Half Immortal Chapter 144

Half Immortal Chapter 144: Endless train (10) “he won’t live until tomorrow.”

For a moment, all three were silent.

The sound of the rain beating on the eardrum, and the sound of the raindrops crackling on the iron sheet of the train is like a sonata on the coffin board. Yan Wei has a headache.

He muttered to himself: “… Our berth is so cold.”

Yan Mingguang held his hand and made more efforts.

“What does the person who is likely to be the creator of the train do? What do you want? What did the people on the train betray him?” Lin Qing asked, and his eyes flashed.

Normal? Love, how can this series of strange things happen?

Nature is abnormal? Love.

The biggest abnormality of this train

Yan Mingguang’s voice sounded slowly: “an endless train.”

“Zeus may be the owner, creator and conductor of the train, who has the right to override others; Prometheus, the tortured, is us, and also the life of those ghosts; as for the evil Eagle pecking Prometheus’ liver, it can be understood that the tortured who has become a ghost turns into an executioner, or it may be a steward. If he wrote the death list, he will be lucky The concept of “execution” is also consistent with the characteristic that it has not changed day after day. ”

“These are very clear,” Yan Mingguang said. “There are only two points. What is fire? Why? The train is endless?”

“‘fire ‘must have something to do with the endless train,” Yan Wei concluded. “As for what to do? What to betray? Wait? Tomorrow, I’ll open in a state of immortality. We’ll catch a ghost and use these keywords to make Ding Xiao force to watch the ghost’s backtracking.”

Everything goes back to the most important core – what did these murderous ghosts do?, Will experience tragic death and turn into these terrible dirty things.

Just figure out what’s going on?, Breaking the game is half the success.

Yan Wei looked at the lunch box where the three people were together and said, “eat first. After Ding Xiao and them come back in the afternoon, we’ll check the information. It’s estimated that it’s almost dark tonight…”

His hand is in Yan Mingguang’s palm? Rubbed on the, capturing each other’s body temperature. But he also? Can you feel the back of Yan Mingguang’s hand? have Slightly cold. This man doesn’t wear more than he does, but because of his good physique, he hasn’t been there all the time? He’s just afraid of the cold.

Even Yan Mingguang? Do you feel cold?

Yan Wei gave a look.

He narrowed his eyes and scanned the square inch in front of him.

The curtains swayed slightly because of the shaking of the train, together with the gloomy light penetrating out, and the narrow sleeper room was cool and gloomy. All? Slightly reflective materials are completely covered and lifeless.

Lin Qing is opening the lunch box. Yan Mingguang is covering his hand.

“Why?” the man asked him, but didn’t wait? When Yan Wei answered, he continued, “it’s not quite right.”

Yan Wei glanced at Yan Mingguang.

This time, Yan Mingguang seems to be the same? Not as much as the copy of the puppet castle? Hold on. Nevertheless, the man has been calm and calm. He has been quietly looking for clues. There is no panic that his body index can not be used at all.

Yan Wei has now recovered his memory of his first ascent, and is very clear about Yan Mingguang’s style.

Even Yan Mingguang is not right

The next moment, they got up almost at the same time and looked at the shadow under the beds on both sides – that was the only dead corner here.

——What? none?.

Yan Wei took back his eyes and inexplicably remembered the head looking at him and Ding Xiao just now. His eyebrows were slightly wrinkled: “this ubiquitous snooping feeling in this car…”

From beginning to end, Lin Qing arranged the lunch box and said, “I feel the same way, but I don’t see anything.”

“After dinner, check all the things and dead corners here again. Then…”

Yan Wei opened the tin foil on the lunch box in front of him. The heat came to his cheek with a fragrance full of spices. He picked up a metal fork and said, “Lin Qing, go and do something later.”

Lin Qing made a move, “you say.”

“Other people won’t be idle. Zhao Jingchen went to the front just now, and he should find that the train doesn’t end soon. When he comes back, I’ll divert his attention. You go to the small blackboard in the dining car and write 1202 under 1109. Then go to Cao Qun – Cao Qun won’t leave the dining car and car 11 for too long. Let him put his door card in his pocket Just walk around. Tell him we can help him. They are all high-level players, and he will understand. ”

“1202… The first room in car 12 is occupied by the two cowards of yuemang.” Lin Qing thought, “You can’t get nothing today. Zhao Jingchen is not stupid. In the afternoon, you must understand that the bed number on the small blackboard can’t be a good thing. Do you want Zhao Jingchen to think that he is also watched? Just saw that Cao Qun’s door card is easy to steal, so you stole Cao Qun’s door card and went to bed 1101 to sleep and bind yourself?”

