Half Immortal Chapter 152

Half Immortal Chapter 152: Endless train (18)

Xu Miaomiao said: “the objects representing the ladder generally have a great symbolic meaning and play a very important role in the generation of the whole copy. If the content of the backtracking is true, the photo hidden as evidence is the key to breaking the tragedy. The ladder is that it can’t be wrong.”

Yan Wei said: “There is no imagination in this backtracking. Although the owner of the backtracking has resentment, the whole backtracking timeline from beginning to end is in a very short time, and flashback is very fast. There is no need for the worker to deceive people to induce the player to help break the obstacles. This backtracking is the retention of the most resentful grievance in his life. It is a record Like a tape. ”

The sleeper crowded with five people fell into silence.

The deeper and deeper rust smell in the air aggravated the wordless atmosphere. All five people who knew the backtracking content knew that this was not the rust of the train for a long time, but with Li Mao killing the “workers” The progress of the train is full of blood. Soon, the car will slowly emit a rotten smell and a strong smell of blood, and Li Mao’s killing speed will suddenly accelerate – because in retrospect, Li Mao killed all the living people on the train for the fourth time.

“So this is actually the last countdown,” Lin Qing said slowly, “The first murder was committed by the workers in bed 1101. The second murder was committed by the workers in the two bed numbers written on the small blackboard today. The third murder was committed by the worker Ding Xiao read back and found the facts. The fourth murder was committed by Li Mao after killing these workers who had been to the front of the train and directly killing all the living people on the train.”

Yan Wei shook his head: “it’s really a countdown, but not four times, but three times. The third and fourth times happen one after another. As long as the players on the bed number die for the third time, Li Mao will immediately start the slaughter. We need to find the ladder before the third time.”

“Tomorrow is the last day,” said Yan Mingguang. Compared with the dignified look of others, he is still indifferent. His cold and pure black pupils are like a pool of stagnant water that can’t see the bottom. He can’t see any unnecessary emotional fluctuations, but reveals a little calm.

But he hung his eyes and put one hand around Yan Wei’s shoulder. Half of his face was hidden in the shadow left by the upper bed board. No one found how meaningless his eyes were.

The roar of the train went on and on, hitting the eardrums of the people regularly. The sound sounded before they got on the bus and will never stop.

Yan Wei stood up: “don’t be so dull. The low pressure in the room feels like we are more angry than ghosts. The copy has entered the countdown, haven’t we also reached the last step?”

Death oppression is not those changeable copies of terror or suspense. It tries its best to arrange the fog on the break, so that players can get lost and fall into traps. On the contrary, death oppression is very direct on the key to the break. For example, in this photo, since they see that photo, there will not be much change in the front of the car.

The difficulty is always – how to get that item?

In other words – where is the ethereal front of this broken place?

Xu Miaomiao naturally thought of this. She frowned and had a lot of thoughts in her mind. She just opened her mouth: “there are several situations –”

Yan Wei said almost at the same time: “it sounds impossible, but it’s also possible.”

Hearing her opening, Yan Wei uttered a word, gently chin, motioned Xu Miaomiao to speak first.

But Xu Miaomiao opened her mouth and didn’t want to say what she just wanted to say. When she acted with other players of the other shore flower, she was the core of the team and the person who pointed out the key and corrected others’ wrong ideas. However, together with Yan Wei, she gave birth to a sense of shame.

I always feel that if she opens her mouth, it will become a useless show off.

The other party is clearly a senior novice with much less copy experience than him.

Xu Miaomiao was annoyed. She was still wondering why Ding Xiao and Lin Qing seemed to take Yan Wei as the core, thinking about how they would behave in front of Ding Xiao. In the end, she was the first to show her timidity.

She whispered, “you think better than I do. Go ahead.”

Yan Wei was not polite either. He chuckled and said: “OK. The reason why we find it difficult is that the car can’t reach the end. Ding Xiao tried it and other players tried it. He Dong even died on the way to the end of the car. But I remember when we got on the bus, we saw the front of the car, because the train came towards us from a distance. At that time, the front of the train was not too far away from us, and we were also in car 11…”

“But I walked forward for dozens of sections,” Ding said with a smile, “there is still no end.”

“This is the strange place. When something goes wrong, there must be demons. Strangeness represents a point that can be explored – why does the car seem to elongate out of thin air after the train runs? Li Mao wants a non-stop train, but the car is endless.”

