Half Immortal Chapter 149

Half Immortal Chapter 149: Endless train (15)

The death list is not fixed, their pressure? Another layer.

Yan Wei just picked the tip of his eyebrows, not surprised: “which two?”

“None of us,” said Xu Miaomiao. “The two people in car 13 came in together and lived in the same room. Now they are estimated to be looking for information from the steward.”

Yan Wei nodded and said, “now everyone knows that this is the death list. The selected people have no time. The steward is the most difficult but also the fastest breakthrough.”

Ding Xiao is handing something to Xu Miaomiao – it seems to be some props. She handed it over and said, “they went to the steward to gamble. Others have also seen these bodies. It’s not hard to think of it. You should all think of it.”

Yan Wei naturally thought of it.

This was taken for granted, so they didn’t take it out at all.

Ghosts don’t need sharp tools to kill. If ghosts kill people spontaneously, such as He Dong, who died because he ran too far, he was brutally twisted off his neck. However, these bodies in the death rules were all killed by sharp tools – dismembered thin knives, knives to cut Cao Qun, and forks to pierce the throat of the dead.

Ghosts use these things to kill people, not like an instinctive attack, but like a fixed way of death.

In this case, there are only two possibilities. Either the ways of death are put together as information, or these ways of death are the ways of death that ghosts have experienced.

No matter what kind, the steward can touch this kind of knife and even kill people with tableware at will.

Up to now, no one will think that the steward is just a functional NPC.

Yan Wei stared at Cao Qun’s body, but his eyes were quite lax, empty and thinking for a while. He said: “we can exchange information with those two people, the death list… I don’t think it’s possible to be random. I wanted to see what these people did and would be targeted, but Cao Qun died so suddenly that now I can only ask those two people today.”

“Well, let’s separate and go with a few people -”

Yan Wei said a word, look? Behind Ding Xiao, Xu Miaomiao was winking at himself and said with some laughter, “what are you doing? What can’t you say?”

Xu Miaomiao: ”

She looked at Yan Wei somewhat speechless and said, “sister Ding, what do you think we should do next?”

Yan Wei understood.

Xu Miaomiao is kind, afraid that he is good at it? Advocate, make Ding laugh unhappy. If you look at the time of Yan Wei’s second ascent, Ding Xiao is indeed the oldest and oldest player among them.

Ding Xiao smiled low: “it’s all right. What Yan Wei said is nothing wrong.”

Xu Miaomiao muttered: “… Color makes wisdom faint.”

Yan Wei: ”

He went on to say: “we now need to know what happened to this train, what the three people on the death list have in common and what is different from us. About backtracking, Ding xiaolinqing and I went to find the ghost’s body and forced to read the backtracking. Yan Mingguang…”

Yan Mingguang has been looking at him, smelling his words and his eyes moved.

“You take Xu Miaomiao to check the death list?”

Yan Mingguang didn’t answer immediately.

The man looked at him directly, with dark eyes and an invisible emotion. Yan Wei felt that the man had seen through his mind for a moment.

For a moment, “well.”

Then, Yan Mingguang looked? He glanced at Xu Miaomiao, motioned Xu Miaomiao to follow, turned and walked in the direction of the front dining carriage. Xu Miaomiao usually respects Ding Xiao, feels a sense of friendship with Yan Wei, but is somewhat frightened by Yan Mingguang.

As soon as Yan Mingguang raised her foot, she immediately fell behind Yan Mingguang and followed her.

Yan Wei’s eyes crossed the narrow aisle, watched Yan Mingguang go to the front carriage and said, “I probably know where the ghost’s body was. Ding Xiao, I’ll trouble you.”

“You shouldn’t say that,” Yan Mingguang and Xu Miaomiao were absent. She unconsciously used the honorific title and smiled gently, “I’m willing to help you.”

Yan Wei still said, “thank you.”

Ding Xiao’s skill is to forcibly read the backtracking of ghosts. This skill is sometimes very rebellious and sometimes very chicken ribs.

In a copy that is full of backtracking and ghosts’ resentment, backtracking is the difficulty of the copy. This skill is equivalent to waste. In a place where there is no backtracking at all, it is no different from a shortcut if you can forcibly read the backtracking of ghosts.

Dante’s ability to laugh is also limited – it requires Related words, ghosts or corpses.

The Related words are enough after Yan Mingguang found out the bound Prometheus painting yesterday. And the body

Yan Wei looked at Lin Qing and raised the iron cover around the squatting toilet without changing his face. He still couldn’t help pinching his nose and didn’t want to say a word – this is definitely the biggest problem brought to cleanliness by this copy.

Ding smiled and looked? After a few minutes, I finally couldn’t help moving my eyes.

After a while, the rust and rotten smell in the air suddenly became more than ten times stronger, and Lin Qing’s indifferent voice sounded: “OK.”

Yan Wei and Ding Xiao look back at the same time.

The train was still moving forward with the sound of “bang bang”, and in the slight shaking, the completely lifted top sheet of iron stood on one side, shaking as if it was about to fall down at any time.

