Half Immortal Chapter 157

Half Immortal Chapter 157: Endless train (23)

The moon wheel has slowly floated back to Yan Wei’s hand.

He first blocked the zero point of immortal skill and saved Xu Miaomiao. At the moment, he enabled the most profound ability of the moon wheel without body index and perception. He consumed it for two consecutive layers. As soon as the moon wheel returned to his hand, he shook and almost didn’t stand firm.

Yan Wei took a deep breath. Ignoring his cleanliness, he raised his hand and wiped the cold sweat on his forehead with his cuffs.

The light and shadow shook slightly with the train. Outside the sliding door of the sleeper room, Yan Mingguang stood beside Xu Miaomiao and stretched out his hand to Yan Wei: “come out. You should rest.”

The light as bright as the day and as bright as the moon faded gradually. The moon wheel turned several times and was completely quiet in Yan Wei’s hand. He looked out through the dim white light. He could only vaguely see the outline of Yan Mingguang and could not see the other party’s expression. But it must be cold and gentle.

Subconsciously, Yan Wei bypasses Ding Xiao and Xu Miaomiao and walks to Yan Mingguang.

Lin Qing is right.

He’s just playing dumb.

Even if he knew that he still lacked some minor but key memories, even if he knew that Yan Mingguang still hid some things from him, even if he knew that the minor memories he lacked might be closely related to Yan Mingguang’s secret, he unconditionally felt that this person would not betray him.

In retrospect, the last time I went to the top-level copy, Yan Mingguang, who maliciously pretended to be in the copy, was really far from the one in front of me. That bad will only rely on the convenience of the building, absorb all the evil thoughts flowing in the world inside the building, drill some loopholes in the rules, and his whole body is full of rotten and dirty breath. Even if this thing has the same face as Yan Mingguang, it is a feeling of great difference.

He was so confused that he could admit his mistake.

Xu Miaomiao has been helped up by Ding Xiao attached to the puppet. Ding Xiao seemed a little confused. She was lowering her head and thinking about something. Xu Miaomiao had just had a big rise and fall. At the moment, she couldn’t say anything. In this way, her eyes were slightly red and silently waiting for Ding Xiao to come back.

Lin Qing still stood in the rear with a serious look and walked around on guard. He didn’t have much fluctuation from beginning to end. He didn’t feel sad and regretted that this would drag down the stairs.

Yan Wei stood firm with the help of Yan Mingguang and whispered, “it came to me before the accident tonight.”

Yan Mingguang looked at him with his head on his side and his face slightly paused.

“He wanted to cheat me to give up. I ignored him and said nothing else, so he left.” Yan Wei raised his eyes and deliberately looked at Yan Mingguang’s eyes. “Has it ever come to you? We are all the players who came to the top at the beginning.”

Yan Mingguang’s eyes moved slightly and thought of what had just happened with Ding Xiao in the sleeper room.

At that time

Because he moved the folder that triggered death, he held it for a very long time. The time to turn off the light did not come, and dirty things quietly appeared on his side.

Ding Xiao looked at it on the lower berth opposite. The dirty things first floated out of the shadow under the lower berth bed board, and then a lot of ghosts appeared around. Yan Mingguang raised his hand and easily pressed the ghosts around him. The narrow berth was like pressing the pause button, and everything was still.

Ding smiled and sighed, “you are still the same…”

She said and suddenly stopped moving.

Yan Mingguang naturally knows what happened.

In front of him, the nearest ghost moved, the purple lips moved, and the misty and gloomy laughter came from all directions.

The maliciously smiled for a while and said to him, “I’ve saved my strength for a long time. I wanted to attach to Yan Wei for a few minutes to talk to you about the past. Why did you put on a dress that I can’t wear through for him? I came to the replica this time, and my strength ran out, so I didn’t have a chance. It’s a pity that there will be no replica of suppressed data to allow me to attach players in the future.”

Yan Mingguang looked unchanged and said calmly, “get out.”

Malice laughed again.

The laughter drifted away, the ghosts disappeared, everything around them flowed, and the train moved forward “bang bang bang”.

Then the thing managed to get into another ghost and went to find Yan Wei. Yan Mingguang was in the carriage next door, which was clear, but he left protection for Yan Wei. He also knew that Yan Wei could not be moved maliciously, so he didn’t appear.

