Half Immortal Chapter 158

Half Immortal Chapter 158: Endless train (24)

Yan Wei looked around and asked, “no breakfast today?”

They came together. It seems that so far they haven’t seen Li Mao and the lunch box that should have been put on the bar every morning.

Yan Wei was answered by one of the three people who were still alive: “I came as soon as dawn, and the steward didn’t come to make breakfast. He sat in the hard seat carriage in the front two cars and sat there without doing anything else.”

Yan Wei answered and saw that the speaker was a tall bald man with a gentle face and a string of dark brown Buddha beads in his hand. The Buddha bead has no characteristics, but it has a high temperament. It is obviously a legendary prop.

He has an impression of this man.

This man is Xiang Ying. He is the second in command of the broken sickle. When Yan Wei first went upstairs, he was impressed by Xiang Ying. This person’s skills and props are extremely restrained from ghosts. He often goes in and out of angry ghost copies. At that time, he was a little famous among dozens of players.

Xiang Ying seems to have participated in the organizational war on the 49th floor a few years ago.

But Yan Wei walked too fast. When he was on the dozens of floors, he just heard of Xiang Ying. Before he could meet him, he boarded a higher floor. Xiang Ying also became an insignificant passer-by on his hurried way.

At the beginning of the copy, Yan Wei saw Xiang Ying, but he didn’t know Xiang Ying. Yan Wei never made public the perspective and image when he went upstairs for the first time. Xiang Ying naturally didn’t recognize him. He just looked at it and didn’t care.

I didn’t expect one of the people who have lived to this day to win.

In addition, one of the two people who were still alive started to walk forward two carriages when he heard the speech. It was obvious that he planned to meet Li Mao, who was disguised as a steward for a while. The other man seems to have come in with Cao Qun. Now only he is alive. Naturally, he doesn’t deal with Yan Wei and others. After looking at Yan Wei and them, he doesn’t know what to do and walks to the back carriage.

Lin Qing has come to Xiang Ying and said, “I remember your skill is to look at resentment.”

Xiang Ying was very calm and nodded slowly: “you can exchange information with Xuanniao.”

As expected.

He just said that he was seeking cooperation.

Lin Qing raised his hand, pointed to the table next to him, and took the lead in sitting down on the bench. Xiang Ying nodded and sat opposite.

Yan Wei came to Yan Mingguang’s ear and whispered, “the day is the last time. We can’t relax too much. I’ll talk to Xiang Ying with Lin Qing. First, take Xu Miaomiao and Ding Xiao and find out the dining car.”

“Where’s Li Mao?” even if it was a question, the man still looked indifferent. The shadow of death in the countdown hung over everyone’s head, but it seemed that he couldn’t get close to Yan Mingguang.

Yan Wei looked at each other’s side face and looked at the cold black pupils. He always felt that Yan Mingguang didn’t seem to worry about this copy from beginning to end.

He blinked, but the indifferent emotion in Yan Mingguang’s eyes disappeared, as if it was just his illusion.

He replied, “never mind. He used evil methods to control the whole train and enslave the souls of those workers after they died. Once he started on this car, he was invincible. We can’t get any information from him directly. It’s not a good thing to attract his attention now.”

Yan Mingguang said no more. With Xu Miaomiao’s consciousness and Ding Xiao’s already parasitic on the puppet, he checked from the end of the dining car to verify whether the dining car is the front of the car.

Yan Wei sits down beside Lin Qing.

The train is moving forward slowly. The faint daytime light shed on rainy days outside the window is projected into the curtain through the folds and stripes. Breaking the situation is imminent. Xiang Ying and Yan Weilin sit opposite each other on both sides of the table, and the vertical stripes of light and shadow slide across their faces, like temporary travelers. All crises are hidden in the dark.

Xiang Ying nods to Yan Wei as a greeting, but his eyes still stay at Lin Qing.

He has always regarded Lin as the leader of these people, and naturally feels that Lin has the final say.

“My skill consumption is too high. In the past two days, I tried my best to look at about eight carriages around here,” Xiang Ying said. “The steward has the most resentment. There must be some secret about him – when I talk about the steward, your expression is not quite right, so you know about him.”

Lin Qing didn’t immediately answer Xiang Ying, but turned to Yan Wei on his side.

Xiang Ying is confused — what do you think Yan Wei is doing? Is it a sign to the young man?

