Half Immortal Chapter 150

Half Immortal Chapter 150: Endless train (16)

At the moment Yan Mingguang opened, Yan Wei felt a strange and unknown breath. Scary? The chill? Clinging to the bone marrow, there are countless pairs of eyes peeping in the dark.

No sense of death, but still cool? How low is the whole sleeper room? Degrees.

“This is what we exchanged with those people who were targeted today,” Yan Mingguang said. “I gave them the information we got so far and told them how we escaped death last night. They gave us the document stolen from the steward’s room.”

Although Yan Mingguang played it down, he and Xu Miaomiao had gone for so long just now and wanted to waste some time.

Yan Wei glanced at Yan Mingguang.

He remembered Yan Mingguang’s style when they had a copy together before, with this person? The number of words spoken every day, I’m afraid Yan Mingguang was stuck there during the negotiation, and Xu Miaomiao was negotiating there with a dry tongue.

Yan Wei: ”

A little sympathy, Xu Miaomiao.

“Have they read the documents?” Yan Wei asked, feeling that he was asking nonsense – how is it possible? Will someone? Don’t you see if you get a clue? Take it out when you’re done? Come and change?

But this folder does? Very useful.

Yan Mingguang slowly turned a few? Page, Yan Wei’s God? The color becomes more and more dignified.

A long time.

Yan Wei thought deeply and suddenly sneezed. Was it cold? Knowledge rubbed against Yan Mingguang.

Yan Mingguang has been closed by them from the beginning? Look? To the end of the folder, God? Feeling the same, take it out slowly? A thick jacket was put on Yan Wei’s body.

This dress is obviously Yan Mingguang’s, which is much wider than Yan Wei’s figure. It is put on him who is already wearing a windbreaker coat, as if wrapped in a child’s big quilt. Yan Wei is used to being a chic and convenient windbreaker wherever he goes. He suddenly feels a little strange – if Lin Zhen sees it? Here, I’m afraid it will be true? Real? Say “little pet”.

He raised his hand, grabbed the edge of his clothes, took it off and said, “I have one more set in it…”

Yan Mingguang can’t help it? He grabbed his hand.

man The broad palm immediately wrapped the back of his hand. The temperature was warm, but the strength was very strong? Sharp. Yan Wei not only couldn’t push him, but also was grabbed by him and dressed more tightly? Some.

Action? Between, he smelled the soap smell on Yan Mingguang’s coat, and this man? As like as two peas, they are clean and refreshing, with a touch of cold air.

Yan Wei: ”

He glanced at Yan Mingguang obliquely and thought that this man? Again, nothing has changed, except that the monopoly desire and hypocrite have increased by 10%.

Also? It was no big deal. He no longer objected. So he put on Yan Mingguang’s coat and leaned against Yan Mingguang, waiting for Ding Xiao to come back.

He said, “tomorrow at the latest.”

“In fact, few of us can die. There were four last night. Today, these two people don’t know if they can escape. If there are only ten people left tomorrow?…”

What about tomorrow? Now the bed number on the small blackboard is more than two points? One possibility? Sex, falling on the five of them? On me.

Yan Wei sneered: “the idea of manipulating all this is really a good abacus. If it is an ordinary 89 layer replica, no matter how difficult it is, it will be a violent crack at the level of our data and props. It has improved. The last time I went to the top-level replica, it was at most to enhance the real power of the replica NPC. Now I have learned to smooth the data.”

Before he was afraid, the despicable thing became afraid.

If he and Yan Mingguang keep the data as usual, judging from all the clues they know now?, They can crack it immediately.

“At the top level, it can’t interfere with the copy form,” Yan Mingguang said. “We’ll be easier than at the 89th floor.”

They had already stored the data for the first time when they went upstairs. Although the formatting failed Yan Wei for the first time, it was not easy? It also gives Yan Wei the opportunity to accumulate additional values. Not only does he now have after his first summit? More than 10000 body indexes and perception obtained, and how many times did you climb to the 49th floor for the second time? Thousands of body index and perception. If this layer does not seal their data, Yan Wei’s perception has been close to 20000.

Even from countless players? Those super high-level players, data? However, the data of Yan Wei and Yan Mingguang are twice that of normal high-level players.

No matter how long the train is, he may be able to cover it in an instant.

Yan Wei: “if he dares to pretend to be you again, I’ll press him and blow his head off.”

Yan Mingguang smiled and said nothing.

After a while, Ding Xiao came out of the bathroom? coming. Ding Xiao stayed in this narrow and dirty space for a long time, which caused a rotten smell. What about Lin Qing? Remove the floor and install it, too? I wonder if they are worried about Yan Wei’s cleanliness, these two people? First rushed back to their respective bedrooms and cleaned up.

Xu Miaomiao came first, handed Yan Wei two door cards and said, “this door card was found from Zhao Jingchen and He Dong’s body. Lin Qing took it when she was waiting for sister Ding just now. You should come to this room in the evening. It’s safer to take it.”