The bathroom showed its appearance under the top iron sheet.

There are some old pipes and mechanical structures. There is still a layer of shallow water in it. The water has been turbid and can’t see anything in the clear water. That should be the rain that leaked in these two days.

In these crowded structures and dirty rain water, a distorted and shapeless rotten body is displayed, in which half of the body is soaked in dirty water and half is exposed to air? Inside, leaning against those pipes, the top was covered with rotten scours. The head of the corpse can’t be seen clearly. I don’t know how long it has rotted. Without those strange things, I’m afraid it would have rotted into a pool of stinking mud.

For these old players, look? It’s better to see the dismemberment scene.

Lin Qing washed his hands and went out of the bathroom. “The rotten insects came out of blisters. The rain in the past two days penetrated into the bodies and gave birth to these rotten insects. You guessed right. After these workers were killed, they were hidden under the iron sheet and turned into a fierce ghost. But here is a body.”

“Not one,” Yan Wei was disgusted to death and said without looking at his head. “We just found the nearest bathroom, and we didn’t go to the bottom of the car. Maybe every bathroom in every car.”

He said to Ding with a smile, “it’s about endless trains, punishments and kitchenware.”

“Kitchen utensils?”

“There is no other place in the car where there will be those small sharp tools. Kitchenware and tableware are the most likely to kill.”


Yan Wei: “excuse me.”

Ding Xiao raises his feet, look? He glanced at everything in front of him.

“…” it should be too late to take back the sentence “I’m willing to help you”.

Seeing that Ding Xiao walked into the bathroom with a straight face, Lin Qing closed the door of the bathroom, leaned against the aisle and looked like talking with Yan Wei, so as to prevent other players from interfering with Ding Xiao.

Yan Mingguang and Xu Miaomiao are not there. Ding Xiao is forced to read the backtracking inside. Now only Yan Wei and Lin Qing are alone.

Lin Qing was about to close his eyes and think for a while. Yan Wei took his pocket with both hands, stood on the other side, and suddenly asked, “didn’t you have any impression of Yan Mingguang before?”

Lin Qing was stunned. He didn’t ask Yan Wei why he suddenly said this. He just shook his head: “No.”

“Do you remember what I said, every word and every sentence before I format it? Did I tell you where the extra memory is hidden?”

Lin Qing naturally remembers.

He repeated what Yan Wei had said before, “… Then you said to me — ‘I’ve arranged everything, don’t worry, I’ll find a backhand and come back’. Didn’t say anything else.”

Yan Wei frowned and said nothing.

This is no different from what he remembers now. That’s exactly what he said to Lin Qing. Does he feel that he has forgotten some memory fragments, which is just an illusion? It’s impossible. Before admitting his mistake, Yan Mingguang never had an illusion.

Yan Wei seemed to chat and talked about some things about his first landing. Every time Lin Qing mentioned the presence of things, Lin Qing would respond with a few voices. Yan Wei secretly compared them and found that there was no problem with those memories.

He also talked with Ding Xiao a few times before. Referring to his first meeting, Ding Xiao remembered no different from him.

Yan Wei has a number in mind.

His occasional short memory blurring is not the dilution of indistinguishable details after a long time, but the blurring of some details between Yan Mingguang and him.

The memory he recovered from the coin is not so much a problem as a complete memory with a small part extracted. The timeline is complete, but some embellishments are missing.

Yan Wei frowned and changed the topic: “Lin Qing, what do you think? Treat Prometheus? Is it a hero’s fire thief or a suffering betrayer?”


Soon, Yan Mingguang and Xu Miaomiao came back.

Yan Mingguang was still calm with an old folder. Xu Miaomiao frowned and looked behind him and left and right from time to time?.

“Our harvest just now,” Yan Mingguang raised the folder in his hand, “go back to the sleeper room and sit down and have a look? Look?”

Xu Miaomiao: “Lin Qing and I will wait for sister Ding here. If the backtracking conditions are met, the backtracking will be successful, but the difficulty is different, and the consumption of users is also very different. Sister Ding will come out later. It is estimated that someone will hold her. Lin Qing is inconvenient.”

“Then Yan Mingguang and I will study this first.” Yan Wei naturally agrees. He didn’t ask how he got it. Anyway, Yan Mingguang would say later.

Xu Miaomiao added, “be careful. After we get this thing, I always feel like I’m being spied. It may even be triggered by death.”

“OK, I see.”

Back in the sleeper room, Yan Wei reached out and took the folder from Yan Mingguang. But the man held tight and didn’t let Yan Wei take it. He was obviously worried that this thing would also trigger death.

He said, “I’ll turn it for you.”

Yan Wei doesn’t cooperate. His eyebrows and eyes drooped slightly on both sides, and his eyes converged. Was he angry? “I’m not without hands,” he said


“I’m not dead today. I’m not afraid of anything.”

“Well, great.”


Yan mingguangli ignored his demands, sat directly beside him, slowly opened the old folder, and didn’t let Yan Wei touch it.

Yan Wei: “


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