Half Immortal Chapter 145

Half Immortal Chapter 145: Endless train (11)

Cao Qun dialect? As soon as the sound fell, the last dim daylight in the carriage completely disappeared.

The curtains blocked the only window that could see outside, and the night in the rain was stopped outside. At this moment, the mechanical sound of the train was amplified by the darkness, but the breathing sound and slightly moving human voice were still clear.

The sound is very miscellaneous.

Yan Wei subconsciously clenched his fist and pressed his fingertips firmly on the palm?.

——Is this the sound of four people?

In a flash, the Yellow bulb above the sliding door flashed and steadily lit up? The light showed four people in the sleeper room.

Yan Wei’s tight breath relaxed.

The sliding door was closed tightly. Cao Qun stood in front of the sliding door, frowning and hesitating: “if Zhao Jingchen doesn’t die tonight, I will have another enemy tomorrow.”

Lin Qing raised his eyelids and said coldly, “if you don’t pull him into the water tonight, there will still be one more enemy tomorrow.”

Cao Qun’s eyes flashed and unconsciously looked at it? A glance at the number of “1109” next to the upper berth on the right, I knew I was wrong. He asked, “where shall I sleep when the train lights out in a few hours?”

Yan Wei got up and pointed out? Pointing to the sleeper behind him, he said, “this one.”

His eyes are in the shape of open peach petals, and the microwave swing at the end of his eyes is soft? The whole face, even if the eyes droop slightly, can’t show much? Cold. But Qinghe’s voice is disdained, which is more than the temperature of the train? Cool a little.

He didn’t say any more?, Without looking at Cao Qun, he got up, bent over his slippers and put his shoes on the ladder? Get down and climb up the upper bunk.

Yan Mingguang glanced at Cao Qun, got up and gave up the sleeper and turned over? The upper berth where Yan Wei is located.

Yan Wei muttered? A little crowded

Indifferent voice: “your face is a little ice.”

The narrow upper bunk was crowded with two people. Lin Qing seemed to be used to it. He didn’t move his eyes. He just lay down at the table and sorted out the train situation he had explored. The rustle of paper flipping sounded for a while. He turned to Cao Qun and said unhappily, “what are you still standing there for?”

Cao Qun sat down on the empty lower berth and thought that there was a kind of Yan Wei just now? It’s not the first time you’ve been to the 89th floor. How nice to talk this time? Ah

Lin Qing made a move.

“I don’t really want to talk to you.”

Cao Qun choked and stopped talking.

The train is still moving forward in the rain. Today’s rain is bigger than yesterday. Up to now, it hasn’t changed at all? Stop means stop. From the temperature point of view, it is in the transition from spring to summer. The cool air is soaked in bones and still cold.

Yan Wei and Yan Mingguang leaned together and almost shrank in each other’s arms. Before the train lights went out, he closed his eyes and pretended to sleep in the calm before the storm.

This copy, step by step? look out. Yes? Taking advantage of the copy progress in the daytime and the most dangerous moment in the evening, do you need to? Be vigilant. This alternation of day and night is the only time to feel a little relieved?.

The refreshing soap smell of people around them is also covered with the unpleasant smell of rust, which is comfortable and quiet.

Yan Wei thought so much that he couldn’t have a moment like a fish flying boat. He closed his eyes for a while, but from time to time he remembered some things about his first ascent to the building and Yan Mingguang. It doesn’t matter? Instead, it is some insignificant fragments.

Even in the last copy, Yan Mingguang still accompanied him to the last step.

All along, what they do and do is what he wants to do.

Last time, was he trying to save the world like his Utopia? Some people dream that Yan Mingguang has always been cold and kind-hearted. For the time being, it can be regarded as something Yan Mingguang will also want to do. This time, he still wanted to do it for the people around him and for his first goal. Can you enter the 89th floor just for? His own selfishness?, Is it selfish for Yan Mingguang to take Lin Zhenyu up the stairs?, Yan Mingguang still has no complaints.

It is almost predictable that the copy of climbing to the top is dead and lifeless.

