Half Immortal Chapter 153

Half Immortal Chapter 153: Endless train (19)

Ding Xiao said no more.

The dusk sunlight scattered through the curtains disappeared at this moment. The cramped sleeper room was almost completely dark. There was only the sound of the train and the sound of the rain. When the car shook, Ding Xiao grabbed the ladder as the handrail. The temperature of the metal made her palm cold.

At this moment, she straightened her back and looked tight. She always felt something peeping around.

But although she was on guard, she didn’t see how nervous she was.

Yan Mingguang is here. Probably nothing will happen.

The next moment, the light bulb hanging above the sliding door flickered, the halo was thrown down, and finally stabilized.

Ding Xiao saw Yan Mingguang sitting at the other end, leaning sideways, his eyes drooping slightly, and his expression was plain. On his side, a thing covered with blood was lying on the side of the bed. His blue and white palm was full of body spots, his black hair was dripping with thick black blood, his exposed face was pale and intertwined with blood stains, his skin was chapped inch by inch, and the cracks were covered with rotten insects.

This thing looked up at Yan Mingguang. Between subtle movements, rotten insects wriggled on the cracks, and blood and tears flowed around his dark eyes.

Yan Mingguang just raised his hand and pressed it falsely between him and the dirty thing.

Ghosts can no longer get in.

Yan Wei and Lin Qing each chose a lower berth to lie down. After finishing sorting out the information and discussing with Yan Wei, Lin Qing quietly lay on one side without talking. Yan Wei laid his head on his hands and lay face up. His eyes stared at the bed board above without focus, and his eyebrows wrinkled slightly.

Just now he and Lin Qing discussed several possibilities about the front of the car. Yan Wei thought there was something wrong.

The starting point is the source, which is the most likely. Whether in the myth of Prometheus or in the logic of ordinary people, the occurrence of things is the root of pain. As long as it has not started, pain will not come. From the perspective of Zeus, Prometheus was doomed to the torture from the moment he stole the fire. From the perspective of players, the moment they get on the bus is the beginning of “punishment”.

Therefore, the dining carriage may be the symbolic front, which is undoubtedly the most likely.

Their focus tomorrow will also be in the dining car.

Another possibility is that the train is just stretched, just because it is too long, forming a visual sense of boundlessness. They may run out of one or two hundred cars and see the front of the car. The five of them, with all the high-level props and legendary props, can still hold up.

However, Yan Wei felt that this was almost impossible – it violated the oppression of death, which did not test the force to crack.

But the dining car

He blinked slowly, lifted the quilt and wrapped himself. He was wrapped in Yan Mingguang’s coat and heavy bedding. The cold and humid air couldn’t get close to him. He was a little warm at last.

“Lin Qing,” he said, “do you remember what the hard seat carriage and dining carriage have?”

Lin Qing opened his eyes and said calmly: “There are kitchenette, bar, kitchen utensils, tableware, dining table and benches on both sides of the dining table, small blackboard hanging at the end, curtains and covered windows. Further on, there is a hard seat carriage that can’t go to the end. The things inside are very simple. There are luggage racks at the top of both sides and hard seats at the bottom. There are three seats at the left and right of each row. There is an aisle in the middle and there are seats at the front and back There is a decorative picture hanging under the rusty and blocked broadcast machine. ”

He paused, seemingly afraid of Yan Wei’s misunderstanding, and said, “after Yan Mingguang found that there was another heaven and earth behind the small blackboard, I checked the decorative paintings of several sleeper cars. They were just ordinary paintings, and there was no problem.”

Yan Wei sighed, “what you said is no different from what I remember. But I always feel strange in my heart. I think we missed something.”

He said, “let me think again.”

Yan Wei closed his eyes.

The train in these hours is always very quiet. Except for the rust smell in the air and the increasingly strong stench, everything seems to have been pressed the pause key without any additional sound.

In the second berth of car 11.

Xu Miaomiao sat on the lower bunk and leaned slightly against the wall. She looked ahead with her eyes open, clenched her fists and sweated on her forehead.

In fact, there was nothing in front of her. But from the moment she separated from Yan Wei and Yan Mingguang, to be exact, the moment she completely separated from Yan Wei, she stayed in the room alone, and the feeling of being spied in the dark came from all directions.

Xu Miaomiao has basically experienced this feeling in every copy related to ghosts.

But this time it’s different.

At first, she calmly took her advanced props and checked the square inch sleeper from top to bottom, from inside to outside. She didn’t see anything and didn’t find anything wrong.

But the creepy feeling is getting heavier and heavier.

Even if she is targeted, there must be a trigger. She is not on the death list. Did she do anything extra today?

“Bare –”

The light bulb flickered a few times and pressed it completely. The train came to the light off time, and the lights of all carriages disappeared at this moment. Xu Miaomiao was black in front of her eyes, and a sharp and long scraping sound sounded in her ears, like fingernails rubbing back and forth on the cold metal surface.

“Show me –” “show me –” “show me –” “…”

Xu Miaomiao felt as if his nerves were condensed into a wave by the sound, as if to explode.

She didn’t move. She took a deep breath calmly and took out a flashlight from the black ring. The cold touch brought by the flashlight handle spread from the palm. She pushed the flashlight switch with her fingertips without hesitation.

The pale beam of light diverged.

Yan Wei couldn’t sleep.

