Half Immortal Chapter 15

Half Immortal Chapter 15: The Promenade Hotel (15)

Yan Wei squatted down slowly by the bed.

He raised his hand to lift the quilt over the body. But the long white fingers almost touched the bloody sheets. Yan Wei remembered that he had to hold the painter’s hand last night – he washed his hands for ten minutes after returning to the room.

He stepped back a little and waved to Gao Ming: “do me a favor and lift the quilt.”

“Ah?” Gao Ming was stunned, broke his face and came forward with his life. “People are dead. What are you doing lifting the quilt? Well… Anyway, I listen to you, I…”

Before Gao Ming reached out his hand, the man who had been silent suddenly explored his origin. The hand that could take people’s lives with a short knife grabbed the quilt and threw the blood stained quilt under the bed in an instant.

Gao Ming can only watch Yan Mingguang help Yan Wei open the quilt without saying a word. He retreats and tries not to disturb the two more powerful initial players to investigate the bodies.

Yan Wei threw a grateful look at Yan Mingguang. Then he didn’t procrastinate any more. He pinched his nose and said, “you must take gloves with you when you go out alive”, so he leaned forward and looked carefully.

As like as two peas.

Yan Wei looked carefully from top to bottom – the clothes on the two players were very neat and intact, and there were no other scars on their bodies. The edge of the hollowed out eye socket is ferocious and rough, very uneven.

They all died of eye digging, and the method of eye digging is extremely cruel but powerful.

“Gao Ming, did you hear anything last night?” Yan Wei took back his eyes and stood up.

Gao Ming nodded: “yes. I thought I would get up early at dawn and meet you. I rested immediately after dark. But I didn’t sleep too much. Later, I even… Cough, I wanted to go to the bathroom. You reminded me not to open my eyes and don’t move when anything happened, so I held my breath all night…”

Yan Wei: “…” seems to understand why Gao Ming’s eyes are slightly blue.

“I vaguely heard my roommate get up. He should also want to go to the bathroom, so he got up directly. Later, he never came out again. I really didn’t dare to move. I went to the bathroom at dawn. Unexpectedly, I saw him dead in front of the washing table. Before I went downstairs, I had a simple autopsy. It can be seen from the action of collapsing to the ground that he was probably washing his hands Dead, dead fast, his expression hasn’t changed much. ”

Yan Wei listened carefully to the wise description and casually took out the coins in his pocket. His slender knuckles were slightly curved, and his fingertips pressed gently against the edge of the coin.

The coin tossed a perfect track in the air. He stared at the front at will, and his eyes were slightly empty for a moment.

a moment.

The originally quiet corridor seemed to sound something, misty and dark, slowly swinging into Yan Wei’s ears from far to near.

Yan Wei’s eyes focused. He came back and grabbed the coin being tossed and threw it into his pocket. “Did you hear anything?”

Yan Mingguang nodded.

Gao Ming’s face was even worse: “the voices of many women seem to be shouting… Eyes.”

Yan Wei listened attentively.

“Where are your eyes…”

“… give me your eyes…”

“Eyes, where are the eyes, eyes…”


Yan Mingguang’s black eyes moved gently, and there was a deep coldness in the bottom of his eyes. He slowly took out the folding knife put in his pocket. With the even knuckle of his hand, the blade rustled and extended into a short blade.

Yan Wei also clenched the self-defense weapon in his pocket and whispered, “it should be the woman in the picture. On the last day, the ghost restriction will slowly weaken. The cold weapons in our hands may not hurt them at that time. I can’t speculate about the underground floor now. There are not enough clues. We must hurry. Let’s go to the underground floor.”

Yan Mingguang walked ahead without saying a word.

But when he came to the door, the man’s footsteps were a little sluggish, his indifferent pupils moved slightly, and glanced into the room.

Yan Wei looked at him: “are you thinking, do you want to remind sun Shi at last?”

Yan Mingguang glanced at him in surprise.

Yan Wei said in his heart, sure enough.

He and Yan Mingguang are not the same in terms of their exposed character or hidden temperament. He is gentle and kind on the surface, but inside he is born with indifference and reason.