Yan Mingguang: “Zhao Jingchen should sleep on the upper bunk. There is a railing mark on his wrist.”

The bed number of each carriage of the train is calculated from the first upper berth and numbered from top to bottom. The first upper berth is 01, the first lower berth is 02, the second upper berth is 03, the second lower berth is 04, and then the next sleeper room starts from 05.

1202 is the first lower berth of car 12.

“What I want is this effect. He is not stupid, not only not stupid. Who doesn’t have some experience of fighting openly and secretly if he can appear in this copy? If he really writes Zhao Jingchen’s bed number directly, he will suspect that someone is cheating him at the first time. If he doesn’t write the bed he sleeps, he will worry about it. What’s wrong with that bed? If the problem bothers him, find another way. The best way is to change the place Fang sleep. ”

At that time, what if there happened to be a door card in the outer pocket and Cao Qun wandering outside?

“Bang Bang –” “Bang Bang Bang –” “…”

The car has been driving for a whole day. In the real world, it is enough to reach another distant city from one city. But the sound of rain is still there. I don’t know if there are only cloudy and rainy days in this copy. People are upset at the bottom of their hearts.

Zhao Jingchen hurried back from the carriage in front of him, not daring to look back.

Behind him, He Dong looked nervous and whispered, “the feeling of being stared at is gone.”

At this moment, they have reached the next two carriages where the steward lives. Two carriages further ahead are the steward’s room, followed by the dining carriage.

Zhao Jingchen also found that the creepy feeling disappeared. He slowed down and said, “have we walked more than 40 carriages? Looking forward, it’s the same deep and bottomless. This train has no end…”

“What if it’s a cover up?” He Dong said. “This technique is not uncommon. Maybe the next carriage is the front of the car. It’s just that ghosts have created a visual illusion for us so that we don’t go down. We were stared at by dirty things just now? It makes sense, just to let us come back quickly.”

Zhao Jingchen walked forward and shook his head. “That thing appeared when we said there was no end to the train. It was a warning. We were not the only ones going forward today. Now I understand why? They all turned back.”

“There must be something wrong with it –”

Zhao Jingchen gave a speech.

They had reached the first hard seat carriage behind the dining carriage and the steward’s living carriage, and Yan Wei’s figure broke into his sight.

Yan Mingguang stood on Yan Wei’s side. They were watching carefully on a row of seats, obviously looking for clues. For the first time, Lin Qing didn’t act with the two people, and he didn’t know where he went.

As soon as Zhao Jingchen and He Dong got to the carriage, Yan Wei also noticed their approach, stopped his actions and turned to look over.

Zhao Jingchen smiled at the moment when he crossed the other party’s line of sight.

In the daytime, he wasted some time washing away the dirt on his body. His sweater and coat had been torn at that time, and now he completely changed them. But this time, he didn’t cover most of his face with his hat as before. He showed this exquisite and beautiful face in a big way – in order to reflect Yan Wei’s reaction when he saw his face.

Sure enough, this time, Yan Wei also showed disgust and anger.

“What did you find?”

Yan Wei stared at his face and said coldly, “what did you find? What does it have to do with you?”

Zhao Jingchen walked forward slowly and shrugged. “Players are not competitive. Sharing clues is mutually beneficial.”

“No,” Yan Wei stopped looking at him and turned to search for this place again. “I feel sick when I see your face.”

“Shouldn’t you miss it? Zhou Tian has a good relationship with you…”

Yan Mingguang gave him a cold look and Yan Wei ignored him.

Zhao Jingchen walked through the narrow aisle. When he passed Yan Wei, Yan Wei moved into the seat with disgust, and didn’t want to touch Zhao Jingchen at all.

Suddenly, he stopped.

Behind him, He Dong didn’t understand: “why don’t you go?”

Zhao Jingchen glanced at Yan Wei. He remembered that in the morning, he was so embarrassed by two mirrors that he nearly lost his life and lost the legendary props he had always been close to. At that time, Yan Wei, who he had never seen, still stood clean and tidy and looked at him from a high position.

It’s like watching a clown.

Zhao Jingchen’s eyes darkened, and his facial features, which had always maintained a sweet smile on Zhou Tian’s face, were slightly distorted. His heart grew dark, and he couldn’t help but want to see Yan Wei lose his attitude.

He said, “Yan Wei, do you know why I changed my face?”

Yan Wei made a move.

