightly and whispered to Yan Mingguang: “… I’ll talk to Ding Xiao alone? I’ll call you if it’s dangerous.”

He has a low voice and a gentle tone?, Yan Mingguang is ready to disagree – after all, Yan Mingguang has never agreed before. Is this man really stubborn and more in control than him? To be serious, even if Ding Xiao just admires him.

The man looked back at Yan Wei. His side face was clearly defined in the dim light, with a light on his back, and his expression was blurred. He didn’t have any displeasure, but Yan Wei felt that Yan Mingguang’s breath lasted a little, and the low pressure flashed past and disappeared very quickly? Come on, come on, Yan Wei almost thought it was his illusion.

Yan Wei nodded when he saw that Yan Mingguang was slightly unknown. Without saying a word, he turned aside and walked in the direction they came.

When leaving, Yan Mingguang even helped Yan Wei pull Lin Qing away and planned to take advantage of this time to find the steward. Ding smiled at Yan Wei and asked Xu Miaomiao to follow Yan Mingguang for a while without asking? Lin Qing acts together. But for a moment, in a car with hard seats in front and back? Only Yan Wei and Ding Xiao are left.

Ding Xiao sat down on the seat beside him, his mouth slightly raised, his eyebrows slightly bent, and his expression was as gentle as ever?.

The cool atmosphere dissipated in Ding Xiao’s eyes. Yan Wei looked back at Yan Mingguang’s back. What was his heart? There was an inexplicable discomfort in the.

Yan Mingguang just gave him the feeling that he was very familiar and? It was strange, because it was not the first time, but it never happened when they first climbed the stairs. To be exact, Yan Mingguang took the lead in restoring his memory and memory from their second landing? Data start.

Mingming is as close as before, but every time he is close, either Yan Mingguang’s company takes care of him unilaterally, or the mood that flashed in a flash just like before? What comes is restraint that ends in courtesy.

What if he? To kiss Yan Mingguang, under the subconscious reaction of his body, Yan Mingguang will be more violent than his temptation, but he will also stop quickly; What if he? Sleeping in Yan Mingguang’s arms, will this man sleep with you? As before, his lips stick to his earlobes and breathe hot air, but he won’t take the initiative to go further; If he did something that Yan Mingguang would have been jealous before, it was like just now that Yan Mingguang’s desire for control would envelop him for a moment, but the next moment was like an illusion.

Yanwei subconsciously grasped his pocket? Those two cold swallow coins.

In the roar of the train, Ding Xiao lowered his voice: “you are still alive.”

Xu Miaomiao is in the bar of the dining car.

here? Just one corner of the dining car is surrounded by a semi arc table slightly higher than the waist? The head is a narrow but complete cooking table. Inside the bar table is a connected floor cabinet. The narrow space can’t hold too much light. It’s dark and sneaky. It seems that it can appear at any time.

She’s 200 percent vigilant, right? Take the fruit knife from the knife rack.

Fruit knife and? Like those tableware, although they are made of metal, the surface is frosted and will not reflect any formed shadow. The edge presents a slightly wavy edge, but also? There are several small gaps.

She put the fruit knife back on the knife holder and pulled out another cooking knife. The same is true.

The whole train, from berth, seat and? The shabby table and the excessive use of kitchen utensils are all in the carriage? Like the smell of rust, it reveals the long time.

After reading these things inside the bar, Xu Miaomiao said to Yan Mingguang, who stayed in front of the small blackboard, “I’ve finished reading, and I don’t see anything suspicious.”

Yan Mingguang still stood upright in front of the small blackboard. He didn’t turn his head, but nodded slightly.

Xu Miaomiao was relieved. Obviously it was cooperation, and Yan Mingguang didn’t give her any pressure. She still subconsciously didn’t dare to talk. Before she entered the world inside the building, how was her family environment? It’s good. After entering the world inside the building, Ding Xiao directly cultivated him because he was proficient in deduction. Compared with others, it can be called smooth sailing.

So even in front of Ding Xiao, she has nothing? What feelings of inferiority or awe, at most? Be grateful. Including Yan Wei, she knows that the other party is very smart. Every communication has a sense of crisis and? Cherish the feeling, will not shrink back.