Yan Wei just raised his eyelids, looked at the string of Buddha beads in Xiang Ying’s hand and said: “I remember you took the way of driving ghosts, which is rare in the world inside the building, because the combat effectiveness is not strong, the preparation time is long, and you rely on groups. A team without cooperation is a chicken rib. However, when you participated in the competitive book for the organization on the 49th floor, you got this legendary prop, which can shorten all the processes related to spirit and greatly reduce the time for you to read grievances Little. Did it help you a lot to get to where you are today? ”

His voice was steady, and there was no pause in every word, as if he had long remembered these things.

Xiang Ying was stunned and surprised.

——Every word Yan Wei said was right.

However, he has long ascended the high-rise level and doesn’t move around the world in the building. The frequency of entering the copy is much lower than before. Not many people know this information, let alone the details of which floor the Buddha bead props get from.

He hesitated: “… Who did you listen to?”

Yan Wei just said, “we know all the ins and outs of this car, but I also want to know the distribution of grievances on this car and do something for me with your skills.”

Xiang Ying’s string of beads rolled faster and faster, revealing his inner uncertainty.

He looked at Lin Qing, but Lin Qing lowered her head slightly, as if waiting for Yan Wei’s decision.

Lin Qing seemed to feel his eyes, looked up at him and said calmly, “if you agree, we can make a deal.”

It’s all about Yan Wei’s arrangement.

Who on earth is this young man? Why can Lin Qing, who is ruthless, restrain his edge and obey his words?

Over the years, although Xuanniao has kept a low profile, he has always been one of several major organizations and has never fallen down. Lin Qing, as the second leader of Xuanniao, is a murderous existence. Basically, what he wants to do, senior players of other organizations will choose to bypass.

Everyone knows the situation of Xuanniao. Lin Qing is already the highest controller of Xuanniao. Who else can call Lin Qing?

Xiang Ying suddenly grasped the string of Buddha beads in his hand.

An idea loomed in his mind, but he thought it was too ridiculous. But his tone had softened a lot: “My props are mainly related to consciousness and spirit. It can only speed up all the processes related to thinking. The reason why my skills can be accelerated is that I use all my consciousness to condense in front of my eyes, and I can slowly see the greed, anger, evil thoughts, resentment and hostility that I usually can’t see… If you want me to speed up my skills are not related to consciousness and thinking, my skills are useless Use it. ”

Yan Wei chuckled: “it’s much simpler than your skills. I just need you to help me speed up my thinking process.”

Aside, Lin Qing took out the data he had sorted out before and said, “I’ll sort out all the information we know so far. I’ll give it to you when the deal is concluded. We can also push the results together.”

Xiang Ying just thought for a moment and said, “OK.”

Even if the level 89 copy can pass the pass alive, the reward should be calculated according to the plot progress obtained by the player. Xiang Ying naturally can see that the progress of Xuanniao is almost full.

No matter who the young man sitting in front of him is, he changes the function of his legendary props for an almost full copy progress. The other party is satisfied and he also makes money.

He asked, “what do I need to speed up?”

At this time, Yan Wei raised his eyes and looked at Yan Mingguang not far away. The man just walked around in the dining car, returned to the end of the dining car, took off the small blackboard, and was standing in the shadow of the corner, holding the bound Prometheus.

Aware of Yan Wei’s sight, the man met his eyes and shook his head.

Yan Wei said in his heart, sure enough.

Sure enough, there was no abnormality.

The dining car will not be the front of the car. There is no saying that the starting point is the beginning. Their starting point is wrong.

He said to Xiang Ying, “speed up my thinking process.”


“In our cooperation, there is no provision for me to explain?”

Xiang Ying choked.

Yan Wei really doesn’t bother to explain. He wants to turn over the contents of this copy and all his thoughts again and again. Every time he thinks about it, it takes too long. If he thinks more, Li Mao may start killing people.

But with the help of a winning prop, it might be much easier.

It was sleepy and put on the pillow.

Xiang Ying was also interested. Without asking more questions, he put the Buddha bead string in front of Yan Wei and said, “now start thinking about what you want to think.”

Then, the string of Buddha beads sent out a faint golden light and slowly suspended.

Yan Wei slowly closed his eyes.

At the next moment, Xiang Ying’s face turned white because of excessive consumption. Yan Wei’s mind flashed all his experiences since entering the copy. With the blessing of Buddha beads, he thought dozens or hundreds of times faster than usual. Those memory pictures and details had been quickly turned over in his mind, but they were clear and clear.

