Half Immortal Chapter 147

Half Immortal Chapter 147: Endless trains (13)

Yu Feizhou turned his head, glanced at Lin Zhen seriously from top to bottom and said, “you’re not hurt.”

Lin Zhen still covered his eyes and said, “I’m not in the copy.”

The fish flying boat turned its eyes back to the perspective of Lin Qing.

In the picture, Lin Qing, like Yan Mingguang, takes out a small lamp and puts it aside. His expression was still solemn, and there was only a faint emotion in his dark eyes without any waves.

On his right shoulder, his clothes were completely wet and his blood color was dizzy. There was a broken blood hole in the blood color – which was pierced by the ghost in the sleeper room just now.

He didn’t feel pain, but his right arm trembled slightly. The wound didn’t disappear, so it stayed on Lin Qing’s right shoulder.

The dim light showed the situation inside.

Just now, the dirty thing had disappeared, but the floor of the sleeper room was covered with blood, and the sound of ticking could not be heard.

Lin Qing sat on one side of the berth, while on the other side of the berth opposite him, the original snow-white bedding had completely turned bright red. The ticking of blood also came from this sleeper.

Cao Qun’s body was spread out on the lower bunk.

——Is really spread out.

His whole body was rudely torn from the middle, and the uneven wound was scratched all the way from his forehead to his waist, as if he had been torn from the middle, and even his internal organs were exposed. The broken stomach still has undigested food, emitting a disgusting sour taste.

Lin Qing didn’t change his face.

He took out the wound medicine and treated the wound on his shoulder. Across a carriage, he shouted: “Cao Qun is dead. Don’t come here first. Yan Wei guessed right. It’s the number of people. After Cao Qun died, the ghost left by himself. Now if you come again, it’s easy to have a wrong number of people.”

Yan Wei’s lips had just separated from Yan Mingguang, and she gasped slightly, her cheeks and four? The coldness of the limbs has been warmed up by the action just now.

Hearing Lin Qing’s words, he cleared his throat and shouted, “Yan Mingguang and I will stay in carriage 12 tonight!”

There was no sound at the other end.

The surroundings fell into silence again. Yan Wei listened to Yan Mingguang’s breathing close at hand, raised his eyes, and vaguely saw the blood on the man’s cheek in the dense light from the flashlight beam. It’s like it’s splashed on a ghost. Look? Less than the wound, only a few black blood.

Yan Mingguang’s black eyes looked at him directly. His cold outline was particularly clear in the dark. He never looked cold at Yan Wei. His cheeks were stained with blood and were wrapped with some su Sha.

He asked Yan Wei to sit down, turned back and closed the door.

The smell of rust and fishy smell still floated in the air, and the light of the flashlight condensed into a beam?, Dark and bright. The surroundings were quiet. No matter those players who were awakened and eavesdropping, or ghosts that might appear, there was no movement at the moment.

Tonight should be over.

Yan Wei returned with reason and finally felt the pain from his fingertips and arms. Yan Mingguang obviously noticed these two wounds earlier than himself. The man has walked forward slowly?, He knelt on one knee in front of him, grabbed his hand and began to bandage him.

Yan Wei looked at him with drooping eyes. He first confirmed that there was no big wound on the man. Only a layer of gauze was wrapped around his wrist. Should it be before he came in? Just take care of it.

Confirm that nothing happened to Yan Mingguang. Yan Wei’s original eagerness and panic was replaced by calmness. What followed? Is a faint anger: “I don’t like you to make your own decisions.”


“My immortality is only two minutes,” he took a deep breath. “It’s the wisest choice for you to hide in and let me block that ghost.”


“I want to leave this building world without freedom alive, but I also want to leave with you. I don’t want to play the drama that I die for you and you die for me. We have so much experience. You should know that maximizing interests is always the best choice.”


“Yan Mingguang.”

The man paused to bandage him.

“I was scared to death.”


Yan Wei: ”

Yan Wei has never lost in reasoning, except Yan Mingguang, because this man is unreasonable.

Yan Mingguang helped him deal with the wound, got up and sat on his side and began to help Yan Wei clean up the dirt he had just rubbed in a panic.

He stopped thinking about what had just happened and sorted out his confused thoughts.

On the small blackboard is the death list. In Prometheus, the evil eagle of the planet day after day should be the steward.

The death list was written by the steward.

Zhao Jingchen had an accident because of the death list. There are two ghosts inside and outside the door on their side. It should be because of the number of people.

