Half Immortal Chapter 154

Half Immortal Chapter 154: Endless train (20)

At this moment, Yan Wei had already turned over and got out of bed. Holding the moon wheel, he rushed out in the dark. Lin Qing, who had not been moving just now, suddenly sat up.

Maliciously left, and the suspended time and space resumed flowing at this moment. The quiet surroundings were wrapped by the mechanical sound and rain sound of the train, and Xu Miaomiao’s call immediately rang for the second time.

She was shouting Ding Xiao, but Yan Wei was the one who started at the moment when the time thawed. He ran to the door of Ding Xiao’s berth, and Lin Qing turned down from the lower berth.

The whole corridor was empty except Yan Wei standing in front of the door. In the dead silence, the voice in Xu Miaomiao’s house was particularly obvious. Yan Wei seemed to hear the “Yiyi” sound coming from inside, like something sharp scraping the metal or hard iron wall and scraping people’s nerves.

Yan Wei opened the door at once – fortunately, Xu Miaomiao didn’t lock it.

The eye is the dazzling flashlight beam, and Xu Miaomiao’s painful cry comes from his ear.

In the beam of light, there seemed to be something thick and black hanging on the upper bunk, with half of his body hanging down and his hair hanging upside down.

His eyes, which had been soaked in the dark for a long time, were stabbed and blinked for a few times. He didn’t see everything inside, but he was not vague. He closed the sliding door with his backhand and shut him in the room with Xu Miaomiao and the dirty thing. Hearing the movement of others outside the house, Yan Wei shouted, “don’t come in!!! You can’t attract more ghosts, only two people at most!!”

He is still in a state of immortality and can rush in directly, but if another person comes in, it will only attract more dirt because the number of people exceeds the standard.

Lin Qing and others who came outside obviously understood this truth. The sliding door closed, and Lin Qing’s voice came from outside: “if you can’t hold on, change me immediately.”

“Yan Wei, come out, I can handle it.” it’s Yan Mingguang.

Yan Wei has no time to answer.

He rushed directly to the lower bunk where Xu Miaomiao had just seen in the blink of an eye. Without looking at the dirty thing, he took out more than a dozen high-level props from the black ring that he had stored on the stairs for the first time.

This copy can’t use body index. In case of ghost attack, you can only stack it with the function of props.

In an instant, the props were scattered in front of Yan Wei and stopped the thing temporarily. Yan Wei glanced and saw half of the body hanging from the upper bunk, with a bloody face, a hole right above his head, and his brain dripping bit by bit as if it were endless, emitting a disgusting smell.

The fingernails of this thing are sharper and longer than the blade. The hands press forward hard. The waving fingernails are only a moment away from touching Yan Wei’s cheek. The air next to Yan Wei’s cheek seems to become sharp and cold.

Its head swayed slightly, hung upside down, and showed a stiff smile to Yan Wei.

The props began to break one by one. Yan Wei protected Xu Miaomiao behind him and stared at the thing in front of him without looking back.

He asked, “are you still alive?”

“…” Xu Miaomiao’s voice was hoarse. “I was caught through the palm by this disgusting thing just now. I was hurt and didn’t die. But I ran out of props, leaving the last bone stick for my personal use. If you didn’t come in just now, when the bone stick was broken, I couldn’t run away.”

Several more props were broken in front of Yan Wei.

The thing wanted to get close with open teeth and claws. When it swayed, its brain dripped everywhere, as if it would be thrown on Yan Wei at any time.

Behind Xu Miaomiao was the iron wall of the train, and in front of her was Yan Wei, who stood at the edge of the lower berth. She hid in this narrow place and worked against time to deal with the flesh and blood in the palm of her hand.

She suspected that she was going to have an accident in the middle of the night, and had long been ready to gamble with props. The person she shouted is Ding Xiao who has been taking her to the present – her relationship with Yan Wei is far from desperate.

But she didn’t expect Yan Wei to rush in without hesitation.

Just about to speak, Yan Wei threw out a prop again. In front of the ghost in front of him, he said calmly, “don’t be moved by myself. I’m not dead now. I’m the most suitable person to come in.”

“I mean,” Xu Miaomiao endured the pain in her palm, “… You don’t have enough props. This dirty thing is not just in front of you.”

As soon as her voice fell, a chill came from Yan Wei’s right side, and his green and black nails suddenly poked at him.

The beam of light from the flashlight slightly shone a rushing shadow. It was another ghost with a broken head. As soon as he dodged, two hands were stretched out in front of him on the right!

Yan Wei, an agitator, pulled Xu Miaomiao to the left and immediately threw three or four high-level props to the right. At the same time, he already understood Xu Miaomiao’s meaning and kept on throwing high-grade props around without money.

In a hurry, the darkness mixed with fine light and shadow magnified people’s sense of smell and hearing. Yan Wei listened to his own and Xu Miaomiao’s fast breathing sound, and his brain was dizzy by the surrounding putrid smell. He didn’t notice that at the moment just now, a ghost hand with corpses and fingernails had poked his arm.

But somehow, the sharp green and black nails suddenly retracted when they met the wide coat Yan Wei was wearing, as if they had encountered a terror more difficult to deal with than them.

Yan Wei only threw props.