It has always been a false illusion that you can go out of the building when you climb the top. Because as long as you always get the bonus of the best player, constantly lift the building to the top floor and succeed in climbing the top, you can basically get 100000 points.

You can leave the world inside the building directly, or exchange 100000 points for Pandora’s box and make a wish – this has been circulating in the building all the time.

But there is a very obvious paradox.

If you can exchange Pandora’s box to make a wish, why don’t the people who reach the top exchange the box and wish everyone to leave together?

The building has existed for so long that Yan Wei has never heard of when the first person came in. He can reach the top floor. Then none of his predecessors can reach the top floor.

——He knew last time he went upstairs? That’s why.

Because the building will try every means to keep the people who climb the top on the top floor forever. The last time they went upstairs, all of them died?, Only Yan Wei and Yan Mingguang know this clearly. Yes? The best way to live safely is to keep going back and forth between the eighties and nineties. It’s meaningless to live, but you can really live forever.

This time, Yan Mingguang knew the danger and could choose the way to live, but he still risked everything with him.

Yan Wei closed his eyes and whispered, “Yan Mingguang.”


“Is there anything you want to do?”

“Why do you ask this?”

“After going out,” Yan Wei bit the word “go out” heavily, “what do you want to do? Before going out, I’m doing what I want to do. After going out, I want to do what you want to do with you.”

There was a silence.

Yan Wei opened his eyes and saw the upper berth on the other side. Yan Mingguang’s upper berth was empty, and the bedding was neatly placed. He leaned against Yan Mingguang and lay on his side, unable to see Yan Mingguang’s expression. Yan Mingguang should be thinking.

For a moment, Yan Mingguang whispered, “I’ve always been a man without a goal.”

Yan Wei was stunned: “eh?”

“You are my goal.”

Yan Wei’s Adam’s apple rolls gently, Zhang? He opened his mouth, and the wordless sound only shook his lips a little, and he closed it again? Mouth. Stop talking.

He closed his eyes, this time? There is no more sundries.

Copy before projection.

The fish flying boat sighed, “that dirty thing is still in their room.”

Lin Zhen sneered, “maybe I’m afraid of them and don’t dare to come out.”

“It’s unlikely,” said Yu Feizhou seriously, knowing that Lin Zhen was joking to liven up the atmosphere, “The strength of Yan Mingguang and your brother? Don’t worry. I’m worried that the dirty thing is lying in ambush. Yan Wei is also a person. He has been in a state of constant tension since he entered the copy. If he slackens a little, he will leave a loophole. At that time, he will try again…”

Lin Zhen said casually: “At most, it’s a sneak attack. My brother has almost the same faith in Yan Wei and looks at him. If anything happens to Yan Wei, he must go up and block it. You see, if Yan Wei has an accident, Yan Mingguang will certainly take action, and my brother will block the knife by himself. If he’s going to die, you can use me to block the knife for him. If it doesn’t help, I’ll die. The three of them will be fine.”

The fish flying boat looked at him. His lips were open? Closed, closed and open.


“Not necessarily,” he said

“Lin Qing also entered the copy of the 89th floor this time. Their ultimate purpose is to let us get the invitation.”

Yan Wei dreamed.

His mind is heavy. Dreaming is very common. Only when he occasionally lies with Yan Mingguang will he have no dreams all night.

He had a very clear dream and knew clearly that it was a dream.

In his dream, he was looking at the interface of Pandora’s box and was preparing to exchange. Yan Mingguang was beside him, grabbed his hand and stopped the action of “he wanted to exchange”.

The man’s always steady voice brought ups and downs: “it’s better to give up.”

Yan Wei was stunned.

Yan Mingguang in his dream said to him, “even if we take the ability out, we may have to face the life, age and death of ordinary people. It’s better to stay here. When we reach the 99th floor, we’ll go down to the 89th floor and live forever.”

Yan Mingguang can’t say that.

That person has always been cold and calm with his dark eyes as sharp and firm as a blade.

Yan Wei knew clearly that it was probably the thing born out of the building that was controlling his will. He remembered that Yan Mingguang had always supported him when they reached the top, and it was impossible for them to say anything like this.

