Half Immortal Chapter 155

Half Immortal Chapter 155: Endless train (21)

No matter how many high-level props, they can be explained as the details of a large organization.

It’s like the long-standing other shore flower. The props in the organization have everything from low-level to high-level, and many wonderful things can’t be remembered clearly. Ding Xiao has many props, but also because the last leader died after the high-level copy and left a lot of savings to her.

But legendary props are different.

Legendary props are not something that can be solved for a long time. Now the legendary props spread in the world inside the building basically have names and names, and they all roughly know who they are.

Like the other shore flower. Taking into account the bone stick in Xu Miaomiao’s hand, which is still one step away from being upgraded into a legendary prop, they only have three legendary props, and Xu Miaomiao’s bone stick is stuck at this step.

Xuanniao seems to have only two legendary props on the bright side. One is in Lin Qing’s hand and the other is the moon wheel in the 19th floor replica that caused all organizations to fight last time. Now Yan Wei is holding it in his hand.

Therefore, legendary props have been defaulted to be a fixed amount, about more than 30.

Whenever there is a new one, it is generally upgraded from high-level props or high-level copies. Either way, it takes time, and many people will pay attention to it. The whole world in the building will basically know it at the first time.

Xu Miaomiao looks at Yan Wei and throws out five or six legendary props.

Now, their surroundings are full of advanced props, dozens of legendary props. Ghosts and monsters are crowded around, but they are stopped by these props. For a while, half a group can’t get close at all. The high-level props broke one by one, and those legendary props began to break.

There was a legendary prop that could grab more than 30 bloody things outside. Now it seemed worthless in front of her. She didn’t even know the name of these legendary props, so she watched them break into powder.

Xu Miaomiao rubbed his eyes.


Her eyes are all right.

But she thinks there’s something wrong with her brain.


Xu Miaomiao’s first reaction was that she had entered the dream barrier.

There are many kinds of ghosts. Some are ferocious and bloody. They can separate people from their heads as soon as they make a move; Some are frightening. Just appearing around people can scare people to death; Others enter people’s dreams silently and let the soul never come out in fantasy

Xu Miaomiao took a look at the legendary props stuffed around and looked around again.

From her experience and deduction ability, it is not a dream barrier.

Xu Miaomiao: “…?”

If it weren’t for the critical moment, as the player’s basic copy quality, she still hung her mind and always understood that she was at a critical moment, but the impact of dozens of legendary props still made Xu Miaomiao in a trance.

Am I crazy or is this copy crazy? Xu Miaomiao thought.

In a trance, she suddenly remembered a legend about legendary props.

In other words, this is not an illusory legend, but a past known to all players at the core of the world in the building. But all the people related to this matter died, and the center of the legend disappeared, so no one would think about it any more.

——There are more than thirty legendary props.

If you really want to count, legendary props even have three digits. The reason why the extra ones are not recorded is that they are all written by one person.

It was made by the head of the missing Xuanniao.


The Xuanniao is secretive in the mouth of high-level players. In addition to his excellent deduction ability, the best players in customs clearance, and no image outflow when he lifts the building all the way to the top floor, there is also a large part of the reason that he has the ability to make legendary props.

The moon wheel in Yan Wei’s hand was the first legendary prop made by Xuanniao before it broke into the lower copy.

Since then, the one who makes legendary props is like drinking water and eating. Every time he passes a copy, he seems to casually make a legendary props with ultra-high perception and advanced props because of his needs. In the end, these legendary props didn’t even have a name, so they were V taken out and used several times, and everyone was used to them.

So that later, those countless legendary props made by V disappeared with V’s disappearance, and these legendary props were not recorded into the world in the building.

Yan Wei was the only one who got the moon wheel fragments in so many organization competitions.

Yan Wei is throwing out several legendary props.

Yan Wei

Xu Miaomiao stared at the legendary props he had never seen before, and suddenly had a strange but completely reasonable guess in his heart.

Yan Wei doesn’t pay attention to Xu Miaomiao at all.

He looked at the ghosts in front of him and heard Yan Mingguang’s hurried voice outside: “Yan Wei? While you’re alive, leave some props for Xu Miaomiao. Come out first and I’ll go in.”

Yan Wei doesn’t think so.

Yan Mingguang came in, isn’t it the same?

Of course, he can stand up and go out with immortal skills. These ghosts can’t kill him, but do so

Yan Wei remembered what he said before he left maliciously.

——”You always want everything… But you always can’t keep anything.”

His hands holding the moon wheel shook, and the pale halo shook, sweeping those bloody faces, like the illusion of hell. The smell of putrefaction went straight into the nasal cavity, and the sound of fingertips rubbing squeezed the nerves.

Yan Wei clenched his fist.

He understood what the malicious remark meant.

The first time I went upstairs, those players on the top floor died there. He wanted to save everyone, and in the end, he kept nothing but himself.

Now, too.

Malice knows that this little trick can’t kill him. He could go out carelessly with his immortal state, leaving these ghosts to rush up and tear Xu Miaomiao clean.