“Thank you.” Yan Wei took it.

“What information did you see in the folder?”

Yan Wei: “when Lin Qingding Xiao comes, let’s talk together, lest we have to say it again. It’s just a pair of backtracking with what Ding Xiao saw.”

Xu Miaomiao sits down in the sleeper opposite Yan Wei and Yan Mingguang. Look? Glancing at Yan Wei’s coat, he couldn’t help saying, “do you take the copy as a resort? I’m going blind.”

Yan Weijie became used to her: “then close your eyes.”

“I was deaf last night.”


Yan Wei stopped talking.

“By the way, be careful when you talk to sister Ding next time. I know you are crazy, but sister Ding has a bad temper. The better she smiles, the angrier she gets on behalf of her watch. Don’t look at her smiling at you, just arrange for her.”

Yan Wei: “actually?…”

“Every time she mentioned you, Xuanniao, the missing head of the family, was a little patient, so in recent years, although she didn’t know Lin Qing, Huaye on the other bank had a good relationship with Xuanniao, and sister Ding gave you more face. That is really a legend, but in her eyes, you are a new person,” Xu Miaomiao rarely spoke so sincerely, “You? You’re not the legendary black bird in charge.”

Yan Wei stopped talking.

After a while, Lin Qing and Ding Xiao come. The cramped berth is filled with five people at once. Yan Wei can bump into Ding Xiao and Xu Miaomiao sitting opposite. Lin Qing can only stand against the door.

The cold air is a little hot.

Just after staying in the stench of the bathroom for a long time, Ding Xiao had no complaints and smiled at Yan Wei: “I see something very important. What about you? What’s in this folder?”

“Yes, there are many. The context of this copy is all in it, but only a little is missing. I think you can make up for this by what you see.”

Yan Wei tells Lin Qing the context he has sorted out?.

In fact, this train has never carried passengers – or normal passengers other than players like them.

The higher the level of the world in the building, the easier it is to show the copy that “no one has passed”. This kind of copy will be adjusted in terms of elements and contents, re stored in the copy pool, and wait for the next time to be entered by the player.

This copy belongs to this type. The passenger list of the train since it got on the train is recorded in the last part of the folder. Yan Wei even saw the names of the people who were impressed when he first climbed the stairs.

These people died because the train had secrets that could not be found.

This secret is called “blue sky”. It is quite different from the rainy days all the time. This train started from the blue sky plan, which used a lot of talents to make a non-stop train.

It is not an endless train, but a never-ending train.

The name of this car is blue sky.

At the beginning of the folder is the content of the blue sky plan, including the list of workers involved in the train, consumption funds, materials, time-consuming, project schedule and other professional information. The investor, also the conductor, Li Mao, has spent more than ten years on this matter.

The result, of course, was failure.

In the end, the fund was broken and the plan was aborted. Only a few dozen workers of the blue sky plan were willing to stay in the car and continue the impossible plan.

Here are the living information of these workers, that is, several cars starting from car No. 10, that is, the range where they can live.

In addition to these, there is only one sentence at the end of the schedule.

“I think of a way. – Li Mao”

“This handwriting is the same as those in the previous records,” Yan Wei said, and Yan Mingguang opened the relevant places to show them at the same time. “That is to say, this folder is similar to Li Mao’s record book, which is written by him. Pay attention? Look? Are you familiar with the writing of those numbers in each registration?”

Lin Qing: “death list.”

“The steward is Li Mao.” Xu Miaomiao affirmed, “that makes sense. After all, the two men said that the folder was stolen from the steward’s room. What did he think of?”

Yan Wei folded his hands, wrapped his whole body in a wide coat and buried his chin. “He didn’t write or say why this train has become what it is now. It doesn’t look like it won’t stop, but it doesn’t end yet. However, it is clearly written in the data that in the original design blueprint of this car, the planned number of carriages was about 200 to 300.”

Yan Mingguang: “only? Possible? What evil method was used.”

Yan Mingguang closed the folder and put it on the table. Yan Wei looked at Ding with a smile and said, “this is what I said is missing.”

Ding smiled and nodded: “yes, I can see that the backtracking content is related to this evil law. And I can see the way to stop all this…”

Yan Wei raised his eyebrows – although they got to this step through deliberation bit by bit, will it be a little easy?

Ding Xiao’s next words solved his doubts: “yes, the way to break the game is a little too smooth, but I think it’s because the way to break the game… It’s impossible to do it.”

Death oppresses Ben. The way to break the game is to find items closely related to all this. After being found by the player, that item will turn into a ladder and lead the player away from the copy.

Yan Wei said with a smile, “if it’s worse, it’s a direct conflict with Li Mao or those dirty things. How hard can it be?”

Ding Xiao: “what we are looking for is something on behalf of the ladder at the head of the train.”

Yan Wei: “…”

Where did you get the head of this damn place??

Man? Head? Almost.


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