Half Immortal Chapter 148

Half Immortal Chapter 148: Endless trains (14)

Yan Mingguang soon gave Yan Wei a new set of clothes, which are the most habitual styles and materials Yan Wei wears on weekdays.

Yan Wei took off his belt and took over the neatly stacked clothes.

He bowed his head and said, “where’s the ghost outside?”


“When you were outside, what was wrong with that thing? You did it,” Yan Wei said in an ordinary tone. “It might be useful to know the way ghosts do it.”

“It came up to tear my neck. I stopped it for a while and it disappeared. It should have disappeared when Cao Qun died.”

Yan Wei glanced at Yan Mingguang again.

In addition to the blood splashed on his coat and cheeks, the material of the man’s clothes is flat, and the ground is full of blood. Yan Mingguang’s trouser legs are as clean as ever.

It’s not like the embarrassment of narrowly escaping from death, but like a blade? How do you respond?.

Can’t you ask? What, he nodded, “Oh.”

Yan Wei took off his coat, shivered with cold, and gathered his new clothes into Yan Mingguang’s arms. The warm package came and the man hugged him.

“Then you? Right? This copy? Do you understand? Like in the puppet castle, do you have? Some predictive information?”


Yan Wei moved? Body, changed clothes in Yan Mingguang’s arms. But one action, the man holding him? All over? One stiff, one sluggish breath.

While the man was distracted by him, Yan Wei inadvertently touched the wound wrapped in gauze on Yan Mingguang’s wrist. He pressed it and gave up quickly. He didn’t look at the wound. It seemed that he really bumped into it inadvertently.

Yan Mingguang? Any reaction, even the micro physiology that pain should bring? No sexual reaction?.

Seems not? injured. Yan Weixin? What’s in it? He counted — it was said that he was entangled with ghosts. In fact, he was worried inside?, Yan Mingguang didn’t know how to press the ghost on the door outside.

Yan Mingguang? He, and? He kept a secret that he didn’t know.

At this moment, an uneasy sense of vanity swept through, and Yan Wei thought of some details he had forgotten. After the memory was restored, from the first time he went upstairs to formatting, until now, the memory has become a complete line, but there is always? He doesn’t remember some subtle fragments.

Yan Wei first blamed these on? Memories blur over time. But now, he suddenly? I don’t think what he got is a complete memory.

He has nothing? Said, just unconsciously stopped moving and wrote these down secretly.

“Put it on?” Yan Mingguang said suddenly? “You? You’re an ordinary person now. You’ll catch a cold.”

Yan Wei stopped at the moment, half dressed and half hung his windbreaker coat? Up and down? Take off your pants. Hearing Yan Mingguang’s words, he raised his head, leaned against Yan Mingguang’s shoulder and looked at the man’s neck socket and jaw line.

He rose slightly?, Like before? He kissed Yan Mingguang’s side face and moved down bit by bit.

Yan Mingguang suddenly? He raised his hand, grabbed his chin and kissed him on his side.

This time it was a long taste.

Yan Mingguang’s breathing is faster and faster, but suddenly? Stop. Let this man go? He helped Yanwei pull up his windbreaker coat and said, “have a rest. I was too tired just now. I’m afraid you won’t feel well tomorrow.”

Yan Wei blinked, opened his mouth and said nothing. In fact, it’s safe for the time being. They also turn off the projection? In fact, if you really want to… It’s nothing. But be careful, copy? You really shouldn’t do these things.

He retreated slightly, picked up his pants that hadn’t been put on, and said, “yes, I –”

Yan Wei’s voice suddenly? And stop.

Yan Mingguang suddenly? Took his clothed hand, pulled him into his arms and kissed the corner of his mouth again. The man’s low voice was close at hand, wrapped in heat: “just forgot, you? You won’t die today.”

Yan Wei was stunned.

The man’s hand has climbed up his collar.

Finally? No, The sound of rain.

I don’t know if it’s a rainy day? Is it over, or is the train leaving? It’s an area. Not outside the train? Daylight, curtains still? Pull, but the light of the day is more penetrating than before? Two days are brighter.

Just all? Carriage, where players walk?, The window curtains were pulled, and the players couldn’t see anything outside.

Yan Wei wakes up in the mechanical sound he is used to.

His body? It’s fresh and tidy on the body, isn’t it? There is also one on the side, which is redeemed from the mall? Here comes the electric heater. He rubbed his eyes and looked at them. Obviously? It’s already bright.

yes? On the sleeper, Lin Qing was sitting upright, holding a cup of hot water in his hand. His back was straight, his eyes were serious, and his eyes fell straight on Yan Wei’s body? Come on.

He saw Yan Wei wake up and waited until Yan Wei sat up?, He handed Yan Wei the water cup in his hand and said, “today’s death list has nothing to do with us, but there was something wrong in several places last night. Yan Mingguang watched first to avoid being hurt by other players. He prepared it for you. I’m afraid you’re uncomfortable.”

Yan Wei: ”

Lin Qing: “you always have more foresight than me. What’s the meaning of doing this?”

Yan Wei picked up the cup and felt the palm of his hand? Receive the temperature and say: “… How?”

One open? Mouth, he found himself? Voice? Dumb.


Suddenly? Understanding the meaning of this glass of water, Yan Wei raised his glass and drank a few mouthfuls.

“Last night,” Lin Qing lowered his eyes and looked still solemn, “the voice was a little loud.”

Yan Wei choked and said, “cough… Cough…”

“Is it related to the death trigger in the car? Or is it to simulate what ghosts did before they died?”