But in this way, as maliciously said, as the result of his last climb upstairs – nothing can be kept around him.

He vaguely knew that Yan Mingguang might be able to solve it. This man has much more secrets than he knows. He even survived the entanglement with ghosts last night. Maybe there is another way to take Xu Miaomiao out.

Yan Wei didn’t want to.

There was a sense of unwillingness and disbelief in his heart.

He didn’t believe that he would fail under such a despicable and disgusting thing for the first time, and he was unwilling to lose the other party’s mentality this time.

He can keep Xu Miaomiao safe.

Yan Wei took the moon wheel into the black ring and looked at the remaining time of the undead state.

He said, “Xu Miaomiao, these props are enough for you to be safe for a while. I’ll open a corner later. If there’s any accident, remember to move the props yourself to block it.”

“Let go of a corner!” Xu Miaomiao’s attention was pulled back. “Are you crazy?”

Yan Wei is not crazy.

He almost held his breath, concentrated and put his hand on several props in front of him.

There is another way. In the undead state, immunity must die does not make these ghosts disperse, it can only make these dirty things successfully kill the player. Or, let these dirty things feel that the player is dead.

These things are not only for Xu Miaomiao, but also for him. It doesn’t matter who triggers death… He can.

Before twelve o’clock, he was attacked and won’t die.

After twelve o’clock, he will be penetrated by ghosts when he is attacked.

If it’s just twelve o’clock, the undead state switches with the ordinary state. The undead state does not disappear, but the ordinary state also begins.

At that moment, when ghosts attack him, he will be judged dead, but he will not die because the state of immortality has not been eliminated.

But only at that moment, not a second earlier, but a second later.

Yan Wei stared at the tiny time left in the state of immortality, and silently recited with the countdown time in his heart.

Yan Mingguang stood in front of the door.

He put his hand on the handle of the sliding door and seemed to push the door open and rush in at any time.

Lin Qing stood behind Yan Mingguang, counting the countdown to 12 o’clock.

They stood outside the door. In the shaking of the carriage, they could vaguely hear the scraping sound of nails one after another. Those sounds were intertwined, like the whispering of countless evil spirits.

“There is more than one ghost in it,” said Lin Qing.

Yan Mingguang looked unchanged: “it’s full of dirt.”

“Yan Wei -”

Yan Mingguang rarely interrupted others: “it’s midnight. Yan Wei hasn’t come out yet. No matter what the rules are, I’ll rush in.”

Lin Qing lost his voice.

There was no clock in front of them, but it seemed as if a clock hung in their hearts, ticking second by second, counting the approaching midnight.

Time accelerates rapidly at this moment, but it enlarges every second. The rain outside the window was fine, and the rolling train made a sound when it rubbed the tracks.


It’s midnight.

Yan Mingguang opened the door without hesitation.

——There was peace in sight.

The sound of nails scraping the iron sheet disappeared with the sound of opening the door. There was a disgusting stench in the house. The ground, the wall, the sleeper and the table were all the products of sticky brain and blood.

The light of the flashlight spilled from inside to outside, and Yan Mingguang didn’t blink.

Xu Miaomiao helped Yanwei out.

At the moment when the two walked out of the sliding door, Yan Mingguang directly from Xu Miaomiao. As a result, Yan Wei took the people in his arms.

“… I’m fine.” Yan Wei’s face was pale and his lips lost their blood color. “Just now he used a gap in his skills and asked the ghost to shoot me at 12:00. Although he was not dead or hurt on the surface, the effect of death still works. I’m now…”

He paused and wanted to speak again. Yan Mingguang stretched out his hand and put his fingertips on his lips to block his words. Yan Wei was cold just now because of the arrival of a moment’s death. At the moment, the man’s warmth came from each other’s fingertips. He leaned against each other and suddenly felt warm.

“Don’t talk if you consume too much.”

“….” Yan Wei did not open his mouth, but showed a “Oh” with a gentle expression.

Xu Miaomiao had just escaped from death. She stood in the house and looked out. Yan Mingguang hugged Yan Wei as if there were no one else. Xi inertia wanted to make fun of the two people. Before she opened her mouth, she thought about the legendary props that had just been thrown out of Yan Wei’s hands.

Yan Wei.

Like her, one of the most prominent novice players among her peers, raised the building all the way to the 49th floor and met her. Each previous game was the best player in the copy. When everyone competed, he joined Xuanniao completely without hesitation. Then he was silent for half a year and went straight into the 89th floor without saying a word.

Holding the moon wheel in your hand is a legendary prop full of eyes.

Code Yan.

The mysterious master and founder of Xuanniao.

The speed of lifting the building broke the world record in the building at that time. Every time you climb the building, you are the best player. From the first floor to the top floor, you have created a deepening in which players take the initiative to make legendary props. One person’s strength has made Xuanniao rank among several major organizations. Before Yan Wei appeared, the mysterious leader completely disappeared and became a real myth of not seeing people.

The first legendary prop created was the moon wheel, and then many legendary props were created inside the building. Players all gave up the record.

Code v.

Xu miaomi was silent and walked out of the berth with hands and feet.



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