Just now, Yan Wei didn’t think too much. He just compared the differences and changes before and after them at that moment, that is, the extra Cao Qun.

There is also the possibility that ghosts come to Cao Qun, who was originally bed 1101, but this possibility is not when ghosts shoot at them indiscriminately. In this way, only the difference in the number of people remains.

It is possible that the number of people living in each room must be fixed. If there is one more person, ghosts will appear.

“… then why are there two?” Yan Wei murmured to himself. “If only there were more Cao Qun, three people would become four, and one person would die. The ghost disguised as Xu Miaomiao outside the door came for the extra person, and the one suddenly appeared inside?”

He remembered the cold beside their bed all day, and the strange feeling of being spied on at that time – the ghost may have been hiding in their berth for a long time.

“That’s two more people,” Yan Mingguang said faintly. “The ghosts that have been hidden for a long time come for one more person. The ghosts that suddenly appear outside the door come for Cao Qun who came in in in the evening.”

Yan Wei blinked and nodded gently.

“Yes, that’s right.” he said, “we can only have two people in our room? So even if Cao Qun doesn’t come tonight, the ghost will suddenly appear in our room. Cao Qun appears, so the ghost outside the door also comes. And now we are completely peaceful because…”

Yan Mingguang said, “because this sleeper in car 12 can accommodate two people.”

Now they happen to be here alone.

At the moment they ran out of their original berth, I’m afraid the ghost shot at Cao Qun. After they left, the ghost left the moment Cao Qun died.

The number of people has changed in both the original sleeper room in car 11 and the sleeper room where Yan Wei and Yan Mingguang are now staying.

Ten? The one in car 1 has changed from three people to one living person, and this one has changed from no one to two people. It can also be said that the number of people has not changed, because before Zhao Jingchen and He Dong? When I lived here, I was also two people.

Yan Wei found something in common: “So there can only be two people in each berth? This is in line with common sense. If Zeus really punished the workers on the train, and the workers turned into ghosts and continued to kill the next passengers, then the workers in these places should have been workers. If the staff on the train lived in the berth, they were likely to sleep in the lower berth in order to put their luggage , put things on the upper bunk, because if four people live, daily necessities can’t be put down. ”

“Just a guess.”

“It can be confirmed tomorrow. In addition to us being three people, there is another one. Let’s see tomorrow? If they reduce their staff…”

It’s cruel, but it’s also true.

If this guess is correct, they can sit on two pieces of information.

First, only two people can live in the sleeper room, otherwise it will trigger death, and the player will not stop until no more than two people die.

Second, these ghosts on the train were train workers, because their living method was not that of passengers.

“Well,” said Yan Mingguang, “your pants are full of blood. Shall I change them for you?”

“I’ll do it myself,” Yan Wei said quickly. “You help me. I’m afraid I’ll want to do something untimely in such a place.”

Yan Mingguang glanced at him with a faint look in his eyes.

Yan Wei blushed and looked down at his trouser legs.

Just at the critical moment, he lay on the side of the door and pushed the door. The dirty blood left by the ghosts outside flowed in a little through the crack of the door and soaked his trouser legs. He didn’t care about it just now. Naturally, he had to change it now.

Yu Guangzhong, Yan Wei glimpses the legs of the man beside him.

Slender and straight, clean and tidy.

He was stunned for a moment and made a sudden move.


Between life and death, blood had flowed in through the crack of the door, and even he was contaminated with these dirty black blood.

This man can never be a character who can change clothes in the aisle.

Were there only ghosts pressing on the door?

For a moment, Yan Wei glanced at the gauze on Yan Mingguang’s wrist without a trace through the darkness of the light – he even wanted to tear away the gauze to see if there was a real wound on the man’s wrist.

The idea flashed by, and Yan Wei didn’t move.

He suddenly remembered that in the copy of the puppet castle, Yan Mingguang “accidentally” dropped the topographic map to remind him of further inference and clues. At that time, Yan Mingguang said that the copy was made by his later hand on the grounds that he had recovered the data and memory long ago, so he knew some clues and situations that others didn’t know.

But at the moment, he has completely recovered the memory and data stored in the coins. Logically, it should be similar to what Yan Mingguang knows, and it is no different from Yan Mingguang’s situation.

But he still had as like as two peas, who were once in control.

Yan Wei’s eyes were slightly restrained, his expression remained unchanged, and took back his eyes without showing his face. He closed the projection perspective open to Lin Zhen and others, pulled off his belt, and whispered, “help me get a new suit of clothes.”


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