Half Immortal Chapter 146

Half Immortal Chapter 146: Endless train (12)

Yan Wei didn’t move for the first time.

The excessively pale light of the flashlight penetrated through the crack of the door, which will? The outline of the thing at the door is completely outlined? Come out. He clung to the flashlight. The handle of the flashlight was cold, but it was not better than it? It’s cold on his arm.

For a moment, no? In a second, Yan Wei’s mind flashed thousands of thoughts.

no The dead state still needs eight minutes to open. It can be delayed for a moment.

“Xu Miaomiao” outside the door was still urging, and the image from the cat’s eye became more and more terrible. Nathan’s white face was covered with black and red blood, as if it would flow into Yan Wei’s eyes in the next moment.

Yan Wei felt that the hand holding his arm was getting harder and harder, and it hurt him.

On his left side is the upper berth where he and Yan Mingguang sleep, and on the lower berth is Lin Qing. On the right side, there should be only Cao Qun, who obviously won’t suddenly grab his arm at this moment.

Yan Wei didn’t move either. He took a deep breath and whispered, “Yan Mingguang.”

On his left, the man’s sharp voice came, short and deep: “HMM.”

Cao Qun? I don’t know why, there’s no movement.

Lin Qingru? In the past, he was very calm and said quietly, “Yan Wei, no? If you don’t, don’t open the door and continue to sleep. Maybe there is a ghost with disheveled hair, exposed liver, dark eyes and pale complexion outside?”

——So this is the shape of the ghost who caught him.

Yan Wei is silent? For a moment, as if he hadn’t found the ghost at all, he said, “let me think whether I want to open the door.”

“Dudu –” “Dudu –” “…”

The knocker was so strong that the sliding door began to vibrate.

There are two ghosts.

There are ghosts outside and ghosts inside. Opening the door is a dark aisle and an unknown situation, isn’t it? Opening the door is a struggle of trapped animals in a narrow space.

They must have triggered something, and they don’t know.

Yan Wei felt that the hand holding him was getting heavier and heavier, and he still dragged on.

Five minutes later.

A creepy feeling spread from the back and rushed into my mind. Yan Wei made a quick decision, pressed his finger on the door lock, and suddenly shouted, “let’s go out!!”

The sliding door opens instantly.

The light of the flashlight shook under Yan Wei’s rapid action? A crooked outline flashed in front of me. The neck of the figure was broken? Half, head hanging on the other half, leaning aside – this? Not at all? It’s Xu Miaomiao, but the ghost they saw in the restaurant when they got on the bus!

When the ghost outside the door saw the sliding door open, his crooked face showed a ferocious smile at Yan Wei.

Blood flowed from its mouth and dropped on the ground unscrupulously.

At the same time, Yan Mingguang, who was already ready behind Yan Wei, suddenly raised his hand and grabbed the hair of the ghost holding Yan Wei’s arm in the door. With his forward strength and inertia, he ran out and grabbed this? The hair of a ghost swung back.

The sharp fingernails of the ghost slid down several bloody scars on Yan Wei’s arm, and the bloody smell immediately poured into the air. Yan Wei didn’t stop at all, just looked at it? The ghost in front of the door rushed out, bypassed the door and ran down the next carriage with all his strength.

The ghosts in the sleeper room seemed to be thrown directly to the window by Yan Mingguang, making a dull crash.

The ghost outside the berth stared at Yan Wei.

Although Yan Mingguang rushed out behind Yan Wei, was he faster than Yan Wei? Less, no? In a moment, he took Yan Wei’s hand and ran forward.

Behind him, the ghost with half his neck broken turned and looked at him? They came in their direction. It seems to move forward slowly, but in fact it is close in the blink of an eye.

The sliding door of their berth was suddenly pulled back at this moment?.

Lin Qing and Cao Qun haven’t come out yet!!

