Half Immortal Chapter 156

Half Immortal Chapter 156: Endless train (22)

Yan Wei leaned against Yan Mingguang.

He was a little tired, but he still smiled. Maliciously and deliberately made such a move, trying to attack what he cares most in the depths of his spirit and make him feel powerless. At the moment, he fell short of success. I’m afraid he was angry in the dark again?

Sooner or later he’ll let it go.

Didn’t you keep anything?

Even for the first time, he succeeded in the top-level copy. The accident only appeared when he exchanged Pandora’s box.

Just now he was worried that Xu Miaomiao might be in danger because of himself. Now he calmed down and thought about it. He just wanted to sneer.

All again, although the failure of the last time deepened his fear of failure, but his last momentum also deepened the fear of malice towards him? Otherwise, why did you come to the copy just now and make such a move?

The one who really began to fear was the malice born out of the building.

It’s scared.

What else is he afraid of?

Yan Wei has completely calmed down and figured out the Guan Qiao.

Yan Mingguang still hugged him and provided him with standing strength. The man held a little tight and his breathing was not as smooth as usual. Just outside, Yan Mingguang urged him to come out. Yan Wei listened to every word.

“Mr. Yan.” his weakness made his words a lot lighter, submerged in the roar of the train, like a cat whispering.

He chuckled, “so unsure of me?”

Yan Mingguang just said in a deep voice, “No.”

“I can prove that Yan Mingguang is not unsure of you,” Lin Qing suddenly said solemnly. “Just now he said it himself outside. He didn’t want Xu Miaomiao to owe you. Maybe he didn’t want the little girl to thank you.”

Yan Wei: ”

Xu Miaomiao said, “I’m still here.”

Yan Wei: “……”

Xu Miaomiao’s eyes hung on Yan Wei. At the same time, he felt that he didn’t respect Yan Wei very much. At the same time, he thought of his previous communication with Yan Wei very complicated.

Lin Qing and Ding Xiao really can’t be so low for a new person.

But if it’s for that

Totally understandable.

She also fully understood why Ding Xiao said “relying on” Lin Qing and them. The person Ding Xiao refers to is not Lin Qing at the same time as Ding Xiao, but Yan Wei, who looks like a new person in front of her, but is actually a pile of legendary props.

It is a legend of the world inside the building and an insurmountable peak.

She’s not stupid. If she still doesn’t know what’s going on, she’ll be on the 89th floor in vain.

Yan Wei slowed down for a while, and the sense of hypoxia finally disappeared. He patted Yan Mingguang’s arm, motioned the other party to let go, stood up straight, and said to Xu Miaomiao, “are you okay?”

Xu Miaomiao was looking at Yan Wei. At the moment, she just ran into Yan Wei’s eyes and stammered, “it’s OK, it’s ok…”

Yan Wei frowned: “you don’t sound very good?”

“…” Xu Miaomiao smiled, “little injury. I am…”

She hesitated for a moment. Although she knew that she still had to ask this question, she still couldn’t help but say, “am I just in the mountain? Obviously, you’ve been shaking in front of me. I didn’t expect so many signs…”

Yan Wei picked her eyebrows. Only then did she know the reason why Xu Miaomiao looked complex just now.

He said: “… I didn’t hide it?”

Xu Miaomiao: ”

“I always thought Ding Xiao had told you, and you didn’t ask me.” Yan Wei listened to Xu Miaomiao’s words, his eyebrows moved, looked at the four-way environment, and a vague idea came out of his heart.

But the idea was not clear, and he suddenly found something wrong.

“So it’s my fault?” Xu Miaomiao was respectful, scared and speechless. She didn’t even dare to call Yan Wei’s “little brother”, and endured the impulse to roll her eyes. “Sister Ding didn’t say –”

Yan Wei suddenly interrupted her: “where’s Ding Xiao?”

The four stood in the corridor and were suddenly silent for a moment.

The light from the flashlight in the house radiated and shone on the corridor, leaving a faint aperture, with four figures reflected on it. There was silence in front of and behind the aisle. Looking forward and back, there were overlapping cars with no bottom.

Lin Qing: “she doesn’t seem to have come out.”

Before the words fell, the four people suddenly walked to the berth next door where Yan Mingguang and Ding Xiao lived tonight.

In the panic just now, everyone’s focus is in this room, and they have no time to take care of other places. Now I went to the sleeper room and found that the sliding door opened when Yan Mingguang rushed out did not know why it was closed. There was silence inside, and there was no superfluous sound.

Late at night, the sound of rain, like boundless darkness, wrapped around.

Yan Mingguang raised his hand and pulled Yan Wei behind him. Without saying a word, he took the lead in opening the sliding door and walked in.

Yan Wei stumbled back and knew that he was not fit to attack at the moment. He immediately took out the moon wheel from the black ring and held it in his hand. Lin Qing also took out a long black bow in an instant. The bone stick in Xu Miaomiao’s hand emitted a faint black light.

The faint white light from the moon wheel illuminated the situation inside.

Yan Mingguang stood in front of the sleeper, leaned over slightly, looked at the lower berth which was already soaked with blood, looked sad and happy, and could not see any emotion.

Ding Xiao is lying on the lower bunk.