He put his glass aside and got up abruptly?, Pick up your windbreaker coat and turn around? In the last batch, he cleared his throat and said, “go and find Yan Mingguang. Where is he?”

Lin Qing immediately followed him out? Carriage, said, “it’s in carriage 11.”

Without Lin Qing’s answer, Yan Wei walks out? In the sleeper room, I saw Yan Mingguang standing at the door of the first sleeper room in car 11. Ding Xiao and Xu Miaomiao are also there. It seems that they didn’t show up last night? What’s up?

Yan Wei approached and smelled a disgusting thick smell of blood.

Yan Mingguang glanced at him, his voice wrapped in temperature: “how do you feel?”

Ding Xiao and Xu Miaomiao immediately cast puzzled eyes.

“… nothing. Is this Zhao Jingchen?”


In car 11, except for the five of them standing in the crowded aisle, there is no more? The figure is gone. On the upper berth of the first berth, a pile of human shaped meat pieces were piled on the bed board. The bedding and sheets had completely turned crimson blood, and the ground was covered with blood. have Some corners with little blood have opened? It began to dry up.

That’s a complete piece of meat. Can you barely see it? It’s a human shape, even the limbs and brain have been completely chopped, and the brain is together with the broken meat and. The blood was still seeping down, dripping onto the lower bunk and onto the train floor.

“Is this the source of the sound of cutting bones last night?”

“It should be,” Ding Xiao replied to Yan Wei. “We are closer to this room and can hear it more clearly. At first, there is a dull friction sound, and then there is a chopping sound. It should be dismembered from the limbs, the small bones of the palm, and then cut into the body.”

Lin Qing knows Yan Wei’s cleanliness mania. What about herself? After the blood, he went in, looked around and said, “there are other people in the room. There are blood footprints on the ground. The living people have run away now.”

It doesn’t matter? Yes, even if you leave during the day? I have to come back in the evening. The train can live in only a few carriages and can’t run away.

Lin Qing is in front of the upper bunk with minced meat? Stand on tiptoe without changing your face and stretch out directly? He dropped his hand.

Yan Wei: ”

For a moment, Lin Qing took it out of the wrist? I found something – it was a bloody safety lock bracelet.

“What’s this?” he asked.

Is Xu Miaomiao thinking? Cableway: “I bumped into him when I got on the platform. I saw this. It’s an ordinary safety lock. He wore it and a copy? It should be no problem.”

Lin Qing immediately lost interest and put down the bracelet.

Yan Wei frowned: “how do I feel? I look familiar.”

Yan Mingguang indifferent? “Zhou Tian also wears one on her hand,” he said

Yan Wei took an extra look at the safety lock. For a moment, he said, “Zhao Jingchen died? He was dismembered by ghosts. His body was in 1101. The dead were the people who slept on the death list.”

There is no other information here. Yan Wei looked at it for a while, went to their original sleeper room and took a look at Cao Qun’s body.

Cao Qun is Yan Wei and Yan Mingguang leaving? After this berth, he was killed by a ghost. But Lin Qing’s reaction is faster than Cao Qun. He has come to the door, though? Door closed? Yes, but he does? Display space and entangle with ghosts in the corridor for a while.

The target of the ghost was not fixed. Lin Qing quickly jumped to the upper bunk at that time. Did the ghost? Follow up, right? Cao Qun, who is still crowded in the lower bunk? Hands. It was just dark at that time. Wait until Lin Qing has? Time out? When the lights were on, the ghosts disappeared, and Cao Qun had become like this.

Spread out Cao Qun’s body? On the lower bunk, a top-down wound tore him apart. Did the wound open from the head? At first, he killed Cao Qun directly, so Cao Qun didn’t? issue? Any sound.

Yan Wei comes forward? After looking at it, he frowned and said, “Why are their wounds so like props that are not sharp?”

Whether it’s dismemberment or such a dissection?, The wounds are very twisted and uneven. Combined with the sound of knives last night, ghosts don’t look like people who killed them with their bare hands. This way of death? Very tragic, but very rough.

Ding smiled and said, “there are also two bodies. One neck was completely torn off and the other was dead. It’s more comfortable. It’s a fork that pierced the throat.”

“Two?” Yan Wei lifted his eyelids and looked back? My carriage, suddenly? See why he smelled somewhere else? The smell of blood came, “four people died last night?”

Only sixteen of them came in.

“Yes, there are four. Besides Zhao Jingchen and Cao Qun, there are two people. One is a high-rise player who lives in carriage 13. There are three people in their room, and now only two are dead. The other is He Dong of yuemang, who died in carriage 20 and his neck was torn off.”

Xu Miaomiao: “He Dong should not be on the list of mortals last night. He died too far. I think it’s more likely that something happened to Zhao Jingchen. He ran out. He ran too far and was killed by ghosts.”

Yan Wei knows.

If he and Yan Mingguang didn’t hide in the empty room of car No. 12 yesterday, but continued to run down, I’m afraid they would encounter the same thing as He Dong.

Another three? Well, his guess is right. A sleeper can only accommodate two people at most.

Yan Wei is helpless: “Four people died, and the living people also got several ways to avoid triggering death. Death oppressed Ben… Ah… Sure enough? It’s a copy of walking forward on the bones of the dead player? Exchange information with other living players later to avoid triggering death. In this case, the only thing we need to worry about is the death list, one day, and some time.”

“Maybe not?” Yan Mingguang said suddenly. “Today’s death list is not one.”



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