Yan Wei’s footsteps stopped. Dragged by Yan Mingguang, he only heard the indifferent and steady voice of the forest situation in the door: “run! No? Don’t worry about me!”

Behind him, the green and white hand raised by the ghost was about to catch Yan Wei’s back neck.

Even though he has a moon wheel, he has no perception and can’t use the function of the moon wheel. Legendary props can only counteract the attack at this moment. Don’t you take them out? It’s a drop in the bucket.

At the critical moment, does Yan Wei know him? Can look back.

He flashed everything that had just happened in his mind and shouted: “Lin Qing, number!! number!! our number tonight is wrong!!”

Lin Qing didn’t answer.

Yan Wei and Yan Mingguang have already run between car 11 and car 12? The junction of car No. 12? The door of the first berth in car No. 1 was wide open and empty. It was supposed to be the residence of two players in yuemang, but Zhao Jingchen mistook it for tonight? There will be an accident in the sleeper room. He stole Cao Qun’s door card. He Dong, another player with yuemang, went to live in the first sleeper room in car 11 and was naturally empty? This? Room.

No one opened the rest of the berths, and the door was locked. Or there are people living in it. At the moment, I wish I could hide in it. It is impossible to open it.

Only this? One.

Yan Wei’s eyes suddenly brightened.

Ghosts just have to do it to one person, isn’t it? It’s only the second night, isn’t it? Unlikely to kill three or four in a row? Personal. So if one of him and Yan Mingguang hid, he would be able to escape.

He gasped and felt Sen Han approaching behind him. As soon as he wanted to push Yan Mingguang in, the wrist grasped by the man felt a huge pull – this? People actually have the same idea as him!

Between lightning, stone and fire, general Yan Mingguang? Yan Wei pushed forward? The first berth in car 12 suddenly pulled up? Pull the door.

The other party’s strength is much stronger than him. In a flash, Yan Wei fell on the small aisle in the sleeper room. The sliding door closed by Yan Mingguang instantly isolated him from Yan Mingguang inside and outside the door.

As soon as the sliding door was closed, there was a noise outside, like the sound of something suddenly hitting the door. The ghost seems close? Yan Mingguang’s body, one person and one ghost, was pestering outside the door, and there was a dull pulling sound.

The sliding door of the train sleeper room has a folding point, which needs to be pushed outward to open.

Yan Wei pushed the door, but found that the huge weight outside the door was against it and couldn’t push it at all? Open. The sound between Yan Mingguang and ghosts through this? The door came in and burst his nerves in an instant.

He shouted, “Yan Mingguang, let me out!! I’m not dead for only two minutes? -”

Another muffled sound.

Yan Wei seems to hear? The sound of ghosts grinding their teeth was like a sharp fingertip rubbing against the metal, sending out a harsh tone of “Zila” and “Zila”. He can’t use it? Perception, the door is dark, nothing? See? See, the entangled voice pierced into his mind like a sharp thorn.

He pushed the door hard, “Yan Mingguang!!!”

Yan Wei’s hand is tightly pressed on the door. The cold metal touch extends from the skin surface. His hand is already cold and stiff. And his forehead and back were filled with cold sweat, and his face was defeated. For a moment, it seemed that all the blood in his body had stopped flowing.

Under the crack of the door, thick blood slowly flowed in and soaked? Yan Wei was half kneeling on his knees. For a moment, he couldn’t tell whether it was flowing from the ghost or from Yan Mingguang.

This? For a moment, his voice was hoarse? Half degree: “… Yan Mingguang!!”

Yan Wei’s mind was blank.

He rarely felt the emotion of fear. At the moment, his reason had no place to put it.

A few seconds is only a moment. Yan Wei wants to calm down, but the only idea in his mind is – such as? Guo Yan Mingguang died here? Will he want to continue?

no Yes?.

Yan Mingguang is far more important than his ideals and goals.