Yan Mingguang is the opposite of him.

He said: “although I think such behavior is particularly stupid, if you really think it is necessary, we can leave a piece of paper –”

“No,” Yan Mingguang interrupted in a calm voice, “he chose his own way.”

The words fell, the blade in the man’s hand turned again, and he turned back in the rustling sound of breaking the air and walked quickly ahead to lead the way.

Yan Wei shrugged and immediately took Gao Ming to follow.

As soon as he left the room, he suddenly felt a creepy feeling coming from the right side. Subconscious vigilance made Yan Wei tilt to the right. Yan Mingguang, who was in front of him, immediately felt something wrong. He came back and pulled him hard and took him away from that place.

The three looked back and found that

——That’s a woman’s hand sticking out of the picture!

For a moment, on the whole corridor, hanging portraits of women, one arm after another, smooth or wrapped in luxury clothes, extended from the painting, and the beautiful palm curled slightly, as if grasping something in front.

The beautifully decorated corridor is now full of outstretched arms, which twist disorderly and strive to grasp the front. The scattered mirrors on both sides scatter warm yellow lights, staggered back and forth, reflecting the scene on the corridor.

The mirrors all stand opposite each other, and the shadow in the mirror is reflected in the other mirror, like countless hands waving against the walls on both sides.

Yan Wei quickly moved to the middle of the long and narrow corridor. Those beautiful and cool hands could stand in front of them. Their knuckles bent and sometimes caught their clothes.

The light in the corridor flickered a few times under the cold wind, and the light and darkness staggered to illuminate these things, as if countless pairs of eyes in the dark were staring at them in all directions.

Gao Ming scolded a dirty word against his gentle appearance and said, “is the use of these broken mirrors to make us look terrible? There are hands inside and outside the mirror, and I can’t tell them clearly!”

“Let’s go to the underground floor,” Yan Wei said more and more deeply. “The restriction of ghosts… Is getting weaker and weaker.”

The world inside the building, gambling area.

One projection after another appeared in the gambling building during this period, and new faces constantly appeared among the players who came and went. There were also many wails and cheers of people who lost or won gambling.

“… has the number of low-rise copy brushing out gambling mechanisms increased recently?”

“Not only, but also the number of middle and high-level!”

“More and more players have been selected recently…”


The live projection of the gambling building where Yan Wei is located has always been from sun Shi’s perspective. A large number of players gathered under this projection. Some made bets and came here from time to time to see the progress and worry about the results. Some didn’t make bets just to analyze the copy enhancement experience.

Jiang Xiu went to organize people to analyze the copy after betting. Now he was free to take another look with his brother Jiang Ping.

As soon as he arrived, the crowd gathered in front of the projection consciously made way of a road and cleared a large space where Jiang Xiu was located – except for a young man in black.

His clothes were all black, and he carried a bow without an arrow on his back, and the bow body was black. Even in the brightly lit entertainment area, his seems to blend into the boundless night at any time.

The man stood in front of a large open area in front of Jiang Xiu, very conspicuous. But he didn’t feel it. He didn’t move. He just raised his head slightly, lifted the corners of his mouth slightly, and watched sun Shi in the projection go from the restaurant to the studio.

When Jiang Xiu saw him, he frowned: “Lin Zhen? Did you bet too? Such a novice copy that must lose actually attracted you to take advantage…”

Lin Zhen chuckled. His facial features were pretty. In this smile, he revealed a rather demon and evil temperament, “I heard that your useless brother is going to enter the next copy these two days. You want him to win a gambling house and choose the simplest copy independently? Then you have to find something to protect his life quickly. Don’t wait for the gambling house results to come out. If you lose the bet, your useless brother will be directly pulled into the difficult copy…”

Jiang Xiu said displeased, “what do you mean?”

“This copy will pass.”

“Are you kidding? This is the downcomer who believes it when he sees a fake diary? The downcomer underestimates the difficulty of the copy. Their copy has at least five levels, but he judges it with the experience of two or three levels. There is no doubt that he will die. I bet these fools have failed to break through the pass. Wait and see.”