Lin Qing leaned against the sliding door and thought with folded hands for a moment, “does the starting point mean the beginning? After the car was affected by resentment, the front of the car is no longer a concrete thing, but an abstract beginning. Where we get on the bus, the starting point of the dining car is the front of the car. Copies in the building often have such falsehood and reality.”

Yan Wei glanced at the folder on the table, blinked, thought and said, “it’s possible. But it’s dinner time, and Li Mao will move around the dining car. We can’t see it now, but tomorrow. We have to think about how to allocate sleeper for five people tonight.”

Lin Qing: “I’ll go and see the two scenes in car 11.”

After Yan Wei nods, Lin Qing opens the sliding door and walks to the front carriage. He has to see if the traces of the body are still there.

“There must be three rooms for five people. There must be one room for one person and the other two or two combinations.” Yan Wei said, “I don’t die today. Although the immortal state will disappear after twelve o’clock, my survival probability is still much higher. I can have one room for one person.”

As soon as he finished, it seemed that Li Mao’s cry came from outside: “passengers, dinner is ready. Please come out and take it.”

The sound came from far to near, with the sound of roller friction. Yan Wei sat on the sleeper and looked out slightly. Li Mao was still wearing clean and tidy chef clothes, pushing the cart in his hand towards them, with lunch boxes on the cart.

Seeing that Li Mao had sent a lunch box with Lin Qing in front and was about to get close, Yan Mingguang immediately got up and walked to the door.

Xu Miaomiao glanced at the folder on the small table and heard the cart stop. She was still worried that Li Mao would see it. She raised her hand, took the folder and hid it behind her temporarily.

In front of the door, Yan Mingguang said calmly, “four people.”

“Four dinners,” Li Mao’s low voice sounded. He counted four lunch boxes and folded them and handed them to Yan Mingguang. His words were still full of enthusiasm, “have a nice meal!”

Without stopping, he pushed the cart and continued to look for the guests in the next carriage.

Xu Miaomiao breathed a sigh of relief, took out the folder from behind and put it back on the table. Outside the door, Yan Mingguang turned back with four lunch boxes and closed the door.

Yan Wei: “eat first.”

The lunch box emits the smell of food, which slightly dispels the increasingly strong rust and rotten smell in the air. However, everyone is not in the mood for the food at the moment. Open the lunch box, quickly eat a few mouthfuls to keep full, and then finish the dinner.

After a while, Lin Qing came back.

“I just finished dinner myself,” said Lin Qing. “The two rooms in car 11 are very clean now, and Li Mao should have cleaned them up. There is a player alive in the sleeper room of 1101. He was with Cao Qun. Cao Qun died here, and he doesn’t want to be with us.”

Yan Wei took out the distribution inside the car painted by Lin Qing, and pointed his fingers on the three berths respectively, which are the second room, the third room of car 11 and the first room of car 12.

“At present, the rooms with door cards are these three. Five people live in the form of two, two and one respectively. After tonight, we’ll go to the dining car and have a look again tomorrow. Tomorrow we must find the front of the car.”

Yan Wei originally wanted to follow what he said before. He had a room for one person and the other two were in pairs, but Yan Mingguang disagreed because Yan Mingguang turned over the folder. However, Yan Wei disagreed. Others also felt that turning over the folder was more dangerous for one person, and finally coordinated.

Yan Wei and Lin Qing stay in car 12. If something happens and Lin Qing is there, the place that needs to be done will not become a short board.

Xu Miaomiao stayed alone in her original room – this was put forward by Xu Miaomiao herself. Compared with others, she was more moderate, not particularly able to fight, but it was OK. Deduction was also her strength. She was more suitable for being alone than others who needed to take care of each other.

Yan Mingguang accidentally shared a room with Ding Xiao.

Yan Mingguang has no attitude towards this.

Yan Wei was quite surprised. When he first climbed the stairs, he and Yan Mingguang saved Ding Xiao together. He couldn’t remember how to save it and what happened at the beginning, but he remembered that after that, Ding Xiao always regarded him as a benefactor, and Yan Mingguang, who was very possessive, didn’t have a good attitude every time he saw Ding Xiao.

This distribution is actually good. Several people take care of each other. Xu Miaomiao, the only one who doesn’t take care of each other, hasn’t been watched at present, and lives in a sleeper room where there has been no accident.