I don’t know if it’s because there is no Yan Mingguang around him today, or the mystery of the front of the car hangs in his heart. He closes his eyes for a long time and still doesn’t have any pajamas.

“Yila”, Yan Wei closed his eyes and felt the disappearance of the sense of light – turn off the light.

He rubbed in the quilt and half his face was buried in the quilt.

It’s getting colder and colder in the room.

Suddenly, Yan Wei opened his eyes.

Almost without any hesitation, he immediately sat up from the bed, and the moon wheel had been held in his palm. The pale white light emitted by the moon wheel lit up his eyes slightly and outlined the outline of the thing standing in front of the lower berth.

It was a dirty thing covered with blood. Its front was cut open by sharp tools from top to bottom, and its internal organs flowed out from the middle opening, as if a string of filth was waiting to pour out.

The moment Yan Wei took out the moon wheel, it leaned forward slightly towards Yan Wei, and his dirty face smiled at Yan Wei at a close distance.

Yan Wei looked at the face of Cao Qun, which was cut in half. There was no movement. He bypassed this thing and glanced at the berth where Lin Qing was. Lin Qing was lying upright on the bed, breathing steadily, his eyes closed, obviously unaware of any problems.

With Lin Qing’s strength, ghosts appear suddenly. As long as they appear, he can’t be unconscious, or even sleep so smoothly.

Yan Wei noticed a sense of familiarity. It was from the last time he ascended the top floor. At that time, everything around him was quiet. Time and space were forcibly suspended in place by some force majeure. The progress of the copy stopped. He seemed to be in a suddenly cut blank.

There was only him and the malicious attachment born out of the building.

This is one of the ways for that thing to enter the replica. It can’t interfere with the progress of the replica or change the rules of the building. It can only come to the replica in this way, either attach to a dirty thing and suspend everything of the replica, or… Become Yan Mingguang, don’t interfere with anything in the replica, but interfere with him from the player’s point of view.

The consumption of this thing is not low in both methods, and the former is easier.

Yan Wei raised his eyes and calmly looked at “Cao Qun”.

The thing didn’t move, nor did he.

After about ten seconds, Yan Wei sneered, “you’ve played a trick. Do you still want to scare me? Garbage.”

The corpse of “Cao Qun” tilted his neck and smiled more at Yan Wei with his head and body vertical 90 degrees. The dirty thing that shouldn’t have made a sound said to Yan Wei, “haven’t seen you for a long time.”

But the as like as two peas in the middle, the Cao Cao group, which had been split in the middle, did not change at all. The sound was very thin and misty, which seemed to come from a distance, just like the sound of the cue of each building.

Yan Wei disdained: “long time no see? I haven’t seen you for a long time. Haven’t you always hidden in the dark and used the power of the building to spy on me?”

“That’s attention.”

“You’re pretty talkative.”


Yan Wei looked at each other strangely for a while.

Finally, he yawned in boredom: “do you think I didn’t sleep well enough?”

“Cao Qun smiled,” you should give up. ”

“Give up climbing? Dreaming.”

“Coming up again is just a repetition. Why don’t we have a discussion? I can’t change the rules, but I can help you arrange the easiest high-level copy every time, and also provide the most obvious way to go down. You can roam around the world and always have the ability that others can’t reach. It’s not easier than being an ordinary person?”

Yan Wei lifted his eyelids and began to play with the moon wheel in his hand.

He said, “you mean, I don’t go to the top floor. When the maximum time specified in the building rules comes, I passively enter the copy, then come down and repeat it?”

“Isn’t that good? You can always be with… Him.”

“Do you have a big dream of spring and autumn when you are a dirty thing with malicious condensation?”


Yan Wei sneered, “if I really listen to you and go in, is it the simplest copy or the most difficult copy? Your stupid head doesn’t count?”

“…” if that thing could have a face, it should be able to show Yan Wei a red face at the moment. Unfortunately, he only has a pale face with two halves split. Now he hangs around his neck, quietly revealing his autism.

Yan Wei was very satisfied with this. “Why are you staring at me? You can’t move me. The ghost of this copy can’t move me at present. Can I lose a piece of meat by looking more? Can’t I see you again in the next copy? I’ll just give you a ride to convince you.”

For a long time, the ethereal and strange voice trembled and gave out trembling laughter.

This thing seems to be holding his voice: “I really don’t understand what you insist on. You are still with him and are doomed to failure. I come to talk to you, but you are unwilling to accept concessions. Yan Wei, I have seen many fools who want to save everyone, but for the first time, I know that they will continue to pretend to be fools.”

Yan Wei felt a thump in his heart.

This thing seems to have something to say, and it also involves Yan Mingguang. He doesn’t understand the meaning of this thing. He vaguely feels that it is a secret about Yan Mingguang that he hasn’t touched.

He looked on one side and was trying to find a way to keep this thing for a while. He set a set of words, but his sharp voice sounded again and floated farther and farther: “you always want everything… But you always can’t keep anything.”

“I can’t move you, but for those who trigger the micro death condition, I can still amplify the danger. That person – ah, that female player, is she your friend too?…”

The sound had already floated away, but another sound from the car in front took its place, cut through the night sky and rushed into Yan Wei’s ears.

“Ah!! sister Ding –!”

That was Xu Miaomiao’s cry for help.


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