“I don’t know if Zhou Tian did? Did you mention that, strictly speaking, I spent time with her – just another face. At that time, in order to go to the lower copy to get a prop, I changed my identity, dropped many layers and layers in succession, and happened to know her. I liked her face very much, so I was with her. Later, I got the prop in a copy, and I changed my face Back to the top. She… Should think I died in that copy? ”

Yan Wei is bending over and pretending to look under the seat, holding the back of the seat tightly.

He didn’t speak, but both sides of his fingertips had changed from red to white because of too much force.

Zhao Jingchen walked away with a proud smile.

Yan Mingguang leaned over slightly, and his broad palm slid slowly over Yan Wei’s back, as if stroking the alert cat. The man’s voice did not moisten any biased emotion, like a final judgment: “he can’t live until tomorrow.”

Yan Wei’s strength is loose.

His ears moved slightly, even if he had no perception? His sharper hearing than ordinary people caught the movement of the car in front.

The footsteps of the two people were getting farther and farther away, but they suddenly stopped not far away – they should have reached the tail of the dining car. The noise of the train seemed to be mixed with the short exclamation of He Dong.

Yan Wei smiled and said, “he won’t live until tomorrow.”

In the evening, Ding Xiao and Xu Miaomiao came back from the rear carriage.

Ding Xiao looked pale and went back to the sleeper room to have a rest. Xu Miaomiao and Yan Wei met their heads in the corridor of the sleeper car.

“Sister Ding just used four props at once.” Xu Miaomiao’s expression is not good. It can even be said that we have lingering palpitations. “We walked back this time. We walked much deeper than when we walked forward. We didn’t go to the end. Instead, we met a ghost. Sister Ding consumed four props before we came back safely.”

Yan Wei’s eyes flashed thoughtfully and said, “Ding Xiao and I met dirty things in the hard seat carriage in front of us, but after we walked back, that thing didn’t do anything to us. How could we consume four props at once? Is it abnormal to walk back?”

Although Yan Wei doesn’t know what Ding Xiao is now? Level, but from the attitude of other players towards Ding Xiao, Ding Xiao’s current strength should be no worse than Lin Qing.

It can make Ding Xiao dangerous. How dangerous is it later?

Xu Miaomiao said: “No, nothing unusual. Walking to the back of the train, there were about a dozen sleeper carriages similar to ours, and then there were hard seat carriages. We walked dozens of hard seat carriages, but we couldn’t see the end and the head as we walked forward. Sister Ding felt that she was doing useless work. After calculating the return time, she continued to move forward, and later we felt it She gazed at the dirt – but sister Ding didn’t look back. ”

“When we continue to go down, the dirty things begin to attack us, which is what we are now. But we don’t get nothing. It doesn’t seem that those dirty things are difficult to deal with. It’s not a kind of fatal attack. If we all go forward together and prepare well, we can at least get out of hundreds or even thousands of carriages – if there are so many.”

Yan Wei understood: “but this attempt is very unnecessary, and it is almost tantamount to death, because if you go so far, you will die if you can’t come back. The train has no end. If you go so far, maybe there’s nothing else.”


“It’s getting dark. Let Ding Xiao have a good rest first. There are no berths involved? You, there shouldn’t be anything wrong with you tonight.”

“But you…”

“Don’t worry? We, the bed number on the small blackboard has nothing to do with me.”

Xu Miaomiao raised her eyebrows and didn’t ask anything. Obviously, she immediately understood the mystery. She said, “then I’ll go back.”

Watching Xu Miaomiao return to their berth, Yan Wei turns around and returns to their berth. Yan Mingguang and Lin Qing are already waiting for him inside.

But he didn’t pull the door. He just sat down next to Yan Mingguang, looked at Lin Qing and said, “all done?”

“All done.”

About ten minutes later.

The rain is getting heavier and heavier. The sun covered by clouds outside seems to be about to disappear completely, and the light penetrated through the curtains is almost non-existent. The smell of rust fills the surroundings, and the moisture in the air is wrapped in ice and cold, which surrounds Yan Wei’s side. He unconsciously shrinks to Yan Mingguang.

In the darkness, a figure rushed directly into Yan Wei’s berth and immediately pulled the door of the berth at the moment of entering.

Someone whispered, “Lin Qing discussed it with me before. I can stay with you tonight.”

Lin Qing looked at Yan Wei and saw Yan Wei nodding. Then he said, “yes, we still have an empty berth.”

“Bang Bang –” “Bang Bang Bang –” “Bang Bang –” “…”

“Hua La –” “Hua La –” “Hua La –” “…”

Amid the sound of rain and machinery, Cao Qun whispered, “it’s done.”


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