There was a blood hole in the middle of her neck that ran through after signing in. The wound was as thick as a woman’s wrist. Blood surged out of the blood hole, dyed red snow-white bedding and her light white cheongsam. Ding Xiao’s eyes were still open. Obviously, the accident was very sudden.

There are also many fine white powders scattered on the ground, which are the marks of the collapse of props.

Yan Mingguang said, “she’s dead.”

Xu Miaomiao’s body trembled, and the bone staff in his hand almost fell off.

Lin Qing pulled her: “only two people can enter the berth at night!”

Xu Miaomiao looked pale: “sister Ding…”

Yan Wei was also stunned in front of the door.

“How? Ding Xiao…” he said softly, “where did Ding Xiao trigger the danger?”

Yan Mingguang squatted down and looked closely at the wound. “The width of the rolling pin in the small kitchen of the dining car – it’s not a ghost, but Li Mao’s hand. She looked back and saw what Li Mao didn’t want people to see.”

Yan Wei was speechless.

In the copy, the sudden death of his partner is a very normal thing. Even if he doesn’t find Ding Xiao to look back, Ding Xiao will look back sooner or later. In the final analysis, it doesn’t have much to do with him. He and Ding Xiaoben are not friends, but they have saved each other’s life and don’t owe each other anything in the end.

But these causes and effects are inextricably linked with him. It seems that without him, all this will not happen.

If he hadn’t attracted malice and expanded Xu Miaomiao’s death trigger, he wouldn’t rush to Xu Miaomiao’s room. If he didn’t rush to Xu Miaomiao’s room, Yan Mingguang wouldn’t leave Ding Xiao. Yan Mingguang is here, plus Ding Xiao’s strength, Ding Xiao won’t have an accident so quietly.

That thing tried hard to break his psychological defense.

Yan Wei doesn’t want to be like the other party. He wanted to step on one ladder after another and go to the top of the building to let the ubiquitous despicable malice frustrate the bones and ashes.

He took a step forward, stopped in front of the sliding door and grabbed the moon wheel in his hand.

Xu Miaomiao suddenly fell and sat on the ground.

The corridor of the train was very dirty, mixed with dust and dry blood, which immediately soiled her pants. But she had ignored it. She stared at Ding Xiao’s body with red eyes and opened her mouth. For a long time, she said, “I’d rather it was me. Sister Ding has always been so powerful in my eyes that I never thought she would have an accident silently.”

Yan Wei looked down at the moon wheel in his hand and said: “… I can save her.”

Yan Mingguang opened his mouth at the same time: “there is no complete lax consciousness.”

Xu Miaomiao suddenly looked up.

“I shouldn’t be said,” Yan Wei took a deep breath and said calmly. “It should be said that the moon wheel can save her. Yan Mingguang, if I go in, there are too many accidents tonight, plus the two people on the death list. No more copies will be unbalanced. There should be no other danger.”

Yan Mingguang came out in silence.

Yan Wei holds the moon wheel and walks to Ding Xiao’s body.

Their perception is sealed, but in the final analysis, they are not completely ordinary people. They can feel that Ding Xiao’s consciousness still exists. Ding Xiaoben’s strength was not low, and he had just died. He was not completely cut off.

This residual consciousness can be regarded as part of Ding Xiao’s still alive soul.

As long as there is this part of the soul, the moon wheel can work.

“The moon wheel is a legendary prop I made up of fragments of legendary props. It itself represents that there are endless possibilities for integration. The reason why I can make so many legendary props is also because the moon wheel provides me with endless possibilities. This part of soul consciousness that Ding Xiao still retains can be cut out before the main body dies.”

He said that the moon wheel had floated up from the palm of his hand and slowly floated to the top of Ding Xiao.

“In theory, everything can be integrated and cut. If there are more pieces of the moon wheel, the moon wheel can even integrate the whole world. However, with my ability, the combination of five pieces of the moon wheel is the limit. Any more pieces will vaguely touch the limit of the building, so this consciousness can’t be cut out. I can’t forcibly integrate it into the moon wheel. I need a carrier.”

The light of the moon wheel is getting bigger and bigger, like the day, illuminating everything around and dispersing the darkness and dirt.

On Ding Xiao’s body, some transparent media emerged. In the air fluctuation, these things slowly condensed together.

Yan Wei turned his head and looked at the girl kneeling in front of the door.

He smiled, his eyebrows and eyes slightly bent, and his docile facial features were covered with a thick layer of softness under the pale white light of the moon wheel.

“Don’t you know puppetry? Use your bone staff to summon a puppet made of Ding Xiao’s value,” he said slowly. “This skill doesn’t involve the use of body index and perception. Should it not be blocked?”

Xu Miaomiao was stunned and shook his head.

She knelt down in front of the door and raised the bone stick. The faint black light slowly magnified at the tip of the bone stick.

The next moment, the black light separated from the bone staff and rose. The moon wheel turned and condensed the transparent thing into a palm sized thing, facing the black light.

The black light hit the things sent by the moon wheel. In silence, a puppet landed and stood in front of Xu Miaomiao. She was wearing a white cheongsam like a crescent moon, her hair curled and combed, and her expression was gentle.

She looked down at Xu Miaomiao and said, “… Miaomiao?”

Xu Miaomiao suddenly understood why everyone who knew V called him an insurmountable myth.


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