But Yan Mingguang let her realize for the first time that a person can be so cold that no one around dares to get close.

Every time I saw Yan Mingguang before, I was with Yan Wei. Now I get along with Yan Mingguang alone for the first time. Even though she has a clear mind, she can’t talk freely like other players on the other bank.

Just now? Four other players came to the dining car and wanted to continue to check the details, but Yan Mingguang stopped there and the four left the dining car directly.

What a living hell.

Xu Miaomiao walks out of the bar and Lin Qing comes back from the previous carriage.

“The steward’s room is normal,” Lin Qing said, “He also chatted with me for a while. They were all trivial daily things, saying how he cooked and cleaned the train every day… Including what was put on the bar in the dining car? And how to prepare the menu every day. If I asked him about the origin and destination of the train, he would think about it, but basically he couldn’t remember it. To Yu xiaoblackboard didn’t mention a word. ”

Yan Mingguang smelled the speech, his eyes moved slightly, raised his hand, and what did he move on the small blackboard.

Xu Miaomiao thought for a moment and said, “it’s basically the same as expected. No matter what the steward is actually, what he shows is just a functional NPC.”

——But this copy is so malicious and scary everywhere. Would it really be so kind to set up a functional NPC for them to deal with trivial things?

Yan Mingguang paused while playing with the small blackboard and said calmly, “No.”

“The steward’s functions can be replaced. Players can clean the traces of dirty things by themselves or put them directly. If the food is available, just open the mall. He can’t know nothing. He is either a member of ghosts or someone who is commanded by ghosts. For example, the words on the blackboard may be written by him for those dirty things.” Xu Miaomiao doesn’t know what Yan Mingguang is doing. She walks from the bar towards the small blackboard.

Lin Qing said, “so I came back because it’s no use asking him.”

“What is this thing that symbolizes the ladder?” Xu Miaomiao sighed, “According to what you said, the ghosts on the train have workers on the train, so I’m more inclined to say, what happened on the train? Let the workers in the train die and turn into fierce ghosts. Then the object to crack the copy must be related to the cases that have happened. Death oppresses the book, and death triggers often have roots with ghosts. This is common sense.”

There is no need to explain this. The three naturally know it.

For example, a ghost died of a certain cause of death before his death. If players come to the place where the ghost died, or repeat the actions of the ghost before his death, they may attract the same way of death – the copy of the death school building that Yan Wei moved forward is such a mechanism.

“What else do we lack?” Lin Qing concluded. “Suppose something strange or bloody happened on the train, which makes the train look like what it is now and can’t go to an end, then it has something to do with the reflective things and the death list. These two things can’t be related at all.”

Xu Miaomiao frowned.

Lin Qing said exactly what she thought.

She stopped behind Yan Mingguang, looked at Yan Mingguang, and found that the other party was screwing the screws at the four corners of the small blackboard.

After he separated from Yan Wei, the man who had been silent finally said a long string of words at one time after loosening the last screw.

“The copy in the building, lying is the truth, the truth is the narrative track, avoiding talking is the truth.”

His voice was a little cold, but it seemed to dispel the cold in the carriage.

“What we lack is this.”

Yan Mingguang held the four screws fixing the small blackboard in his hand. The nail cap rubbed some rust marks on his palm, but the nail body was quite smooth.

He grabbed the left and right lower corners of the small blackboard, took it down directly and turned it over.

Xu Miaomiao and Lin Qing both looked at each other.

——That is a complete oil painting.

On the oil painting, the sharp gray black rocks and the gloomy weather occupy the background of the painting. The old tree stretches its branches and leaves, but it is almost integrated with the dark sky. In the center of the picture, on the rock, a man with his wrists bound by chains lies on his back, as if struggling or dodging. His body posture is awkward, and his muscles seem to be stiff due to force or pain.

An eagle with strong body and raised wings occupies the right side of the picture. One eagle claw presses the man’s forehead and the other Eagle Claw grasps the man’s abdomen.

The sharp beak pointed at his chest, took out a piece of flesh and blood, and his face was twisted with pain.


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