“You are the real fool.” Lin Zhen’s smile is bigger, and his eyes hide the expectation and enjoyment of blood, “Don’t you see that from sun Shi’s perspective, there is a man with silver hair and a black jacket? He should be an initial player. Although I can’t see his face, my ability makes me see that he is strong and strong. As for this man named sun Shi, he is dead. Let me enjoy the process of his being killed by ghosts later…”

Seeing sun Shi avoid the woman’s arm stretched out in the portrait and arrive at the studio in a panic, Lin Zhen laughed.

He raised his hand and put his fingertips into his mouth. When he bit his teeth, he directly broke his fingertips.

The smell of blood spread in his mouth, but he enjoyed the smell of blood very much. He smiled and said: “this strong initial player, what copy will he get after customs clearance…? I’d better go to his next copy…”

After the three of Yan Wei entered the elevator, Yan Mingguang took out the magnetic card and brushed it. Sure enough, he pressed the “- 1” button.

The restrictions on ghosts are getting lower and lower. The whole Corridor Hotel is filled with a strange atmosphere. All the lights are bright and dark, and the elevator is dark from time to time.

When the elevator stopped on the ground floor and the heavy door of the elevator was slowly opened on both sides, it happened that the flickering lights were pressed down at this moment.

The smell of blood came to their nostrils in an instant. The three people were dark in front of them and were very quiet around. However, it seemed that they could hear the “eyes” and “I want eyes” constantly whispered by the portraits upstairs

The rustling wind broke the blade. Yan Mingguang was the first to step out and whispered, “follow.”

Yan Wei and Gao Ming followed Yan Mingguang.

Just a few steps away, Yan Wei heard their footsteps stained with water – they seemed to be walking on some wet ground.

As he moved forward slowly, he stretched out his hand and groped carefully, “what kind of machine do I seem to touch… There are a lot of iron touch and handles… Etc. This is a treadmill. The first floor of the hotel is a fitness room – my day!”

He tripped over the fitness equipment.

The man walking in front of him turned back in an instant and held him at the moment when he was about to fall. There was a reassuring warmth in the palm of the man’s hand, but his voice was quite cold: “how are you?”

The darkness around him covered his eyes and made people’s hearing more sensitive. Yan Wei seemed to hear the rubbing sound of his palm and Yan Mingguang’s palm. The breathing sounds of the three people were amplified a little, spreading a rare breath of living people in the bloody room.

… under Yan Mingguang’s appearance that strangers are not allowed to enter, is it full of warmth?

Yan Wei was stunned when he was alert.

He came back to himself and stabilized his body with the power of Yan Mingguang, “it’s OK.”

As he said, he was about to stand up straight, and the lights suddenly came on all at once!

Yan Wei glanced around for the first time. When he turned his head, he suddenly found that the treadmill on his side was leaning against a body with hollowed out eyes!

The corpse hung rigidly on the treadmill, his face full of blood was facing Yan Wei, and his empty eyes seemed to be staring at him.

No matter how brave Yan Wei was, he was suddenly frightened. Subconsciously, he stumbled back and was mixed again. Fortunately, this time the light was on, Yan Wei stood straight with the handle of the fitness equipment. He looked back and found that it was not the fitness equipment that mixed himself, but the body of a long skirt woman.

Under the bright light, the whole picture of the gym is displayed at the moment.

Mirrors are pasted on the walls of the gymnasium, setting off the large underground gymnasium, which is full of fitness equipment. The body of the middle-aged man rests on the fitness equipment, and the body of the long skirt woman lies on the ground. Their eyes are empty and covered with blood. There is a pool of blood around the middle-aged man’s body – that’s where they just walked.

The blood near the body of the long skirt woman has dried up.

In addition, beside the body of the long skirt woman, there was a skeleton!

Yan Wei was a little uncomfortable because of the bad smell in the air. He frowned and said, “sure enough, the ground floor is where the waiter threw the bodies, and the bodies of two dead players are here. But why didn’t he deal with the two dead players on the 13th floor…”

Yan Wei raised his feet, crossed the pool of blood and some fitness equipment, went to the skeleton next to the body of the long skirt woman and squatted down.

