Half Immortal Chapter 143

Half Immortal Chapter 143: Endless trains (9)

The moment the painting appeared in front of the three people, the air around seemed to be colder.

The train is still shaking? Forward?.

“Bang Bang –” “Bang Bang Bang –” “…”

The small blackboard is located at the end of the dining car. Yan Mingguang and the three are crowded in the seats behind all the tables and seats, looking at it silently? The picture on the back of the small blackboard.

There is no one above the table and seat in front. The bar is small and empty, but I don’t know if there is an invisible shade watching in the dark? They.

Xu miaomian? I shivered. This is clearly a symbol? The hero’s painting, however, has brought a trace of coldness because of the time and place of its appearance.

Yan Mingguang held up the painting, turned his head and took a look at the endless carriages and seats in front of him. In a row? A row, a section? One section, the miniature is getting smaller and smaller, and I don’t know where the end is.

Lin Qing’s face was more solemn.

“Bound Prometheus,” Xu Miaomiao whispered his name, “it means a lot. Foresight, rebellious heroes, traitors, and… Endless pain.” [1]

The seats and carriages that can’t see the tail are stacked in front, endless,

Yan Wei took back his eyes from the boundless ahead.

He confirmed that there were no other players around, so he sat down on the seat next to Ding Xiao and said, “just call me my name. I heard goose bumps. We’re just friends. There’s no need.”

“A friend who saved my life.”

Yan Wei said, “I’ve saved a lot of people.” but those people are basically dead. Only he and Yan Mingguang survived the top copy and start over.

“That’s because you want to save everyone.”

Yan Wei was speechless for a moment. It’s not that he can’t answer, but Ding Xiao said that he climbed the stairs for the first time. This time, perhaps the first failure affected his idea, he thought? He is no longer selfless, just want to save the people around him.

Seeing Ding Xiao in this copy, he did think of something when he first went upstairs.

He always had a big temper. At that time, he did save many people within his ability. Some people died in one copy after another, some people went all the way to the ninetieth floor, and even entered the copy with him at the end. Once there are more people, it is easy to have a sense of faith, while more capable people will have a sense of responsibility.

Besides him, there is Yan Mingguang who accompanies him no matter what he does. Others are more or less consistent with Yan Wei’s goal – to end everything with Pandora’s box. Ding Xiaoye? Is one of them, but at that time, Ding Xiao was similar to Lin Qing. Although he had great potential, he couldn’t keep up with Yan Wei’s speed of climbing the stairs. He didn’t take them with him when he reached the top.

Also? It is precisely because Lin Qing and Ding Xiao have become one of the few old friends who are still alive.

Ding Xiao maintained? A faint smile, with a slight radian in the eyebrows and eyes because of the smile, fainted and dyed on the white skin, like a quiet ink painting.

“I’m not surprised to see you. They all say you’re gone, but I think you can’t be unprepared with your style of doing things – you can always keep a back hand. This is what you taught me when you saved me.”

“The summit… Failed?”

“If it’s successful, we won’t meet here. It’s just…” Yan Wei raised his hand and pointed to the top of his finger. “My purpose has been clearly revealed and maintained? The existence of all these operations doesn’t want to see me succeed in climbing the top, so this copy is more difficult than the ordinary 89 floors. I’m dragging you down.”

“So this time, you…”

“The same, climb to the top.”

Ding Xiaoming nodded. She knew the purpose of Yan Wei talking to her alone and said, “my skills can still be used. Although I can only use them once, I need to forcibly read the backtracking words and give them to me.”

Yan Wei didn’t refuse. He really came to Ding Xiao’s skill.

He said: “we need to find the ladder. The origin of ghosts is very important. There is no backtracking fantasy that we can take the initiative to enter. I guess it’s useless for the steward. We can only forcibly read the backtracking of ghosts. If we have clues and can help, we will let you know.”

Ding paused with a smile.