Afraid of Yan Mingguang’s calm appearance, Yan Wei turns to Ding Xiao to wear small shoes. Before dispersing, he sits on the bed board of the sleeper and holds Yan Mingguang’s hand.

Warmth came through the palm. The man turned his head and looked down at him. Yan Wei whispered, “take care of Ding Xiao more – of course, you are the most important.”

Xu Miaomiao, who hasn’t gone far yet: “…??” who takes care of who??

Yan Mingguang patted the back of his hand with the other hand, as if comforting the uneasy cat.


Yanwei paused. Lin Qing is sitting opposite. Ding Xiao and Xu Miaomiao have arrived in the room where they need to stay. It has been cloudy all day. At the moment, some warm yellow evening sunshine has finally penetrated into the room. Dense light is scattered through the curtain and engraved with the stripes on the curtain. In the mottled, black and dark are intertwined with light.

He suddenly wanted to ask Yan Mingguang – is there anything else you haven’t told me?

But he just paused, then raised his eyes and smiled at Yan Mingguang: “please find a way to return the folder.”

Folders can’t stay in their hands for too long. Since this thing was stolen from Li Mao’s room, once Li Mao finds that something is missing, they must be greeted by death – which is why the other two players exchange information with this thing so readily.

This is a clue, but it is also a hot potato.

Yan Mingguang picked up the folder on the desktop and nodded slightly: “be careful at night. Call me if you have something.”

Lin Qing, who has been working as a background board, finally said: “I have something to do in the evening. I’m also next to Yan Wei.”

Yan Wei: ”

Yan Mingguang: ”

Sorry, I really forgot.

When Yan Mingguang pulled up the door of the sleeper room from the outside, only Yan Wei and Lin Qing sat opposite each other on the sleeper. The mottled warm yellow light and shadow is getting darker and darker, and the dampness is penetrating from all directions. The cold is pressing.

Yan Wei was still smiling, the corners of his mouth were slightly raised, and the end of his eyes like the tip of a peach petal gently lifted up. But the moment the sliding door closed completely, his smile fell with the sound of closing the door.

Lin Qingmian lowered his head without expression. He was sorting out the clues obtained today and sorting out the messy logic as the day before.

Yan Wei’s eyes followed the dim light and fell on the closed sliding door. He subconsciously raised his hand, touched the collar of his spacious coat, and smelled the residual smell of Yan Mingguang.

He said, “Lin Qing.”

Lin Qing looks up at him.

Yan Wei leaned against the pillow and the whole person was buried in the shadow. The tone is very casual: “if a person is hiding a lot from the most trusted person, but he still unconditionally trusts the other party and still depends on the other party – is this person a fool?”

Lin Qing’s brain without negative emotions seemed to get stuck, his eyes turned and thought about it seriously. His eyes have the same color as Yan Mingguang, but they are full of dead and unpopular seriousness. At the moment, they are also covered with a layer of serious meditation.

All his impulses, curiosity and doubts were given to Lin Zhen. Even if his “brother” scratched his ears and cheeks in front of the projection to know what Yan Wei was thinking, he was still not interested in it when he sat in front of Yan Wei.

For a moment, Lin Qing replied, “from the perspective of behavior and psychology, it’s better to say that he is pretending to be a fool than that he is a fool.”

“Boom -”

The murmur of thunder came from the distant sky, like an ancient bell that opened the countdown of the copy, hanging the sword of death on the head of each living player.

Yan Wei yawned, looked at the window completely covered by the curtains, and complained: “it’s going to rain again… Cold.”

Yan Mingguang secretly stuffed the folder back into Li Mao’s room. When he came back, Ding Xiao was sitting by the bed watching him.

She stopped talking.

Seeing that Yan Mingguang calmly checked all the corners of the sleeper room, and the atmosphere in the room was so quiet that it was terrible, she finally asked, “what are you going to do when you offered to have a room with me?”

Yan Mingguang made a move.

“I touched the folder. I was restless at night and didn’t want Yan Wei to see it,” he said. The content of the discourse is obviously full of coldness, but Yan Mingguang’s tone will always ease when talking about Yan Wei.

Ding Xiao boldly asked, “does he not remember who you are?”

Yan Mingguang didn’t seem to want to say more, but wrote lightly: “remember some.”

Ding Xiao understood.

Remember some, that is, still forget some.


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