He didn’t need to mention it this time. The expert, who was a medical examiner, immediately squatted down in front of the skeleton and said, “I’ll see this time. It’s always up to you. I’ll be useful anyway.”

Yan Wei smiled: “it’s up to you, and I don’t have the experience of testing skeletons. However, since they have turned into bones, has this corpse been dead for a long time…”

Gao Ming nodded and looked carefully for a while before saying: “This skeleton should be the body of a woman who has been dead for many years. The underground gym is not a confined space. Although it is so corrupt that it is only a skeleton, the death time will not be very long, a few years to more than ten years. Look at her skull. The damage is very serious. In terms of the degree of trauma… I feel that someone dug her eyes out with a sharp weapon in the process It also pounded other parts of her brain and even damaged the part of her skull. The murderer’s technique was particularly cruel. ”

Yan Wei’s eyes moved: “the woman doctor!”

He stared at the skull’s head and stopped at the severely traumatized eye socket

The lights of the gym flickered again at this moment, and the dim and bright were intertwined repeatedly. The electric lights made an intermittent “squeak” sound of current blockage, which was very harsh.


Yan Wei was in a trance, as if something had penetrated into his mind. His eyes were dark. He only felt that the sky was spinning and his mind was blurred.

He felt as if he was in a coma, but his consciousness was chaotic, and some scenes began to emerge in front of him. These scenes were very strange, and the people he saw had no impression. It was like an inexplicable picture, but it was like a memory fragment.

It seems that he has become another person and is experiencing his memories from that person’s perspective.

The pictures flashed by one by one, making his mind dizzy. Most of these pictures were in the hospital. The terrain and situation of the hospital were very familiar, which seemed to be the hospital they had been to yesterday. From the perspective of the memory owner, many patients came and went, and most of the memory owner looked up when he saw men, which showed that the owner of the memory was tall Not high.

Yan Wei immediately realized that the owner of this memory was obviously the first victim of the artist’s eye digging and painting – the female doctor who showed the artist mental illness.

Seeing the back, Yan Wei saw the last patient of the female doctor.

That is a familiar face – the painter’s face!

The artist whose eyes have not been cut out is as handsome and elegant as the appearance in the self portrait. He is full of elegant artist breath all over. The human model painter has paranoid charm. Every time he comes for psychological counseling, he vividly describes the art world in his mind with the female doctor, his understanding and thought of the painting.

The female doctor fell in love with the painter.

His abundant imagination and enthusiasm for professional paranoia moved the female doctors. The beautiful and beautiful eyes of the female doctors were as dazzling as stars, attracting the painters who had been very persistent in drawing eyes at that time.

Then came the painful memory. In the picture brought to him by the memory owner, the last picture before death was that the painter raised the knife, smiled ferociously and sent the knife to the memory owner’s eyes.

The memory emotion of the last scene was too strong. Yan Wei was caught off guard. He just felt that his eyes had been cut off. It was painful, as if to tear his nerves.

Another trance, his eyes gradually return to focus.

He was still in a squat position, in front of the skeleton of the female doctor, in front of the bloody and silent gym. On his side, Gao Ming rubbed his eyes in a trance and slowly recovered his normal look.

Yan Wei glanced back and saw Yan Mingguang nod to him.

“Are you, like me, suddenly instilled with a particularly strong sense of substitution? And…”

Gao Ming has completely recovered at the moment. He widened his eyes and blurted out in surprise: “there’s still a way to find the ladder!!”

Yan Wei blinked, still holding a squat position with a happy face. His good-looking eyes seemed to overflow with light at the moment, his thin lips were slightly lifted, and his white and exquisite face was quite soft under the pale light. At first glance, the young man seemed to be just a student who had not been deeply involved in the world, and was happy that he had just solved the problem.

But from the angle that everyone can’t see, Yan Wei quietly extends his right hand into the pocket of the windbreaker and holds the small dagger in his pocket.


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