After that, Xu Miaomiao’s cry for help came, Ding Xiao died in distress, and Yan Wei threw Xu Miaomiao’s puppet.

Yan Mingguang’s thoughts flashed only for a moment. He looked down at Yan Wei, restrained all his thoughts, and said half true and half false: “I’ve been here, and I’ll go soon.”

Yan Wei nodded: “that’s the same as what I met. This thing hides in the world inside the building. Is it dreaming every day? Don’t say it’s in collusion with this kind of thing. Just the last time I reached the top, all the players who entered the 99th floor with me died, and I can’t reconcile with him.”

Yan Mingguang said no more.

After a while, Ding Xiao finally spoke in a trance: “I don’t remember many things. Just now I heard a wonderful cry and wanted to come out with Yan Mingguang, but before I acted, ghosts poured out one after another. I blocked them with props, Li Mao suddenly appeared, and then I… I can’t remember very clearly, I can’t remember a lot of things. I recognize you and remember some things about flowers on the other side, but there are few , i… ”

Xu Miaomiao immediately turned to look at Yan Wei.

Yan Wei said, “it’s normal. You…” he paused and said rather awkwardly, “Dead. When we found out just now, your consciousness had not completely dissipated. I tried to use the moon wheel to cut the remaining small piece of soul consciousness from your… Body, just like I cut Lin Zhen from Lin Qing. Then I used Xu Miao’s puppet technique to fabricate the point of matching the body and threw your small piece of soul consciousness onto the puppet. I noticed when I cut. Your consciousness is very small, and there are few memories left. There should be only some very profound ones. ”

Xu Miaomiao bit his lower lip, but Ding Xiao smiled gently: “I understand that I’m dead. Now I’m just a residual consciousness on the puppet.”

Yan Wei sighed silently.

He said to Xu Miaomiao: “Sorry, this is the best way I can do. Death is irreversible, and consciousness is only retained, not resurrection. Just now it was urgent. I was afraid that more consciousness would dissipate after a long time. I didn’t tell you in advance – you may be inseparable from Ding Xiaoxing in the future, or you can put her in your bone stick like other puppets, or you can put her in your bone stick She let go and acted with you. She was kind of… ”

Ding smiled and said, “I have become a wonderful prop?”

Yan Wei was speechless.

She’s really not a person.

Perhaps it was also because she didn’t remember much and was not a complete soul. Xu Miaomiao looked depressed, but Ding Xiao didn’t feel much. She kept smiling as usual and said:“  Then remember, when you meet a good-looking person, you must let me out. ”

Xu Miaomiao choked on the tears in her eyes.

“… OK.”

“It’s time to go back,” said Lin Qing. “I listened attentively for a while. There was something in the back carriage. It’s where the two people on today’s death list live. It’s not peaceful tonight. The walkway is still easy to have problems. I’d better rest first and talk about it tomorrow morning.”

Yan Wei frowned: “those two people touched the folder again and were on today’s death list. We can’t live. We are now… Four people, one in two, one in car 11 and the first in car 12. Now there is… Ding Xiao’s body in this room, so we won’t live first.”

The others naturally have no objection.

Yan Wei said, “Ding Xiao, can you still remember the retrospective you saw yesterday?”

Ding smiled and said in surprise, “did I see anything yesterday?”

I seem to have forgotten.

This backtracking is not a particularly profound thing in Ding Xiao’s life. It’s normal not to remember. Yan Wei is just trying. Ding Xiao can let Li Mao hand it automatically. Before he dies, he doesn’t even have a chance to call for help. The death threat triggered is greater than that encountered by Xu Miaomiao. The only difference is the backtracking she has seen.

She must have overlooked a particularly important detail that she didn’t pay attention to.

Yan Wei also vaguely felt that he seemed to have missed something.

This point is very subtle and subtle, so small that he has scanned the memory since entering the copy several times and failed to catch the source of this error.

He always felt that the front of the car was not a dining car.

But at the moment, Ding Xiao is dead, and the detail dissipates with the soul consciousness of the part of death, which is impossible to find. He can only continue to try to grasp the error that always flashes from his mind.

Yan Wei explained some points that need to be careful and said no more.