Over and over again.

Xiang Ying didn’t expect that the consciousness of the people in front of him was so strong. He maintained the operation of the Buddha bead string, and there was a layer of sweat on his forehead.

The floating Buddha beads are rotating, faster and faster

Yan Wei constantly recalled those pictures and memories. The treacherous things that happened on the train, the past events of the blue sky plan, the retrospective pictures repeated by Ding Xiao

The evil spirits with resentment everywhere were the workers of the blue sky plan. They were killed by Li Mao because they promised Li Mao a word. Their bodies and souls were bound on the train as the driving force of the train.

Prometheus is all of them and their player. Zeus is Li Mao who is sentenced, and the evil eagle is Li Mao who is executed. In Li Mao’s eyes, these people betrayed the blue sky plan and are traitors.

The eternal pain day after day brings both pain and eternity.

Li Mao madly wanted to create a train that could never stop. He succeeded in this way.

But… But

Yan Wei suddenly opened his eyes.

Xiang Ying has read the information given by Lin Qing and knows the truth behind the copy.

The simple string of Buddha beads stopped rotating with his movements and landed on the dining table with a “snap”. There was a “rumble” outside the window and the rain was louder.

But Li Mao did not solve a fundamental problem!

Li Mao did achieve eternal drive through evil law, but there is still a difference between the perpetual motion machine and the train that runs forever. The perpetual motion machine can drive all the time, but the train should run forever. In addition to the train itself, it also needs tracks that can ensure endless running.

When Ding Xiao looked back, some workers casually raised this point.

But Ding Xiao said casually and they listened casually. Everyone’s goal was the front of the car itself, and they didn’t pay too much attention to the trivial words of those workers.

Lin Qing looked at Yan Wei and said, “you think of it.” it was not a question, but an affirmative sentence.

Yan Wei smiled and nodded: “I know where my mistake comes from. Even if Li Mao drives the train with the workers’ resentment, he doesn’t have an endless rail. Without an endless rail, where can an endless train come from?”

This train is not endless!!

On the contrary, it is likely to be very short. Like the blue sky plan, it has only about two or three hundred carriages.

Lin Qing was stunned: “but it really can’t go to the end… We also tried to think that the picture that can’t see the end is just a cover up, but isn’t this possibility rejected? If we want to go all the way, there will be more and more ghost attacks, which is not in line with the essence that death oppression doesn’t test force.”

Yan Wei shook his head: “it’s not possible. The front of the car doesn’t need to go so far. It -”

Yan Wei’s voice suddenly stopped.

The whole train shook violently. At the next moment, the place where the four iron sheets of the train were spliced slowly penetrated thick blood. The blood slipped on the surrounding iron sheets and rushed to a stinky smell of blood.

The three people who were still sitting stood up suddenly. Yan Mingguang paused and looked back at the carriage behind.

With a wave of the bone stick in Xu Miaomiao’s hand, Ding Xiao came out of the bone stick, smiled gently at Xu Miaomiao, turned and walked towards the rear carriage.

Yan Wei frowned slightly: “blood is seeping on the ground.”

Xiang Ying looked pale: “I took a look with my skills, and my resentment was more than ten times stronger! It seems that the bodies of workers hidden in each carriage are about to rush out!”

More than ten seconds later, Xu Miaomiao groaned and staggered back. Ding Xiao, who came back, held her and said to the people, “I just saw a closed downstairs intersection in the back carriage!”

No wonder Xiang Ying stayed in the dining car just now. One player went to find Li Mao, and the other player went to the rear car without any clues.

The man found the way down and left!

The landing channel is a chance of life for players. If players feel hopeless to break the game, they can try to find the landing channel to leave. Although the copy judgment fails, the data and the number of floors will be punished and reduced, but at least one life can be saved.

However, as the copy comes to the later stage, the descent channel will also become precious and dangerous.

Once a player opens the landing channel to leave, the ghosts in the copy will feel offended and completely angered!

Xu Miaomiao couldn’t help swearing.

Xiang Ying gnashed his teeth: “selfish dog!”

Yan Mingguang and Lin Qing still looked indifferent. Yan Wei frowned slightly, glanced at Xiang Ying and said calmly, “I probably know what’s going on. If you want to live, follow us.”

“Go ahead. The front of the car is the ninth car, that is, the eleventh car where we chose the sleeper at the beginning.”


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