Half Immortal Chapter 151

Half Immortal Chapter 151: Endless train (17)

The others were silent.

He? In this train, it’s not difficult to run more carriages or pry open the iron sheet with some effort?. Only the front and rear of the train – where does a train that can’t get to the end come from?

Lin Qing? Sinking his face: “will you? Is it going back to cheat you?”

This is also possible.

Retrospection is the condensation of the deepest and heaviest grievances of ghosts and monsters? Into an illusion, and? Not a record? A videotape of the facts. It has a very subjective bias, and some backtracking will even have some ghost assumptions. how? Identifying assumptions in facts depends on the calculation logic of the players involved.

Ding smiled and shook his head: “I’ve been pondering the logic of each picture in my backtracking. My judgment is no problem, but you -”

Ding smiled at me? Yan Wei, with a smile on her mouth and bright eyes, seems to focus on Yan Wei alone.

Xu Miaomiao looked at it? Ding Xiao’s eyes always feel that something is wrong. Ding Xiao is a man who looks at his face and talks. He is very tolerant of good-looking people. How can he follow? Ding Xiao knew that day – including herself, she was also the beneficiary. It doesn’t look like Ding Xiao before? What a handsome man looks like, instead? It seems to have something to do with Yan Wei? Ten percent trust and even expect.

At this moment, Xu Miaomiao felt that Yan Wei was asking Ding Xiao to jump into the dungpit and read back the next second. Ding Xiao would think Yan Wei was right.

Xu Miaomiao: ”

Something’s wrong. Something’s wrong everywhere.

Yan Mingguang also looked at Yan Wei.

What’s more strange is that in Xu Miaomiao’s eyes, Lin Qing? Should have brought it? Yan Wei and Yan Mingguang, two cutting-edge predecessors who rushed to the top, didn’t say a word, but just looked at them silently? Yan Wei seems to be waiting for Yan Wei to give orders.

Xu Miaomiao: ”

She was led by Ding Xiao all the way. Both copy quality and deduction ability are enough to beat her peers – except the one on the 49th floor, which was crushed by Yan Wei? Fight. But now, countless guesses flashed in her mind, and none of them could explain why the two bosses regarded Yan Wei, a “high-level novice” who came to the 89th floor for the first time, as the golden rule.

Her eyes are on Yan Wei and Ding Xiaolin? But Yan Wei has already spoken.

“You tell me what you saw back,” Yan Wei was used to Ding Xiao’s eyes, he said? Close Yan Mingguang’s wide coat, “don’t leak a detail. I’ll judge.”

Xu Miaomiao: “…?” the strangest thing is Yan Wei’s calm attitude.

Ding smiled, nodded and began to talk about him from the beginning? See the backtracking content.

The content of backtracking just complements the text? The part not in the folder is after the failure of the “blue sky plan”.

This plan should not exist, because eternity has always been an impossible phenomenon in everyone’s concept. From ephemera to the macro universe, eternity is an impossible synonym. But Li Mao, the drafter of the blue sky plan, is a crazy believer, he? Firmly believe that the vision is ahead, even if this goal fails after efforts.

Li Mao is unwilling, but? The remaining dozens of workers have been given to him because of Li Mao? They are willing to stay and continue to accompany Li Mao with unrealistic illusions. The backtracking of Ding Xiao’s reading belongs to one of these workers.

Everyone knows, he? They just fantasize with Li Mao.

But people’s persistence is also limited. Li Mao has more money, he? The train is still just an ordinary train parked next to the platform. The laboratory was shut down because the funds were broken. The eternal power source has never appeared. Even cooking needs Li maoqin’s automatic hand.

The workers can’t hold on, he? The are ready to leave.

But at this time, Li Mao appeared in front of everyone. Ding Xiao substituted the perspective of the corpse before she died. She mingled with a group of workers and stood in the corridor of several carriages. Li Mao – that is, the steward – stood at the front with a look? Excited, he shouted, “I have a way! I have found a way to make the engine run forever!!”

Ding Xiao, a worker in front of him first raised an objection: “how is it possible? Have you found the material or found a new structure?”

Li Mao blushed: “no, no, but it can run forever. Are you willing to support me?”

“But even if it can run,” Ding Xiao heard her mouth, and now she is the worker, “the track is unreasonable. Even if the train keeps running, it also needs a track that can keep it running.”

Can players who read backtracking experience it? To the upper body? Thread. No one believes in polite words. They all think Li Mao is just dreaming again. Ding Xiao can feel that “she” is not actually raising an objection, but? I know that Li Mao’s personality is paranoid and doesn’t listen to advice. Instead of refuting positively, it’s better to gently point out the problem from another direction.

Unexpectedly, Li Mao immediately replied, “no problem! No problem…”

Li Maonan whispered to himself?, Obviously, it’s almost crazy.