He originally wanted Yan Mingguang to watch Xu Miaomiao and Ding Xiao, who is no longer a player, but he thought that Xu Miaomiao might have something to say with Ding Xiao tonight. He still arranged Lin Qing and Xu Miaomiao, which can basically be regarded as Lin Qing and Xu Miaomiao from an emotional point of view. He himself returned to the sleeper of car 12 with Yan Mingguang.

The second half of the night passed very fast.

Staying with Yan Mingguang, Yan Wei’s vigilance will always decrease a lot. He soon fell asleep, but this sleep is not as stable as before. I don’t know if there are too many things happening tonight. Even if Yan Wei falls asleep, many thoughts flash in his mind.

He first dreamed of when he saved Ding Xiao.

The copy is on a mountain full of hot springs, which is full of ferocious ghosts.

The ghosts in the copy swarmed up. It was dark everywhere. At that time, an experienced young girl accidentally entered the ghosts and was about to be torn up by the ghosts. Fortunately, the little girl seemed to have some props. Yan Wei blinked, the little girl suddenly moved forward for a long time and briefly threw the ghost behind her.

He saved a lot of people.

Ding Xiao was right. He wanted to save everyone at that time.

So Yan Wei turned around, grabbed the little girl’s hand, pulled the other party to catch up with Yan Mingguang, and ran forward with Yan Mingguang.

Ran to the shore of a hot spring in front. Yan Mingguang took his hand. He took the little girl’s hand and jumped down without hesitation.

The sound of water spray sounded, the dense hot air rose, and the moon wheel floated on the water, drawing a perfect barrier. The ghosts who can’t think lost their target and looked around several hot springs. The shore is like an open door of hell, and Demons and monsters run rampant.

The water reflected dirty ghosts. Yan Wei and Yan Mingguang were under the water. The hot spring water was clean and clear.

Warm around the whole body, the calm underwater was brought up by their jump. The player has data blessing and excellent eyesight underwater. Yan Wei barely opened his eyes and saw Yan Mingguang on his side.

The man seemed to be looking at him underwater, pulled him into his arms along the water, slightly lowered his head and kissed his lips.

In the warm water, the rising temperature on Yan Wei seems to be hotter than the hot spring water.

The little girl was in the water not far away, her eyes wide open.

After that, he never met Ding Xiao in the copy, and he didn’t know that in the past few years when he came back to the top, the little girl seemed to be one of the heads of several major organizations, going in and out of the super high-level copy.

He walked so fast that all his old friends were transient passers-by except Yan Mingguang.

——I don’t know if Ding Xiao will still remember that moment.

Vaguely, Yan Wei thought of all kinds of this copy.

What’s wrong?

He was almost able to catch the root of the problem, but he was always almost strong.


It seemed that the rain really caught up with the train. It rained intermittently for several days. In the morning, people still woke up in the roar of thunder.

Two people on the death list died last night.

There are two players who are not on the death list. What should be triggered when looking for items during the day? The whole head was cut in half and died in the bathroom together.

In addition, Zhao Jingchen, He Dong, Cao Qun who died at the beginning, and one more person from the previous three people, a total of nine people died of the 16 players who came in. For the copy of the 89th floor, most of the players who can come in are the rare super high-level players in the world in the building. Even if they can’t pass the customs, they can find the way to go down the building and leave. The number of deaths will not be too many.

But this time, the copy suppressed everyone’s data at the beginning, and now more than half of the players have died.

There are only seven people alive now: three players, Yan Wei, Yan Mingguang, Lin Qing and Xu Miaomiao – Ding Xiao is not alive.

When Yan Wei came to the dining car, the atmosphere in the dining car had fallen to the freezing point.

Not because five people died last night, but because no number appeared on the small blackboard at the end of the dining car. There were traces of white chalk on the small blackboard, and the surface of the blackboard eraser was covered with powder, which was obviously used to wipe out the death list last night, but the chalk disappeared.

It seems that no new numbers will appear on the blackboard.

Lin Qing: “no one is watched tonight?”

Yan Wei shook his head and whispered, “no, the death list is meaningless.”

Today, all of them are going to die.

But so far, they have not found the photo of the worker’s body, which is likely to be a ladder.


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