They lived and died together in the copy, too? Have you kissed or even walked together in a hot spring full of ghosts? A top-level copy of thorns. Yan Mingguang, for him, isn’t he? Just the soul that fits, too? Is that it? Man is the only duckweed standing still when no one can keep up with him? It confirms the meaning of his life and his existence.

As he said at the time.

Mingguangru? Day.

Yan Wei’s hand is firmly against the door, all the knuckles are exerting force, and the skin of the fingertip still grinds some blood on the frosted texture of the door handle. The sleeve of his right arm was already soaked with blood, and there was blood flowing from the place where he had just been scratched by the ghost’s claws. Under the tight strength of his muscles, it was even more painful

Yan Mingguang didn’t say a word, but there was a dull sound.

There are more than 30 seconds before the immortal state is turned on.

Yan Wei? Without looking at the wound, he suddenly got up and took out one? A sharp knife.

He grabbed the edge of the upper bunk, jumped to the lower bunk, stepped on the bed board of the lower bunk, grabbed the railing of the upper bunk in one hand, and stabbed a dagger into the crack of the high door in the other hand, intending to pry open the door from the high place? Door.


The movement outside dissipated at this moment. The cold and slightly hoarse sound line passed through the crack of the door, wrapped in the rust and blood smell in the air, but it was still like standing snow.

“Sit down and wait for me to open the door.”

Yan Wei made a move.

In the carriage ahead, Lin Qing’s cry passed through? Two doors: “it’s okay? Are those ghosts gone?”

Lin Qing and Yan Mingguang’s words are very stable, aren’t they? As if just now.

With a crisp “Dang -” sound, the dagger slipped from Yan Wei’s hand and fell directly to the ground.

Yan Wei loosened and jumped down from the bed board. His lower legs and knees were soaked with blood, and his arms and fingertips were covered with blood? Broke his skin, but his cleanliness habit? It’s rare not to have an attack for a moment.

He bent down, groped for the dagger that fell to the ground in the dark and picked it up to avoid Yan Mingguang stepping on it.

no The sound of the dead state starts, but it doesn’t seem to be used.

Panic comes fast, but it also goes fast after the crisis is over. The blank in Yan Wei’s mind was quickly occupied by chaotic thoughts and reasoning. His head was buzzing, thinking about what happened tonight.

The death list is only written? 1101, Cao Qun? The number changed to? 1109, they added it to the death list again? 1202。

But he’s in 1202 now. Here? There were no ghosts in the room. It was dark, but it was very quiet. Before the ghosts appeared on their side, there was a bloody smell and strange sound in the first berth of car 11. It was obvious that something had happened to Zhao Jingchen?.

No accident in 1202, no accident in 1101?, The bed number written on behalf of the player is useless. Is the bed corresponding to the death list fixed? Modifiable. Should their berth be triggered? Other conditions of death.

Yan Wei thought and remembered what Yan Mingguang had just said. His eyes were full of a daze. Holding a knife, he sat down slowly on the lower bunk on the other side.

When Yan Mingguang pushed the door with a flashlight, the cylindrical light emitted by the flashlight penetrated the air and scattered, outlining the outline of the youth sitting on one side of the sleeper.

The side face is soft and fine, and the end of the eyes is like the end of the stretched petals, gentle and clever. The trembling eyelashes are particularly obvious in the light and shadow, and the amber eyes are brighter than the scattered light.

Yan Wei even holds one in his hand? Knife, the blade almost reflected light and shadow in the light beam and was removed.

The dagger that was picked up just now was thrown by Yan Wei to the dead corner of the bed again. Did he see it? One eye Yan Mingguang, suddenly got up, totally ignoring Yan Mingguang’s bloody cheeks and the dirt on his body, stretched out his hand and caught it? Each other’s neck.

Lin Zhen took back his eyes, lowered his head, raised his hand and covered it? Own eyes.

He clapped his other hand? Patted the fish on the shoulder and said, “are they finished kissing? Call me.”


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