Others see him? If you don’t listen to advice, isn’t it the first time you’ve met this kind of thing? Yes. He? We won’t say more. Anyway, Li Mao will naturally give up if he fails in the end.

Before leaving, Li Mao said, “are you willing to help me? Do everything you can to help me.”

Everyone stopped.

He? People who stay because of their high salaries never thought this plan would work? success. And? Such scenes are common after the failure of the blue sky plan.

The worker with Ding Xiao? Like everyone else, he waved his hand and said, “yes, you can rest first. It’s lunchtime…”

Li Mao showed a smile, which seemed to be the usual rally? That’s it.

A few days later, a worker suddenly disappeared on the train. It’s a worker in bed 1101. He? The luggage is still completely placed in the lower bunk, full and messy. The sleeping place in the upper bunk is very empty and no one can be seen.

Other workers walked through more than 200 carriages and did not see the figure of the worker in bed 1101.

Everyone felt that this man had no patience with the blue sky plan and secretly ran off at night. This is normal. The blue sky plan is a joke.

So one day, everyone forgot about it.

But the next day, another person disappeared – this time two people.

“I’ve confirmed,” said Ding Xiaoxiao. “The bed number of these two people is the bed number written on the small blackboard today. The steward, Li Mao, is actually repeating the same death order. Those missing people are actually killed by him.”

Yan Wei lifted his eyelids and asked calmly, “how did you kill it? Why did you kill it?”

“It was killed with kitchen utensils in order to complete the evil law.”

This was not known until the moment when the worker substituted by Ding Xiao died.

How many people have been missing in a row, and the train is finally filled with fear? Thread. Someone started thinking about leaving, but the next thing? Expanded him? Our fear – the doors and windows of the train can’t be opened, even the windows can’t be opened? Smash. It seems that this place has become a closed space and can never get out.

In a sense, he took the lead in completing the eternity that Li Mao wanted to achieve.

The workers were very afraid, but Li Mao, as usual, not only maintained? The operation of the work on the train is still done for the rest of the people? Rice. He? Look the same, look? Naturally, there seems to be some happiness. Pity him? I am used to being crazy at ordinary times. Although the workers panic, no one thinks about Li Mao – after all, the disappearance of workers seems to be of no benefit to Li Mao, or even a bad thing.

A few days later, the train was filled with? The smell of rust and putrefaction permeates people’s nose bit by bit, which is disgusting.

Including the worker with Ding Xiao, several workers in charge of the engine summed up and planned to go to the front of the car with the smell – the engine is right in front of the car.

Then he? They saw the bodies of several workers who were tortured to death – just like the bodies of Zhao Jingchen and Cao Qun seen by Yan Wei and others, they were dismembered, cut open and hidden in the locomotive. The corpse, or meat pieces, gave off a rotten smell after decay, and the blood was stained with metal, giving off a strange feeling, bloody and terrible.

Seeing this scene with their own eyes, these people finally put their eyes on Li Mao.

He? In their panic, they hurriedly took photos, printed them with the fax machine in front of the car, hid them and planned to keep them as evidence. But he? We just told everyone else about it and let everyone try? Fleeing, he was killed by Li Mao from the rear.

Ding Xiao said this. His voice was already a little hoarse. He was about to pick up the mineral water on the table. He heard Yan Mingguang’s cold voice ring out: “that bottle of Yanwei drank.”

The tone of this sentence sinks and moistens the cold meaning like snow.

Ding Xiao quickly withdrew his hand and cleared his throat without expressing any dissatisfaction. Lin Qing? It is common to see Yan Mingguang, squat down, take out brand-new mineral water from the carton under the table and hand it to Ding Xiao.

Xu Miaomiao: “…?”

“The last moment of looking back,” Ding smiled and drank, “It was the worker who was stabbed by Li maozha and bled to the ground. He watched? Li Mao approached with a knife. He felt that the carriage seemed to start shaking and the train began to move forward slowly. Then he completely closed his eyes. I came out. If there was no fraud in it, the hidden photo was an object symbolizing the ladder.”

Death oppresses the book. Such a key item can only represent the ladder.

Yan Wei understood: “Is this Li Mao’s evil law? In the physical sense, there is no eternal motive, but the resentment of fierce ghosts will not stop. He killed these workers by cruel means, tied them completely to the train, and controlled them. Because they promised Li Mao ‘yes’ before they died, they could not escape. Ghosts live for this reason There was endless resentment, which drove the train on endlessly. ”

Prometheus brought fire to the world and gave mankind hope to escape from pain.

Zeus regarded him as the most unforgivable traitor, imposed punishment that he could not escape forever, tied him to the rock with chains, and repeated the pain of being pecked by evil Eagles every day.

Only by shooting the eagle that tortures the hero and breaking the chains that bind the hero can we end the eternity in pain.


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