Then she smiled low: “Yan Wei, you are still the same as before. You are very polite to everyone except Mr. Yan.”

But the boundary of life and death, the politeness that can be maintained under peace, is not much necessary.

Yan Wei stopped answering. He gathered his windbreaker and was about to get up. His sight was suddenly rolled up in the shadow covered by the seat on the other side.

The seats on old trains are very crowded, too? There is no design that can move the seat. The seat was so tight that it was covered with shadows and black.

At the moment, on the other side of the aisle, under the seat parallel to Yan weiding Xiao’s seat, Yan Wei saw a head.

The head rolled out of the shadow, upside down? Facing Yan Wei, his eyes were empty and there was only a big blood hole that seemed to be invisible. Nevertheless, Yan Wei felt for a moment that this thing was watching? He.

There’s so much dirt everywhere on this train!

Beside you, Ding Xiaoye? Suddenly stood up, obviously aware of the existence of this thing.

Without any hesitation, Yan Wei got up and said, “go. Don’t run.”

Their body index and perception are completely suppressed. If they want to run, they can only raise their feet and run like ordinary people. In front of these dirty things, the running speed and walking speed of ordinary people are not much different. Running away is not only useless, but also possible to trigger? Something else.

This thing didn’t hit? It’s mostly a warning to start against them. All they have to do is leave at once.

Yan Wei hurried back in the shaking carriage. Ding Xiao immediately followed Yan Wei and walked in the direction of the dining carriage on the narrow aisle.

Walking to the next carriage, the cold feeling on his back dissipated.

Ding smiled behind him and said, “it’s warning.”

“They’ve done it long ago. They have conditions to kill, even if they want to kill. It’s only the second day. It should be because we talked about the front of the car and stayed there for a while. They don’t want us to know too much.”

Having said that, Yan Wei still didn’t stop at his feet.

After several carriages, Yan Wei saw Yan Mingguang in the dining car.

Yan Mingguang is holding something in his hand. Xu Miaomiao and Lin Qing are standing aside. They don’t look good. Not until Yan Wei walks in? Now they are all looking at a picture, and the frame material of this picture is very familiar. It is

“The back of the small blackboard?” Yan Wei glanced at the empty tin wall.

Yan Mingguang nodded and slightly sideways to get out of sight. An extremely classical oil painting was presented to Yan Wei. At the moment of seeing it, the name of the protagonist of the painting appeared in Yan Wei’s mind.

Ding Xiaoye? After looking at the painting, I understood what had happened to Yan Mingguang and them just now without asking. Without procrastination, she said to Xu Miaomiao, “Miaomiao, give this clue to Yan Wei first. The car in front can’t go for the time being. Yan Wei and I were warned by ghosts just now. Let’s go to the car in the back to see if it’s the same.”

Look? Ding Xiao is already facing? After walking back, Xu Miaomiao glanced at Yan Wei and whispered, “that’s good, little brother. Did you talk about cooperation with sister Ding? Did you beg her?”

“….” Yan Wei couldn’t cry or laugh?, “Be careful.”

“I hope you can make progress before dark.”

“You too.”

Xu Miaomiao followed? Ding Xiao walked to the back carriage. Yan Wei stared at the portrait for a while. He was about to say something when he heard the sound of the cart.

Yan Mingguang lifted his eyelids, silently turned the small blackboard back to the front, put it back where the original small blackboard was hanging, and quickly screwed back the screws.

As soon as he screwed on the last one, the steward pushed it? Here comes the cart. Can he see it? Without looking at Yan Wei and them, he took out a pile of ingredients from the cart and worked at the bar for a while.

Look? The steward put the prepared food into the lunch box. Lin Qing suddenly said, “today’s meal is very delicious.”

A flight attendant, how’s the meal? It’s an unusual thing to be so good.

The Steward will always answer such trivial daily words. Without thinking, he replied, “because you have done it for me many times, skillfully.”