From all sides, ghost as like as two peas came out of the world. The high grade props were on their sides, temporarily blocking the dirty things.

Outside the door, Lin Qing seemed to say, “I’ll go in and change Yanwei.”

“Twelve o’clock didn’t arrive,” Yan Mingguang was more calm than Lin Qing, “Yan Wei couldn’t get out of trouble.”

The people outside were measured, and Yan Wei calmed down a little inside.

As like as two peas, the ghost has been covered all around. Except for the iron wall behind Xu Miao’s back, the front and left sides are all dense. The light from the flashlight falling down is completely blocked. Only the moon’s moon in Yan’s dangerous hands emit a faint white light, which makes him look terrible everywhere.

Xu Miaomiao sighed: “you just came in like this. I couldn’t find a space to go out, otherwise I would have rushed out. The moment you opened the door, it might know that there are new prey and deliberately let you in.”

Yan Wei lifted his eyelids and silently glanced around – there was really no gap.

“There are already two of us here. Now even if one of us opens the door, it won’t have the effect you just had, because three people would have attracted more ghosts and would cause ghosts to kill indiscriminately. We can only think of a way, but after twelve o’clock, your immortal skill expires…” Xu Miaomiao was also told of Yan Wei’s skill, He only thought this was the only gift skill Yan Wei obtained. “There’s no props, so there’s really no way.”

That’s why she used up all the props just now.

She just called people. On the one hand, she really couldn’t support it. On the other hand, she wanted to cheat the ghost. When she opened the door, she ran out immediately.

Who knows these dirty things? I don’t know why. She was very smart tonight. The moment Yan Wei opened the door, the ghost stepped aside. As soon as she was about to get up and rush out, her palm was completely penetrated and stared at the tin wall.

When she used the last few props to push back the ghosts, Yan Wei also rushed in. In an instant, these ghosts filled the sleeper room with their brains all over every corner.

Another desperate situation.

Xu Miaomiao bit her lower lip, looked at Yan Wei’s fuzzy back, and whispered, “I’m sorry to bother you.”

She’s not so afraid of death.

After staying in the world in the building for so long, as long as it is an individual, he knows that death will come at any time.

Everyone is ready for the next moment.

Yan Wei didn’t reply. He looked at these dense dirty things and thought in his heart – listening to the malicious words that came to the copy just now, Xu Miaomiao triggered the death conditions. It was only magnified by the malicious use of the rules, so it evolved to the point that it was almost impossible to crack. So what is this death trigger? How to release? Is it necessary to stop the killing, or do ghosts kill people?

Yan Wei raised his hand, slipped his fingertips over the black ring and looked at the immortal state. The remaining time: 21 minutes.

Try to make the ghost attack successful first.

He saw that several props in a corner in front of him were damaged and not repaired, waiting for the ghost in this corner to rush in front of him.

Xu Miaomiao is behind. He can’t see Yan Wei’s death. Seeing that he doesn’t respond, he thinks Yan Wei is really blaming her.

She said, “I was calling sister Ding. I didn’t expect you to rush so fast.”

The ghost pounced on Yan Wei. Two ghost hands rushed at Yan Wei’s head, but finally stopped in front of Yan Wei’s forehead. The bloody face seemed to enlarge and fell into Yan Wei’s eyes. It was close enough to see the thick blood flowing slowly on his face and the rotten insects lying on the edge of his hair. Yan Wei tried to resist his nausea. He watched this thing close, and watched it be blocked by some force majeure. The whole ghost bounced back.

The ghosts around didn’t disappear.

Yan Wei: ”

It seems that it’s no use using undead skills to resist inevitable death.

Yan Wei threw two more props to fill the gap.

Seeing that he had thrown away a lot, Xu Miaomiao held her last prop bone stick in her hand and said, “if only sister Ding were here. She has experienced more than us and has more props than us. Even if she piles props, she can pile them for a while more than us. I think you have thrown so much, don’t you have much left?”

Yan Wei: “OK.” he threw another one to fill the gap on the other side.

Xu Miaomiao also stared at the surrounding situation. She saw Yan Wei throw another one and glanced at it. She thought that Lin Qing was very kind to Yan Wei. This kind of advanced props that only exist in the record can also be found and given to Yan Wei.

She said, “why don’t you let Yan Mingguang open the door? It’s just more ghosts. Your relationship… They should be willing to take a risk for you?”


In front, the dozens of props thrown by Yan Wei at the beginning have all broken.

“Take my bone staff first. It almost upgraded to legendary props. There are few legendary props, but there is a gap between them and advanced props. It can resist longer…”

Yan Wei is thinking about how to break the current dilemma. He is a little annoyed with the fact that the east wall is demolished to make up for the east wall and the west wall is demolished to make up for the west wall. Without blinking, he simply pulled dozens of advanced props and four or five legendary props out of his props library for a moment of cleanliness.

Xu Miaomiao saw the props thrown out by Yan Wei: “??”

Her life and death tension was almost diluted by the legendary prop.

Then Yan Wei seemed impatiently “eh”, looked to the other side and said, “how can it break so fast here?”

Then he shook his hand again and threw more than a dozen high-level props over there, including three legendary props with bright white light.

Xu Miaomiao: “”


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