Although he knew it was false, he said, “if you want me to stay, I may… Really want to stay.”

“Yan Mingguang” showed a happy look: “let’s go! Let’s leave the top floor now, we…”

Yan Wei’s eyes suddenly blurred? Up, the sound of “Yan Mingguang” went away, and the friction sound of train machinery and the sound of rain intertwined and rolled into his eardrum.

He slowly opened his eyes. It was dark in front of him. His whole body was still cold except where he leaned against Yan Mingguang.

“You just slept for a while,” Yan Mingguang whispered in his ear. “When the light goes out, I’ll wake you up.”

“I just dreamed,” he said.

Ordinary dreams don’t need? So specifically. Yan Mingguang immediately understood Yan Wei’s meaning and said, “don’t believe it.”

“Well, did you hear that?”


The voice of Lin Qing in the lower berth came: “I heard it, too.”

Cao Qun was surprised: “did you start acting so soon?”

It was the sound of a sharp blade rubbing against a hard bone, fine and lasting, moistening a thick smell of blood. The sound is a little far away. It doesn’t seem to come from the sleeper on both sides. It seems to be separated? One.

Bed 1101.

If Zhao Jingchen stole Cao Qun’s room card, but still returned to carriage 12 and bed 1101 was empty, there would be no such noise.

Zhao Jingchen still went? 1101? In my sleeper.

Yan Wei said word by word, “he won’t live until tomorrow.”

This time, it is not a judgment like assertion in the daytime, but a calm statement of facts.

After a while, there was more noise outside. Like what sharp objects bumped against the iron sheet of the train, then stopped again, as if consuming great force? Gas. This is also mixed with the sound of rapid footsteps. The footsteps are in the corridor, just outside Yan Wei’s room.

“Benedictine –” “Benedictine –”

This time the sound came from the sliding door.

Yan Wei and Yan Mingguang sat up slightly at the same time.

“Yan Wei? Yan Mingguang? Open the door. I’m Xu Miaomiao!” the knock on the door became particularly urgent with Xu Miaomiao’s voice. “Come on, there are those things in our room. Sister Ding is dragging them. Let me come to you first!!”

Yan Wei suddenly got up and stepped on the ladder to the ground.

In the dark, he relied on his memory, but in an instant he felt the lock buckle of the sliding door.

Behind him came the sound of Yan Mingguang turning down. Yan Wei’s right arm was pulled, and there was a little cold.

He said, “don’t worry, I know.”

Outside the door, Xu Miaomiao was more and more hurried. What was the force of knocking? The Tao grew bigger and bigger, as if it were knocking on Yan Wei’s nerve.

Yan Wei slowly leaned forward and put one eye on the cat’s eye of the sliding door.

The cat’s eye is enlarged with the concave convex feeling of the edge? The central scene in front of the door. The curtains on the walkway were pulled tightly. Outside the train, there was only a little moonlight falling through the clouds. Under the shelter of the curtains, it was better than nothing, and only a slight outline was shown in the dark.

Yan Wei took out his flashlight and shone on the door. Lying on the door, he saw Xu Miaomiao’s enlarged face through the cat’s eye.

The face was pale and bloodless against the flashlight. The sound of knocking on the door was still there, and the female voice that asked him to open the door was still accompanied by the violent knock on the door, but there was no movement on his lips.

The next moment, I wonder if the “people” outside the door feel Yan Wei peeping. The face slowly approaches and sticks to Yan Wei’s eyes through the cat’s eyes, with a pale face slightly pulled. Originally just dead eyes turned into? There was no whiteness in the dark, and blood fell from the corners of his eyes.

The urging sound of “Xu Miaomiao” was still in my ears, and the sliding door could not stop shaking because of the violent knocking.

It slowly pulled out a smile through the cat’s eye.

Yan Wei’s hands were instantly cold.

Not because of this terrible scene, but because of the force pulling his arm on the right side? And the cold touch of the cloth dyed on his arm skin through his clothes.

The upper berth where he and Yan Mingguang slept was clearly on his left.


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