“Many times? Don’t you change fresh dishes?”

“It’s a good thing that what you’re good at can be maintained all the time. Why change it?”

He put away the lunch boxes and piled them on the table next to the bar? The player came to get it, and then pushed the cart away.

Lin Qing glanced at Yan Wei.

Yan Wei said, “take it. If we don’t eat today, we can’t run when ghosts come. If there is a problem with the meal, no one can hide this robbery. We can only see the move.”

Today’s lunch is roast lamb chop. Different from the ubiquitous age and dilapidation of the train, their food these two days is too good, as if all the energy of the steward is focused on preparing food for them.

Yan Wei rummaged through the lunch box. There were roast lamb chops wrapped in tin foil, an apple for each person, and even a fruit knife. The materials related to metal are frosted and will not reflect light. It seems that there is no problem.

Although he was a little hungry at the moment, he didn’t want to eat first. He looked at it and put it aside.

There was a sound from the sliding door. Lin Qing walked into the narrow sleeper room, pulled the door and sat opposite Yan Wei and Yan Mingguang as before. He said: “look, Cao Qun has been sneaking back and forth in these carriages. He is probably still thinking about the death list. When I passed him, he also grabbed me and asked about our situation, saying that he was worried that the bed number symbolized danger.”

Yan Wei nodded: “it’s very good.”

He picked up the quilt and covered his legs – obviously he had adapted to the wet and cold in the train. He didn’t know why. When he returned to their berth, it was colder.

Is it because it’s raining harder outside?

Yan Wei? His palm blew hot air, and his hands were immediately pulled by Yan Mingguang and covered in the man’s broad palm.

“How did you find the picture?” he asked.

Lin Qing looks at Yan Mingguang.

Yan Mingguang said, “there is rust on the screw cap at the four corners of the small blackboard, but if you unscrew it a little, there is no rust in it.”

This shows that the blackboard has been passive.

“This picture is bound Prometheus.”

Lin Qing said, “I don’t recognize this painting. I didn’t go to school and I’m not good at these things that need knowledge. But I’ve heard of Prometheus, the fire thief? Yan Mingguang said that this is a link we lack.”

Yan Wei blinked and his eyes were slightly bright. “Yes, yes, this is really a link we lack. We can’t connect because we don’t know, we don’t know the source of these ghosts. The fire thief made up this link.”

Prometheus is a mythical figure. He and Athena created human beings to receive human suffering, steal fire and send it to the world? Because? This angered Zeus, who did not let humans have fire. In order to punish Prometheus, Zeus bound him to the cliff with chains and let him be pecked by evil Eagles every day. [2]

He is a hero to the suffering mankind.

For Zeus, he was a traitorous fire thief.

Combined with the front of the oil painting, also? It’s on that little blackboard. It says? Judging from the death list, the moral of this painting is obviously the latter.

Yan Wei took out the swallow coin and tossed it in his hand?, Thought about the current situation for a moment.

“Ghosts are likely to be train workers or passengers who got on the train before. They will attack the players who triggered the death condition and kill the passengers on the bed number on the small blackboard. Behind the death list is the punished fire robber, symbolizing” endless torture “. The most important elements of Prometheus are the betrayed fire robber and non-stop folding Grinding, that is to say… ”

“There are such a group of people – mostly train workers and even former passengers. What have they done, betrayed the ‘divine power’ above them, and suffered endless pain.”

Yan Wei grabbed the dropped coin, rubbed the edge of the coin with his fingertips, thought and said: “It should be the owner, conductor or creator of the train who wanted to do something, but the workers on the train betrayed him. Therefore, he killed everyone on the train and let these ghosts continue to kill new passengers, which means endless torture to punish the traitor.”

Lin Qing’s Adam’s apple rolled a few times and whispered, “we…”

Yan Wei raised his eyes and said word by word, “we are all Prometheus.”


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